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Legendary Verses




The night sky is starless

Gotham consumed by darkness

It's most heartless wildcard

Has once again escaped from Arkham


Hey Batman it's me

The Jokester you see

The one who can't be beat

and the one who dirties the streets

insane in the brain

I'm so far from sane

I'll hit you with a bat... man

now let's play a game

why so serious

let's play mano y mano

you and Robin I'll get you two

Like I am Bono

your arch nemesis

play you like I'm playing Sega Genesis

a menace like Dennis is

Scars fro smiles

a smile that's bent

let's play good cop and bad cop

where's Harvey Dent

your ballistics are weak

and yes I'm a sadistic freak

but don't impeded on my plans

or I'll end you... you beep

and Robin you're next

and may I suggest

That i you wanna impress Batman

you should lose your red vest

and that's the truth

mister pretty boy

Mr. master Bruce

with so many screws loose in your brain

how the hell did you deduce I was Bruce Wayne

whoa whoa whoa

I didn't it was a shot in the dark

but I guess that I hit my mark

shut up!

I don't play poker

even if I did I wouldn't deal with Jokers

let's call a spade a spade

you're an insane clown who masquerades

through town crazed setting Gotham ablaze

and I'm just a man in a cape... unafraid

on a mission no let me rephrase

just a Batman in a cape on a crusade

see that signal in the night skies that bat symbol

there to symbolize to bad guys

it's time to run and hide

wait out the Dark Knight til sunrise

but hiding isn't your style

you're a little more explosive

Jokers Wild a little more repulsive and vile

just look at that atrocious smile

you see it's cold out...

my lips are peeling

you hurt my feelings

and you... you should smile more often

you don't want Robin growing up rotten

I tried to copy and paste

a smile onto your face

but it kept on getting erased

maybe I should cut to the chase

a sharp knife will lighten the mood

a dark night illuminated by the moon

give you a smile that can brighten a whole room

boo hoo

you lost your mom and dad

they're gone it's time to move on

come on Dark Knight it's almost dawn

losing my parents was a curveball

but that's why we fall

to learn to rise up and stand tall

I was chocked u... I was so young

but I tightened my grip on the bat and swung

it stung... but if it hadn't happened...

Batman would of never begun

it began when I fell into an old abandoned well

I was scared but I flew out of there like a bat outta hell

I lost my parents but I found myself

I'm batman

which was tough

cause I'm a master of stealth

nothing to fear but fear itself

and what liew within my utility belt

Batman just is in a league of his own

took down the whole Justice League alone

You're right...

Gotham deserves a better class of criminal

so I'll send this class clown

to the school principle

it's true I find killing villains taboo

but I have no issues with killing jokes

so the jokes on you

cause killing this Joker is long overdue

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