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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENGLISH GRAMMAR: BE VERBS(BASIC- INTERMEDIATE)

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hi everyone hello hello everyone welcome

to my life stream yes it's me again

Catherine your English teacher in France

how's everybody doing so yes guys thank

you so much for coming to my live stream

I really appreciate your presence

tonight so yes right now it's actually

what time is it

it's what time is it it's actually 6:15

right now so yes guys um I plan to

actually start my live streaming at I

wanted to start at 6 p.m. but yes guys

I'm so sorry because I actually had my

private class with I was I had a class

with my French student here I'm in a

private lesson I was giving a private

class with a french student who is

actually high school here so she came to

the house and we had a class awaits one

night so it's for one hour so yes guys

and you know we started that class at 5

p.m. and we finish at 6 p.m. but of

course this is the real schedule but we

were able to finish I mean we weren't

able to finish it on time it is the

usual thing you know so we finished like

5 minutes or 10 minutes yes over the

time okay so we had our class 1 hour and

10 minutes for one hour and 10 minutes

yeah so I gave her 10 minutes more

because we had to talk about something

yes I had to yeah I had to talk with her

about some things yes guys anyway

welcome everyone so let's let's see for

now what who are what No

let's see oh let me check who are in the

chat room right now so yeah guys oh okay

got a waist meet no well welcome to my

livestream we also have David Rosen wow

you are unclimbed today David Rohl sure

huh that's great David

you aren't doing a great job and we also

have who else is here we also have Mesa

furnace hello Nisa prayerless welcome to

my livestream how are you my dear and we

have a bellows Jin a bolus Jen have a

great time a bolus Jen welcome to my

livestream and we have here umm actually

got a voice with no well guys is from

the UK and we have David Roger is from

the US yes guys and of course I think he

knows the lesson for today right so I

guess I don't know but yeah anyway maybe

he wants to review about the verbs well

thank you so much for coming David Rohde

sure and we also have nice upper less


nice top furnace is actually in the

Philippines okay and we also have Mary

flower and vet knobs and Mary flower in

Vietnam guys it's from Vietnam of course

she's from Vietnam and we also have who

else is here aqua Sydney oh okay thank

you so much for coming ah Cassini and we

also have nurse in America of course

nurse in America that means of course

she's from America everyone and we also

have yes David Rogers still waiting for

teacher teacher is here David Rhodes ER

yes you're early and teacher is Blake

David Wolter I'm so sorry okay

thank you so much everyone for being

here welcome welcome everyone and thank

you so much for hitting that like button

of course these guys so how's everybody


let me ask you how's everybody doing

guys mm-hmm how's everybody doing me I

had a busy day

okay busy day everyone how about you

guys how about you guys and the answer

nobody wants to answer teacher nurse aid

in America where is Buddhism oh oh what

disabled is late probably I really

didn't know we're both disappointed

so maybe but the thing is come

very soon and we also have let's see who

else have come Ashley amen and once

watch it sir hi everyone what's wash

line even if shiny man everyone is from

France of course not busy day lazy day

oh my god I wish I could be lazy I would

like to have a lazy day I would like to

be lazy sometimes but you know today

it's impossible it has been impossible

to be lazy because I've had a lot of you

know I've had a lot of stuffs to do so

yes guys receive topless also he's here

hello t-shirt

welcome receive chocolates guys

Christine tempest is from fool pins and

she is a high school student guys

Christine Tempest is a high school

student mmm we have David read your

scrap yard if we're lucky

oh I see I'm a very Concha I'm here

teacher welcome I'm Emory Crenshaw is

also present everyone she's for a

full-piece but I don't know why they are

still awake it's a little late in the

Philippines right now am I correct

we have an America receiving topless and

miss up furnace we are from Philippines

guys but they are still awake until now

this amazing I think they really want to

study English with teacher tonight right

correct me if I'm wrong

okay so moment let me try some water a

Bella's drag is also present good

afternoon everyone good afternoon

teacher let's welcome everyone zesty

floors SP food is from Pakistan and

microwaves SP food it's my memory

correct or does my memory serves me

right that's the food you are from

Pakistan right or no baby India oh my

god teachers memory it's not so sorry


teachers memory is not so good no

problem Jennifer Alice memory Glenshaw

is here we also have another student

guys is three lady

hello welcome Eastern lady and shiny men

hello okay then never sleepy beauty is

anna-marie yes Annamarie is enough

sleepy beauty while booty single guys

did not breathe early birds

okay you see what this demo has greeted

the person who just arrived but don't

feel bad guys I'm pretty sure what this

thing weighs going to do something good

to you later okay so do your best

everyone and fasten your seat belt okay

we have yeah animal right gunshot here

okay everyone's there yeah okay okay so

everyone is talking to each other to

each other

Eastern lady and thanks you are very


Eastern lady and where are you from

Eastern lady and where are you from okay

so yes guys so with tonight's live

streaming everyone as you can see the

topic of tonight's live streaming is all

about beef verbs and you can see here I

have a little whiteboard it's very small

guys it's very small everyone because I

like small one no I actually wanted to

to buy a bigger one but I couldn't pop I

couldn't find anything pink yes guys I

couldn't find anything which color is

pink so yeah here we go we've got the

small one every one size Bowl you can

have bear

with me having this small whiteboard of

mine everyone so yeah hello aunt venture

another student has come past vention

welcome no problem

nurse 8 in America so much for now I see

junk yard is here aha

thank you so much everyone for coming I

think what tseebo has been bright

okay yes guys so once again welcome to

my wife's room everyone so as you can

see the topic for tonight's live

streaming everyone I hope you're gonna

do your best because typical is in the

chat room he's going to give you the

level everyone so whoever gets the

highest level from participant to night

of course is going to get 3w each from

English teacher in France everyone so

yes welcome welcome everybody

Eastern lady and is laughing Sophia

Rafael shares welcome to my livestream

so PR fil shares where are you from

where are you from Sophie Rafael shares

and Eastern lady and where are you from

yes so we have your adventure guys's

from the US David Rogers also from the

USGS and yeah I know most of the people

joining us also from France is from

France yes and Ovilus jennifer is from

the Middle East so I'm wondering about

Eastern Lady Anne and Sophia Raphael

shares where are you from

nice to see you again ma'am from Germany

okay yeah oh my god teachers member rate

is not so good yes I remember now you

are from Germany yes you told me

yesterday right Sophia Rafael shares

okay she is from Germany how about

Eastern lady and where are you from

oh um Eastern lady and where are you

from you are from philippines manila oh

my god so you must know

akanchha an American shot is also from

Manila Philippines yeah

Zulu think it said good morning everyone

from Joseph it said yes guys joseline

Philippine kitchen of course I think she

is in Philippines right now just a

little Philippine kitchen am i correct

thank you so much for coming yes welcome

everyone yes actually yes it might be

morning after you would in your places

right now but here in France it's

actually evening guys so good evening to

everyone or a good evening or good

morning or good afternoon yes also yeah

that's it so yes everyone is here yes

she's my white teeth friend oh okay so

you know each other and I'm very

conscious I can't get it I had to finish

the movie first okay let's so welcome


I never eat lunch sites okay I think

what to see more and shine even is they

are welcoming everyone who is who

haven't actually come in Buddhism we are

oh my god you guys are criticizing but

the seminar I don't really know guys but

I didn't know what system rule I didn't

know if he has favoritism or something

yes it looks like what this symbol is

not greeting everyone but I hope you

guys are gonna be given you know level

Bible two single guys so yes guys so

anyway haha Easter lady is laughing okay

yeah just a little pitch that she's from

Philippines but she is in the u.s. right

now okay she is in the USA and let's

welcome another student of ours we have

color make red shadow hello caller maker

welcome to my life's dream I told you I

know the vicarage I'm gonna change I'm

actually working on night but David

Wolter but I am having a trouble I'm

having trouble with activating it I

added it on my moderators but it still

hasn't worked I I need to figure it out


yes so anyway let's enjoy everyone

for tonight's live streaming okay my

night Michelle TV nice I'll uh keep an

eye partial TV welcome to my life stream

okay yes color me Chris channel is

laughing right now I didn't watch oh my

