Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nova.ShuiGuo Talks Dota 2 - Episode 3

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Hi everyone, I'm Nova-. Today I'll be bringing you a public game with Rubick.

I'm very sorry, because this video wasn't recorded by myself.

It was automatically recorded when I was streaming and I downloaded it to add my commentary.

That's why resolution-wise, it might be worse than before.

Because it was streamed, it also has background music.

I'm very sorry about that.

If I record any good video these few days, I'll upload a new one for you guys.

The reason I chose to upload this one is because

some of my stream viewers wanted me to turn this one into a commentary

because they wanted to watch it. That's why I made this particular video.

This game, I'm using Rubick.

Let's take a look at both sides' lineups.

On the opposing team, blue is using Puck.

Teal is Axe. Then Crystal Maiden (CM), Anti-Mage (AM), Invoker.

As I was speaking, our Shadow Demon (SD) got first blood and AM was able to get a kill back.

I'm using Rubick.

We also have SD, Enchantress, Vengeful Spirit (VS) and Lycanthese 5 heroes.

Lineup-wise, I think both sides have their pros and cons.

Neither side has an absolute advantage.

Both lineups are playable, because this is a public game. That's why I think it's playable.

Here I keep trying to right-click the opposing Invoker

because I personally think my last-hitting has gotten really bad.

Having moved to the US no one's last-hitting is amazing, so my last-hitting has been on the decline.

That's why I don't want to compete with the opponent in last-hits I don't think I can win that fight.

I'm more interested in taking him to half HP or sending him home, so I can freefarm the lane.

This way, I can still last-hit creeps. If we're contesting last-hits, I feel I'm pretty vulnerable

because my last-hitting really has gotten quite bad.

Someone on our team bought wards, so I can see where the rune is.

I'm quite happy as I pick up the regen rune.

Invoker learned Wex at Level 1. It should be a Quas-Wex Invoker.

It's very rare to see Western players play Quas-Wex. Their Invokers are usually Exort-Quas.

Or at least I haven't seen many Western players play Quas-Wex Invokers in public games.

They usually like Exort. And it's not even Exort-Wex only Exort-Quas and summoning forge spirits.

I don't know why that is.

Perhaps they have an unique understanding.

In this game, there's also my friend and his friend chatting over voice-chat.

I'm really quite embarrassed about this.

Our Lycan didn't jungle. Our Enchantress didn't jungle either.

As you can see from the minimap, the jungle area is completely empty.

Top lane is VS babysitting Lycan vs. solo Puck

so Lycan should be getting freefarm.

Bottom lane

Oh, the opposing Axe should be jungling and CM babysitting AM vs. our Enchantress+SD.

Right as the game began, they had an all-out engagement where SD got first blood, but got counter-killed by AM.

My luck is very good. I chanced upon a haste rune and saw VS fighting Puck at top.

I decisively activate the rune in hopes of killing the Puck.

I dive into the tower, see Puck using a salve, so I just break the salve.

I realize there's no chance of getting a kill anymore, so I break off the chase.

Because I have a Bottle now, the starting tangoes have become obsolete

so I sell them and teleport (TP) back to middle to get my levels.

In solo middle, experience (XP) is quite important.

My teammates are constantly chatting.

My English is quite bad and I don't understand what they're saying, or else I could explain it to you guys.

Finally I've reached Level 6, so I can start stealing spells now.

I'll mention this here:

Rubick isn't considered a new hero in Dota 2 anymore

but I don't know why Valve still hasn't give him Legacy hotkeys.

The stolen spell is always D, so I'm quite uncomfortable with it.

No matter what spell you steal, it's never the spell's original hotkey.

Because I use the Dota 1 legacy hotkeys instead of QWER

now that every spell is on D I'm quite uncomfortable with it.

The opposing AM sees there's no rune, so he returns to lane.

Top rune got taken.

Oh, it got taken by Invoker. It's a double damage rune.

Then I'm completely outclassed in last-hitting.

Even before, I was outclassed by him.

Now that he has a double damage rune, I put up even less of a fight.

Our SD has roamed to middle.

Looks like he is waiting for an opportunity to kill the opposing Invoker with me.

The opportunity has arrived. Invoker's bold positioning

We successfully kill the Invoker.

A proverb says it well: "Be ready when opportunity comes."

We were prepared here. If we didn't kill him, it means we weren't prepared.

I'm just making a joke with everyone.

If we didn't kill him, it could have also been because of his teammates TP'ing for support or some other reason.

