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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Coincidence Or Fate? Metal Detecting "With" Saint Sebastian

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I was on my way to a location, but the bus drove somewhere else.

I told the driver to drop me off at a later point...

...found this forest and decided to detect a little, before getting out of here.

What a disaster...

First find.

Nice compressed soil, not the soft type that swallows finds.

It sounds bad.

It's a shotgun cartridge.

Another bad sounding item.


Maybe I should place the Deus remote into my pocket.

It looks like a small button.

GPS ("POI") #1

Another shell casing.

Another one.

Two items.

I will dig out the smaller one first.


It's a second button.


Now the other find.

This one sounds bad.

It's a thimble.

Two finds.

A "5 Reichspfennig" coin (1940's).

Yes, it started raining...


It sounded bad, but that doesn't mean anything...

Many good finds sound bad in undisturbed ground (on this machine).

Another coin.

"5? Reichspfennig" (1940's).

29 minutes into the hunt.

I'm positively surprised so far...

Just a bullet.

Another coin from the same tiny spot.

"Reichspfennig" - WWII era.

There seems to be more - it's a coin spill!

"1 Reichspfennig" (1940's).

The next coin.

"1 Reichspfennig" - same age.

Yes, that's another coin.

Same as the previous one.

One more.

Someone walked over the coin spill, dug out this iron...

...and threw it next to the tree.

That's difficult to do.

This part seems "cleaned out".

It's still raining...

I apologize for the camera movements.

This was iron.

A silver coin?

What is happening here?

It looks at least 1600's.

(It's a "Batzen" from 1517.)

(It shows Saint Sebastian pierced by arrows)

Maybe I was supposed to find this place...

Don't worry, I will come back to this signal.

It sounds smaller.

I have to be very careful in case it's another fragile coin.

I wish this pinpointer was more sensitive on tiny objects.

Its tip is basically empty inside, with a gap to the "coil"...

I already moved it without notice...

There it is.

Hmm, what's that?

It looks like part of a thimble.

There was the silver coin...

And this (in my opinion) is the path of the person that lost it.

Sounds like iron, but it would be wise to "remove" it.

It could mask something else.

It's a small nail.

It looks "very old".

Is this a signal?

Or just mineralized patch of soil.

That's my Deus setting.

I will remove a thin layer.

I'm not sure...

I don't have much time left, that's why I hesitated.

I dug deeper and deeper, but the pinpointer was quiet.

I believe, there is nothing.

It could be a root, a rock, or mineralized soil.

(Or a gold coin...)

I will mark the position of the silver coin.

It could help me "tracking down" the person that lost it.

I've checked a close area below the tree, but there was nothing.

It's a tiny coin!

I think, it "could" be silver, but I'm not sure.

(It was silver plated copper.)

(I will show you pictures at the end.)

I'm also not sure about this signal. It sounds rather bad.

I think I need a more sensitive pinpointer.

That's a silver coin!


Well, I will leave it as is.

Let's take a second look.

It's probably a "Kreuzer" (1801).

I almost clipped the other coin...

There was the first coin.

Now we can estimate a "path"...

Another signal next to it.

The soil is loaded with rocks and roots...

One wrong move and the coin will come out in pieces...

One moment please.

The coin returns back home...

Another silver. "1 Kreuzer" (1802).

That's a second coin spill.

This is getting scary...

Let's continue.

Something big.

The same thing, the other guy dug out.

Let's look if it masked something.

It did!

That's "just" a button...

Probably WWII era.

Sounds like iron.

Two items.

A big coin.

"One Kreuzer" (1794) (made of copper).

Let's check out the "iron" signal.

Hmm, it starts sounding better.

It was another silver coin.

"That deep".


Sounds like a coin on edge.

One moment please.

Next silver coin (1700's).

I'm running out of plastic bags.

Two coins will have to share the same one.

There is another signal.

I don't have much time left. I have to catch the next bus.

Next silver coin (1700's).

I'm in a "difficult" situation. I would like to continue, but...

Oh no, there is more.

This will be the last one.


A happy family.

Look, even wood here has a green patina.

I don't want to "screw" the last one.

A small damage and I will wish, I would have never found the whole thing.

Next silver coin...

Let's check if there is another signal...

There is more...

I will mark where I finished.

Animals will probably remove the stick anyway :).

The way is long, will the coin spill continue to the top?

I don't think so, but I'm very curious.

Please wait for the pictures...

A proud Hamster and the Dog.

The finds...

The "old" nail...

Zinc coin spill (1940's).

Hard to tell which one looks best.

Two similar buttons.

Part of a thimble?

"One Kreuzer" (1794).

(Not the best cleaning result...).

The thimble.

A silver plated "Kreuzer" (1800?).

"HD" - Hesse-Darmstadt.

"1 Kreuzer" (1802) (Silver).


"1 Kreuzer" (1801).


"1 Kreuzer" - (Friedrich III).

(1753) - Brandenburg.

"1 Kreuzer" - (Maximilian III).

(1754) - Bavaria.

Kreuzer? (Karl Theodor).

(1794) - Bavaria.

"1 Kreuzer" (1763).

Electoral Palatine.

"Batzen" - "Öttingen".

1517 - (Wolfgang and Joachim shire).


And treasure. Detecting time: 1h:40min

The Description of Coincidence Or Fate? Metal Detecting "With" Saint Sebastian