god guys it's very cold so a teacher has

a little bit of a cold

oh my god teacher a disgusting did you

have sorry guys you know what I have a

very big sister here anyway okay so

that's it

so everyone thank you for coming today

so yes guys welcome once again and for

today's live streaming or for tonight's

live streaming we'll be talking about

beavers I'm not sure if it's visible

enough for you guys can you guys see

what's written on this little whiteboard

or mine with the pink border in it on it

I mean can you guys see if not I might

need to write it okay so let me just

check something here sorry for a moment

guys I need to do all right I need you I

need you know forgive me forgive me ice

forgive me

oh my god I have a problem again here no


sorry guys just give me a second

everyone if you can't forgive me please

do please do everyone T sure is having a

little bit of a problem here with my

husband please be patient

how are you shine amen and everyone how

are you how are you I have problem with

my job guys just a moment

mm-hmm hello we let's welcome everyone

another student of ours we have get away

straight do well just texted me he said

he has some what a precursor video a

sweeper joseline Philippine kitchen guys

just a little bit kitchen is from the US

she also goes like everyone I apologize

for not reading your post right away

last night in my live streaming I didn't

see it until I scrolled up the post no

problem Jocelyn's Philippine kitchen

it's normal with sometimes make that

mistake especially when there are a lot

of people in our chat room so it's ok I

understand it's on just a leave just a

leaves Philippine kitchen Wendy

absolutely welcome to my live stream and

we also have else yeah I think this is

all ok by the way guys we have here some

visitors who are not white accreditors

they are just white tea consumers we

have David Roger we have Buddhism oh and

of course shine amen guys

yes receive Campos um you don't sleep

very close shot okay so I think everyone

is talking to each other right now

so yes Jennifer Apple said hello

everyone here classmates and friends

okay welcome everyone I am too but glue

super shiny met everyone is to buckland

sugar and white sequins welcome to my

life's reading oh my god you are amazing

big shot up to a lifetime journey

everyone so yes guys lifetime journey is

from the US yes he is also our very good

student everyone and he has been

monetized guys yes he is also yeah he is

our student but in reality he is also a

teacher in the u.s. everyone if some of

you don't know lifetime journey is a

teacher in the u.s. guys so yes many

teachers are here thank you so much

lifetime journey welcome to my life

stream this why the typos Christine

Thomas you are very sleepy right now you

should go to bed proceed Tempest if you

need to okay

yes we are Ezra oh yes hmm oh my god

lifetime journey

you surprised me thank you so much for

coming to the end oh I am surprised that

you're able to catch me liar because you

know because of our time difference

usually you are doing something and you

can't catch me

live but now you catch me Leiter's alert

awake enthusiastic so yes guys thank you

so much everyone

yeah today's live streaming the topic

would be about what's the topic women

guys they need to type some things cuz I

want to see people in the chatroom here

from my screen huh English teacher in

France and so proud of you thank you so

much SHINee best

said teacher your hair your hair is a

shining much line even your hair is

shiny hair everyone is actually

uncountable okay you need to know when

something is uncountable when you say


you cannot tap out so you have to say is

okay only the singular okay so you have

to say your hair is shining

oh really should I came in it's

beautiful huh

I see mean this side ah yeah so that

means your teacher has beautiful hair

thank you so much shine amen so yes that

shiny demon is our very I'm back my

t-shirt you're under Soros so welcome to

my livestream so we're under Suarez dice

is an English Learner from Brazil okay

welcome ear under Suarez welcome to my

life stream how are you Iran under

Suarez how are you

you are from Brazil right what time is

it now in Brazil Iran dear can you tell

me what time it is in Brazil right now

ah fans oh might be late today

an American shot ear under Suarez what

time is it in your country right now

what time is it can you let us know time

is it in Brazil Christine topless have a

great evening

Christine topless thank you so much for

dropping by

alright so I think Iran dear Iran dear

is typing something to tell us what time

unity Mercedes so yes yes your honor is

actually a learner okay he is an English

Learner so yes he is here to learn

English so anyway for tonight's live

streaming that's all about it

all about be verbs okay you guys can see

I wrote it here but I'm gonna write it

in the chat room as well so the topic is

all about be verbs

okay Bevers so for me it's very

important for students to actually know

the different forms of be verbs okay so

we will talk about it in today's

live-streaming okay and we have here

sign a my teacher said he will he will

take to the principal office right away

and Marie Concha aha teacher said he

will be oh okay so you have to say shiny

man teacher said okay your hair your

hair are is wrong you have to say your

hair here is okay that should be the

correct one and he okay he said teacher

said he will blah blah blah

it is actually not possible okay you

have to say teacher said he would would

be taken blah blah blah okay so that is

the right way of saying it shiny and

everyone okay teacher said he would be

taken to the principal's office

yes so I think fans though is still in

the principal's office right now alright

so we also have sent us a deal MBS mes

shine Amen you are not alone we also

have another MPs here the seafood said

that scientist Adia welcome hello thank

you for coming

um huh maybe he is at work today's a

seafood okie t-shirt I believe you now

just came to see hi Saturday is very

busy day okay have a wonderful day zesty

food take care but they have a wonderful


oh my god so that is why he's not here

yes I thought of that shine amen

yes everyone finds though is still at

the principal's office right now so he

isn't here but I'm sure he will be here

very soon yes he will just be late a

little bit okay mom besides big wine and

welcome to my livestream hello English

teacher in France love you love the way

you talk so much oh I think it's that

much thank you so much I I'm so happy to

hear that kind of compliment from my

viewers everyone thank you so much yes

guys they'll be first that's the topic

today we'll be talking about beavers but

before we talk about it I would like it

to give me your idea okay when we say be

verbs what comes into your mind when you

when you hear this be verbs when someone

says be verbs maybe when you were still

a student someone actually told you or

someone has mentioned about be verbs

right so when you say beavers what are

beavers everyone let R be verbs thank

you so much color makers so with our D

verbs everyone nobody wants to answer

come on

I'm number eight question why are you

laughing in America not only AHA yes

Conor McGregor ah no thank you so much

hmm Eastern Lady Anne is

see why is everyone laughing at me right

now is it because of what is signal-d

Pedroza is giving a question as well huh

yes color maker okay everyone what are

beavers uh-huh okay so aqua sitting here

a me said and was word okay that's

a very good answer

aqua singing yes when you say beavers

everyone there are many forms okay but

you need to know for the basic part

because we're tonight flat screaming

we'll be talking about the basic basic

verbs do you know intermediate level so

this lesson is actually good for basic

and you know basic to intermediate yes

so sorry because of SHINee sorry guys so

when you talk about be verbs everyone

there are many kinds okay what again so

we have different be ribs I'm gonna show

here yes Jeremy Smith new all said be

verbs means to indicate to indicate

state of being yeah it's very smart

student getaway speed new well that's

very true now the question is what are

the examples or what are the different

be verbs there are many kinds of be

verbs everyone okay you must know that

be verbs can be present it can also be

in the past for we also have the present

perfect for me also future form but

tonight for the basic part I will just

be giving the present past the present

perfect and the pattern of the future

form okay yes everyone get away sweet I

mean guys shiny mezack i like phrasal

verbs better oh so that means to say

phrasal verbs is actually easier then

beavers shiny men is that what you mean

David Rogers said oh I thought you said

beaver beavers be be verbs David Mulder


hmm okay get away speak no well everyone

is you can see get away sweetie well has

actually written there the examples of

be verbs are am is are was were and etc

there are many other forms of be verbs

so yes guys so I'm gonna show you the

present form yes thank you so much that

I ways with no wow everyone is laughing

right now teacher is very serious

because we have some students who are

actually watching right now so yes guys

so the different beavers as you can see

here beavers have different forms so we

actually have present forms of the

beavers and that is this one these are

the presently verbs the present be verbs

are F is in are okay so when you talk

about present or now of course you can

use these be verbs use use out is in are

okay but of course it's not always in

