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And Meryl Streep, you weren't always Meryl Streep. What oh?

No at first that's birth I

Had to be named Mary because my mother's name was Mary and her mother's name was Mary and I was marrying

my first daughter Mary

You know yeah, I'm that way

What do you call it read your habit

No, no trying to fit in you know make everybody happy in the family basically so

Yeah, but my mother's

What was the question?

My name you weren't ma'am. What is your name?

Yeah, I was born I was born Mary and Louise was my mother's best friend Louise Buckman

so I was named after her and

But I was always called Merrill my father's made that name up

And he he liked that name and so I hated it. I wanted to be named patty or Kathy or

Patty Kathy Debbie

Wouldn't you yeah probably yes, but I had glasses and my name was Marilyn

Be on the end the street should been Street I always wished why didn't they just put the tea on the end instead of pee

Coming out now nicole kidman you had an adorable name when you were little a sort of pet name

Unless I'm wrong

It won't record is it is it who Killarney? Oh? No, that's not my pet name. That's my Hawaiian name

Yeah, cuz I was born in Hawaii well, so does everyone get in Hawaiian name if you're born in the wife. No, but I did

Hot Kalani, what does it mean it means? Heavenly star?

Slightly undermines it explain where your parents got the name from the Honolulu Zoo there was a

Baby, elephant that was born at the same time as me whispered ha Kalani

We we felt we read about it, so we Google it there was a picture, this is a picture of who Kalani the elephant

That really then you've got it wouldn't be amazing if we had hookah line out back so we

Happened to Kalani and very kindly someone I think names Barbara. She found time to email back

Hello, ha because that's what you say

Barbara writes I am sorry to say that Oh Kalani dived at the Honolulu Zoo on November 13th 1970

1970 now you would think busy busy busy running a zoo, I'll stop my email there, that's all they wanted to know no Barbara continues

She was found dead in the moat of her exhibits

This was in 1970 and other members of like a busy yesterday

She was found in the moat, it was speculated that she was pushed in by another young elephant

Jealous of the mothering attention she was receiving from an older FIBA. I wish there was a more warm and fuzzy angle to this story

Good luck with your interview


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