Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Balache Baap Brahmachari

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What a daily nuisance is this.

See, what he done?

Leave my leg. Don't pull.

Take it off. - He took off my sock!

What the hell is going on!

Thrice I got cut with shaving blade.


What's with your chaos?

He is wearing blue sock in one leg and white in another.

This white one belongs to me.

Go without socks. - Of course.

What nonsense. Shut up.

Don't try to threaten me. - What the headache.

Give me the cigarette.

Such a nuisance.

Today he is fighting for a sock.

In future you might fight for a wife with me.


Who is it?

Uncle, please give back the ball.

Is it? Hell with your ball.

First tell me who break the glass?

Bloody hell. The entire window is wrecked with your ball.

It won't happen again.

How can you be sure?

Because no glass is left on your window.


Hey, Sarang, get them.

How can I go like this? They will pull off my towel.

They are mischievous kids as like you.

What are you doing? - I need a sock.

Look what he is doing here.

Hey! I'll slap you now for breaking the glass.

I know your glass is broken therefore we lost our ball.

Uncle, you get a bullet proof glass for your window.

Such a big mouth for this diminutive stature.

As like you.

Why are you scattering my clothes?

I am looking for my ball.

What a mess is this.

Can't you even manage your clothes?

He is talking to you.

I am going to rapture your leg now.

Uncle, first finish with your shaving, it's getting dried up.

The ball is found. Thank you.

Grab him.

Dinesh? - What?

Look for my clothes.

Vilas, what a trouble he is.

Have cigarette.

Give it.

Lend me your shirt and trouser. - What?

I don't have clothes. - Take back your cigarette.

Oh no! Today again I am late for office.

Vilas, bye. - But...

What kind of boys are these? - Bad boys.

What a mess around.

Can't you put cap on bottle?

It's not my fault. Dinesh and Vilas were having it.

What nonsense. - I had a cup of tea, it's there.

Cup of tea. - I want to deliver the books.

Then go ahead. - How can I go like this?

Aunt Saku, please find my clothes.

Here is the cigarette.

I am paid for washing your clothes and not for finding them out.

Let me make it clear.

We must find our own clothes and wear it and also need to go for a job.

What kind of life is this?

What did you say? - Stop babbling.

What a nuisance.

What did you say? - No one said anything to you.

How can I? I am talking to him.

Then talk to him.

What's the matter? - I am not finding my clothes.

Don't you know where your clothes are?

Find my clothes.

Such heap of clothes to wash.


What happened? - Where are you taking these clothes?

I am taking it for cleaning.

You are taking the cleaned, ironed clothes to wash again?

Are you out of your mind?

I am not out of my mind but you have lost your minds.

Maybe because of you.


Where are you going? - I am yet to have shower.

So you want me to bath you?

I mean If I am done with my shower, you can wash my clothes as well.

Then you should've had shower on time.

He makes all the delay. What can I do?

So now keep waiting.

Saku and time waits for none.

Listen to me first...

God! Is she a servant or school principal?

On the clock

What's wrong with my voice?




"Fathers of the baby are bachelor."

"Fathers of the baby are bachelor."

"These bachelors are very clever."

"Fathers of the baby are bachelor."

"Fathers of the baby are bachelor."

"Even though after practicing, calculation of life went wrong."

"With brains and contrivance, they are here with worldliness."

"Fathers of the baby are bachelor."

"Fathers of the baby are bachelor."

"The relations that seem impossible, sometimes it makes sensitive bonds."

"The relations that seem impossible, sometimes it makes sensitive bonds."

"Fathers of the baby are bachelor."

"Fathers of the baby are bachelor."

"The relations that seem impossible, sometimes it makes sensitive bonds."

"Fathers of the baby are bachelor."

"Fathers of the baby are bachelor."


You are enjoying match here.

What's the update on Crown model? It needs to be delivered tomorrow.

Just little work is to be done.

I'll finish it in two days.

Am I supposed to finish the pending work?

Hey! What about that tape recorder?

I'll check it at afternoon.

Work during afternoon and watch match in morning time.


I'll make you get out!

Vilas sir. - What?

Customer is waiting outside.

Has Pawar not come to office yet?

No. - Okay.

Some or the other person is absent, I am the one to rush everywhere.

Tell him I am coming.

Hey! Stop watching the match. You might make me lose my job.

Alright. Alright.

What happened?

Is this the way? - What happened?

Look. I can't afford this.

If it is unaffordable then I'll show you the cheap one.

But what are you talking about?

It's been three days but still the delivery is pending.

Oh. But that's not in our hands.

But whose delivery are you talking about?

Your daughter's or your wife's delivery?

Nonsense. - Nonsense?

How the idiots like you get recruited?

I am asking about delivery of television.

Oh, I see.

Since the sales person is absent today, I can't do anything.

Look. I have nothing to do with it. - Never mind.

You take advance payment, commits and then you don't deliver on time.