present form because sometimes we want

to express the past meaning so if you

want to express the past meaning then

you can actually use the past form of

the beavers okay the be verbs in the

past for these are there are only two we

have was and word everyone so these are

two past form beavers okay and of course

not only that but before we continue

with the other forms I want to ask you

when do we use be verbs everyone when do

we use beavers hmm when any idea

everyone mm-hmm

when do we use be verbs

oh let's welcome everyone Marcus Ramos

hello come on David you're lucky oh my

god David rosary got left three


no oh but this thing will has just given

David Bulger level 3d you are always

very lucky david broder because the last

time you also had level 3 from what's is

single right sign amen is the talking to

David okay uh yeah thinking you need to

be thankful David Broder you know maybe

level five Sunnah Eastern lady and said

how lucky you are decent resident and

late Marcus rich no problem okay even if

you're late it's better than never

okay guys so when you talk about be

verbs when do we use the verbs everyone

in a sentence when when do we use be

verbs in a sentence

any idea nobody wants to say it how

lucky okay David know I had level two

uh-huh and listen you're okay so yes

guys so uh before I tell you why we use

be verbs because there are many ways and

how to use be verbs everyone especially

in a sentence okay so once again if you

talk about President you have these

present be verbs you have had is in

already these are present be verbs but

when you talk about the past

that means finish time you can use

actually was or word alright and also

when you talk about present perfect

when you say present perfect it means to

say the past and now they have a

connection so you can use the present

perfect form which is has been or have

been everyone

cases these are the present perfect

simple form of the be verbs and of

course if there is present perfect

simple but past and now there's a

connection then there must also be for

the future future for example tomorrow

or maybe next week or maybe next month

so anyway time expressions for the

future you can use will be okay will be

everyone when you talk about the future

okay so that's it mm-hmm all right so

let's see the chatroom if someone is

talking here so Eastern lady is Eastern

lady accent we use weavers when we talk

to someone okay when we talk to someone

so when you're talking to someone you

can use these verbs can you give an

example lady and can you give an example

lady head and shine amen is talking to a

very conscious don't worry


present and past

Jennifer Apple is nobody knows teacher

we are all silent

let's welcome everyone your classmates

life be like hobbies ear hello life be

like hub is from Sri Lanka everyone

let's welcome her thank you so much for

coming life to be like hub so yes that

those are the different forms of beavers

but of course there are many many ways

and how to use different so that's the

intermediate level when we use the

Beavers okay remember there are many

ways on how to use beavers so basically

I'm not sure if you can see can you see

the board everyone let me just move this

a little bit okay here you are I hope

you can see or maybe yeah it's okay if

you don't see t-shirt as long as you can

see the board

am I very cute white board everyone

maybe you cannot see because it's too

far is it isn't it too far how about

that but maybe you can't see my head oh

there you are you can still see my head

okay Iran dear suarez hello yummers

thank you so much for coming you're

under Suarez how are you ooh you're

under Suarez guys is from Brazil perfect

okay thank you so much so we can say

different guys of course we use the B

roots you already know the different

forms of be verbs you have the present

present you also have the past okay and

you also have the present perfect and

you also have the future now the

question is why is the structure or when

do we use V verbs in a sentence okay

there aren't many ways guys but tonight

I will be giving three ways in how to

use presence and I mean um how to use

the be verbs okay

because actually many of the students

are confused when to use be verbs they

use the verbs all the time in making

sentences in expressing themselves they

often use be verbs okay even if it's

wrong they always use it so we need to

know how to use the verbs everyone okay

okay so we're we know what's wrong we

put sissy well okay so yes when you use

beamers everyone the first the first way

and you have to use me verbs everyone is

actually using be verbs I'll just put it

be verbs here we use the B with

adjectives everyone okay

so I hope you can see it's not very

clear am i I mean am i right it's not

very clear so we use the verbs everyone

with adjectives so adjectives what is

adjectives deitrick yes everyone what is

adjectives teacher because see the board

oh thank you so much Jennifer otherwise

I know

and as well okay that's great everyone

wherever you know let me check the chat

room how is your finger doing t-shirt Oh

am i sensing wine at the graduation soon

as you have the best teacher ever thank

you so much but let's not sit wanna

what's wrong with this thing okay so

yeah my fingers are good um Shawn amen

but yeah as you saw yesterday I did

something with my favor but yes I did

not finish until now it's still this one

okay yeah okay

aku see he said adjective describes a

word okay

adjective describes a word okay so you

have to say that adjective adjective

okay describes a word okay you have to

say this adjectives describe a word

describes a word give it a kiss tribes

because I took Ted is singular so we use

the verb with s describes and okay I

meant I know it's not good all right

newfound lender Ingalls family welcome

to my live stream and david broder I

thought I'd hide away the school

supplies David roser so yes guys of

course Amy or what's that app Cassini

aqua Sydney everyone is right so when we

say adjective of course this is a word

that describes another words so in other

words adjectives is used to describe a

noun or a pronoun okay so yes for

example yes I'm like Concha has a very

good example for example you have there

an Americano said our teacher

is pretty okay so you have the group

pretty-pretty d is adjectives so you see

new font okay hello everyone so you have

your B adjectives so you have ISM if is

your beaver this is your beaver and you

have the word pretty-pretty is actually

adjectives everyone so I'm not even sure

if you can see what I have written

don't worry guys I'm gonna get a bigger

board I actually thought this board can

work well even if it's small but I guess

I'm wrong okay so next time I'm gonna

show you a bigger one okay so don't

worry forgive me it's only today okay

yeah what happened teacher cuz yesterday

I was uh all the time Oh Jennifer Apple

is you should watch the live streaming

yesterday um Jennifer Abalos if you'd

like to know you can replay okay

yes alright so yes guys so you see you

have your is is is actually a be verb

you see that's beaver and we also have

the word pretty which is an adjective so

that's the first way on how to use

beavers so every time you use an

adjective in a sentence to describe

someone or something then you can use

beaver in the adjective okay so for

example who can give one example of

adjectives everyone who who can give so

there are 14 people right now what shake

yes so who can give an example of an

adjective Americana has given one who

wants to give another once to give

another oh I love your wife and so is

absent tonight guys enjoy teachers class

okay have a wonderful time Jennifer a

ballast or Jen a ballast so nobody wants

to answer the question come on nobody

nobody what this thing was going to give

you a level of my name is a t-shirt hurt

one of her

doing her nails lots of blood no is not

true shiny men there wasn't really a lot

of you know blood

just a little Marxist kitchen said I

don't know adjective haha okay when you

say adjective everyone these are words

or it's a word which describes a noun or

a pronoun for example pretty when you

say pretty pretty can actually describe

a noun or pronoun for example t-shirt is

pretty so pretty the adjective describes

the teacher t-shirt is a noun

you see a cool thing he said beautiful

tall okay very good example up who see

me beautiful and tall okay so you have

that adjective beautiful and tall so how

about making your example using

beautiful and tall can you give an

example sentence I tried to true is

charming hahaha teacher is charming

that's a very good example uh-huh

teacher is that charming that's very

good so very good joseline joseline full

of pink kitchen that's a very good

example okay Marcus kitchen is eating

right now how about I am eating that's

also a very good example Marcus kitchen

I am eating is a good example

that's actually the second way on how to

use the beaver we will talk about that

pattern afterwards okay

Eastern Lady Anne said the blaze that I

visited yesterday is beautiful that is


okay the place that I visited yesterday

is beautiful additive no it's not

additive it's adjectives adjectives on

david broder adjectives david Roger

uh-huh I need to watch okay you need to

watch maja it is accepted oh my god guys

it's a anyway Marcus kitchen oh okay

laughing out loud life

like upset smelly pink huge all very

good example adjectives adjectives

adjectives not that much blood and don't

worry Marcos is tall and beautiful a

very good example Marcus is tall and

beautiful that's a very good example a