I get Arcane Boots.

I'm pinging my teammate to share mana with him, but he hasn't noticed me.

He hasn't noticed me all this time. Finally there's a reaction.

We see the courier.

Even back in Dota 1, I've always been someone who likes killing couriers.

Now killing the courier gives everyone on the team 175 gold, so I love it even more.

Nowadays to kill the chicken you don't even have to worry about dying.

Seeing the chicken is enough to drive your thirst for blood.

As long as you can actually kill it.

At 8min, I go control the rune again.

My luck is quite good. With no mana, I get another regen rune.

Bottom lane, Puck has dropped his ulti. Looks like they want to kill my teammates.

The opposing Axe arrives too.

Looks like our SD will die there.

I use my regen rune and try to avenge my teammates. Indeed SD dies.

VS and I successfully take out the Puck.

The opposing Invoker promptly arrives too.

I steal his spellhis tornado.

I'm really unfortunate here.

You guys can see my second spell hasn't been used all this time.

It's because of Valve's configuration problems.

I get out and change the configuration, because it happened like this:

All spells stolen by him are D, but we know the original hotkey of Invoker's tornado is X.

After I stole tornado, my own hotkey for telekinesis got disabled. I don't know why.

The hotkey we use for the stolen spell is still D

but once I used tornado once my X spell got disabled.

I haven't been able to figure out why this is.

Valve hasn't fixed this bug yet, so I don't like playing this hero very much.

Because all the hotkeys are different, so I'm quite uncomfortable with them.

The three of us work together to kill the CM.

Lycan has freefarmed top for 10min and has successfully taken two towers.

But why doesn't he go fight Roshan?

Judging by the fact that he has freefarmed for 10min, he's definitely able to take on Roshan.

It's reached 10min, so I go control the rune again.

VS has alerted me there's a haste rune bottom.

Our Lycan has taken the Tier 1 tower middle.

He's been paying us a salary all this time.

Boss-level player, pays everyone a salary.

VS and I run into Axe.

Us two, we It looks like

I activate my haste, because I thought we might not be able to catch him.

I didn't imagine Invoker would send a tornado over

because tornado will get rid of any good buffs you have on you.

For example, Bounty Hunter's invisibility.

If he is invisible and you hit him with a tornado, he'll be revealed.

Our teammates promptly arrive.

Why's our Lycan sitting there doing nothing?

After SD disrupted Invoker, he actually didn't attack the CM and waited for Invoker to reappear.

My teammates successfully avenge my death.

We see support from the opposing team is very swift.

Axe was just killed by us and after respawning immediately TP's back in.

You can see here, I bought a Staff of Wizardry

to go for Force Staff

because I took a look at their heroes and our heroes.

Their heroes have quite a few disables and a bunch of burst damage.

I also happen to be quite squishy, so I want a Force Staff as an escape mechanism.

Another fight has broken out at bottom lane.

Our Enchantress successfully kills Axe, but I feel like our team is also a bit vulnerable.

Our Enchantress kills another Oh, never mind. I thought she killed another hero.

Oh, CM was killed by my teammates

but the last hit was done by a creep, so the money got distributed.

We did a 2-for-3 trade. Indeed my teammates got killed.

I run into Invoker. I steal his ghost walk.

Then I can harass him a bit here. I don't have to be afraid of him.

Even if his teammates arrive Indeed AM arrives and I decisively go invisible.

Otherwise I'd lose all my mana.

My teammates said herethis type of English is pretty easy, so I can understand it

He says, ";;; he actually stole ghost walk." Then he just laughs.

Some Western players are pretty interesting.

Other Western players are not so interesting.

I pick up an invisibility rune.

At 13min, the score is level at 11-11.

You can say action so far has been back and forth.

Supremacy has not yet been determined, so we're in a period of contention

We run into each other here.

I get discovered by AM here, so I immediately use my invisibility rune

because we all know getting hit by AM causes you to lose mana

a very unpleasant condition. I first steal CM's spell her frost nova.

Another reason I think this set-up is bad is because I have no idea what the spell icon represents.

You use the same hotkey for all stolen spells, so I don't know

Otherwise if I stole CM's V spell and I thought it was her E spell

I could try E and if nothing happens, I'd realize it was V.

But with the configuration at the moment if every spell is on D, I won't know what spell I stole.

It's quite awkward.

Our Lycan took Roshan to half HP, saw us fighting, so he came to assist.

The process of fighting Roshan gets delayed again.