Don't you understand!

You take advance payment, commits and don't deliver the product on time.

I scolded him.

The receipt of advance payment please. - Here.

Seems like very responsible.

He has paid the advance and still you cannot deliver on time?

I scolded them.


Oh! Good morning, sir!

If you don't deliver today itself, I'll sue you.

I am warning you.

You may sue but at least let me go now.

I will surely make the delivery.

Come on. This way.

Oh! Good morning, sir.

Good morning.

Good morning.

I am Collector K. C. Tavdyaana.

At the same time.

Show us washing machine.

Please come. - Not to me. Show her.

Shyamli, you want to have washing machine, right?

Go and select it.

It's better if you could also see.

Washing machine is to be bought for her.

So she needs to select it.

Let her be responsible if she selects wrong product.

That's right.

Come on, show me the machine.

Yes. Of course. Please come.

I have to show you.

Where to go?

This way. - Please come.

This one is a very good piece.

It's 2.5 version, washes and drains the clothes.

This one is the best machine.

It's capacity is of 3 kilo watts.

In this the clothes get washed, drained and dried as well.

Even this one is the best piece.

It's of 5 kilo watts.

In this the clothes get washed, drained, dried and ironed as well.

You can wash any cloth in this machine.

I mean black coloured cloth, white, green, yellow, blue, maroon or any cloth.

Also... also...

Also you can wash polyester, woollen, linen, sack, blanket..

..all clothes turn gunny in it.

What's there to laugh? Did I say anything wrong?

You have well mugged up.

I apologize if I said anything wrong.

Since it's our daily job, it happens.

I liked it.

That's your point of view.

But the thing is when sales person is absent, we are forced to do his job.

This isn't my job.

I am talking about machine. - About machine. Okay.

Is it?

How can be assured that machine is working?

We have already tested all machines.

Dad, I am buying this machine.

Okay. You handle the deal.

But your father too needs to check it.

He never checks anything.

He says that he will only verify the boy whom I'll select for marriage.

What's wrong?

Nothing. I drank the machine cleanser by mistake.

Hi! Mr. Vaidya! Are my books ready?

Wait a minute.

What wait? The one who waits achieves nothing is said by me only.

Hey, why are you buying books?

Join our library.

Excuse me please.

Check if you have these books on Yoga.


Mr. Vaidya, please attend the old customer first and then go for new.

She isn't smiling, seems she is distressed.


Thank you, Mr. Vaidya.

Books are too heavy, seems the content is large.

You carry on with your books.

I am done, I need to leave.

I need to sell the books.


We don't have these books.

Check with other shop. - I see.

He stole my bicycle! Grab him!

Grab him! He stole my bicycle!

Somebody grab him! Grab him!


Somebody grab him! Grab him!


I can't see any thief.

You are the only thief here.

You mean me? I am not a thief.

You stole my bicycle and you denying it?


Oh no. I was riding your bicycle by mistake.

I haven't stolen it. I swear.

Hey, you ate lying.

I swear on my mother, it's not my fault.

I stepped out of the shop and got my cycle riding that was parked outside.

Assuming that it's my cycle.

I swear I didn't stole it.

Is it? Let's check if you are saying the truth. - I swear, I am not kidding.

Come on. - Shall we go double seat?

Shut up and come with me. Stop talking. Come on.

Now show me your cycle.

Take back your cart.

Here is my latest cycle. Bye.

Hey? Unload your books from my cycle.

Sometimes we are destined to shoulder the load of others, isn't it?

If required, I can carry you too on my bicycle. Will you come?

Why? Now you want to take me away?

No. Until now by taking away the books I started library.

I don't want to start any ladies hostel by taking you away.

What! - Who is it?

Disgusting! A lady gave birth to triplets?

Horrible. Simply horrible.

Why are you bumping the magazine?

Dinesh, did you read this news?

What news? - A lady gave birth to triplets.

The news made me shiver.

What's there to shiver?

In future you too might have triplets.

Come on. I don't like this kind of joke.

Wow! Looks like a new piece.

Did you like it?

One of dad's friends is a sculptor.

Who? - Devendra Sharma.

Okay. - Recently he gifted this idol to dad.

Did you like it?

Very nice.

Shall I get you married to it?

That's a good one.

Greetings, sir.

Don't call me sir.

You are most honourable guest in this house.

Babasaheb, here are the diagrams of the machinery required for our factory.

Be seated.

Thank you, sir.

Dinesh? Are you married?


That's great.

By the way, Dinesh..

I am going to send you on training for four months at Hong Kong and Singapore.

Go for it until you are a trainee.

Really, sir?

Of course.

And after the completion of your training, you'll be our manager.

Congrats. - Thank you.

You'll have a luxury of living in company bungalow, driving a car.

Babasaheb, I cannot thank you enough for this.

It's just a small thing. I have many future plans for you.

If I get a person like you forever... - Babasaheb, I will never leave you.

