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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Female Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence

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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Top 10 Channel on the internetI am your

host Rebecca Felgate and it seems like you guys are loving convicts at the moment.

It was all about Urban Legends for a whilebut now your favourite videos seem to come

from prison!

Whatever, I dont judgehere is the Top 10 female convicts who freaked out after

they were given a life sentence.

Why it has to be femaleswho knows

I do what they tell me.

Before we get into this video why dont you leave me a comment to tell me what you

would most likely go to jail forfor exampleI am very law abiding but if I had a weakness

it would be cheeseif cheese was illegal I would break the law!

10 - Diana Lovejoy Diana Lovejoy freaked out so hard that she

fainted when her guilty verdict was read out in court.

The Woman from Carlsbad in San Diego was arrested for a plot to kill her estranged husband.

Diana and Wldon McDavid Jnr conspired to kill Greg Mulvihill, who was in the middle of a

bitter divorce battle with his wife.

The man survived a murder attempt, but Diana was still sentenced to 26 years to life in

prison for her crime.

Here is the moment the guilty verdict was readshe straight

up conks it in court.

She was taken away from court in a stretcher.

9 - Alexandria Thomas Alexandria Thomas and her mother broke down

during a hearing at the Palm Beach County Jail in Florida.

The woman was accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death outside a supermarket in Palm Beach

was standing before a judge who told her her boyfriend is in a medically induced coma.

The woman soon understood how serious the charges against her are, and this was her


Then this is her mothers reaction

As you can see outside of the courtroom, she was also very emotional.

8 - KyAndrea Cook KyAndreas reaction to her sentencing

went so viral that we couldnt not discuss it in this video.

The then teenager received 20 years for carjacking in an elaborate dating app plot the ended

in the shooting of another teenager.

At the time, KyAndrea was 18 and when she was read her 20 year sentence, this is what

happened first.

So that is her mother screaming and crying and losing it.

I feel like her mum really set her off, as after her outburst, this was Ky Andreas

response -

7 - Mithchelle Blair 36 year old Mitchelle Blair was a mother of

four who killed two of her children9 year old Stephen Berry and 13 year old Stoni


She then put their bodies in a freezer.

The woman was sentenced to life in jail without parole, meaning that she will never be released.

Throughout her much publicized trial, Mitchelle broke down with outburst many times.

One example is right here - This came during a custody hearing for her two surviving children.

She screams she did kill her daughter, getting very irate.

She said that the girl had abused her other children, but the court found no evidence

of that.

She was removed from the court room a number of times.

6 - Kayla Rae Norton So this wasnt a life sentence but it was

a long sentence and a pretty fierce reactionwhite supremacists Kayla Rae Norton and Jose

Torres gate crashed an black eight year olds birthday party with guns and a confederate

flag in Douglasville in July 2015 . The group, of which the pair were just a small part,

repeatedly used the N word at the children.

This racially motivated outburst came less than a month after a fellow supremacist, Dylann

Roof killed nine African Americans in a church.

Anyway, we can all agree this was awful behaviour from Kaylaand this was her reaction to

her six year sentence.

She did seem pretty sorryshe broke down in tears but she did say she accepted her


This next freak out also comes from Regular Sentencing but it is so intense that I had

to include it.

Coming in to number 5 we have a Vegas Lady who is NOT DONE talking!

So okay, I know that this isnt a life sentence or anything but the way in which she freaks

out rivals a lot of the freak outs on this list.

I basically just found this footage by gooling women freak out in court….

So like.. the details are pretty sketchy here.

It seems like this woman has done something dubious in Las Vegas and she is in court hearing

about her crime and the fact that she will likely go to jail.

She tries to explain herself but the judge is like, quiet while I tell you your sentence….

And THIS is the reaction! *clip one.* The leg kicking is super intense.

Then when you think that she has been calmed….she comes out with this….

If she wasnt going to jail before, she certainly is now!

Okay, we have had a lot of recent history lady drama, but one of the most intense and

horrifying reactions to a sentence in history comes waaaay back in 1541 at the execution

of Lady Margaret Pole in one of the most gruesome and memorable trials of all time at number

4 Poor Margret was arrested by King Henry VIII

ths henchmen and brought for execution at the tower of London without trial.

On the 27th of May, a summers morning, Lady Margaret proclaimed that she was not going

to lay her head upon the execution block and if the executioner wanted to decapitate herm

he he would have to do it where she stood.

He then missed her neck and she ran around screaming, scratching and hissing as she literally

spat blood at those who wrongly accused her.

Eventually, after 11 blows she was killed but it is said that her ghost still haunts

the tower of London.

3 - Dallas Woman Mother Elizabeth Escalona abused her daughter,

beating her and gluing her hands to the wall.

She was soon pictures of the two year old toddlers injuriesthe little girl was

left near death following her mothers savagery.

The 23 year old woman was sentenced to 99 years in jaillonger than usual life terms.

When she is read the sentence, her reaction is strong.

We cant see her face but her body doubles over in shock.

She cries, but the real freak out comes from the womans mother who screams the house down

….. editors clip.


It is heart breaking on many levels.

I am glad the toddler survivedif there is any silver lining.

Eeeeshprepare your ears for number two….

2 - Miami Screamer This is so intense.

A woman who lived in Miami Florida was arrested for killing her husband, a crime that would

carry a life sentence.

As she meets with a judge in a bail hearing in 2013, she applies for bond but she is denied.

This was her reaction.

She is distressed….

Distressed and also scantily dressedshe is wheeled in in a wheelchair and it seems

clothing is placed over her rather than on her.

She screams that her husband broke her legs -seeming to confess to the killing but in

self defence.

Finally at number one, this is one of the most dramatic things I have ever seen in a

court room….

1 - Erica Mae Butts and Shanita Latrice Cunningham A double whammy and truly, truly sad.

The pair were sent to prison for the rest of their lives for beating toddler Serenity

Richardson to death.

The childs Godmother, Erica Mae and her lover Shanita beat the three year old girl

with their defence being - I quote - we didn't know what we did would kill her.


The women caused a courtroom stir in November 2011 when their sentences were read.

First cries and screams are heard as the sentence is read outthenoofthings get even

more dramatic.

Both of the women on trial collapse and fall to the floor.

The screams, we then decipher, are actually coming from the gallery, from Ericas mother.

It is honestly one of the most intense things I have ever seen.

The women are attended to by medics and the mother is escorted out by security.

The whole thing is total chaoswe hear another woman screaming GET UP ERICA.

Likeshe has fainted

I dont think she can hear you.

Then, as she comes round, she is dragged out of the courtroom on a wheely chair like her

girlfriend was before her, only she is hyperventilating.


So guys that was the Top 10 Female Convicts Who Freaked Out After being Given A Life Sentence…..

this list didnt make me feel great

I dont think we should have cameras in court rooms because these moments are awful

and usually come from awful actions.

What do you think….cameras in court rooms or no?

Also dont forget to tell me what youd most likely be jailed for.

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