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Hello! Today's blog is going to be on diabetes and relationships. Having a

plan is very important. A lot of arguments happen because there is not a plan

in place to prevent those arguments from happening. When I talk about a plan

it's basically a plan of action. Both parties know exactly what's going to

happen. I like to think of these plans as everyday routines that you do within

your relationship. Just like going to a restaurant. When you go to a restaurant and if

there's a sign that says please wait to be seated. you wait to be seated and if both

parties are on board with the plan the hostess will come up and then take you

to your seat and seat you. Which your expectations are that a waitress is

going to come over and someone's going to get you water and so on and so on. What

ends up happening is in relationships. We don't think about planning what happens

for a low blood sugar or high blood sugar. Low blood sugars maybe more talked

about but high blood Sugars are a big one. So, what are you going to do when

your blood sugars are high? What your partner going to do when they're high?

Having that discussed ahead of time is so important. Because we can't expect for

significant other to be able to read our mind and know what support we want and a

lot of times we haven't even thought about it. So, it's important that we

really think about what support we want and how we want the person we're with to

handle it

Each plan needs to be personalized for the couple. If you're living with diabetes

and your blood sugar goes high your expectations and your partner's

expectations need to be the same. So, if you have high blood sugar you might say

to your significant other, "Hey! My blood Sugars high." and they might go, "okay is

there anything I can do for you?" and your significant other knows that if you say

no that they need to then move on and continue with what they're doing. They

also know that if they have something important to talk to you about that they

might need to wait until your blood Sugar's returned to normal and you're in

a good space. You always want to make sure that your partner is ready to

hear you, ready to listen. to you and has the time for you. While your blood sugar

is high part of your plan might be to do something simple. Some simple tasks that

you've been putting off, like shredding paper. So, you feel good that you've done

something during this time. It doesn't take too much cognitive ability, but you

still accomplish something. Which makes you feel good. Then you go ask your

partner and you tell them that you're back to normal and if they need to talk

that you're around and available. If it's not a good time you may want to

have plans to speak at some designated time like every Saturday or Sunday at a

time of the day. So, that way if something doesn't get addressed during the week

you know exactly what to talk about. These plans really do need to be

personalized and I work with a lot of different couples and we create a lot of

different plans. It's really important that both people are in the same page, so

that way you can address the high blood sugar or low blood sugar as well as the

relationship needs to avoid needless arguments. If you need help with this

area and are struggling please reach out give me a call. My name is Eliot LeBow. I

am a diabetes focused psychotherapist. If you've enjoyed this video please

subscribe. Thank You, Bye!

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