I have already planned you to keep you with us forever.

Vegetable, bread, eggs, hundred bucks.

Grocer's bill three hundred bucks!

Let me make it clear that I cannot bear so much of burden on my family.

I kept mum because sister in law was carrying a child.

The expenses of her and her child's livelihood will make my family suffer.

You are right but Dinesh wasn't in touch for so many days.

I saw him at station but he refused to recognise me.

Whatever it is but I won't tolerate.. daughter suffering because of sister in law's child.

In this house two litres of milk is consumed in a day.

After a child is born, milk consumption is obvious to rise.

Go, my child. Go out and play with your doll.

But is that affordable to us?

Are we supposed to starve for feeding others?

It happens.

I won't tolerate this.

Take this expenses book and handle the budget.

You are unnecessarily troubling yourself.

Be seated.

Look. I have come to know..

..that there is going to be an inaugural ceremony..

..of the land where the new factory is going to be built..

..outside our village belongs to the boss of Dinesh.

Dinesh will surely come to the ceremony.

I seek your blessings, Babasaheb. - No problem.

Very good.

Greetings. - Thank you.

Thank you very much. - Yes, Mr. Mehta. Thank you.

So, Dinesh? Hope the function was carried out well.

Dinesh, I am here with our child.

Lady, who are you?

I? I am your wife Kamal.

Babasaheb, what a shameless woman she is.

The lady who I have never met in my life.. calming to be my wife.


No, lady. He can't be your husband.

I know that he is unmarried.

He is lying. I am his wife.

This is our baby.

Babasaheb, she seems to be a crook.

You carry on.

Babasaheb, please listen to me. - Go and dupe some other person.

Dinesh, it's your duty to take care of me and our child.

Get lost. - Dinesh, at least think about our son.

Dinesh, please listen to me, think about our son.

Dinesh! Listen to me.

Dinesh! Listen to me.

Hey. Are you really going abroad for training?

Are you going to leave us?

This house will get desolated.

Dear, I have to go.

You mean after training you'll become a manager.

It means you'll be rich.

It means you'll be rich. - You'll become a rich man.

Therefore I am going.

Hope you'll not forget us.

Oh yes. You won't forget us, right?

You won't forget us, right? - No.

Promise us. - Okay. Promise.

Pray for him.

Pray? - In ancient times when women used to go on war.. used to pray for them in peculiar ritual.

In the same way I'll pray for you.

Give it to me. I'll put some vermillion.

That's it.

Since three of us are bachelors.

There is no woman here.

Therefore we did the ritual for you.

"We pray for you."

Enough of it.

Let me sprinkle rose water. - It's soda.

Tell me one thing.

What? - Have you found any girlfriends?

I swear on you.

Here. - I swear on you.

I have already selected a girlfriend for me.

Is it?

My book is ready, just the preface is pending.

What about you?

I don't get any chance to wander around like you two.

But I am sure of one.

What are you saying!

You mean three weddings under single tent.

Three in one.

So let's raise a toast for our weddings!

Where is your mouth, let me pour some whiskey.

You never say anything to your sister.

Talk softly.

Why? Is she my mother in law to fear her?

I will object.

I know what you want to say.

Isn't it? Then tell sister in law to get out from this house.

Such a miserable woman she is. She is a burden on our family.

Her husband has left her and here we are suffering because of it.

We'll find some solution on this.

You look for a solution.

Look. If sister in law do not leave this house..

..within four days, I'll propel her out.

Or I shall go away from here.

But where will they go?

Let them go to hell.

For so many days we fostered her, supported her childbirth.

It's been five months now.

I can no more take care of her.

Why our daughter should suffer because of her?

Yes but please talk softly.

Why don't you tell her to just leave?

Calm down, my dear.

Are you hungry?

Let's see if we find milk for you here.


Where do you want to go?

First I need some milk for my son.

Can I get milk nearby?

Yes. There is a shop at cross road.

You be seated, sister. I'll take you there.

Calm down, baby. Now we'll get milk for my darling.

You are hungry, aren't you?

What place is this?

Don't come near me.

I'll shout.

Even if you shout or yell, nobody will come for your help in this area.


He is your heartbeat, isn't it?

Leave him!

Leave him!

Has buffalo milked during midnight?

Or has milkman arrived early today due to no water for mixing in milk?

Sheer trouble.

Who is it?

Who is it!

It's no one.

Maybe it's the boys in neighbourhood.

They can only make mischief.

They are just trouble makers.




Wake up! Something wired has happened.

Is there any earthquake?

It's worrisome than earthquake.

I am totally shaken. Wake up.

What are you doing? Let me sleep. Look here.

Whose baby is this?

Who has left him here?

But whatever it is, baby is damn cute.

Stop it.

We must find out whose baby it is.

Come with me.

Whose baby is this?

Baby belongs to whom?

Surprising. - No one is answering.

God knows who has left this baby here.

