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What's up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome to call of duty black ops one, ten years later, isn't it?

Pretty crazy to think that black ops one came out ten years ago

it really is hard to believe in 2010 black ops one came out with an exceptional campaign some really good zombies and some

Interesting changes to the multiplayer which is exactly where we're gonna be starting with this video. Even the menu music is just so iconic

1.3 million players online. Yeah, don't be fooled guys. It's already been debunked

There's not this many players online still playing black ops 1 there is still a good amount playing but it's not that high 99 thousand

People playing TDM though. Okay. This should be pretty interesting. Just some of the guns like the g11. It's just so crazy

It's really funny too because you guys know my stance on black ops 1 when the game first came out the transition from Modern Warfare

2 to black ops 1 for me at least was actually really difficult for the lack of a better word modern warfare 2 was

Easier the time to kill from Modern Warfare 2 was very fast and black ops 1 really slowed things down

Some people liked that style of play

I had a really hard time adapting

But at the time for black ops ones multiplayer the thing that just absolutely killed it for me was classes like this one

Maybe not identical to this but the silence FAMAS with the motion sensors and ghosts and second chance camping. It was ridiculous

It makes the modern warfare campers look like grata closest in comparison the campers at the time of black ops 1 were next level

I hated it so much, but now just rip looks like I can't even find a match. I have it open and type

Everything is good. I'm surprised I can't find a game right now. If I can't find TDM what am I gonna play?

This is a little worrying 50 good games, please 100 good games. Put me in one. What are you doing? Oh, there we go

There's one other person in the world playing solid

but regardless of my opinions of black ops ones multiplayer at the time there were

Subjectively some really good new innovations added to black ops 1 for the first time the introduction of theater mode wager

Matches bots the whole file-share system and how you can access community clips and stuff. I'm not sure if it's working right now

It's really weird picture from Facebook. Sometimes the screenshots to be a little in Atkins, maybe I

Missed just looking at screenshots on black ops. What's so good. Dude, most epic face ever

I'm pretty sure I've seen this one before I probably reacted it to Allah at least like half a dozen times now Oh

Yep. There you go

You just have one called. Oh, I can't even find a multiplayer match, but I'm chill just looking at oh my god

What does supposed to be a face on the guy? I don't know what I'm looking at here

I just look at screenshots all day though. Dogs use guns. Oh my god

He's jumping shotting like it's infinite warfare. This dog predicted the future right here. I got AI got a stop looking at screenshots

Let's see if we can find a game

I just want to talk about black ops wants multiplayer and play the game is 1.3 people playing

How come I can't find a lobby? I'm so sure I can't believe I can't find an online game

I'm just gonna go into private match right now so I could talk about something specific but what happened to the bus and they they

Had bought some black ops one. Oh, it's combat training. Oh my god

I forgot you have to specifically go to combat training not private match. It's been too long

All right

Here we go. Have to play against bots cuz the 1.3 million people playing aren't actually in the matchmaking or something

Wait, you spot a whore in here? I don't know Bonnie's on the lobby. I'm sad now

I'm pretty sure I've talked about this before on the channel

But what I really didn't like about black ops

One of the time was the lack of support for the sniping community back in 2010

Treyarch community manager at the time really didn't support sniping at all

But dude, specifically had a vendetta against quick scoping and call of duty. He specifically didn't want us doing that in Call of Duty

so for about roughly six to eight months in black ops 1 whenever you tried to like zoom your scope in it would randomly give

You this sway into a different direction and it was random every single time so you couldn't really quickscope at all

But the thing with doing that is it also kind of created this tiny little problem

it was basically fucking impossible a site this way was so bad that this is what you had to do this knife you'd have to

Look at someone

Aim for about a second and then shoot that might not seem too bad at first until you factor in how fast people react with

assault rifles and SMGs

snipers basically couldn't compete in the game until they actually released a patch and I think by that point in the game's

Lifecycle the community manager either stepped down and got fired I forgot but yes

That beam was a complete mess and black ops 1 for a very long time part of the reason

This pissed me off so much back then is because coming off of like Cod for World War modern warfare 2 games that were amazing

The snipe in there was just such a detriment back then

I wanted to be a part of this type of community and hit clips and make montages and stuff

I know guys I was so fucking awesome back

But yeah

I wouldn't be able to do all of that stuff and it was just basically

Impossible in black ops 1 so my love for this games multiplayer is definitely to be found in wager matches. Not the regular multiplayer

Well, I'm popping off I have more ammo oh

Okay, I just suck

I want to see if I can actually find a wager match 5,000 people playing gun game that has to be alive

This is actually just really sad. There's no multiplayer matches. If you can't find a gun game match in any up you're screwed