The opposing Puck checks to see how much damage Roshan has taken.

I continue to farm.

I want to get my Force Staff faster.

With a Force Staff, it will be harder to die.

I see Lycan fighting Roshan, so I chill nearby to pick up the XP.

I can't just get XP, so I give Lycan some mana. No matter how you put it, I've helped in some way.

Just now you saw me put my spell targeting mousepointer over Roshan

because I wanted to get the last hit.

It's because this is a public game, so everyone is fighting over gold and playing fairly casually.

If I got the last-hit, I would get the bonus gold from killing Roshan.

Because we know everyone on the team gets a base 200 gold from killing Roshan

and whoever gets the last-hit gets some bonus gold.

I successfully reach Level 11. Our VS again alerts me of the regen rune top.

At 15min, the score is 16-13. The opposing team has overtaken us in kills.

Just now it was 11-11 and it's already 16-13 now.

Because I saw our Lycan farming so well

I didn't choose to make a Force Staff and chose to keep saving my money.

Otherwise judging by how much gold I have now, I could have bought a Force Staff already.

I chose to buy a Dagon to keep kill-stealing (KS'ing), because it's a public game.

Everyone is playing casually and I believe our carry Lycan can pull out a win for us in any case.

That's why I got a Dagon.

Lycan actually cowered out here.

Even when he has Aegis, a 3v2 fight and he still cowers.

Oh, Lycan actually went Necrobook.

Puck killed our SD.

The opposing Invoker has arrived too. Their support is quite swift.

Puck saw our courier and wanted to kill it, but he doesn't know I've just been delivered my Dagon.

He got swindled by me. AM wants to kills us.

This is why I mentioned earlier the hotkeys aren't very good.

You can see here I stole Puck's orb

and we know its hotkey is R.

To move to the orb's position is E.

Here using the orb is still D

but to move to the orb's position is F.

It can be said I wasn't able to move to the orb's position once.

I was quite uncomfortable.

With other heroes, Valve has fixed problems in the patch following the hero's release.

I don't know why Rubick still hasn't been fixed.

It's quite vexing.

Our SD kills the opposing Invoker again.

However we're still behind in hero kills.

Our Lycan is once again leading our team to push towers.

He is indeed the Ronaldo of the Dota world. (In China, dribbling in soccer is used as an analogy to split-pushing)

His dribbling ability is top-notch.

We successfully take the bottom tower.

Our SD got the last hit on the tower.

Our SD Our Lycan got berserker called by Axe.

Why didn't SD disrupt Lycan instead of Axe

when Invoker and Puck were attacking him?

Lycan respawns, decisively transforms and looks for a counter-kill.

However I think Lycan will fall here, because the opposing team has many.

Lycan actually makes it out alive.

We successfully take a 5-for-0 fight.

We trade an Aegis for Oh, it was a 4-for-0 trade.

We used up Lycan's Aegis. This fight was very profitable.

It was because AM wasn't there. If AM was there, Lycan would have definitely died.

AM wasn't there.

Invoker and CM are defending their high ground.

Invoker's tornado+EMP.

Normally with the original hotkey Look at this orb.

Judging by my personality and my Dagon, I would have definitely orbed in killed the CM

but I'm really unable to get used to these hotkeys quickly.

I'm quite uncomfortable with them, so I didn't orb in to kill the CM.

I orb again and fail to move to its position.

I was planning to orb into the trees and safely TP home, but it's unsuccessful again.

We can't kill the Axe, so we're just harassing him a bit.

But our SD should really run with so little HP.

Ah, I told you to get out while you could.

At 20min, we've overtaken them in kills 21-19.

AM is chasing me. I know I'm going to die, so I'm hurriedly buying items to use up all my money.

Whatever I can use, I will.

My teammates actually didn't TP in to help.

Anyone would have served to scare the AM away.

He might not have dared to continue chasing.

If someone TP'd, I could have run towards my tower.

Generally speaking, most AMs wouldn't have continued chasing.

They've started fighting again.

Enchantress has completed Mekansm.

Following this series of fights and chases, we're only leading by one kill.

That's not too bad. We were down in kills earlier and now we're up.

I'm satisfied with that.

I sell the Ironwood Branch.

I pick up the item hastily bought earlier.

I finish my Force Staff.

Judging from the situation right now, I think we're very advantageous.

Our Lycan hasn't died all this time Oh, he died once.

He's managed to constantly farm.

But I don't know why Lycan is a level lower than me.