His mother or his father?

They have nothing to lose by leaving him to us.

And they have selected bachelors like us for dropping him.

It's surprising.

"Go to sleep, oh, baby sweet!"

Shut up!

Don't shout. People might misunderstand.

They'll think I have a pet buffalo.

Come on, get in. - "Go to sleep, oh, baby sweet!"

What's your name?

What is your father's name?

What is your surname?

You idiot! Can a few months old toddler speak?

Asking such stupid questions to him.

Then you handle him.

I don't like kids.

Come on, let's go to sleep.

As it is I am pissed off with such awful start of the day.

Hey you!

Why did you put him on my bed? Tell me!

Why are you being so loud? Look he peed on bed.

Get him off! Come on!

Uncle is very bad, he keeps scolding. He is crazy.

The baby is also such unique one.

He thinks the bed is urinal.

He is crazy uncle.

Oh. The door is open.

What kind of people lives here?

These boys are such irresponsible. How can they leave the door open?

Oh my God! Who is he now?

He is a baby. Isn't he sweet?

Hey baby, look your grandma is here.

I am his grandma and who is his father?

I considered you to be good boys..

..and I never thought you could do such shameful thing.

Mind your tongue.

Don't assassinate our character. - What?


I am not assassinating or vaccinating anyone.

I am just asking you. Who this baby is and how did he come here?

He came by night train last night.

Is it?

This is indeed scary for world if kids started getting delivered by night trains.

No. Saku, the thing is, someone had left this baby..

..on our door steps during dawn.

How can we throw him away so we got him in.

God knows who this baby belongs to.

But you did well by taking him inside.

God will bless you.

Forget about us but first think about this baby.

We don't know anything about nurturing a baby.

You must've mothered at least one child?

You stupid! - Aren't you?

I am a mother to eight children.

Not just one. Mind your tongue.

Eight children.

God knows when she used to do the house chores.

I had twelve kids. - Then?

Four of them died. - Poor kids got saved from you.

What did you say? - I am saved.

Get milk for baby, get a milk bottle for him.

Here are so many milk bottles. Try one of them.

Hell with your idea! - Why? What happened?

A baby needs bottle with nipple to drink the milk.

Hold on. I'll list it down, better to avoid confusion later.

Milk bottle. Pen is running out of ink.

What happened? How will you write it down?

Get diapers, baby cloths, mineral water.

Mineral water?

You must not be aware of it. Get mineral water for baby.

Okay. - And what else is required?

What else is required?

Get cradle.

Yes cradle. Put the baby in cradle and sing lullaby.

Hey idiot! Listen to what I say.

Don't take the responsibility of this baby.

Admit this baby in some orphanage in the afternoon.

After returning home in the evening if I see this baby in our house..

..I'll drop you in some orphanage along with this baby.

Hey you! - What?

What nonsense are you talking? Mind your tongue.

You leave. We'll handle it.

Aunt, will you do one thing?

Will you look after the baby for an hour?

No. I have work at other's place to do.

For baby sake. Please.

For baby? Okay. Fine.

I'll be right back.

Wash this. Never mind. I'll do it.

Oh my baby.

I have lot of work to do.

You be here and let me work.

Good boy.

Calm down, my baby.

Hey you! Stay away!

How dare you abduct the baby!

You think he is alone?

You childless woman!

Look what she is doing! She is taking away the baby!

Where are you escaping?

You scoundrel, ruin you!

Where are you escaping?

Don't put your hand directly into it.

Just hold on.

Now continue.

Oh My God! What a clean wash.

Machine is easy to operate.

Is it?

Let me wash dad's shirt in this.

Why are you holding my hand?

I didn't intent to hold hand.

I just wanted to say that don't soak the cloth manually.

Once you put in, it gets automatically soaked.

It's an automatic machine. - Is it?

Once you start the machine, the cloth automatically gets washed.

For that we must switch on the machine, right?

Yes. We need to switch on the machine.

Switch is off? I thought it is already on.

Switching button is on machine and not in my hand.

Sorry. I swear, I mistakenly hold your hand.

I am sorry.

Don't misunderstand. If I had a sword, I would've severed my hand.

Whose hand? Mine?

Yes. Yours. I mean no. My hand.

You are too funny.

I tell you, it's a bad habit. You tell me.

Is it good to continue holding the hand..

..which by mistake has got hold of.. matter how delicate or soft other's hand is?

This is like things going out of hand.

You tell me...

If you are done on topic of hand, shall I switch on the machine?

Go ahead.

Don't touch wrong button.

Ask me for right button.

Hands down.

Is the machine is demonstrated or hand?


The thing is her hand...

It's hand, right? Yes.

She was taking her hand near to switch.

I said it's a wrong switch..

..therefore I was taking her hand to other switch.

Is it?

Don't try to fool me, mister mechanic.

Don't tell me.

She is the daughter of collector.

You are right. - She will never touch wrong switch.

