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Korean top star So Jisub

Drama OMV special screening

Oh My So Jisub

You look cool but you're actually( ), please fill in the blank

1. Willful 2. Solemn 3. Cute

Please choose your answer

I like option 3

Let's see what the fan selected

The same

You'll also consider yourself a bit cute?

No, I just like that answer better than the others

Would you consider yourself cute? Or things that fans would think are cute?

I've never thought about this...

He begins to sweat

If I'm by myself, I'm not sure, but I might be a bit cute if I'm with fans

You're cute now, when you're shy

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Your ( ) looks handsome and I wanna touch it

So I'll be touched?

Then...Adam's apple?

As expected

Let's see the fan's selection


The fan who posted this question is a 46-year-old OL living in Kanagawa, she wants to touch your adam's apple

But other fans prefer other options, so it will be all

Which part of your body you feel most confident about?

I think my eyes

Your eyes!

I used to have an inferior complex about my eyes, but since everyone seems to like my eyes

I like my eyes too

I like your profile

You're in a very good position now

By ( ), a relationship can evolve from "light" to hot

The options are : 1. Jumping; 2. Slapping on the face; 3. Kissing

Which one would it be?

It can only be 3


The fan praised that in the drama, the kiss scenes are awesome, be it light or hot

A fan posted another question about kiss scenes

Question from a 47-year-old fan in Shizuoka

The kiss scenes such as planking kiss and celery kiss are cute

Are they scripted or ad-lib?

You cannot ad-lib kiss scenes, they are scripted.

Planking kiss seems difficult, abs might be shaking

Not a problem

You cannot do ad-libs for kiss scenes, what about other scenes?

We have a lot of ad-libs, so many I can't remember them all

When you watch it, it would be fun to compare with the script and find out (*where can we read the script, LOL*)

Are you the one who often suggest ad-lib?


I like to discuss with everyone on the set

This drama allows for such freedom, so we discuss and then we shoot it

Fortunately, my partner Shin Mina is acceptive (to ad-libs), so we had fun shooting together

The back-and-forth between you and the heroine is very interesting, great collaboration.

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From his ( ), you can understand everything

Options are: 1. Yawn, 2. Sigh. 3. Back

Hmm...sigh, the 2nd option.

Oh, he's pretending

Let's see the fan's selection

From his back, you can understand everything

A lot of fans said "Words are unnecessary for Jisub"

And that "Jisub's mere existence tells a lot more than words could tell"


Do you know what I'm talking right now?

Good catch

I like to act with my whole body, maybe people can get message from that

So you're the type of person who communicate through your back, or eye contact?

In your personal life too? Not just when you're acting?

I don't talk much

Language is important to communicate message, but there are times you can understand without saying

I'll talk when I have to, but I don't talk much

I think fans understand, ok, thank you

In OMV, there's a scene you "aegyo" in the heroine's arms

It's never seen before and makes one's heart flutter

Jisub, would you aegyo with a woman? And anything similar between you and Youngho?

The similar things are that we both exercise a lot, and we have a pleasant and happy mind

The difference being that Youngho will speak his mind, but I won't

How about aegyo with a woman?

Hmm...did I ever?

Maybe I have wanted to, but she didn't feel it that way

We got it

An 49-year-old OL from Shizuoka asked

What does Jisub want to do or achieve before 40?

You were born in 1977

I'm already 40 according to Korean way of counting

But you're only 38 in Japan

38? (*He speaks in Japanese)

Wow, you spoke Japanese. You're still in your 30s here.

People say age is just a number, I think so too

I hope I could grow old as an actor with a healthy mind and body

As an actor, I could only accept the wrinkles that appear as you age

At last, please tell us the highlight of OMV

Instead of highlight, I would hope OMV could make you feel cozy, healthy and healing.

It's a drama that would wake up your feeling for love, hope you can watch it happily.

Thank you, So Jisub, please give him your applauses.

It's a pleasure to meet you all

Hope you become sexy after watching OMV, thank you

Thanks, please send him off with your applause.

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