Generally speaking, Lycan should be one or two levels higher than me at the very least

Because he was freefarming top lane at the start and constantly pushing lanes, as well as killing the Roshan.

With SD I wanted to harass the opposing Axe

but their support is very swift.

I'm going to die again here.

The opposing team is very smart picking off the carry heroes first, then the supports.

Because Lycan wasn't there, I had to fill the role of a carry hero.

Lycan is still farming.

His farming speed is a bit slow.

Constantly freefarming and he only has Vlad's+Boots+Magic Wand+Level 2 Necrobook.

I don't know where Lycan's money has gone.

It's quite worrying.

My friend says AM's farm is very bad.

But one look at our Lycan and you'll see AM's farm isn't bad at all.

They're comparable.

Lycan successfully gets his Level 3 Necrobook.

I had to hover my mouse over the icon, because I'm not very familiar with the Necrobook icon.

I don't really know the differences between

the icons for different levels of Necrobook, so I checked to make sure.

I had just TP'd to farm bottom lane when a fight breaks out in middle.

I didn't hurry to join the fight and continue to farm, because I felt I wouldn't be able to do much anyways.

Puck kills our VS. Invoker kills our Lycan.

Enchantress kills the opposing Axe. Invoker kills our Enchantress.

He manages to get a double kill.

Invoker gets a third kill on our SD.

How can we defend this tower?

I'm the only one left.

Our Enchantress asks our Lycan where his BKB is.

Lycan expresses, "Silence is golden. Currently, I don't feel like answering you."

My friend tells me he needs my assistance.

I couldn't help them last fight, because I'd just TP'd bottom when the fight started.

He asks me what our gameplan is.

I tell him in pinyin (TL: "Pinyin" is the name for a popular romanization of Chinese)

because I felt Lycan had a huge advantage early on

but we kept fighting and he never joined us, choosing to farm instead.

If he joined us, we could have taken all the outer towers early.

But now the opponent's levels have caught up, so

We know that the more levels their heroes (like Invoker) get, the more powerful their spells.

They also have many disables and Lycan doesn't have BKB, so I felt this wasn't a good time to fight.

My friend asked me what we should do, so I told him all we had to do was continue to farm.

This VS should be a Western player.

Very friendly, he typed "ni hao" in pinyin.

Another fight breaks out.

I used my double damage rune in preparation for the battle, but the opponent didn't chase.

My luck again is very good. A haste rune.

Our Lycan got caught.

Five heroes ganking one.

But can you outrun a Lycan?

I stole Axe's berserker call.

To me, it's been entirely useless so far.

If I called, I'd get hacked to death by the opponent, so how can I call?

I continue to farm.

From the minimap, you can see the opponent is again trying to kill my teammates.

So of course I have to go help them.

Because Dota is a team game.

If teammates are getting ganked, of course you should help them.

The opponent got sentries to counter our wards. They know we have vision there.

North American public games are an approximation of competitive play. (TL: Wards are rarely seen in Chinese public games)

As long as one team is stacking, they will definitely have wards.

Not even just observer wards, they'll even buy sentry wards to counter your wards.

The opposing CM actually charges up.

CM is quite brave actually daring to charge in.

We kill CM. The opposing Axe kills our Lycan.

Our big brother Lycan died, so us little brothers don't know what to do about the opponent.

Our VS dies again.

The opposing Axe has paid a terrible price for killing Lycan

he himself has died too.

Lycan's Necrobook does work here.

Another Invoker tornado blows our backranks into the air once more.

Invoker decides to escape.

He ditched their carry AM, who was successfully killed by three of us focusfiring him.

At 28min, Invoker has Phase Boots+Sheepstick+Drums.

My friend says, "Invoker has Sheepstick."

If Valve fixes Rubick's hotkeys, this hero will be quite fun to play.

It's a bit like playing -wtf mode.

You can steal an AoE (area of effect) spell and you'll be able to farm very quickly.

I disassemble my Arcane Boots and make a Soul Booster

aiming towards my Bloodstone.

This feature of Dota 2 is pretty good, that is, you can disassemble items at any shop unlike in Dota 1

where you have to drop your item in your circle of power in order to disassemble.

Our Lycan kills Roshan again.

It's regretful that just as he picked up Aegis, it got taken away again when he got ganked.

The opposing CM is still trying to escape.

Our Lycan got killed again by the opposing AM and Axe.

AM threw an ulti followed by another ulti by Axe. Instagibbed by two ultis.

AM still wants to chase our VS.