You are right. She is intelligent.

Also beautiful. - What?

I mean being intelligent is more important.

You are telling me the qualities of my daughter?

I know her since she was born.

But I have met her recently therefore isn't it obvious that I admire her?

It's alright.

It's not good to stretch the demonstration.

Right. - You may leave.

Okay. - Wait. - Why?

I'll make coffee for you.

No! He is not at all an invited guest. - But...

It is not good to get so close with an ordinary mechanic.

He is right. - Dad, but I have already decided.

I don't like it!

I register my protest.

Why is he looking weird? Is he angry?

Come on, Mr. Vaataarkar.

All fathers are same.

I won't let you go like this.

Come. I'll get coffee for you.

But my hand...


Seems like he is dead.

How did it happen so suddenly?

My payment is also pending.

Need to inform all his relatives.

Who is it?

Oh. He is alive.

It's me. Sarang from library.

What are you doing lying?

Lie on sofa, come on.

I wasn't sleeping. - Then?

It's one of Yoga position.

I was teaching this to Nanasaheb.

Did you get it, Nanasaheb? - Yes.

You must lie down lifeless.

I got it. Now I won't make any mistake.

Bye, sir. Bye.

See you.

I too will leave now. - You wait.

Doesn't he need any company? - Where are you going?

Do you know how to perform Yoga?

No. I haven't yet got a chance to do it.

Then be seated here. - Why?

Sit down. Else I'll shut down your library.

No. I mean running a library needs hard physical work.

What if any of my leg or hand gets injured?

Be seated.

Look. Do this form of Yoga, it is called Padmasan.

That's fine but I have to run the library.

My limbs are similar to me.

They might break but won't bend.

Then I too have some principles.

No matter even if it breaks but the legs must bend.

It won't bend. What are you doing?

Do it, come on.

Are you taking off my legs?

Mr. Bapu, I beg you.

No matter even if you don't pay library fees.

But please don't harm my leg.

I do have solution on it as well.

You have solution, is it?

You new generation do not want to go for Yoga.

My daughter is also like you.

I nag her day and night to perform Yoga.

Break her legs then. Why are you troubling me?

I beg you. - Take back your leg.

Dad, what are you doing?

Thank God you came.

You? - Yes. It's me. But what are you doing here?

She is my daughter.

So she is in her father's house. - Good.

I am letting you go for now..

..but from tomorrow onwards I won't let you go..

without teaching you Yoga.

Wrecked my legs.

Dad, why you keep insisting everyone for Yoga?

You might rupture someone's limbs someday.

You are a fool. Help him to get up.

I wonder what's wrong in learning Yoga.

Slowly. - Be careful.

Holding your hand comforted my pain.

What are you doing here?

He is the one providing books to us since last month.

You provide the books?

I didn't know that.

Sarang? Have you got all the books that I asked for?

Of course I have.

See this.

"Yoga is health."

"Disadvantages of Yoga."

I mean advantages.

Here. These are for you.

Read it carefully.

If you didn't read it, you'll face retribution.

I'll make you do head stand for two hours.

What I say, miss badminton... I mean Meenakshi.

If you rupture your limbs because of Yoga, mechanic like me is here to repair you.


Where is he?

In the morning you paid me only fifty bucks.

Who will pay the rest of twenty bucks?

Hey, old lady... I mean Saku Bai, until now you were working for three of us.


But now you work for only two of us, right?

But cleaning the bunch of your cloths is not less than cleaning any garbage.

Do one thing.

Keep these fifty bucks to you for your funeral.

These days even funerals are expensive.

You won't realise unless you die.

I'll take care of myself. I am quitting.

Saku Bai, why are you getting upset?

You are our only savior and servant.

You scamp!

It's only because of you we could at least wear clean clothes.

Else have we been able to wear clothes?

What? - Without asking you?

Take these twenty bucks.

We were just kidding.

Is this the way to make fun of elders?

If your disrespect and make fun of old lady, no one of you will ever get married.

Fine. - What! - I am warning you.

Hey, Saku Bai? Don't curse us.

Rather bless us with something good.

Such nuts you are! It's useless to talk to her.

It's five o'clock.

Five O' clock?

Five O' clock!

At five you are required to take your shirt off?

Oh it's five O' clock!

Oh God!

It's my shirt. You might get it torn. Where are the sleeves?

Need to reach early.


Why are you pushing me? - Oh no!

What happened? - I asked him to stitch a shirt..

..and he has stitched a blouse.

Did you find your sleeves?

Where are you rushing to?

I am going to Maganlal for repairing television.

I am going to Chaganlal to deliver the books.

Have you joined Yoga classes?

It seems you like to repair the washing machine.

I know everything.

You have different path to take and I have different way to go.

Is spraying perfume required to repair the machine?

Spray perfume to me also.

Why? Do books stink?

Do it as I say.

I am spraying the scent and not pumping you.

Got it.