palace Jen okay thank you so much

everyone so of course as you can see

this is the first wave how to use be

firm okay we used to be verbs with

adjectives so we never use adjectives

without be verbs

okay for example you see oh you

beautiful okay I'm gonna write the

sentence some people we say you you

beautiful you beautiful so some people

will say you beautiful but in fact this

sentence is wrong you beautiful how are

you going to make it correct everyone

how to make that sentence correct hmm

how whoever gives the correct sentence

will get one WH from English teacher in


come on go go go nobody wants to answer

come on guys I know you know the answer

you look beautiful where you are

beautiful a harsh light amen

your answer is very good but try to

write the sentence in the correct form

shiny men try to write it in the correct


can you so when you say a sentence

what should a sentence have come on

nobody's answering a lot teacher teacher

is waiting for your answer everyone sign

even Rohit's you are beautiful

and then period okay so that's not

bad you are so beautiful question mark

hahaha so that means Jocelyn's

Philippine kitchen doesn't think I am

beautiful because she puts a question


oh yeah she doesn't think I am beautiful

color maker China adjective is a word

that describes a noun or a pronoun this

is a person Wow

color make your shadow of course that's

exactly the meaning of adjectives that's

exactly the detailed meaning of

adjectives yes such as a person a place

a thing or ideas yes example big huge

large Wow very good student color me

Christian oh you are a very good student


so yes guys I think someone who's got

the correct answer Marcus diction so

adjectives is described a noun

yes it's correct Marcus kitchen but you

have to say so adjective adjective

describes and now yeah so I took dip

describes a noun okay so that's how you

should say it um

Marta's kitchen Marcos kitchen okay

Marcus kitchen so you have to say I just

paid this price and now we don't say

adjective is describe you see

that's one of the common mistakes of the

students they always use the verbs

everywhere even if it's not necessary to

use be verbs they put it everywhere so

we can't say I just did is described no

you have to say adjective describes and

now so no need to be verb they're

Eastern lady and okay life being like

I've said you are beautiful but you need

a period everyone remember in a sentence

you always need a period okay so yes of

course the correct sentence you are

beautiful you are you are beautiful

no matter

oh my god you are beautiful the teacher

is also beautiful what do you think yes

guys so that should be the correct

sentence Eastern lady and said from now

on teacher I'm gonna be here at your

live stream to learn more

oh thank you so much Eastern lady and

that will be great I would love to have

you here every time I go live just as in

Philippine kitchen no you are beautiful

yes joseline's Philippine kitchen that's

a very good example sentence but

remember guys a sentence should always

have a period at the end okay if that is

a positive sentence okay

yes positive sentence you need period at

the end of your Center I was guessing

this that's a great job your answer is

correct okay

yes color maker has started to write a

book shiny men you are beautiful that is

perfect life be like hob there is period

okay very good sentence oh okay yes

Marcus kitchen Marcus kitchen that's a

good job were at this kitchen

okay everyone is laughing right now I

have it so haha yes guys wow so Phyllis

Philippine kitchens got level one from

book to single okay so let's go tea for

everyone so yes the center should should

be you are beautiful

okay so beautiful is used in the

sentence I'm gonna write it here on the


okay I will write the example oh my god

the eraser is not even very good oh my

god teacher what are you doing a teacher

should I even be quiet so you see you

have your you or beautiful see if I

write that sentence here you are

beautiful everyone you are beautiful

okay so you see you have your two

subject and you have the beaver this is

B and of course after B you have the

word beautiful with

which is an adjective so you see we use

a beaver or we use the beavers when

before ok before an adjective so be

verbs plus an adjective that is the

right way in making a sentence ok oh my

god ha ha number one yes Jocelyn

slipping its men it can work more ok

need to work more insert the lady and

you're such pretty teacher you're such a


you're such upgraded teacher is that

correct yes that is correct

of course but this structure is the

different structure which is actually an

advanced level that's a very good

example Eastern lady you're such you're

such but you need to write well I think

this is the way of testing on how you

spell you are ok so you have to say you

are such a beautiful teacher ok you were

you're such a beautiful sorry

beautiful teacher you are such a

beautiful teacher so as you can see in

this example everyone you're such a

beautiful teacher you have you in our

and then such a beautiful teacher so

there is a beautiful after it adjective

but you added another word for example

such which is actually modifying the

adjective to make you know more emphasis

yeah you give more emphasis on the

adjective you are so beautiful teacher

thank you so much color make your

channel market this kitchen sets you

students we are very now where are we

now Marcus said you need a bigger

whiteboard teacher yes I know I actually

wanted to buy the big one but I couldn't

find anything pink but I think it's not

really a

addition to have this small one but yeah

I will get the bigger one even if

there's no pink okay you know teacher

loves pink but anyway yeah okay

stupidest should help teacher buy a

bigger bowl white board from inside and

out you are so beautiful oh my god I

want to cry color and make my channel

this is a very good example um

Eastern lady and okay yes you're doing a

great job

Eastern lady and so you see you guys I

hope you guys understand when to use be

verbs okay

the first way on how to use or what to

use be verb is with an adjective that is

the first way everyone now if I ask you

I'm gonna give you a situation and I

would like you to make a sentence okay I

would like it to make a sentence so who

gave the first example I think it was

trying England right should I even gave

the correct sentence shiny minutes get

one from teacher okay so yes guys if I

give you a situation you need to make

the example sentence okay for example oh

I really love oh I really loved your

accent teacher Oh

Eastern lady and if you say I really

loved your accent it missus say you

loved my accent only before it means not

now anymore so does it mean you only

loved my accent in the past not now

anymore lady end mm-hmm so what do you


are you talking about now or only in the

past what are you trying to say okay so

you're trying to say now right so how

can you make your sentence correct and

you have to remember every one when

you're right the word I it should be in

capital letter oh my god Marcus kitchen

thank you so much speaks out to Marcus

kitchen actually guys Marcus kitchen is

Marcus rich

okay as you can see I think on top you

can screw up you see Marcus rich there

and Marcus kitchen does the same but if

you guys want to connect with Marcus

kitchen just connect with Martin's rich

okay yeah so how are you going to make

your sentence correct lady and if you're

talking about now what should be the

sentence hmm what should be the sentence

lady and it's lady and still there or

Lady Anne is still thinking on how to

correct the sentence yes guys this is a

very good example sentence you say I

loved your accent

but if you say lot that means to say

only in the past not now anymore yes

it's true lady and I understand life be

like wow I got the correct Monty sure

shiny man left very lucky man so we

gonna give the point to might be mike

kob shine amen what do you think

shiny miss said easter lady and yes I

remember the capital I at the beginning

I lost tassa

cause I missed the capital so yes guys

the one who can write the correct

sentence all-lady end you will get one

point from English reprints you already

know what one point is okay only one

night after for one dot after for after

for the dot come on you can write the

correct sentence you will get one WH

from teacher come on so shiny men is for

life be like hub okay life be like haha

got one point

uh-huh do you feel TV welcome what is

the sentence Wow

okay when you say okay Marcus kitchen

has a very good question everyone what

is the sentence oh okay so you're not

asking the media

the sentence the sun-times all the lady

ad okay I would like you to correct the

sentence of Lady Anne that we'd get per

sentence I'm gonna put it in the chat

room right now okay here we go

I'd even forgot the period yes I D men

period tiny men shouldn't be forgotten

okay so this is the sentence of lady and

I'm gonna write it in the chat room

everyone it's here this paste it copy

and paste it okay here is the sentence

of lady and everyone and that is

actually wrong okay wrong so how to make

it correct should I even bless I give it

to nineteen ideas

good job might be like hub so that's the

sentence everyone how should you make it

correct because she's trying to say that

this opinion of hers is now not in the

past now that isn't her opinion now so

what is the answer

nobody wants to answer I really love

your accent

teacher Oh life be like everyone is very

fast and that is correct very good job

very good job life be like hub so light

