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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Apple Cider Vinegar, 6 Science Backed Benefits, Weight Loss, Blood Pressure & More

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Bob and Brad

The two most famous physical therapists

On the internet

- Hi there, folks, I'm Bob Schrupp, physical therapist.

- Brad Heineck, physical therapist.

- And we are the most famous physical therapists

on the internet.

- In our opinion, of course, Bob.

- Title of today's program is "Apple Cider Vinegar,

"Six Science-Backed Benefits,

Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, And More."

And you've had some experience with this, Brad.

- Right, actually, I wasn't in their categories,

but I started taking it, we'll talk about it

a little bit more,

but in four weeks of daily intake of this,

my hands, A.M. stiffness in the morning, painful, stiff,

has at least 80% gone away.

- Yeah, it was pretty significant.

You said you were getting to the point

of getting almost depressed, because it was so--

- I couldn't shake peoples' hands because it hurt.

It literally hurt, and I'm talking about

people that weren't real strong.

- And how long was this going on?

- Since June of 2017.

- So two years, - Over two years.

- Over two years, you start the apple cider vinegar,

and it goes away.

- Well, it took a little time,

four weeks. - Sure.

- And I'm still taking it, and, I have one joint in here

that was worse than the other by far,

and that one--

- It still lingers?

- Yep, it still lingers,

but it's going the right direction.

- Well, there's no more proof than that

when it starts working on yourself, isn't it?

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- Could you hear it, Mike?

- [Mike] No.

- There we go. - All right.

- So, apple cider vinegar,

a brief testimony of my own experience with it,

and the reason I started taking it was because

I had some patients, one in particular, older gentleman,

he said he had good experience with his hand pain

and he was a straight-shooter, you know,

he wasn't just one of those guys that would

- Yeah, blow smoke.

- Yeah, jump on any bandwagon that came along,

so I thought, "Well, I'm gonna do it."

And after the benefits I found with my hand, I thought,

"What is the science behind this?"

So I did some research, and I ran across a gentleman,

his name is Kriss Gunnars,

he's got a BS in medicine, and what he does

is he investigates and researches claims on nutrition

and foods just like apple cider vinegar.

- Right up our alley, then. - Right.

- This kind of guy.

So does G-u-n-n-a-r-s appears?

- Yes, yes, and-- - Okay.

- So, K, K, it was Kris with a K?

- Right, yes.

- So if you look up Kris Gunnars

and type in apple cider vinegar,

you should come to his research.

- Exactly, and he gives cites on the research that--

- The research, yep. - Right, in there, so--

- It's resource, resources. - Resources.

- So, research resources. - All right,

so, actually, the six that he cites

didn't have anything to do with joint pain like mine,

so this is another one,

maybe there isn't adequate studies on it,

but the apple cider vinegar is like, what is it?

Is this vinegar?

It's made from apples, and it takes the sugars,

and I'm really not doing this justice,

but it's fermented sugars from apples,

and it's pretty acidic.

- Yeah, it is very acidic 'cause I was not able to use it,

'cause it throws off,

it almost gives me GERD.

- Did you mix it with water?

- I did.

- Two tablespoons, with a glass of water,

- It set it off right away. - It didn't work for you.

To me, it doesn't taste very good at all.

It gives me that, (shudders)

but, it's gone.

And then they say you should maybe rinse your mouth with it

because that acidic--

- Oh, right, it would be good at battling your enamel.

- On the teeth, exactly.

So that's one of the claims is that

the acidic acid has potent biologic effects,

and he didn't go into the details too much of that

in his summary of that,

but number two is, it kills harmful bacteria

and I believe it's primarily in the gut,

in the digestive system.

And number three, it can lower blood sugar levels.

- I saw the studies on this

when I had done a video on this, too,

and I individually went out and looked for studies

and I saw some very promising studies

on lowering blood sugar,

especially in DM type two, diabetes, it relates to it, too.

- Very good.

Number four, it can aid in weight loss.

- I saw the research on that, too.

There was a good Japanese study on it

that was quite involved,

and it seemed like it was well done,

and it was pretty significant

that that was the only thing they changed,

but that thing, they lost weight with that, so.

- Yeah, this is one of those things,

we got two more, but I think, as long as, you know,

if you're taking medication, you need to talk to your doctor

and make sure it doesn't interfere with any medications.

- And when we're talking about weight loss, Brad,

it wasn't, like, a lot of weight loss,

but it was like five pounds.

I'm doing this off my memory now,

but, like, over six months or something like that, but,

the other people who didn't do it actually gained weight.

So, you know, you're heading the right direction,

and a lot of times, you know,

slower weight loss is better than quick weight loss

because it stays off easier. - Exactly.

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Now, these studies were done in animals,

he talks about that, it's all,

is there a carry over?

- Yeah, it's gonna translate to humans,

you know, that's the question.

- There have been a lot of studies on animals

that there have been carry-over, so, you know,

we're not so sure about that one.

And then the last one, it can fight cancer.

Kris does say that these studies are not very--

- Very, very weak. - Right, they're very weak,

so that's here nor there.

- So yeah, to me, the ones I saw was very good

for lowering blood sugars, and good for weight loss,

and you are the first one that told me about

the anti-inflammatory nature of it.

- Right, well, alls I know is,

'cause I was really concerned, it's like,

I really like to work with my hands on weekends and whatnot,

and, particularly shaking hands,

I would do that for gross tests with a patient

that might be 80 years old,

and he would shake my hand, it's like,

"Oh, that hurts, and it shouldn't be hurting."

- I always give 'em two fingers.

- Oh, really? - I've done it for years.

- I'd give 'em the whole hand.

- Oh, I give them two fingers.

I just go squeeze, I've done it for years.

- So, I want to talk about the apple cider vinegar,

now, I use Braggs, B-r-a-g-g-s.

It's organic, it has, quote unquote, "the mother" in it,

and the mother is strands of protein.

Now, I'm not sure where that falls into place.

Here's another one, it looks exactly the same.

I'm gonna use this bottle next, this is by Mantova,

raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar.

- I don't know that you could go wrong on this.

- It's got the mother in it, I have a feeling

you get some good organic product, it's probably good,

very similar, might be on the same line,

you know, come just a different label.

They're probably gonna get mad at me, these companies,

but, oh well. - He's a coal packer,

whatever they call it, but, so--

- So, there you go.

- Brad and I can fix just about anything,

- Except for-- - A broken heart,

but we're working on it.

- Yeah, but I don't think apple cider vinegar's

gonna do a thing for that.

- Aw, who knows, keep up your--

- Maybe go to Three Tables.

- There we go, thanks for watching.

- Take care.

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