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- You look like you're about to go to Coachella!

- When have I ever wanted that?

- [Chrissy] Today, we're doing makeup with Crayola.

- The Crayola line.

I know Crayola to be crayons, not makeup.

- [Chrissy] It's like a huge part of everyone's childhood,

it's literally what shapes you into

being a little baby artist,

and now it's like another level of that,

cause you get to do makeup with it.

- There's a lot of bold ass colors here.

- Do they name them after the real colors?

- This is 100%--

- The real dandelion.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Since this is Crayola, we gotta get

freaking artsy with this.

- Yes.

- We're going to use each other's face as our canvas.

Let's Van Gogh.

- Mhmmm, no.

These are all the products that are for your eyes.

We have Face Crayons.

- [Both] Ooh!

- I think you literally just like, draw.

- This is cool.

- You go first.

- On you?

- Mhmm.

Here we go.

- I am going avant-garde.

- Oh lord.

- Close!

(gasps) Oh, that's so bright.

I thought I would really have to work

to get the pigment but man, it is.

This actually transferred already.

- Oh really?

- So try to--

- Not blink?

- Yeah.

I think it's cute.

- Alright, my turn.

- Learn from my mistakes.

- I want to highlight how beautiful Chrissy is.

- Awwww.

- Maybe I'll draw a flower.

- (gasps) I like that!

- Oh, wow, this is cute.

It seems to glide very well.

- It glides very smooth.

- Yeah.

- Why are you laughing?

- Because it looks like a kid did your makeup.



Like it's not a look that you'll like, but I like it.

- Wait, can I add more to yours?

- No, I'm the star.

Wait, I'm not done.

You just attacked me like a little eighth grade trip.

I feel like we're about to make out.

- Why are you hugging me back?

- (laughing)

- Why's your arm touching my back (laughing)

You're right this is the closest we've ever been.


So these mascaras come in really really (bleep) cool colors.

- [Jazzmyne] Yeah.

- [Chrissy] Electric blue and turquoise blue,

which actually fits with my theme exactly.

(gasps) It's so pretty.

Wait, but what if I put turquoise on the bottom lashes?

I think this is a really special moment for us.

- I know.

- Now lets move on to face.


These are the lip and cheek crayons.

So this is a face pallet.

It has a bunch of shimmery shades.

Um, I'm gonna have to undo that.

- How?

You can't press erase (bleep).

- Great.

So, now we're gonna move on to the freckles.

Oh my God, you're adorable!

So let's do a little blushie.

- Oh sorry!

Didn't mean to pick it.

- Don't touch my art.

Oh, okay!

Undo, undo!

- [Jazzmyne] This highlight's very good, I think.

Now we need to use a face crayon.

- Haven't we done enough?

- This is my clear fingerprint.

- The mark of a genius.

- So, ah (bleep).

I'm using this bronzer in shade, second one on the top row.


- [Chrissy] I love it!

- [Jazzmyne] Ooh I love this purple.

- Oo that feels good.

- I'm just laughing at this arm.

- Makeup artists don't hug their clients do they?

- Can you imagine them being like-


- This is super pigmented,

but also takes a little while to get on there.

This looks like actual paint,

I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.



- Don't (bleep) up my makeup.

- I'm sweaty.

- Don't (bleep) up my makeup!

I want to do a very soft lip on you.

I'm gonna do this foreskin color.


Open. Oh there we go.

- We're gonna look at our final looks now.

Are we ready?

- No.

- [Both] 1-2-3

- Oh.

- The green is interesting but I do like your dedication

to like nature.

- [Jazzmyne] Thank you.

- And outdoors.

- I actually don't mind this purple on me.

I think this line does a lot for like artists.

You know, for people, who are maybe a little bit

less conventional when it comes to makeup.

It's very pigmented,

but then at the same time it transfers really easy.

- But maybe that's the fun of it,

is that you are able to smudge it around

and do creative stuff with it.

The lip crayon was a little dry though.

- Is it?

- A little.

- We got to know each other real well.

- Equal part makeup, equal part

- bonding.


- Kay.

- [Chrissy] Cray-on, it's a crayon.

- [Jazzmyne] Crayon.

- [Chrissy] Crayon. We're from Chicago.

- [Both] Crayon.

- Hey, unsolved is on a new channel,

and now your part.

- [Both] Subscribe here.

- That was my part.

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