be like how guys good two points now Wow

good job very good job like me like a

very good student

okay and Martha's kitchen said I really

like your accent teacher okay this is

also very good sentence but the sentence

of lady as she actually use the word

love okay so you need to correct before

the verb for love okay so it should be I

really love your accent t-shirt okay

very good us Jolene

flipping kitchen your sentences also


Jocelyn's Philippine kitchen okay yeah

ah okay Eastern lady and corrected her

answer but only the word not complete

sentence but it's still a good job

Eastern lady and yes my sentence I might

what is this shiny even this should be

period right my sentence and period

you're doing great sign even no problem

congratulations lady and yes lady and I

says corrected

you know her mistake but not incomplete

sentence okay love like haha yes this is

fun learning yes guys you know it is fun

to learn something even if you already

know it but if you need to review

something you need to check yourself if

you can really do it's a great thing you

know yeah it's a great thing because

even if we are already big where are the

animals for money professionals I've got

a lot of students who study ESL or they

are ESL students they are what the

others are and of course English is not

their language it's just their second

language they are learning English and

even if they're already big some of them

are teachers some of them are actually

you know professionals they are

businessman they are owners of companies

yes these are the kinds of students I


when outlets and Philippines but yes

they are never shy everyone to learn

something because in learning everyone

age doesn't matter okay there is no age

limit in learning everyone can learn we

can learn from younger people younger

people can learn from older people so

vice versa doesn't really matter where

we know is true

thanks you are very welcome mister lady

and Yahoo like a bee like ha moving on

the second rope was your level two

thank you they don't leave it Roger for

helping me with Buddhism oh okay so um

lady hand at level two Eastern Eastern

lady and guys thank you so much for

helping me with boot to sing okay

because sometimes I can't stay with the

Seema's message so lady and God level

two okay so remember everyone whoever

gets the highest level from with a

single today you will get three WH

question from English teacher and France

Jocelyn's move in kitchen okay it's fun

subject I am glad I am glad okay I am

glad this is not a math subject or else

I would have an allergy right now you're

not alone and joseline you're not alone

t-shirt also hates math okay but you

know math is very important in our life

but anyway knowing the basic things

about math is enough to live right but

you know when you talk about you know

exponent and other things fraction and

things like that

oh my god don't ask you sure everyone in

bliss teacher in France it's not a math

teacher yes so you're not alone joseline

life in UK we bus everyone let's welcome

your new not your you

let's welcome your classmate everyone a

very smart classmate of yours II already

know that life in UK with bus of course

she's from the UK everyone know except

one welcome let's welcome everyone your

classmate no octets vlog welcome to my

livestream how are you noise it's love

shiny man finally you're here like when

you give me bus and low yes shiny men

did you miss your classmates life in UK

we bus yes guys life in UK with bus is

also one of our very smart students

everyone say yeah

Eastern lady la lady answer

aha joseline I feel the same having too

much Russian news of the mass cause of

mass okay say cause of mass there's no

da we don't use that with certain thing

okay like I think you can read buscar

it's not sure I can you keep it buzz

okay Cheyenne amen oh my god fans is


Wow let's welcome back now your

classmate jennifer has been looking for

you and finally are here so you see I

know right I told you Santa snow is

coming yes he is coming so now he's the

year see I told you like your knight

shiny man said I thought you were at the

principal yes guys we have another

content consumer final so guys the most

or happiness say okay now I would like

you to describe fans Oh everyone I would

like it to use this Patrick okay since

we're talking about be verbs so you have

the Beavers using the verbs weird them

excuse me everyone

so you have your be verbs oh my god

what's that what's that sure okay you

have the be verbs everyone you have the

subject plus the B plus the adjective so

I would like you to follow this Patrick

you have subject B verb and antigen can

you make a sentence describing fans Oh

everyone okay whoever gives the sentence

you can get one point

okay ready start make a sentence to

describe fans oh every no spies oh you

can describe him well come on everyone

okay let me read the chat room where is

UK UK over there I got a David Roger

like the UKB buzzes there okay t-shirt -

say hello fans oh oh

though by so guys is from Germany okay

fine so it's from Germany shiny man is

from France leave the gorger's from the

US Hey oh my god our friend is here our

very good student as well dance follower

everyone let's welcome Dan Fowler good

thing you are always we can say you have

time thank you so much for coming dan

Fowler and welcome everyone dan Fowler

big shout out to you Dan follow everyone

is from the US yes he's also a very good

student of ours ok very good

my 80s and a friend getaways with the

wall drum roll fans oh he's here yes

thank you so much on a requested and

fuller hi Anna Marie okay color maker

said I think Lady Anne is one of my

friends here in white tea so call her me

Christian oh you have to say one of my

friends okay so always remember everyone

when you use one of okay when you make a

sentence and you want to use one off in

a sentence always remember if the now

and after off is countable you always

need to use plural now you say what my

friend is not possible you have to say

one of my friends oh my god my school

got level-4 impossible huh funds they've

got level for everyone you see if I

start at level four and color maker at

level three aha so anyway I'm just

writing the people who got the highest

level thank you so much for coming dead

father thank you so much nurse aid in

America okay Oh get away sweetie well

your example sentence is very good but

you miss one very important thing

no well ok getaways got level one uh-huh


Hey so we have your life can you keep it

Noel said fun as though is plenty but

you miss one thing okay you can make it


get away Srinu well like in UK with buzz

buzz oh is becoming famous he is very

supportive friend in whitey world week

uh-huh wait I'm not good at the winking

everyone not give I'm not good at giving

away you know yes it's a very good

example um like a new kid with boss but

you see I'm gonna write one sentence of

life and you give advice okay she said

he is very supportive friend oh my god

what happened here why is it all cup

caps look he is very supportive

supportive friend so this is also a very

good example like and you came advice

but there is a mistake in the sentence

can you make it right and we have

another answer from Anna Maria I stood

Eastern lady is that example high fines

oh I would like to know you you are not

using the correct for lady and you need

to use the subject the beaver and the

adjectives okay yes fine so it's my

brother forever and ever oh very good

example shiny men but this pattern that

you are using will be the next pattern

that I'm going to tell you okay for now

you'll just be using the subject be verb

and adjective but that's a very good

example shiny man okay hello Dan Fowler

okay joseline go oh thank you so much

joseline joseline Philippine kitchen

thank you so much my dear they patrolled

your files Oh

Faysal la vacuum cleaner aha okay so

David vulture has a very good example

sentence but this sentence uses a verb

in this sentence there's a

now adjectives so but puzzle you say

finds it along it's actually wrong okay

because spine is only singular so what

happens to defer you have to say finds L

love vacuum cleaner okay

you have to say finds olaf's okay that

is the correct sentence Oh get away with

me well it's very fast everyone a very

good student okay

and getaways would know well to our

chart look anyway see you all removed if

his answer

uh-huh where every now nobody has given

the correct sentence don't make sense

hey fine so we may see oh my god that's

Glenn hello teacher I'm not good at

English even English doesn't good aha

English doesn't good English doesn't

good you see guys English doesn't good

is not possible everyone you see English

and good is adjectives right good is

adjectives so how can you make it

correct oh my god you need to correct

three sentences now come on correctly

three sentences everyone um dad follow

you're welcome okay but to simple you

are the best buzzer don't worry teacher

is doing the job huh that's not fair

okay fine so is very funny okay get away

sweet oh well got one point then I

always sweet Noel got one okay

get away speak Noel got one point now

why are you taking the point okay I will

ask you at the end of this one so fine

as little is very funny

eat that is the correct sentence okay

and there is period all the time okay

let me just remove this thing here okay

sorry guys teachers board is very small

okay my god teacher you are very


so you see fat dough bundle is funny you

see and don't forget period at the end

of the sentence

see the structure also pull period here