That means this shit is dead. This is actually really bumming me out right now

At least last year when I did modern warfare 2 10 years later there were matches

Maybe we can find a high-roller I go to click high-roller in the game just dies. Ok, this is a solid black ops video

I wonder if they purposely ruined the black ops 1 in black ops 2 servers to make black ops 3 & 4 look better when

Any love you I get into there's only one other person playing this is just it's sad

I genuinely wanted to play black ops one today man. One potential match. Come on. It's it has to be perfect. Oh

Come on

What what person come on one of these days I'm just gonna upload a video titled sky yells at monitor because video games are stupid

That's how it could pass for this video or about happy

I'm just kind of hoping for that miracle game lobby that I'll join that actually has a bunch of people, but it doesn't exist

No is no one touching this game anymore. I can't believe this

I think I'm just gonna go play a black ops one mission if you guys haven't played the mission for CUDA and black ops one

It's like one of the most iconic missions this mission is so badass it

Was a setup

They knew we were coming

Bastet Dragovich

He was buying everything

A labor camp a hellhole call fukuda

What didn't they do why is them the voice is too quiet you can actually hear it I'll just kind of ruin the cutscene

Oh, here we go. Here's Rezanov. Hi everybody. I'm rez Naz


Here we go

Get the fuck down every journey begins with a smooth

Got like this whole big plane to all these steps. There's one part coming up that's about to be so fucked up

Where's the big do is this the big dude?


God so we raised about to do something so fucked up I if you guys have seen this then you know

What's about to happen? You should trust America

With my life

He and us are not so different

We are all soldiers without an arm

betrayed for God a ban

in for Kota

We are all brothers

Oh god here comes wait until you see what big boys about to do

2010 called early for you god man, literally cannot be achieved without

sacrifice Mason

We Russians know this better than anyone

There we go, yeah, you're open the doors you guys are so nice. Thank you look at all you

Everyone fucking died sacrifice sacrifice. Yes over this part of the mission. You basically just stuck behind this train car

They're gonna be pushing it and you have to cover them

If you don't pick up this Makarov pistol at the start, this whole part is just like so difficult, especially I'm veteran

I remember this slingshot thing if you get all three in a row, you actually get a special a little cheap in for it

I'm pretty sure I've done it. I don't know if I can do it now. Hey, I already fucking miss. Oh my god unfit

I'm feeling this part so hard I've missed like five times already

Too far oh come on

Set skewer the wicked beasts Oh Rezanov came up with all of these steps. Oh

Boy, this is thistle recruit - I've also completely forgot to mention that black ops one has such an amazing soundtrack

I think it was mainly composed by Sean Murray and it's just it's so good

I use music for black ops one soundtrack all the time in videos

Boom oh, okay. Yeah guys that's a wicked beast. That shit's fucking my god. I completely forgot about golf and diving into this game

That was definitely an alpha

We're gonna slide through, uh, I think Sergey gets crushed here Oh,

Yep, oh

Did this buffer overflow me for some reason my face cam stop recording well guys

This is my luck would have it my face cam had the whole buffer overflow thing

So it just lost 40 minutes of face cam footage. So yeah, this video was going really well

Why do we have to have such bad luck? I think that might be the end of this camera, honestly

I looked up the whole buffer overflow thing on their error page and if it's continuously happening

It can mean that the whole camera is damaged. I'm upset. This is just so ridiculously unlucky

There we go. Time to get the minigun you get a death machine with 999 rounds step 7 is just raise

Hell this is one of the most fun missions in black ops 1 it's so good step 7. Just fucking shoot everything

This is exactly how I feel after finding out that my face cam has lost 40 minutes of footage

My gosh, this is so ridiculously over-the-top, man

I don't know whose idea was to come up with this mission, but it is so badass. Oh

That's your guess you should tier guys

And that's what you thought Mason I like I would just end up here and then BOOM harley-davidson

I am gonna spoil the campaign here a little bit

But you guys had 10 years to play itself after this whole sequence of trying to escape with Rezanov

He actually doesn't escape he gets captured. I think he gets killed after this whole sequence here with rez off

He actually doesn't make it out

I'm pretty sure resident gets captured and killed but Mason ends up getting brainwashed to think that he's still alive

What is it the site for this empty? I always wondered what the point of it was

Like how is this gonna help you aim? Oh, here we go


All the music here is so cool. Why is it playing two different tracks? It's not supposed to do that is it?

And that's where you lose them forever, but yeah guys I think I'm gonna end things here

I'm genuinely upset about the face game just completely losing all of my footage plus to be honest

I don't really want to play much more campaign or do zombies and it really sucks that the multiplayer is basically dead as hell but

Yeah, thank you guys very much for watching

I hope you guys enjoyed blackops 10 years later

If you guys did enjoy this video and you want to see some more throwback call duty stuff

Make sure to drop a like you guys later

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