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Keys to self-realization.

This is inquired about many times, thousands of times, by the people.

Keys to self-realization.

And they think to know himself or herself is the key to self-realization.

But when the truth comes to know, if I ask the person, "Do you want to know yourself?"

They say, "I know myself." So world seems to be knowing themselves already, the people.

But key to the self-realization is not just those words to know.

In the real sense, if you can know yourself, and that is very difficult.

1st step you have to take: 1st step, because you have a human body, gross body...

And then you have a subtle body. First of all, the gross body, the physical body needs to be cleaned up.

Because it has many channels. In our human body, there are 3 main channels.

Let me give in the Sanskrit name: 1st is Ida Channel. 2nd is Pingala. 3rd is Sushumna.

Ida is like when we breathe in through the left nostril, it is also called Moon Channel.

It is a cool channel. And Pingala is the Sun Channel, when we breathe, most of time, through the right nostril.

That is the Pingala Channel or Sun Channel.

And when our breath is balanced, between both, we're breathing equally through left or through right nostril.

And then we are already put to the Sushumna. Sushumna is the center part of our backbone.

That is the key. If a person can be always in Sushumna, is already self-realized.

But they think they are in Sushumna. To be in Sushumna Channel, to be balanced, is the very difficult path.

It's a very difficult technique, because either you are angry, either you hate someone, either you want to punch someone, either you love someone. There is imbalance always.

There is no balance. So where there is no balance, you cannot find the key.

And key is not far from you. It is in your hand.

And lock is in front of you. You can put the key into the lock.

But we are deluded that key is in our hand, we cannot see it.

Like diamond is in your hand. And you think it is just a piece of rock.

A blind man who was lost in the big fort, like miles and miles long.

And there was only one way out. One door.

Somebody told him, "You can go out, just keep your hand to the wall. And follow it. Door will come one day."

"You have to walk miles and miles, miles, miles long." He said, "I don't mind to walk."

"But don't leave the wall. Always keep touching your hand. Keep rubbing."

And he was walking and also touching the wall all the way.

He walked miles and miles. And as soon as door was closed, very close to him, and he could have come out from the fort...

But something start itching in his body. And he started scratching his body and the door was missed.

And then he's walking miles and miles. As soon as he reaches to the door, something itches. He scratches his body.

He lifts his hand from the wall and keeps walking. He misses the door again.

Everybody was telling him, "You are missing the door. There is a one door." He didn't believe anyone.

The key is in his hand. Door is there, but he cannot see it. We are deluded.

By many things. We are deluded in this world. That's why we cannot be self-realized.

Because we cannot be balanced. If we can always be 24 hours in Sushumna Channel, I guarantee you, you never get angry.

You never hate someone. You will never kill anyone. You never will kill even little insect.

Or beast. Because you are balanced, if the wild animal coming towards you, he will sense this person is not violent.

He will pass by. He will not attack on you.

That's what I call balance is the key to be self-realized.

There are many many paths, but that is the easiest one.

If you can do it. I'm talking just physically do it.

You have a physical 3 channels: Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna.

Moon Channel, Sun Channel, and Sushumna Channel.

If your breath is balanced all the way, your breath is flowing equally through left nostril and right nostril.

You will be surprised that you are always, always in touch to your being.

That is the simplest key to self-realization.

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