so you see fans L and Fleming seek fans

though is funny you have fun zoo as a

subject and you have ears that's the

beaver and funny is the adjective fans o

is funny I hope you can see that you

like T begun another point okay let me

like TV got another point and we also

have okay sir ladies laughing right now

I hope she's having fun okay can I

always be two outlaws okay okay every

best right sensei laughing out loud

finds oh is in love uh-huh

I'm good okay I'm a seeker yes I'm fine

so is having a good time yes he always

he always had a good time he always has

a good time I mean shininess an English

teacher in France sighs oh is supportive

as long as he is in the class

Oh advanced sentence shine even this is

a very good sentence Wow my best level

shiny men and now we have what we

teacher has been like for one hour so

don't worry guys we have one more hour

okay yes we will be live for two hours


but as though it's nothing right now

yeah as far as I'm laughing right now

you have very good sentence and Unruh

culture English doesn't sound good Oh

give us a very good job okay so I will

erase this question under this Ventus

okay I'll erase the sentence and I want

you to make your own sentence using or

correcting the

which I gave you I mean the third miss

the third one so first sentence what

size L is very plenty

all right this is a good example for

subject fever adjectives and second

sentence is fun so is a very supportive

friend but unique ah because friend is

an ally

yes and there's adjective before a noun

and the third one is English doesn't

good how to make it correct laughing out

loud t-shirt or a deadfall or why are

you laughing out loud at me huh Faisal

bumped me so I have to go get some metal

for you okay you guys are amazing huh

you are my wonderful students oh my god

guys look at that

the I am teacher class is getting better

now so I actually put my medicine this


Oh advertisement a little bit yes I have

this medicine it's a kind of cream thing

yeah but anyway yes I put it here guys

and I think it's getting better and you

see but there is still a little bit haha

okay David is giving attendance right

now oh I'm not David my zoo is happy he

is checking their systems Fonzo is a

good friend yes that's a very good job

but yes you are using an ax now bear

friend yes it's also correct okay and

get away Sweden well that Glenn is

laughing yeah have a good class yes

everyone David take care of David is

going very going David are you gonna

leave right now David but is the love

coffee here in the morning okay so I'm

MRT you have to stay mais OU loves

coffee okay no apostrophe no apostrophe

s okay just finds the love coffee in the

morning okay I'm still loves coffee in

the morning that is correct and we have

here by the that David is leaving oh my

god have a great day

take care david broder English is not


yes very good example okay English is

not good we see on teachers writing oh

my god now you can see teachers writing

is not really that beautiful but I hope

it's still you know possible for you to

read my writing so yes guys you can see

in this sentence you have English that

is the subject and you have to be from

yes and you make it negative you just

put not after the beaver so English is

not good okay English is not good

English is not good really I think

English is a good language isn't it yes

it is a good language but anyway yeah

it's a joke I think from who with that

from that's Glenn that's Glenn is

laughing right now everyone so you see

English is not good so English is the

subject which is a noun and you have is

that is a beaver and good is adjectives

so remember we never use do does did

with an adjective

okay we only use be verbs with the

adjectives get it okay let me see the

chat room right now yeah b-but it's fun

okay very good get away Sweden while get

away spit - well got two points Wow

gonna wish me - well you all got two

points now like so ha old work oh my god

joseline's Philippine kitchen thank you

so much big soda to you for a bigger

blackboard oh my God thank you so yes

guys shorty I will have a bigger

blackboard okey so don't worry oh my god

you guys are amazing

of course this is gora teacher always

gets students the score okay so yes

everyone so you need to be active

not only but this thing is giving you a

level there and the chatroom teacher is

also giving his score everyone okay yeah

okay and later we will have a little bit

of exercise okay um - Oh is my best

friend but he doesn't show his face okay

very good example color make your child

mister lady an example English is not

easy to learn very good example English

is the subject is not that is the

negative B verb easy is adjectives yes

English is not easy to learn and that is

a very good sentence and that sentence

or this information is true everyone

English is not easy to learn everyone we

always need patience and a lot of back

work and determination as well nosebleed

my t-shirt but I the color maker

Santa loves more coffee shining a shiny

Mansouri um fine so I think coffee is

like a French spelling where is it

German as well the final cafe in English

okay in English it should be coffee this

way okay fine so I hope you will be able

to use the word coffee correctly in your

next sentence if you talk about coffee

okay excuse me everyone

yeah because coughing in English finds

oh it's like a place okay in English is

like a place but of course in French

that is coffee the face coffee but I

didn't know and uh excuse me did I make

mistake in right thing well thank you so

much I even Wow our very smart student

has directed teacher of course cafe

everyone is coffee my my keyboard guys

is not working well


so even yes coffee thank you so much

side amen

okay hmm yeah I need to uh I need to

worry the metal for the roof okay have a

great DJ Patrol sure thank you so much

for dropping by you are such a very

supportive friend dan father is English

actually the correct way to speak

English of course of course

dan Fowler if we want to communicate

with people around the world

I mean internationally English is the

only key to communicate with these


no shiny man careful not to write on the

wall and accuse no not at all just here

I I assure you that my name and don't

worry you're right you write strong

coffee please ah you're right you're

right a polar make redundant right is it

a good color make your channel okay you

arrived everyone is actually not correct

okay you have to say you are right okay

you see you need beaver a beaver before

the adjective right so you have to say

you are right and okay bro right now


got away speed well my score I thought

no it's not that our getaway student

aqua Sydney oh my God thank you so much

nurse eight in America but I love coffee

especially without sugar

oh really I can't drink coffee and I

don't drink coffee anyway Eastern Lady

Anne is laughing right now oh my god

everybody's laughing why did you delete

your message diving okay okay fine so

said if English is not easy to learn

well try to learn German ha ha ha oh my


Lady Anne what is your answer to find so

he said if English is not easy to learn

well trying to learn German maybe German

is easy

oh I don't think so I think German is

more difficult than English time sell

the bean bisaya host yes coffee in

English in forensic effect in visalia

kappa ok kappa if the god of a skeptic

and in Bisaya is copy AHA yeah coffee

English cafe in fresh and in the novel

or Filipino is copy and in this ayah is

copy uh-huh

so you've got new vocabularies now

everyone um cafe coffee okay that's my

correction go pick up a cup okay um

each turn Lady Anne I like your answer


yes that's how funny fun so is Eastern

lady n so you should know fans of war


Sophia and Rafael shares you are right

always very good sentence

Sophia and Rafael shares the unique

period after your senses hi sir lady

okay um I eat butter maker - uh no

you're kidding me no yeah so you have to

say I eat okay I hate English and

everyone can you write the word English

the letter each should be capitalized


I hate English it should be the root

English because it's a subject remember

everyone in writing it's very important

well speaking you don't need to talk

about capital or small but in writing

everyone when you write the subjects

subjects should always start with a

capital letter

okay capital letter and I hate English

language but I love English people like

shiny men Oh shiny men is not

he's French call her beaver channel

funds no thank you

Sofia Dutch Oh Oh noticeability sure

nosebleed no fun so please help me

whatever you mean what did I miss aha

bye so you have to say what ok everyone

this sentence has a problem I want you

to correct this whoever gets the correct

answer will get one point from English

teacher and friends ok start make this

event is correct then follow teacher

come to USA and teach us again the

correct way to speak English laughing

aloud too much slang here oh thanks oh

it's normal I think for the new

generation they use slang a lot so it's

hard to change that you know but its

life in America I think I believe the

word China let's welcome everyone

another classmate of yours see the word

Chen hello everyone SHINee Mahina level

below zero I need my coffee of very good

job very good job and so but remember

filezilla we have to use capital i when

you use it as a subject in the sentence

ok fans Oh capital letter I everyone

Eastern lady and said yes be sure that's

why I would like to know him very good

it always been well said what did I miss

ok very good job Oh Dan Horsell wrote

