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There are some important people in the psychedelic community that many of us owe a lot to and

one of them would be Joe Rogan.

There's something very important happening at the moment that we need to discuss in terms

of our future.

It's about the fight for your mind, your psychedelic freedom, freedom of speech and much more.

A quick description to those of you who are not familiar with Joe RoganJoe is one

of the most important and influential podcasters in the world.

He is also one of the biggest stand-up comedians, a trained martial arts fighter, a UFC commentator,

a former TV show host and an actor.

To many he is simply known as a big proponent of psychoactive substances, an avid hunter

or simply a crazy no-filter dude online listened to by millions.

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Some 10 years ago I started watching his stand-up and I was immediately a fan of his loud, logic-loaded

onstage performances.

As his podcast started showing up in Youtube recommendations I began to appreciate his

unpolished, funny talks which were quickly getting more and more exposure.

It was Joe Rogan's podcast that convinced me to try psychedelics to cure my depression,

specifically speaking episode #470 with Amber Lyon.

The reason 434 exists is Joe Rogan's courage and perseverance to talk openly about the

benefits of the use of psychedelics and weed.

It is why you're listening to me now and why the internet is now being filled with the

knowledge about machine elves.

There are some issues that need to be addressed here before we continue.

To anyone who has been following Joe's career it seems like he became an important personality


He started from doing martial arts and then he moved on to doing stand-up, next he started

appearing on TV screens and then he started his podcast.

Of course like everybody else I have my doubts as to whether Joe came to fame and his position

without anyone's help.

Although Joe explained it in detail many times how he came to where he is now I'm highly

suspicious of anyone who has ties to Disney, Warner Bros., NBC, CBS and Hollywood.

It is not just the history of his fame that many people have an issue with.

When talking about Joe we need to take into account the criticism he receives.

Together with Elon Musk he seems to be one of the biggest proponents of artificial intelligence

and DNA manipulation.

He talks about this in almost every episode and it sounds very often like there is an

agenda behind it.

Maybe it is just one of the things he is really interested in but it seems a bit shady to

me and others.

The other problem many people have with his podcast is a clear bias when it comes to conspiracy

theories that he used to be a big fan of.

At some point he started making fun of 911, yeti and flat earth.

It doesn't feel like he ever wanted to address these issues by talking to some guests who

have expertise in that area.

It seems Joe is only interested in ridiculing these issues without logically disseminating


Also those of us who have been watching this podcast for a long time noticed his guests

turning mainstream and political with the likes of Jack Dorsey, Bernie Sanders, Tulsi

Gabbard and others.

My theory is that he grew too big and might have started threatening the status quo.

There is a lot of talk online about him getting a visit from men in dark sunglasses giving

him an offer he couldn't refuse to control his abilities to form a movement.

But to his defense I can say that it's not easy not injecting your personality into the

content that you're producing and I understand that it might be the reality of attracting

millions of views that we know nothing of.

We might not like his occasionally weird or illogical ideas about hunting animals because

they apparently suffer too much in the wild or treating Brian Redban like a podcasting

prop when Joe wants to have a 3 hour monologue.

But it is his show and he can do whatever he feels like with it.

At the end of the day it is clear that no one has done for us as much as Joe and something

very important happened recently that made me think that we need to talk about him.

As some of you might have heard Joe Rogan announced recently that he's leaving Youtube.

The Joe Rogan experience podcast from September 1 will be moving to Spotify and later in the

year it will become a Spotify exclusive which means that 11 years of podcasts will be transferred

to Spotify and they no longer will be available on Youtube.

It is believed that this multi-year deal is worth something close to $100 million and

once this was announced Spotify shares went up by 40%.

If you want to understand how one person became so valuable you need to look into the numbers

behind his podcast.

Joe Rogan is believed to personally earn about $6 million a year from Youtube ads alone not

including money he gets for promotions, endorsements and product placements.

According to independent financial estimates this deal will bring Spotify about $40 million

a year.

It's not that Joe built just a successful podcast, it's that his podcast became a fortune

generating enterprise.

His Youtube channel gets 3.7 million views a day on average, he has about 8.6 million

subscribers, his podcast is downloaded 200 million times per month and his videos have

generated a total of about 2.8 billion views.

At the current rate he's getting close to 1.3 billion views a year and I'm giving you

these numbers to make you realize that those of you who think that Joe's decision to leave

Youtube is about money you need to understand that Joe is now a powerhouse, he is a very

rich man and it doesn't seem like he needs more money.

He could stop being a podcaster and keep doing his UFC job, his stand-up specials and he

could keep running his nutrition company and he would still make a fortune.

I don't think it's about that.

Especially if you look at Joe's interests and life style which are pretty much staying

away from people, eating elk meat and working out.

The rumor has it that all of this is about what is going on with Youtube and the digital

freedom of speech at the moment.

Most of you might remember that Youtube used to be the free speech heaven and today Youtube

is about to become Myspace - forgotten and valueless and it's all because of what is

happening on the platform now.

It is speculated that the reason why Joe decided to move to another platform is Youtube censoring

his guest list.

Apparently he wanted to talk to a few doctors about the global situation now and Youtube

had a problem with that.

It seems that the Spotify deal is a result of the difference between being promoted by

helpful corporation and being censored by a hostile platform.

And I'm talking about this because it is the same for all of us as Youtube is slowly becoming

the enemy of both the viewers and the creators.