AM got chainstunned by us to death tanking our tower.

We profited from this fight too.

We traded Lycan's two lives for four opposing heroes.

At 30min, we're still leading by two kills

We've increased our lead to two kills.

The teamfight victory and the gold from Roshan allow me to complete Bloodstone.

Our Enchantress is constantly directing us using voice-chat.

Commonly referred to as "the Director".

Even though I forgot exactly what it is he said, I do know he was constantly directing us.

I'm waiting for an opportunity. I want to Force Staff down and pick up, then kill the CM.

But regretfully CM's position was fairly conservative.

My Force Staff usage wasn't great either.

VS very courageously swaps the CM.

We successfully kill the CM.

VS has also paid the price.

A life for a life. Just now, Axe used battle hunger on my illusion.

Puck's ulti gets four of us.

Only SD has died. I get killed again.


I wasn't able to Force Staff down.

But instead Force Staffed myself into the crowd.

The score has been evened up at 33-33.

It's good our Lycan didn't die.

Big brother didn't die, so we can still come back.

Four heroes together killed our Enchantress.

He typed all this text. I don't understand any of it.

I only understood the last part, that is, the "sigh".

In Chinese, it would be "ai..." Ai...

It feels like he did a really long sigh.

If even the Director is sighing, how do we play this game?

The opponent is very smartthey pull back as soon as they take our bottom Tier 1 tower.

I came here looking for anyone who takes the river passage hoping to pick one off

but their path of retreat didn't seem to include the river.

I TP top to defend our tower.

I haven't stolen any spells, because I died and lost my stolen spell.

Otherwise, how fast could I clear this wave? Two AoEs will clean it up in seconds.

I buy BoTs (Boots of Travel) to provide assistance our team more conveniently

because we know BoTs can TP onto Lycan's wolves.

So wherever he goes, all he has to do is summon wolves and I can TP on them.

I can swiftly arrive at his side to provide assistance.

At 34min, AM's items are Yasha+Vanguard+PTs+Vlad's.

My friend also says, "AM Yasha."

Lycan asks, "So how can we win?"

VS replies, "You need to push and get a BKB."

Strange, our Director told him to get BKB earlier.

Why does he still not have BKB?

As I was talking, Lycan got killed again.

Lycan says, "I can't push right now."

I don't understand.

I understand what he said, but I don't know how to translate it into Chinese.

If I translate it word-for-word, it doesn't sound like how we talk in Chinese.

After having killed our big brother Lycan, they've charged onto our high ground to kill the rest of us.

I steal AM's blink, so I'm quite happy. I can keep blinking, keep blinking.

I kill the opposing Axe. Our Enchantress kills Puck.

You blink, I can blink too. It turns out to be a CM.

If I can't kill your big brother, I might as well kill your little brother.

I successfully pick off CM.

With blink, my mobility is greatly increased.

Unlimited blinks courtesy of my Bloodstone.

5s cooldown and only costs 60 mana.

I definitely have unlimited blinks.

Because I have blink, I can go troll him.

In any case, I can't be killed.

The opponent has hexed me and blown me into the air.

Sadly it's all for naught, because I have blink.

I continue to farm.

My teammates are actually neutralling in the enemy jungle.

Who is that? Oh, it's Enchantress.

Our ward on the high spot in enemy jungle has expired.

Run, Enchantress, run!

My teammates are constantly pinging me about the haste rune bottom.

I blink there to pick it up. A blink+Force Staff gets me there quickly.

I pick up a 2100 orb. I forget what the Chinese name for it is.

It's the orb that gives +10 to all stats.

I blinked in to take the ulti in the face.

It's fortunate I still have blink, so I blink out again.

I activate haste rune. The opponent should have wards here.

Instantly, five of them kill off three of our heroes.

I blink again.

Enchantress says, "The opponent used smoke."

Oh never mind. She said, "We should smoke."

The opponent definitely has wards. That's why they had five heroes there.

Axe blinks. I blink too avoiding his call.

If you retreat, I'll blink in to chase you.

AM blinks in again.

They're adamant about this, so I blink away. Will AM continue to chase?

Looks like he cowers out. Doesn't want to chase anymore.

Oh, our brother Lycan takes out the high ground tower.

I have BoTs, so I try to save him, but I'm unsuccessful.

I can only avenge his death by killing CM.

After killing CM, I have to consider how to escape

and the only way out is of course to blink through their base.

I blink, I blink, I blink once more.

The opponent's tornado goes awry and I blink again.

