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Hello, everyone! Welcome to the junior High School

I am the beginning kan drama dub member mu Xia

What I share with you today is detective Conan 401 episode of the game software escape

Recently, a video game called Kathleen is popular among elementary school students

Kids are hooked on this game

Because games are so popular

The game's producer, Sunshine, is planning a second season

Claimed that season 2 contained the answers to the seven puzzles in the first episode

Sure enough

The company relies on this gimmick to firmly grasp the children's curiosity

On the day

Come out the junior detective squad


They rode their bikes downstairs to the Sunshine Company by magic

To find out more about Kathleen's second season

The little troublemakers broke into the company building without permission

They prowled about the hall like nobody was watching

If not by the front desk sister frailty and timely voice to stop

They didn't know what trouble they were going to get into

Just as everyone was about to leave

Mrs. Yuan suddenly felt some urgency to urinate

Look at him in such a hurry

I'm afraid I'll never go to the bathroom again

But you're about to wet yourself

Under the feeling be nasty

Original state hurriedly zhang Zhang ran to the second floor to find the toilet


They came face to face with the security company in the building

Several unidentified children suddenly appeared

If the security guard doesn't know who they are

What will happen then

I'm afraid I'll lose my job


The children ran in front

The security guard is running after these smart people

Rushed into the elevator

Up to the top floor

The security guard had to sigh in the elevator

Just wait for the boss to deduct your salary

Why didn't you see Conan

It turned out that Conan was waiting alone in the hall for them to come back

At this point only edge body in the highest level of the chairman

The man is looking at the magazine in his hand

He knew nothing of what was going on downstairs

While he was enthralled with his books

The secretary knocked on the door and came in to report her work

The secretary is also a talent

He is eloquent


Eight chairman and company that is a good compliment


Don't brag. Look at this

That smug look

I guess he can hardly find his way out of the house

The second season of his "thirty" is coming out soon

To be sure

The center male decided to watch the CD again

But this time the game went wrong

The cd-ROM did not play the game as scheduled

Instead, he recorded the conversation between the middle male and his friend Jarhead

According to this video

It's not hard to see

Jarhead is the real creator and creator of Kathleen's game. Zhu Fenlan just stole good ideas and ideas

His immoral behavior completely angered Jarhead

Jarhead has lodged a complaint with the court

In the lawsuit of plagiarizing in Finland cent male a listen anxious

But he's not your average guy. After hearing the gunshot, I fell on my head and couldn't breathe

Unexpectedly Zhu Fe ngnan is such a ruthless person

But he and jarhead things in addition to their own know the world should not have two people know it

And who recorded the contents of this halo

Did someone install surveillance in his office

In fact, and security monitoring is not much different

Zhou Fenglan is being followed

He was being watched by detectives hired by Jarhead to gather evidence about visiting Prostitutes in Finland

And became a witness to his own death

But then again

When the jarhead was killed

Why didn't he come out to help

So this detective isn't much of a good thing, either

I don't know how this guy used that video to threaten that all the men in the middle were not going to pay him a 200 million yen ransom

He made the video public

Let the middle man ruin his reputation

It's the mantis after the cicada

A detective haggled with a murderer

Think of all the good things he would do with his toes

After all, he's not the main character

Zhu Fenglan heard the detective lion big mouth

Of cour se not

But what would he do with the detective for the time being

A sincere request from a man who pretends to agree first

Then, in the detective's moment of triumph, he suddenly attacked

Put the detective between the desk and the window

It was his mobility that was restricted

Unable to move

The last

For a thorough uniform detective it is difficult to pick up the ashtray on the table

A vicious knock on the detective's head

I was literally knocked out

When she wakes up again

He's been tied up by the center fielder

The gagged mouth was shut in the dark room

It's not like you've just been to the bathroom

No intention of breaking in to make a big stir

It is estimated that he would have been sent to the west by the center male

It turned out that the second quarter of Kathleen's game was found on the ground

Just as he was rejoicing

Kotohiko and Bu Mei find him

Three people

In the process of pulling far too careless fall

The contents of the schoolbag were scattered on the ground

Hurry to get out of here is not the United States a head to the things on the ground into the courtyard

His bag was just as they were leaving

The middle male came out from the dark room to greet them

He wanted to get the second episode of Kathleen's CD back with the kids

As a result, he showed up with three children

All the girls ran away

He hurried out and ran after the security guard

Neither man stopped the dodgers

Officials and others are just trying to escape baoan's clutches

But ignored Conan, who had been waiting for them in the lobby

When he realized that something was wrong

Then quietly hid in the corner of the inconspicuous

Then see the south mount Everest with a pistol

Besides the building, isn't it just a bathroom

That's the devil again

Confused Conan tries to figure out what's going on

Town Qomolangma South did not pay attention to the microphone into her jacket pocket


Conan pedals his bike behind the man in the center

The middle man is talking on the phone with someone whose code name is B

Now they have passed the nameplate on the original bag

I know he is a pupil of Tiddam Primary School

Next you just need to find out the address of your home

Maybe we can find him at home

Finally get back the CD

Talk about the three little ones

Where did you go from the company

If they go straight home

That would be too bad

Just when everyone was worried about them

See people come and go on the street appeared three hard riding a bicycle figure

They crossed the street

Come to rest in a park with few visitors

Yantai wanted to dig through her bag to find some food

Found Kathleen's second level video game hurriedly packed in a bag

The flame has been deliberated

They think they're being chased

That's because they took away DVDS of the company's unreleased games

If you don't give it back

It will most likely be charged with theft

The original state was originally the courage to laugh at the light and shadow to say some words inevitably afraid

But he decided to go home for an eel mea l first

Deliver yourself to

The other side

Due to detective badges in repair could not be made contact with one or three children

They have to wait in their path


Everything comes to him who waits

He waited for more than an hour

At last I saw them

Conan wanted to run over and join them

All of a sudden a car jumped out from under the bridge and stepped on the gas

Until they drove past as before

If they hadn't ridden down the slope and escaped being killed

Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable


The centenarians are not going to give up

He thinks the children have probably seen the contents of the disc

That's why he wanted to kill

In the middle of the male car with a gun aimed at the three students have not gone far Conan

See emergency situation

Pop the ball right out of your belt

He kicked the man in the middle with all his strength

Although Zhou Wennan fell down

But another man got out of the car

The man did not control the men

Instead, they picked up their g uns and chased after them

Because of the distance

Plus sunset

Dimly lit

The difficulty did not identify the person

But as you can imagine

This person must be the B in the middle male's mouth

It's getting dark day by day

In a word

The three men returned to the company

It turned out they were returning the video game

Although the CD has been returned

But they were still curious to see what the second episode of Kathleen was about to show off

What exactly is in season 2

Instead, he witnessed a propensity to kill

It scared them to death

This is the mystery man who followed them all the way

That's the beautiful front desk

The little sister also got off the elevator

Walked into the room

Three pupils know things they shouldn't

The other side will certainly not stay alive

Just as he was about to start

Conan's appearance stops him from doing so

In fact, Conan has long guessed that the male helper is the front desk

The shall,

Because it's Brazilian in Japanese

The same pronunciation as the Engli sh bee "be"

It turns out that Brazilian and Middle male are an unmarried couple

Brazil and the senseless killing were merely to protect her premarital property from the man she had split with

He shot and killed jarhead

Looked along while originally is a want money desperate Lord

Just when Brazil and smug

Sergeant Sato and Sergeant Takagi appear to subdue him

In the end, Both Brazil and The middle boy were arrested

The detective who extorted money out of his pocket was also freed

The matter has been worked out satisfactorily

That's all for today's review

Let's 15

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