Wear the shirt properly!

My waist is on a verge of breaking down by washing their dishes..

..but still these boys have no mercy for me.

Once I go to my village... - Saku Bai, we are going out.

My son... - Look at him.

What? - Take care of Murphy.



Rascal! Shameless! Don't you have mother and sister!

I do have all but it's not me.

My eyes wrongly sighted you. - Is it?

I'll smash and shut your eyes forever.

Get lost from here!

Alone? Aren't you coming with me? - Shut up!


How dare you touch a stranger girl?

Don't you have any shame? I do have but I thought

What? Your mother in law is sitting here?

How can my mother in law be in pants?

Will you leave or shall I slap you tight?

Got mislead!

Got mislead!

"The dice of love rolls in reverse."

"The dice of love rolls in reverse."

"The calculations can result into anything."

"The calculations can result into anything."

"Different is the game of love."

"Different is the game of love."

"Different is the game of love."

"Different is the game of love."

"Your walk has such charm and allure."

"It's exciting as the game of snake and ladder."

"Don't come close to my lips."

"I might bite you with a crisp."

"With ladder of love, I'll climb up."

"With ladder of love, I'll climb up."

"You might fall in the pit."

"Different is the game of love."

"I'll make you appear on TV and plait you in the shows."

"Beyond the beauty of words and lyrics."

"I'll build our house more beautiful and stunning."

"Let's do the talk show, let's go to kids show."

"Let's do the talk show, let's go to kids show."

"Just your TV must be working."

"Different is the game of love."

"The dice of love rolls in reverse."

"The dice of love rolls in reverse."

"The calculations can result into anything."

"The calculations can result into anything."

"Different is the game of love."

"Different is the game of love."

"Different is the game of love."

"Different is the game of love."

"Different is the game of love."

"Different is the game of love."

Don't wet my books, I warn you.

Not aunt Vandana will come.

Don't fear on seeing her.

Not to cry if she laughs. Not to laugh if she cries.

Last night you appeared in my dreams.

Therefore I was feeling tired.

And today you came to my house.

Seems like your parents are not at home.

Mom and dad no one is at home.

Oh no! So am I supposed to face alone you?

You are such naughty.

I am here to take my books. Give it to me.

Come inside. - Stop!

Tell me what do you see in my eyes?

It's dirty.

In your eyes I can see eye balls, black line and nothing else.

How silly you are.

Since I am talking to you.

Have you heard that song? - Which one?

"In my eyes...."

Hush. Hush. Hushed.

We'll held your concert in Albert Hall, okay?

Please give me my books.

How silly you are.

Won't you have a cup of tea made by me?

No tea needed but get a cup of milk.

Okay. I'll get it.


Stand still. You are wrecking my legs.

Get some warm milk and not heated.

You still drink milk in bottle?

We drink in our family. Are you getting the milk or shall I leave?

Make it fast.

Come on, come here.

Don't take the pen, it might hurt.

Milk is coming for you, baby.

This child?

No. He is a boy.

Give it here.

Whose boy is he?

He is my son.

You have a son?

You wanted me to have daughter?

Where is his mother? - Where is your mother?

Oh yes. His mother works.

Therefore I am taking care of him.

You didn't tell me anything before.

How can I? He has come today itself.

I mean he came from his grandparents house today itself.

What's his name? - What is your name?


Isn't it a sweet name?

Baby, Now I'll introduce her to you.

He is your aunt.

Aunt is upset.

"Aunt got angry, sitting in a curvy."

You have the milk.

Look. You need to handle all the house chores.

Washing clothes, dishes, and cleaning.

And you will stay here in veranda.

But I won't allow any kids with you.

Last time I allowed a maid to stay here.

At first she denied to have any kids.

And then she brought her daughter along.

I drove her out immediately.

I don't have any kids. I just need a shelter.

Fine. You can stay here, no need to pay any rent.

Here is the kitty.

How does a kitten yowl?


Tomcat is here. I mean uncle is here.

Look the way he is staring.

What's going on?

Why is this boy still here?

This isn't a boy. He is our Murphy baby.

Murphy, shall we show our toys to uncle?

I don't understand what you are doing.

You think it's a fun... - Look at this.

What is it?

This is a kitten, this is a doggy.

Here are baby's clothes and his diapers.

It's a big one.

Have you got this for yourself?

Uncle is getting furious.

I had told you to admit him in foster house, right?

I had gone there but they asked for his parents.

When I told them that he was left at our door steps..

..they said a police inquiry is needed.. might be throwing away your responsibility on us.

That's what they said.

Then you should've handed over to someone else.

I tried but everyone started suspecting me.

I went to a house where the lady bumped her five kids on my feet..

..and said to take care of two of them.

Are you done? Done making fun?

So are we going to take care of him for lifetime?

Not only I but we both will take care of him together as mom and dad.

I won't be the mother.

Talk softly. - Brainless person.