You see when Youtube loses these 1.3 billion Joe Rogan views a year it will mean that most

of these people will leave the platform for ever.

I know that many of you, both in his in my case, come exclusively for content to Youtube

and you don't watch anything else on the platform.

Once people leave they will not be back and although tens of billions of views that they

will lose from Joe might translate into maybe 1/300th of the total annual viewership it

has some very serious repercussions for all digital media.

Joe Rogan is effectively going against big-tech and their censorship.

This is an important precedent that may be devastating in consequences to Youtube and

it is a sign that this is not a safe platform for doing business anymore.

It gives Youtube a bad name that might start an outflux of Youtube video producers.

It not only creates a very negative perspective for Youtube's future growth and survival but

it also might give boost to the creation and development of new platforms.

Why do I think that?

Because it seems that everybody who talks about this deal doesn't seem to care how many

viewers Joe will lose during this transition but everybody asks how many viewers will Youtube


Of course Joe is not the only major creator who's been fed up with Youtube and those of

you who know the biggest online gaming commentator Pewdiepie might remember that a few months

ago he also announced his plans to quit Youtube and right after that Youtube seems to have

been forced to sign an exclusive deal with him knowing that it might cost them a hundred

million subscribers.

And if you combine these two we are talking about some serious numbers.

Another reason I am making this video about Joe is that I want you to understand how one

person can affect the world for millions.

Joe Rogan showed us that changing the structure of the internet power is a possibility for

one person.

Remember that Joe comes from kind of a broken home, at least for the first few years of

his life as he lived with his abusive, alcoholic father and whether you want to believe that

he came to his position through determination and hard work or whether he is an element

of planted opposition it's indisputable that his example shows that anyone can be a game


Anyone can become a trailblazer for others to follow.

It's undeniable that Joe Rogan made everyone aware how valuable long, unscripted and honest

conversations can be for everybody.

Joe also became a symbol of unfiltered free speech movement.

Even today with his toned-down version of his discussions with what seems to be every

important person on earth he still says what he wants and what's on his crazy mind.

He's a positive example for men all over the world and an inspiration to countless number

of young boys looking for a role model they can look up to.

To many he is a perfect example that you can be a short, bald 50-year-old and still be

a bad-a$$ who women find attractive.

Of course no one has done so much for the psychedelic and spiritual movement as Joe


He's legendary DMT rants have made who knows how many people try psychedelics.

To this day the logo of his show is about a psychedelic state of mind.

By hosting people like Dennis McKenna or Paul Stamets he has probably introduced mushrooms

to millions of people who normally would have never had chance to learn about the wonders

of this inter-dimensional medicine otherwise.

Those who have listened to his podcasts with Graham Hancock and Amber Lyon might have had

a chance to learn for the first time what Ayahuasca is and I'm one of those people.

Who knows what role Joe Rogan's discussions with Duncan Trussell played in the creation

of the psychedelic Netflix series Midnight Gospel.

Joe allowed for psychedelics to become mainstream leading to renewed interest in them from medical

perspective and it is all because of one ballsy dude who is not afraid of speaking up about

political and medical agendas.

And let's not forget everything he might have done for the weed legalization movement.

Joe Rogan might be the first household name of semi-celebrity who shamelessly and regularly

smokes weed on his show with his guests.

My point is this: anyone can become an important motivator for millions.

With hard work and a little luck you can go from an awkward fleshlight promoting anonymous

online commentator to someone who by simply picking his guests can swing elections and

change the political landscape.

Joe is a living example that no matter your background or your origin you can become an

inspiration for millions.

You can make people try to raid a secret military base or you can make the Tesla shares drop

by 10%.

You never know where your path will lead you.

It's important that you never give up because one day you might be changing lives of millions.

His courage to talk openly and honestly about difficult subjects that are on everyone's

mind should be an inspiration to everyone.

For any entrepreneur or a content creator the success story of JRE is an incredibly

moving example of going from rags to riches doing what you love.

For anyone who wants to get away from the deadly rat race of the corporate life Joe

is a symbol of wealth and accomplishment that is simply a by-product of a passion.

His path is a dream for many out there.

The amount of time, effort and energy that Joe puts into his life to be the best possible

version of himself and to get as much out of his existence as possible represents a

truly admirable life stance and strength of character we all should strive for.

Educating ourselves and having an awareness of our surroundings and living environment

is one of our responsibilities in this reality and Joe's thirst for knowledge, his open-mindedness

and the ability to identify and accept own limitations are perfect examples of how you

can achieve intellectual greatness without compromising your integrity.

Joe has his heart in the right place and his rebel-like non-conforming attitude to everything

he considers wrong or inhumane always fills me with hope.

It feels good knowing that there are influential people out there ready to make fun of the

upside down world that we happen to be a part of.

It is important that we support people like Joe as being honest in times of manipulation

and deceit is a revolutionary and brave act that needs to be acknowledged and appreciated.

This world needs more people who will take action when our freedom is threatened and

we need more role models who are willing to walk the walk and face adversity.

I hope you all continue watching and supporting channels like Joe's and mine in the times

of unprecedented censorship and deceitful propaganda.

Without people willing to sacrifice their safety in the name of your freedom there is

no future for any of us.

Please support 434 through methods shown on the screen and in the video description.

Let the voice of reason reach as many people as possible.

We all need it now more than ever.

Thank you for your help and I wish Joe Rogan and all of his viewers all the luck they need

on this new journey.

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