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- [Key] These are definitely dupe adjacent, not for me.

- Not my ministry. - Not my ministry.


(energetic music)

- Hi I'm Key.

- Hey I'm Destinee.

- And today we're gonna be trying makeup dupes.

- For black women.

- We're trying four products,

that are black girl friendly and shade inclusive

which is why we picked those out.

- Yes. - The right side

would be the expensive side,

and the left side would be the lower end side.

(energetic music)

This is the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

and it's $30 at Ulta.

- It's certainly up there.

- I used to use Mac back in the day

but I did not like it that much

'cause they didn't have enough shades

for me growing up.

I got the NC47 which apparently

this is part of the new brand that they have

with the shades outside of NC45.

- Okay, I think for me this spreads very smoothly

but I feel like I have to use a lot more product

than I would like to.

- I also just feel like this is not my shade once again.

I feel like Mac just does not carry shades

for people like me.

- I think for me this matches kind of.

- Let me see.

Yeah it does - [Destinee] I think yeah.

- I'm comparing this side of my face

to this side of my face.

I've made it my shade-- - Yes.

- Even though it was not my shade.

- So now we have the inexpensive version.

We have the Fitme! Matte and Poreless by Maybelline.

- I love this product so much.

I use it every single day.

- If you say so, we're gonna find out.

- So this will be new for me

because I usually don't use the Matte and Poreless,

it's never failed me yet, so.

- Every black product it is named after some kind of food,

so I'm 360 Mocha.

- And I am 330 Toffee Caramel.

- [Destinee] I will say this one definitely has more

of a yellow undertone.

- Destinee, be careful.

- [Destinee] Why?

- 'Cause this is my favorite thing.

- The Fitme! has an instant mattifying look,

where I feel the Mac has kind of like this

natural matte if that makes sense.

Where I still feel like I have some kind

of sheen to my face.

- These two, do you think these are good dupes

for each other?

- I would say yes for the price that you are paying

this is doing a great job.

(energetic music)

We have the Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer,

which will run you $27.

- We're also gonna be trying the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer HD,

which is $4.99.

- So I have Deep Sand 53S.

- And I have Tan Deep Honey.

- I was gonna say oh okay, Deep Sand, it's not a food

and then you came with honey.

- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, Tan Deep Honey.

- I am gonna say - Double duty beauty

- I'm nervous about this.

I've never used Tarte before but all the women I know

who use Tarte are white women.

- I just recently got into makeup

and so before I would just slap something on my face

and be like yeah this is fine.

But now I'm older, I'm wiser.


- This is a half of my mustache.


And half of my dark spot,

it goes all the way around my mouth.

Don't make fun of me.


- I'm not, I just, I was shooketh.

Okay, oh dear, oh darling.

- It is, look and I told you white women


are the only people that I've seen that wear Tarte.

- So this literally looks like sand on my face.

Like I've play- - You was talking about

me being ashy, you ashy too.

- I just don't think they're really is a shade

for dark girls and this is winter time.

So like - [Key] Oh yeah.

- We're as pale as we're gonna get.

So next - Good ol'faithful.

- [Destinee] This one's like hey sis

- [Key] Hey black girl.

- I came here to protect you.

I'm not mad at this.

- So color matching aside, I like this one.

It seems to be giving me look,

a lot more coverage on this side than this one did.

This is not a good dupe for each other.

This is a scam.

Black girls, don't do it. - Don't do it.

- White women this is all you.

Y'all snap when y'all made this,

but you were not thinking about us.

- [Destinee] The audacity to be like Deep Sand.


- [Key] The audacity.

- But then good old L.A. Girl.

- They're like "We got you."

- [Destinee] We got you honey,

and we know your price point, so.

(energetic music)

This is the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector

Pressed Highlight in Moonstone.

I used to swear by BECCA,

then Fenty came out I was like "Thanks sis."

- For the lower end, we're gonna be using

ColourPop in the shade of Lunch Money.

So Destinee's gonna do my highlight

because I never do highlight.

- Let's see, with a flick of the wrist.

That looks good on you!

One good swipe, just whoosh.

You'll have this for life sis.

Not for this black girl.

- [Key] Let me see, turn around.

- No. - No.

It's just not your ministry sis and that's okay.

- Give me your face.

(hushed mumbling)

We're gonna have to put a little bit more love to it,

there we go, bam.

- Okay, I can rock with this.

- [Key] Yeah I like it on you

- I think it's a good dupe.

- [Destinee] It is, I think it's a very great dupe actually.

- They look very similar.


- It doesn't have enough glitter.

I think that's why I kept having to apply it.

- If forced to choose, I wouldn't pay $38 for that,

when I can pay $8 for this and get similar results.

- It's very matte, there is no shine.

(energetic music)

For our mascara on the luxury end,

we have Benefit's BADgal BANG!.

- If you're in my tax bracket,

we're doing NYX Worth The Hype for once again $8.

So this travel size is more expensive

then this full size NYX.

- Whatever just put it on woman.


So I have on fake lashes,

but what I can do is put these on my bottom lashes.

Maybe I should be a lash, bottom lash girl more often.

- [Key] You should, and for $13 I might pay, no I wouldn't.

Let's see what my girl NYX talking

about, I'm looking at it but I can definitely tell

a difference, maybe I should start wearing mascara?

NYX Worth The Hype 8 dollars.

- I don't trust you.

- I'm also just like not a makeup person

so this one looks just like the other one to me.

I see no difference at all.

- Now it could be you know human error,

but I think for me, the other side went on much cleaner

and this is a little more clumpy.

- I would agree with that but for 8 dollars.

- You would do clumpy for--

- I would make it work.

- You have no standards.


So we've topped off our looks.

I added my good ol' gloss.

- [Key] And I added this really cheap gloss

that I've always used this like 3 dollars from Walgreens.

Do you think people are gonna be able to tell

the difference between,

they'll definitely gonna be able to tell

by looking at my mouth. (laughing)

- [Destinee] I know a difference, I think only

because I know what's happening.

I think we should ask our coworkers.

- I think we should too.

- What do you think of my makeup?

- It looks great.

- Yeah?

- Yeah, why?

- Your eyelashes look different.

- Okay - You look really good.

- Yeah, I put a little mascara on.

Which side looks better?

She getting in deep here.

- This side. - This side?

This is the expensive side.

This is the side of wealth.

- You look very much like,

like this.

- This side is expensive makeup.

- Okay. - This side are their dupes.

- Really? - You can't tell?

- Oh you know what?

You do have this kind of weird two-face thing

going on right now, not in a bad way,

like the hottest two-face ever.


- It looks good.

- Does it? - You can't really tell

you're wearing foundation.

- Oh, that's always a good thing.

Can you tell that one side is different than the other?

It's two different brands.

- No.

- Well actually--

- Look at you out here, wanna play,

does it look good though?

- No it looks great.

- It's seamless? You can't tell the difference?

- I cannot tell at all.

- Maybe Key is onto something.

- Looks good.

- Aria approved?

- [Key] Aria approved. - Deal.

(energetic music)

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