You are driving me nuts.

Having a baby at home means being awake all night.

Sleep gets ruined.

For just few days. - Let me warn you.

If the boy cries at night, you'll look after him.

I won't wake up at all no matter how much he cries.


Wake up. The kid is crying. Wake up.

Hey, wake up!

Baby's cry is better than listening to his snoring.


Wait. I am coming.

Hey, baby.

Hey, baby.

Hey Murphy baby, you are done with sleeping.

Now let us also sleep.

Let me check what's wrong.

Peed in pants.


He is useless.

Hold on. Let's change the nappy.

Calm down. Don't cry.

Come here.

Don't cry.

Hey kiddo, we need to go on job tomorrow.

You have nothing to do, just keep lying and playing.

Now go to sleep.

Come on. Go to sleep.

Now let's go to sleep.

Not to cry, Murphy baby.

A baby like you has also come to our family.

Now I will be going.

Don't cry.

Aunt Saku, where are you going?

I am going to my home town by bus in afternoon.

My son is blessed with a baby boy.

Vilas! Quickly come here.

Look what aunt Saku is saying. - What?

She is going.

My son is blessed with a baby boy.

Where are you going, aunt Saku?

You are like our mother to us.

If you leave then whom do we have?

Don't try to please me by making me your mother, his aunt.

I am also the grandma of my grandson.

I need to go.

We mean to say who will take care of us and Murphy if you'll leave us?

I have thought about it.

I'll send a lady from my home town to work for you.

Here we won't find anybody.

No. How will it work?

It will be managed.

Do one thing. Take care of this baby.

I am not going to stay there forever.

I'll be back in seven to eight months.

Serve him mineral water, milk and take care of him.

Take good care of him. I am going.

"Look the entire world is asleep."

"Don't you stay awake for long."

"Look the entire world is asleep."

"Don't you stay awake for long."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Look the entire world is asleep."

"Don't you stay awake for long."

Hey, my baby, my Murphy, I'll gift you sweets but you go to sleep.

What kind of lullaby is this?

He is not sleeping.

How will he?

Your screaming will make him cry louder.

You know how lullaby should be? - How?

Sing it fast. He will then go to sleep.

"Look the world is asleep already."

"Look the world is asleep already."

"Don't you stay awake for long."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"My little baby, enough of your playing."

"Don't test my patience anymore."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Behind the tree, hiding we can see is the moon."

"Behind the tree, hiding we can see is the moon."

"Today you go to sleep. tomorrow for playing we'll get you the moon."

"Oh, my baby, enough of your playing."

"Don't test my patience anymore."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Don't know what attachment we have."

"Which bonds you and me."

"Don't know anything about you but even then we are fond of you."

"Oh, my baby, enough of your playing."

"Don't test my patience anymore."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Look the world is asleep already."

"Look the world is asleep already."

"Don't you stay awake for long."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

Don't cry. Let's go for an outing.

We'll go for a stroll.

Vilas, let's buy a frock.

For you?

How will he wear that? What nonsense do you talk?

Let's buy it. - He is a boy.

Oh yes.

Shall we buy a bathing tub?

No. We already have many.

Why to shop unnecessarily?


What is it? - Let's buy a rattle for baby.

We are already rattling enough, no more rattles now.

He will play with rattle.

Okay. I'll check in the shop. You wait here.

Uncle Vilas is getting a rattle for you.

Do you want this?

Oh no! Meenakshi!


Excuse me.

Good morning.

Hi, Sarang. - Hi.

Was out for badminton?

Done with badminton match?

Yes. I was on my way to home.

Go home, come on.

Mother must be awaiting you, father must be waiting for you.

Who is it? Who is crying?

Wow! So cute!

So sweet.

Your father is coming with a rattle.

Whose son is this?

Whose son...

Yes. It's Vilas's son.

What! Vilas's son?

But what about Shyamal?

Nothing about Shyamal.

Does she know about him?

Why to tell her? Forget it.

What do you mean?

Vilas already has a wife, right?

And even then he is seeing Shyamal?

Yes. It's the limit, isn't it?

The thing is his wife is rustic.

Therefore he has kept her back in village.

No worries at all.

What's the name?

Of wife?

No. Son's name.

Son's name is Murphy.

His name too is unique, isn't it?

He is indeed unique.

Don't say anything to Shyamal. Please.

Of course not. - Please.

Okay. I'll take a leave. - Bye.

Isn't he sweet?

He's wonderful. Vilas's son is sweet.

Vilas's has a wife. - Bye.


Hey, Shyamal!

Silence. - Sorry.


Do you know what Vilas has done?

He is married and he has a son.


Yes. I myself have seen him.

Oh, my baby. Are you done with milk?

Now uncle will have tea.

After some time another uncle will arrive.

And then he will take baby for a walk.

Then a cow will come there to meet baby.

Looks like cow is here.


Surprised as your knavery is exposed?