what did I miss what did I miss

ok with a question mark okay remember

it's a question you have to have

question mark and that is getaways

renewals answer is correct okay

there are ways with Wahls answer is

correct what did I miss

remember everyone when you use do does

did you always need to use the base form

verb okay even is it even if it's past

because many students it was all that

you did oh it's a feature so I should

also use the past form verb no it's - no

no everyone do does did should be

followed by the base form of the fruit

and that should be not missed but miss

okay fine so so you have to say what did

I miss

Reckless Getaway spin the well got a

waist with a while but another point

everyone get a waist with Noel one

coffee for me if I'm so pleased fine sir

what kind of coffee you are drinking

right now Western mark Anna Marie Concha

what did I miss life be like hobbies

late Noel is very fast everyone so you

see Noel is in the chat were impacted

you need to be more active because Noel

is from the UK everyone and he is a very

active student uh-huh then Fowler I will

have an expresso fun so laughing out

loud okay thank you brother I'm French

living in friends but I love England by

the way shiny met capital I okay

remember everyone if you use I as the

subject in the sentence it should always

be capitalized okay

the flippity said you are a great

teacher hoes I need to go and cook lunch

food for my family today's Saturday

everybody say that comes yes have a

wonderful day joseline thank you so much

for dropping by and a big big shot up to

joseline's Philippine kitchen okay

enjoy your weekend with your family this

very important because weekend is the

only time we can have to spend with our

family you know I mean talking about

spending a lot of time know have a great

time joseline - espresso macchiato Cyril

was difficult I don't ask me about names

of coffee okay yes fine so please okay

there are 17 people watching right now

okay 17 people yes but my dream is to

have one credit students in the chat

room maybe in the future okay

so Dan sorry dude I don't have the

machine okay you know oh no problem

likely you gave me buzz

til next time we'll still we okay guys

so I guess you guys understand okay I

will give you a situation now also

remember I told you the be verbs can be

in different forms so we have the

present past present perfect and future

I already showed you before so now I'm

going to give you a situation I'm going

to give you a situation and you need to

make the sentence okay all right the

situation again for example for example

yesterday are you guys listening

yesterday fans Oh fans Oh was at Anna

Marie clenches livestreaming okay for a

very long time that he couldn't go to

bed early so of course what feeling do

you think Faso had that time I would

like it to use the adjective tired

during that time so yesterday what

should be the sentence okay what should

be the sentence start

nobody wants or did you really

understand what I was saying

the to understand the situation Bazza

was it Anna Marie conscious

live-streaming last night for a very

long time and he couldn't go to bed

early so after that what was his feeling

uh-huh you look tired me no you need to

use fun so as a subject fine so is the

subject everyone and you need to follow

the structure which you just learned no

Anna Marie clench nononono

remember guys if it is subject in the

census guys the first reader that of the

sentence should always be capitalized

okay China Faisal got so tired

as an American Shah has been streaming

for a very long time whole it's not has

been streaming shine amen okay

shine amen it should be had been

streaming had been streaming because

we're talking about yesterday okay we're

talking about yesterday shiny shiny men

if you're talking about yesterday it has

no connection with now if you use has

been streaming it means to say from the

past until now try Eamonn but not now

anymore we're just talking about

yesterday so you have to say had been

streaming fine so you are looking tired

so you're talking about now I was

talking about yesterday described files

Oh yesterday okay by using the adjective

tired has been streaming no not has been

streaming it should be had been

streaming used to train friends drinking

coffee from her pink this is not can buy

so this is a tumbler okay oh my god you

I think team doesn't have a handle you

know did your love speak everyone

forgive me let me like a voice the

question feature the question is the

situation is about yesterday okay but

yesterday yesterday fuzz Oh was at I

memory conscious live streaming on every

clash out had been live streaming for a

long time okay when Faisal was there all


say al Faisal quit it he couldn't go to

bed early and after the live streaming

of course the feeling of fans Oh use the

word tired and I would like you to make

a sentence using the word tired tired is

an adjective

so how to make a sentence be sure are

you sure I were tired wrong sentence

munzo wrong sentence by so has giving

you a hint

everyone come on you can give your

answer Eastern lady and Faisal was very

tired last night because of the live

streaming of Anna Oh guys

yes Eastern lady and got the correct

answer everyone Eastern lady and got one

WH from English teacher and friends oh

yeah Eastern and mister and lady and you

got one point okay guys so you say finds

oh of course you can see a lady and

sentence buzzer was was tired or was

very tired it's okay it doesn't matter

okay but the simple sentence as fun as

it was tired

okay fine still was tired yesterday like

when you came with buzz I know getaway

speed no well he sure is trippin was

cutter funny I was tired after get

tended to long live stream of an

American so ok they always would have

also got it but I'm gonna give the point

to Eastern lady and because she gave

your answer first buzzer yeah - sure

tell everyone we're up then follow FISA

was in Oh in an all-night LS so he is

tired today very good example Dan Fowler

because you're talking about today so

you say he is tired today but you were

talking about yesterday he was tired of

course like if you're referring to his

condition today you can say he is tired

you see that this is the difference he

is tired today and he was tired

yesterday you see the difference

everyone so there's a difference with

the Beavers that you have you are using

that you use ok so yes guys so if you're

talking about breath so yes guys so if

you're talking about Britain of course

you can use em is our okay

how we use it if you're talking about

present today today okay I'm safe

Tyler if you're talking by the past you

see past then you can use was or work so

thanks though was tired yesterday right

haha everyone's laughing no bye so let's

tie yesterday but I just slept through

tonight I never it gonzo us to be blamed

for fun so zombie mode yes we should

blame but I don't want to blame Anna

Marie Concha because she's also zombie

it's just keeping everyone I know right

cuz I was okay

my name is tired he was tired a fun so

Dan your slang your slang don't okay

slag fine so a singular okay everyone

slag is thinking ler so if you say donut

that's actually wrong okay that's

actually wrong how to make it correct

everyone right the correct sentence


slang don't it's not correct

shiny Haven fine so I told ya I told

your brother teacher is this time to you

know what guys it's very funny

okay another break okay let's not a

little break everyone so that's not a

little chitchat for a little bit oh my

god we've been live for one hour and 30

minutes it's very funny guys because

wherever I go whatever lies dreaming I

wash I obviously sign a minute as though

there is it funny I mean every time I go

to people's lives for me I always see

them there how can it be possible


Ksenia Oh a baby saw his nurse aid in


buzzer shine Ayman retired less

right after attending the live stream of

an American show yes very good getaways

been well we are multicultural country

here so no correcting this no there must

be a proper English a ten-dollar okay

but of course it's bull and when you

talk about spoken English for sure there

are some mistakes in a comstor when it

comes to grammar of course spoken

English in spoken English slang are

accepted you know but you know I usually

teach people on the proper English okay

I teach to dance in proper English about

proper English - yes blame on us again

you are in a deep sound hard to

understand you may be your English day

is very slick my good guys you make my

evening no teacher you just follow us no

no no that's not true because when I met

you at Bella lean or not Bella lean ah

who's that I forgot your name

Oh her name is on the tip of my tongue

anyway when I was when I saw you there I

had been at her life screaming before

you joined know so no no it's you will

follow me tenfold are even indeed stuff

mostly multicultural years in Florida

nobody does oh yah who do you think is

so much for inviting me be janitor

Rosaleen Selah yes I was that really

didn't feel like life swimming yesterday

guys but I had been there before they

actually joined you know so they follow

me yes they always follow me okay not me


okay guys is so much about it nobody has

the right to defectives what happened

what happened nobody has corrected a

sentence what was the sentence of myself

and so said slang don't slang don't is

that correct

Lesley's laughing come on guys answer

slang don't is that

correct come on I have given you the

start signal nobody wants to answer no I

think everyone has left I knew you

thought no all of that unknown the

