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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 101 ways to make fire

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Hello! I'm ROBwithaB,

coming to you from sub-tropical south Africa.

Its the middle of June,

and fire season is almost upon us.

As you can see behind me here,

the grass is long,

and dry

in fact if I put a match to this right now with the wind

it'll probably go.

Of course nowadays we think of fire in terms of its dangers but,

a couple of thousand years ago

fire was vital to survival.

Fires always been an integral part

of the ecology of the African savanna,

but being able to control fire

gave early humans a massive advantage,

in terms of survival.

In the olden days,

we were definitely not top of the food pyramid. In fact,

often we were lunch.

So fire was...uuuuh...a

way to keep wild animals away,

specially predators;

it encouraged

grazing animals, which were easier

to hunt;

provided warmth in the winter, because it can get cold, even here.

Fire also provided light so that people could work

after dark doing things like,

chipping tools and so on.

So, it was a huge advantage.

In fact, there is a theory that the


migrations of humans out of Africa


with the

invention of fire.

ByinventionI mean,

the ability to control fire.

Of course nowadays

youre far more likely to die as a result of fire

than as a result of not having fire.

But in a lot of survival situations

being able to start and sustain a fire is a matter of life or death.

I started thinking about all the different methods one could possibly use for lighting a fire,

and so far I've come up with over a hundred.

Pretty cool, huh!

Starting today...

I'm going to show you 101 ways to make fire

But, to make it more interesting

I'm only going to use stuff

that I can find in the house,

or around the house.

Okay let's have a look!

Fish bowl...

Girly ornaments...

Thats going to work!

And that, the torch




A broom yeah, that'll work.

Have I got cling wrap? Yup!

Hey it's a long list Im not going to go through all of them right now,

but if you think this is interesting stay tuned!

In the meantime,

let's go back to the beginning...

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