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[Music] the Honda HRV has just been updated

again but you wouldn't be able to tell that it has been unless you're sitting

where I am yep the engine is still the same the

transmission no still the same and you guessed it the drive experience is still

the same and I'm in the RS model which is the sportiest version of the HRV and

I'll get to what differentiates it a little bit later but before we delve any

deeper into the 2021 Honda HRV make sure if you're watching on youtube

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show you around the Honda HRV and tell you exactly what's changed the

big news is right here yes Honda Australia has finally added a

touchscreen media system with apple carplay and android auto smartphone

mirroring that might not seem like such a big deal to some people out there but

as someone who's just handed back a long-term HRV which i had for six months

and disliked even more every single time I drove it because of the old media

screen this is heaven-sent the new screen is the same size as the

previous one a 7 inch touchscreen and instead of having the USB port up here

where the cord could be a little bit messy

it's now down here so it can be tucked out of the way and for those who like

sat-nav built into their cars there's bad news because this new screen doesn't

have GPS nav instead you've just got to rely on your phone's apps and they'll

mirror up on the screen if you use Google Maps or Apple maps or Android or

whatever app you need to use it'll be on the screen instead while the smartphone

mirroring tech is definitely an advantage the screen itself is not

terrific the actual menus inside the screen aren't as intuitive as some of

the rivals it's not as big as some of its competitors

and it also looks a little bit fuzzy and that's a bit of a Honda trait I don't

know how they managed to do it but it just doesn't look as good as it could

otherwise inside the cabin the storage is pretty good there's a pair of

cupholders here with adjustable height level so you could put a bottle in there

if you prefer there's also a covered center console bin there's this section

down here which I never really use that much but apparently it's great for a

handbag and there are also bottle holders in the doors it's a pretty

thoughtful cabin but there's still a few things that make it look a little bit

dated sure the materials are all quite nice but they don't look that special

and there's no digital speedo which is a disappointment now let's take a look in

the back seat the back seat is the reason you buy a Honda HRV

that might sound silly because it's not a limousine or anything but it is

supremely practical let me show you these are magic seats now they allow you

to create a massive amount of space back here except that one didn't lock in so in

here you can store someone my size or some pot plants or something like that

but what if you want to store something long and flat well you can put the seat

base down and flip down the backrest and then you've got this massive space that

extends all the way through to the boot it's very good now what about actual

human space well let me show you just slid in here this seat is set for my

driving position I'm 182 centimeters or 6 foot in the old money and there's

plenty of knee room back here it's very comfortable there's even good Headroom

although you do have to watch yourself getting in and out if you're a bit

taller because of that in terms of that accommodation back here it is pretty

comfortable you can fit three adults across if you need to but if you've got

kids there are dual ISOFIX anchor points and three top tether points as well

there's a pair of map pockets which is good there are door pockets but they're

a bit awkwardly shaped so they're not that easy to use and there's no center

cup holder armrest situation in here at all there is a bottle holder down in

front of your feet there's a 12-volt power outlet

but there is no USB charge ports in the back which is a bit disappointing

because more and more cars these days are offering that ability to keep your

kids charged up on the road trip not so in the HRV but otherwise it's quite a

nice place to be now let's check out the boot before I show you the cargo area

let's just consider how compact the Honda HRV is yes it is at the upper end

of the small SUV size scale but it's still very diminutive and City friendly

in its size and that's why so many people buy it the boot space on offer is

excellent and it just furthers the claim of the Honda HRV as being the most

practical small SUV you can buy with the rear seats in place there's 437 liters of

cargo space and under the boot floor there's a space saver spare wheel here's

what that means in terms of luggage capacity fold down those rear seats flat

and you get a huge space at the other end of the car nothing has changed under

the bonnet of the HRV since it launched back in 2014 it still runs a 1.8 liter

four-cylinder engine which has reasonable power and torque outputs for

the class but is certainly no firecracker

you might remember I mentioned that I'm in the RS model it's the third variant

up a 4 model range so it goes vti vti-s RS and top spec vti LX so what's the HRV

like to drive let's start with the engine

it's a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder there's nothing too exciting about that and it's

got a CVT automatic transmission team to it there's certainly nothing exciting

about that the CVT really just robs you of much enjoyment if there was any to be

had from this engine well that sort of throttles it and it just doesn't excite

me at all I guess that might matter to you or maybe it won't but if you are

looking for a sporty version of the HRV the engine isn't going to appeal to you

in this car what might appeal to you is the steering in the RS which is a

variable ratio steering rack and what that means is it's just a bit more

direct and a bit quicker to change directions it doesn't necessarily mean

that there's more feel to the steering and sure it's not hot hatch like but

it's mostly pretty enjoyable I mean it's the most enjoyable part of the drive

experience at least the suspension is unchanged between this model and the

other versions in the HRV range but you do get 18-inch wheels which are the

biggest in the HRV lineup and that means that the ride can be a little bit bouncy

and bumpy particularly the front end if you hit repetitive bumps you'll notice

that it can bounce around a little bit it's not very resolved and because

you've got those big 18-inch wheels with low profile tires you will notice some

road roar intrusion into the cabin as well particularly on course chip

surfaces like you find in most of country Australia but if the surfaces

are smooth if you're around town or maybe on the freeway progress won't be

too much of an issue it'll get along fine the ride will be

decent in those sorts of situations and it's a predictable car to drive but

safety is where the HRV really falls short compared to its rivals there's no

high speed auto emergency braking and the AEV that is fitted across the range

doesn't detect pedestrians or cyclists there's no active lane keeping

assistance no traditional blind spot monitoring no rear cross-traffic alert

and no rear AEV either there is a reversing camera and Honda's Lane watch

camera if you buy the top spec you get forward collision warning lane departure

warning and auto high beam lights but that's not even as much tech as some

rivals offer in their base models you might also be wondering about ownership

prospects for the HRV it has a five-year warranty and capped price servicing for up

to 10 years or a hundred thousand K's read the review at the cars guide site

to find out more the updated 2021 Honda HRV has certainly gone some of the way

to addressing our concerns about the shortfalls that the previous

model offered namely the media screen which is much better now than it ever

was but there's still some stuff that we'd like to see added essentially the

HRV is a very cleverly packaged small SUV but it's starting to feel quite

dated and it's let down by a lack of active safety technology that most of

its rivals now have across their entire ranges so you might be wondering what

score I'm giving it well here it is [Music]


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