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Hello everyone, Smelly Frog here

as you can see, i did a few backgrounds

and this is one of them

as you can see, i started off by drawing a few clouds, and

it end up looking really good

in my opinion

i was gonna use this for plains background

but, i think...

so i drew this image and i thought

it's lacking a few things, so i went ahead

and drew something more

so this time, i drew the ground, some hills and mountains...

and a castle in the background

So.. i drew this, but i don't think I'm gonna use it. Because...

the flat area here is just...

very bland and has nothing on it

and i don't know what to add on it

so i redo one... i redid one

I redid the image

So... i went back to this image here...

and... draw this

i drew this

In my opinion...

this looks better

I'm actually gonna boot up the game

and show you...

what the background looks like

as you can see

it looks pretty good

and i also...

added a coin counter

you get a coin by eating fruits aswell

this is just a short level i made

to see what the game might look like

and as you can see, this is a castle themed level

and... there's a

cloud background with cloud tileset

and that's pretty much it

and I'll see you next time

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