The opponent has an AM too. How do you play against that?

Have to blink again.

The opponent chases me around the world, I blink around the world.

My teammate is having a discussion about how we can take the match.

VS says, "I have smoke. Let's smoke."

Our Director is directing us again.

It's just that regardless of what he's telling us to do I don't listen

because I don't understand. I just know he's constantly talking.

That's why I have to assume he's directing, because what else could he be talking about?

We don't know each other.

You can see Dota 2 doesn't display precisely how long a status effect lasts

but you can see it near status effects that my spell steal is almost up.

That is to say, my blink is almost gone

Once I got blink, I'm not interested in other spells anymore.

A fight breaks out in middle lane.

I blink in.

Invoker goes invisible, and four of us can only stand and watch.

Our SD says, "Fuck, my bad."

The opposing Axe blink+calls and gets three of us.

AM blinks in too.

The opponent's initiation is very swift. Very quickly four heroes blinked on us.

The opposing Invoker has gone godlike.

They're still chasing my teammates.

I steal blink again.

Oh wait, this should be his ulti.

Ah, I can't escape anymore.

Got frozen. Indeed I can't run anymore.

A decisive ulti kills CM.

At this point, I'll be happy with any kills.

My ulti is off cooldown, so I can blink again.

You blink, I blink too.

I'm drinking from the Bottle.

You can't hope to catch me now.

We have the same blink.

At 41min, the opponent has overtaken us in kills again, 44-38.

I can only pray big brother Lycan successfully destroys their base.

Our VS says, "Let's smoke now."

But no one responds.

At 41min, Puck has Dagger+Arcane Boots+that new staff. That is

I don't know what components you need to build that staff.

All I know is you can use it to slow heroes.

Our VS smoked, but

What's the point of using smoke like that?

Our lanes aren't even pushed out.

VS tells me where the rune is again.

Our SD says, "I think the smoke was a bad idea."

My teammates say they want to push.

I tell them not to push until I have Sheepstick.

Our Lycan continues to fight Roshan.

They're pinging about the Cheese.

Because this is the 3rd Roshan, there's a Cheese.

Indeed there's a Cheese.

Lycan says, "Hurry up and pick up the Cheese."

My Sheepstick still needs some gold.

Lycan says

Because this was a livestream, Van-God messaged me on QQ

so I took a look at what he said.

I tab back to Dota 2.

Just now Lycan said he switched to BoTs.

Just now, I mentioned Van-God.

He's an admin of our Chinese CDEC.

He's studying abroad in Canada.

People gave him the nickname Van-God. Quite stronk.

I was pretty stupid here.

I saw the AM blink, so I thought he blinked into the trees.

My first reaction was he blinked into the trees.

I finally complete Sheepstick.

Our Lycan got killed by the opponent again.

Someone says, "Don't kill AM. We can't" something.

I don't understand the rest, so never mind.

Puck charges in by himself.

I hex him and kill him.

However, I got killed by the opponent too.

Without big brother Lycan, their firepower is too strong.

All we can do is retreat. Looks like we're going to get teamwiped here.

Awkward, awkward. Indeed a teamwipe.

Without a carry, what good are the supports?

The opponent has opened the lead to 10 kills.

I'm replying to my friend now.

He asked me, "Why doesn't Lycan have any items?"

I tell him, "This Lycan farms slower than a turtle."

They're chatting with each other, but I don't understand.

They're saying stuff like

The text is going by way too fast. I don't even have time to react.

My level of English, if you say something to me it takes me a while to react.

From what I'm typing now, you can tell

they must have asked me what I wrote in my line of Chinese

so I tell them in my crappy English.

My friend laughs.

The opponent takes our barracks in middle lane.

I steal AM's blink again.

I'm really happy. Playing this hero, you just have to steal blink.

If I only use D for blink, then I think I can get used to that.

If I steal different skills and I'm unable to recognize the icon

with all the spells on the same hotkey I'm very uncomfortable with the set-up.

That's why I'm just using his blink for now and I haven't switched it.

Just now I took a look at the opponent's items.

Although I didn't see it clearly because it passed too quickly.

I think Invoker has Deso+Demon Edge+Sheepstick+Drums+Phase Boots.

AM has Manta+PTs+Vlad's+Vanguard+something else, I forgot.

At 46min, my items are Sheepstick+Force Staff+Dagon+BoTs+Bloodstone.

I'm pinging my teammates to try and pick off the AM.

I blink onto AM's face and he blinks away.