question is the sentence of one of your

classmates there he says flag don't blah

blah blah but this is actually wrong

okay so how to make it correct sorry

teacher I can't concentrate well we are

watching the live voting results of the

presidential election here in Sri Lanka

oh no problem might be like ha please

just focus on watching that let's ask

David Roger Oh

David wrote your fans though it's busy

right now he is fixing something ok so I

don't think David will sure can answer

question hands up they don't waste

removal and do not it's wrong wrong

wrong bells don't is possible in spoken

English and when you're talking about

formal way of writing well do not is

okay do not is more what is more correct

of course it's more suitable because

you're talking about formal writing

but anyway do not is wrong okay mm-hmm

shiny Monroe doesn't but it's not a

complete sentence come on write the

complete sentence I mean the same thing

with with what I wrote there the same

thing as I wrote there slang is not but

he said where is death finds us dead

time so aha sorry I mentioned to me

where is this pencil okay he said slay

don't count blah blah blah this one then

can you speak the swamps lip color maker

China like speak English slang but

English terrible

thank you good Oh guys my tummy guys

let's welcome Dan follow everyone

it's been a long time I haven't seen him

in my chat room because you know every

time I go live he is at work so y'all

finally because it's weekend he is here

everyone and by the way if you like this

live streaming everyone please don't

forget to hit the like button yes thank

you everyone

oh my god my throat is uh hurry now ha


slang doesn't count ok very good shiny

men finally got one point shiny man got

one point everyone yes slang doesn't

count or does not count

hahaha now you just need to correct the

phrase which I've written there because

spice and sentence very long so I just

got it I just gave me the the phrase and

with the that's ok so shiny man anyway

got it right so slang doesn't count or

does not of course doesn't is more

common in spoken English but if you talk

about writing you have to write does not

ok does not shiny man got one point but

does even don't tell me you were here

the whole time I don't know where booth

system is then follower got level 2 you

know that color but I think that's not

nice love which is someone or what do

you got level 3 and number 4

so I'll just focus on nugget 3 and level

4 for the highest level tonight okay

yeah 4 - it's not the highest anymore ok


Easter lady and get level 3 wow she got

level 2 before but now she got level 3

yes I'm older than yesterday so I'm

losing my what do you mean Adam McKay

issue is this education slant is not

counted aha it's also possible life

being like huh but I also use the verb

count so does not count

it's the lady one thanks why I got level

4 I did not find

so it's maybe because of your

personality fans there that's why but to

signal gave you four you know level four

alright everyone so that's relate the

sick guys so that's the first function

up or that's the first wait and house to

use be verbs everyone now the second

second one everyone second what is the

second way of using beepers what is the

second do you know the second one them a

lot teacher I was making it so yes very

funny downfall or not very funny not be

lucky who will shine Amen yes shiny man

got got it come on t-shirt give me that

point yes I've given you one point shiny

minutes but if I shine even if as though

they have been my student and they were

actually given a reward by some of the

people in the chat room to have a 30

minute online class with me and shiny

man got one hour because got to 30

minutes and fine so as well the same so

they've got one hour online class with

me for free but until now they haven't

attended the class ID and why for some

reasons yes okay

Friday was oh no dead follower seriously

oh he did happy birthday dead follower

that was yesterday

oh my god guys Dan Fowler was uh it was

his birthday yesterday belated Happy

Birthday type oh I'm so sorry I didn't

even know it was your birthday yesterday

happy birthday dad father oh my god I'm

so sorry my dear I D I wasn't able to

greet you yesterday

happy birthday anyway big shout-out to

dad father everyone and happy happy

birthday a Dan Fowler oh my gosh even


Thank You Sookie oh yeah guys it was Dan

father's birthday yesterday so I think

we should greet him happy happy birthday

happy birthday to you happy birthday to


happy birthday happy birthday happy

birthday to you yes the Layton happy

birthday dad father okay

shiny man said Eastern lady is reaching

done folder okay everybody the later B

birthday to Dan folder from Easter lady

and shiny man like a new Cupid bus I was

afraid teacher takes my point away

because she might have wanted me to

write does not uh-huh she might have

wanted shiny man a piece she might have

wanted she might she might have and then

after that you need to use the pp form

of the verb so she might she might have

wanted okay

blow the candle now Cheers

oh happy birthday sometimes they'll get

always delighted up a birthday then

follow okay every month Sweeting Dan

Fowler laughing out loud you can get

more points like even happy birthday

dance baller yeah fun so she says my

name a lot but she makes me pay high

price versus truth may be too happy

birthday dad father from Anna Marie

Concha so yes guys oh my god we have to

be live for 14 minutes now okay

I mean up for Tim is one hour and 40

minutes so I think it's time for us to

proceed to the next one okay the second

one guy second wait not to use the new

verb second second week not to use be

verb guises actually we use the be verb

oh my god look up the t-shirts writing

everyone forgive me ladies forgive me

okay the second way and not to use to be

verb is this one we use Bevers

okay with the verb ing the verb ing the

drunk so we use that one that's the

second way of how to use the beaver not

only we don't want to use beaver with


that's the first week second we can also

use be verbs be verbs with verb ing so

that means to say when you're talking

about a continuous action so for example

what is shiny men doing out what these

things who can write the sentence first

start what is shine amen do we know you

have to say I am NOT

not good at English okay everyone when

you're talking about good or bad you use

preposition at okay you see I am not

good at English the birthday done last

one but not the least

oh they got always been oh well it has

an example here that at least we know

well said shiny men is chatting now oh

very good example Corazon is flying so

right now it takes me she might have

wanted something from me yes very good

sentence on every clutc Mike needs to

say maybe she wanted something from me

okay the other way of saying maybe she

wanted is she might have wanted that's a

very good example sentence so yes guys

if you see their getaway speed well

let's give an example you see shiny men

shiny men is chatting oh my god the

board is very small shiny men is

chatting so you can see in this example

you have shiny men that's the because

this is subject okay this is a subject

and you have beaver gear is and you have

chatting this the verb ing see you see

we can use the verb with verb ing okay

not only with adjectives but also with a

verb idea especially when you're talking

about continuous action it means to say

the action is not finished okay

especially the action now now okay we're

talking about now what is shine amen do

we know

shine amen

is chatting now okay so that's a very

good example that I wasted well good

another point woven oh he's very smart

he's got four points and so I think I

said what's the question again yeah the

question is or the question was what is

that shine even doing now okay and

Galway sweetie well said

Amen is chatting or chatting now all

right I'm reek lunch okay it's turn lady

she said shiny man is having coffee now

okay very good example as well

shiny men is having coffee right now so

having their needs drinking okay my name

is having coffee now it is shiny Minh is

drinking coffee now I'm not sure if

shiny man drinks coffee at night I the

only thing I know is a shiny man drinks

coffee every morning

how about nighttime Schliemann you also

drink coffee at night Chinaman

buzzer sign in bed we need the beaver

not the beeper yes

beaver okay be verb shiny man is typing

fast now very good example like in UK we


shiny men is typing fast now see see

shiny bit is is is typing okay so this

the be verb is and then typing and then

Dan Fowler is nothing like be like shiny

even he's teasing fans oh right now very

good example yes guys you have to know

that fans ooh and shiny even they are

actually engaged already okay but they

don't live together yet and they often

tease each other in right now shine amen

there's teasing buzz oh it's a very good

example like be like huh

ashlynn Tina said life is making a fool

of me now

then fuller

I've gotta go teacher great to be near

Alice finally I'll make it so must and

father have a wonderful day thank you so

much for dropping by and spending your

precious time with us here at the live

streaming tonight Dan Fowler mix out up

to you have a wonderful weekend I hope

to see you in my next lives

and then follower sending my mind

excited to you this Easter later score

it's that correct shine Amen is worried

about her score shiny minutes a woman oh

come on I got this please let me know

sigh Nieman is a woman or a min will be

angry right now Saint Eva will get angry