I could've blinked anywhere, but happened to blink onto him.

I'm pinging our Lycan. He immediately transforms.

I hexed AM and Invoker hexes me.

Our VS gallantly sacrifices herself for me.

Even after I Force Staffed myself, she still swaps me.

In the last two hexes, neither side got a kill.

Our Enchantress takes out the opposing Axe.

The opposing CM does an ulti in our faces.

She and her teammates kill our SD, Lycan and VS.

After the 3-for-3 trade, it's become a 2v2.

The opponent retreats.

The opposing key heroes AM and Invoker are actually afraid of Enchantress and me.

What kind of situation is this?

Invoker ghost walks near me again.

I need to go back and get a Gem.

I TP home to buy a Gem.

Right as I type "holy fuck", he hexes me trying for a kill.

He got counter-hexed by me and killed.

So much money from his beyond godlike streak being ended by me.

My friend types another ";;;".

I'm telling him, "I'd just planned to go home to get a Gem when he showed up to feed."

But even though he feeds, I'm still going to get a Gem.

I don't think we can win at this point

because Lycan's items are inferior to the opposing Invoker and AM's.

That's why I leveled my Dagon to have some fun kill-stealing, but I still must buy a Gem.

A man's words should count for something. Since I said I was getting Gem, I'm going to get a Gem.

The opposing carry AM is pushing top lane, so I of course don't dare to go top.

I'll go bottom instead and leave top lane for our big brother Lycan.

Carry vs. carry. Let's find out if Radiant's carry is stronger or if Dire's carry is stronger.

Enchantress is constantly speaking in voice-chat.

What's my friend doing?

Could it be they're chatting? Or is Enchantress directing my friend?

In any case, I don't know. I don't understand what they're saying.

Even written text takes me a while to react

so let's not even talk about voice-chat.

After you finish the second sentence, I won't even have reacted to what you said in the first sentence.

From minimap you saw CM drop a ward here.

I blink over to counter it.

There's another ward here.

The Roshan timer obviously isn't up yet.

The last one if I recall was 42min or 43min.

It's only 49min at the moment and Roshan spawns every 10min.

I'll teach you guys a small technique.

After you kill Roshan, you can type the current time into ally-chat.

That way, you can figure out when the next Roshan will be up.

Regardless of whether your team killed Roshan or the other team did

you can figure out when the next Roshan will be up.

Then you won't have to physically check if Roshan is up.

Another fight breaks out at middle.

I TP to Lycan's wolf, but he resummons canceling my TP.

Awkward, awkward...

I wasn't there, but my team was very good;

after much fighting, it was actually our Lycan who managed to kill Axe.

The other team was forced to retreat. What kind of situation is this?

Their items are superior, aren't they? We kill the opposing AM again.

Oh, their Invoker wasn't there. He's only arriving now.

Their Invoker has Blink Dagger too now.

He must be very confident of his micro.

I complain to my friend that I TP'd to his wolf

and Lycan resummons them causing my TP to fail.

Otherwise it's possible we could've forced a teamwipe.

We seize the opportunity while their AM and Axe are down to push middle

hurry and get our mega creeps up too.

The opposing AM buys back. We can see once a hero buys back

there will be gold coins under their hero icon.

This is a pretty nice feature, because the buyback displayed

in chat might be missed by players during an intense battle.

Once the gold coins are displayed, it will become very obvious.

AM charges in by himself not realizing we were hiding here in smoke.

I lift him up, then hex him.

We didn't kill him.

Why? Because our Lycan wasn't there. We can only kill their supports like CM.

CM was successfully killed.

Since I wasn't planning to record this video

I haven't been paying attention to items of my teammates.

Because I was playing fairly casually

I didn't bother to constantly check items and levels these sorts of things.

The opponent has charged out.

AM uses his ulti at me when I'm at full mana doesn't hurt at all.

I blink away first ditching my teammates.

My teammates indeed get cleaned up.

Our carry Lycan is also in danger.

I wanted to go save him, but I only had the will and not the power.

It's fortunate Lycan runs fast.

Ah, it doesn't matter, because the opponent has blink.

No matter how fast you run, you can't run farther than they can blink.

A teamfight results in a 1-for-4 trade.

Four of our heroes for a lowly CM. How can you justify that?

At 53min, the opponent's kill score forever leads ours by 10.

The opponent actually doesn't have anyone defending base.

They lose barracks top lane due to creeps. Can you believe that?

AM actually tries to kill me. How can he possibly kill me?

You can blink, but so can I.

I even have a Force Staff. You don't have one of those, do you?

Then how can you outrun me?

Our VS is quite bold and fierce

1v3 and not showing the least bit of weakness.

She straight up swaps Axe.

For her bravery, she pays a hefty price and dies.

I blink in hex+Dagon to kill Puck.

Invoker rates his items too highly

Oh, he bought back as soon as he died. He must be very rich.

Our SD disrupted Axe

and Axe got killed by his own illusions.

Invoker is very rich.

As soon as he died, he buys back to express his displeasure.

SD and I work together to kill Axe.

I sell Dagon for Orchid.

Getting Orchid this late, I can't disable many heroes.

I can only disable Puck.

Puck, because he doesn't have any items that can get rid of it.

If I use Orchid on him, it will definitely works its effect.

Here I'm using Orchid mostly for the amplify damage.

Invoker just bought back and he's about to die again.

I can blink, so you definitely can't escape.

Even if you ghost walk it won't do you any good, because I have Gem.

Making Orchid, it's not really for the disable

because if I Orchid AM he can Manta out of it right away and blink.

My plan for Orchid is to use it right after I hex him.

This way, the damage we do to him will get amplified.

Maybe in the face of our many disables he'll be killed.

The opposing Invoker must be furious I killed him right after he bought back.

He definitely holds anger in his heart, but there's nothing to be done.

Who's fault is it that there's now a cooldown on buybacks?

Using our ward vision, I catch sight of CM so I plan to kill her.

Indeed, I blink in, hex Puck and lift+Orchid CM.

I still want to chase, because I have blink.

CM frostbites me.

I'm too stingy to use my ulti to steal a spell just to kill her

because after the kill I won't be able to escape either

since I've already used my Force Staff.

That's why I decided not to kill her.

My teammates say they want to push and want me to join them.

I tell them I have BoTs, so I can TP there.

At 56min, we've caught up a bit.

At least we're not down 10 kills. They're still up seven.

We both have taken barracks in one lane.

They took our middle barracks early, but we managed to get barracks in top lane.

It was actually our creeps who took barracks, not us.

Creeps are stronger than us.

I got a look at Lycan's items.

He has Necrobook+Aegis+Vlad's+Black King Bar (BKB).

He has another item too. What is it? I forget.

When I was playing, one look and I remember it all

but when watching a recording I can't remember.

Don't know why that is.

Our VS drops another ward here.

I think Grand Magus Rubick

needs to constantly steal spells to have the most fun.

This game, I think I played in a pretty boring way by stealing AM's blink

because I wasn't used to the hotkeys.

Otherwise if I first used the stolen spell

then stole another spell after my ulti came off cooldown

together with my own two spells, I could use a total of four spells in quick succession.

That way seems like a funner way to play.

This game I've just stolen his blink and blinked around a lot.

My ulti effect has disappeared, so I've lost the blink.

I want to steal his blink again, because the hotkeys haven't been fixed.

I'm quite uncomfortable with them.

Our entire team is ready.

We're commencing our bottom lane push.

I don't know what the Enchantress said.

It's not that I don't listen to you; it's that I don't understand you.

The opponent's tornado misses everything. It only hits the creeps.

The opposing Invoker is very evil.

He only picks me for his hex.

It's fortunate I was able to Force Staff away.

The opposing AM has activated BKB.

I haven't engaged yet.

Puck, if you come up you're only going to feed.

Don't you know I have Sheepstick?

I stole AM's ulti and used it on Axe to take him out.

Our Lycan has Aegis.

I was trying to figure out why as we fought, eventually there were only three of us left.

It turns out Lycan died and respawned because of his Aegis.

We pick up a 1-for-4 teamfight.

The CM is surely going to die too.


SD's life and Lycan's Aegis in exchange for teamwiping the opponent.

The opponent has typed out "gg".

It's regretful Invoker is out of money to buy back. Otherwise he would definitely buy back.

We kept playing and playing, then we won. Can you believe that?

The opponent's items were clearly much superior to ours.

The opposing Invoker and AM's items are better than our Lycan's

but we kept playing and eventually won.

Can you believe that?

Even when we won, they're still leading us by three kills.

The game has ended

but I still want to express my apologies for the video being automatically recorded, so the resolution isn't high enough.

If I make any good recordings in these few days, I'll definitely upload them for you guys.

Thank you for watching. Let's meet in the next episode. Goodbye!

The Description of Nova.ShuiGuo Talks Dota 2 - Episode 3