Look. He is calling you dad.

I have come to know that he is your son.

Sarang has told this to Meenakshi.

Sarang, is it?

What a shameless fellow. - That's what I am saying.

I trusted you and you deceived me. - But...

Now why are you even hiding your wife?

Call her.

Look Shyamal, you are misunderstanding.

Every deceiver explains the same.

But you...

I never thought you must be such a fraud person.

I haven't done any fraud. You first listen to me.

I found this baby left on door steps.

He is not my son.

Don't cook the stories up.

I am not a fool to get trust you again.

But you listen to what I say....

Oh! Seems like she is too angry.

You come with me.

Okay. You do one thing. Have a cup of tea.

Come on, have tea.

Have some tea.

The tea is...

Laugh. You laugh at me.

You can of course laugh at me.

She hurled the cup of tea on me and left.

You laugh at me.

It's all because of you.

I need to bear it.

Sugar is less.

Good. Else the ants would've gathered on face.

Oh, my Murphy baby, how are you?

Calm down, my baby.

Hey. Uncle had a shower of tea. Look.

Tell him how to bath.

Don't cry. Look what I have got for you. A ball.


Are you out of your mind? - Why?

Why did you tell Meenakshi that he is my son?

How did you come to know that I have told this to Meenakshi?

She just admonished me.

What? How dare Meenakshi admonish you!

Not Meenakshi. It was Shyamal.

She hurled tea on my face. - What?

And you think I had a shower of tea?

I had told Meenakshi not to tell Shyamal.

She is so naughty.


What is it, Dad?

When are you going to learn punctuality?

What are you talking about?

If you do not remember the things then maintain a reminder book.

It's been two days now this TV is not working.

What did you do?

I'll call the mechanic today.

No. Call him right now.

By evening this TV must get repaired.

Deliver that TV by tomorrow!


Sumar and company.

Can I speak to Mr. Thaarkar?

I mean Mr. Vaataarkar?

I am so glad to hear your calm voice.

Shyamal, that day... - Shut up!

Stop talking nonsense.

The TV bought from your shop is having some problem.

How many more times are you going to con us?

We are ever ready to repair.

The heart, the TV.

The TV must get repaired by today evening.

It's a strict instruction of dad.

Still there is current in it.

I am repairing the TV but what else requires repairing?

Only TV.

Oh. Is it?

I thought the spoiled relations are also to be repaired.

It's beyond repair now.

Repair the TV at the earliest.

It must get repaired before dad returns from party.

I am doing it but what's the exact problem?

With this TV?

It is inaudible with unstable picture.

Love is also unstable.

And TV is just a machine.

For stability of love trust is required.

Yes. But the trust should also be firm like a screw.

It must not fall loose with a small jerk.

But some things are needed to be explained by taking into confidence.

But people hurl tea on face when one tries to explain.

What am I going to achieve by deceiving you?

I swear on you.

No girl other than you has ever come in my life..

..and is never going to come.

After such blunder, you are making false promises?

I was trying to explain you that day but you didn't believe me.

I and Sarang grew up as orphans.

We very well understand the pain of being orphans.

Therefore to avoid the baby left on our door steps from being an orphan..

..we took responsibility of him.

Really. In hastiness I misunderstood you.


Now get rid of misunderstanding and...

Not lips but ears lead to misunderstanding.

So you can hold pull my ears if required.

Ears are not for pulling but for whispering.

Who is it?

Hide here. - Where?

This way.

Her father always makes an entry at wrong time.

TV! Dad!

TV? Oh yes. TV.

Seems like TV is repaired.

Yes. - Today I am dead.

Who is this man with moustache?

Hey! Talk loudly.

Speak loudly!

What kind of mechanic has repaired this TV?

Hey, bloody you!

And give father the information of planting saffron.

What is to be done? First go to Kashmir.

Where to go?


Go. Go to Kashmir.

Yes. - Go.

Yes. Kashmir.

And get two trains full of soil..

..and should spread at the foot hills nearby the village.

And also get the saplings from Kashmir. Okay?

And to wet the soil a little.

Wet it with water, okay?

Else you'll think...

And then get four trains full of snow from Himalayas.

Not to spread it on crops but on the hill.

Why? Ask me why?


He is asking it for real.

Because the saffron plants must get the feeling of being in Kashmir.

Shut up!

This bald man seems to be high, don't know what to do.

Wow! Sports.

I am tired.

Folk music.


Now listen to cradle.


"How long with you scratch?"

"You will scratch."

"You will scratch."

"Your beard."

"Go and sleep peacefully."

"Go and sleep peacefully."

"Oh Dad."

"The darkness has thickened around."

"The darkness has thickened around."

"The drowsiness of liquor is getting high."

"The eyes are heavy with sleep."

"Lay your tired body on bed."

"Go and sleep peacefully."

"Oh Dad."

"Go and sleep peacefully."

Now it's...

What's the time?

It's too late.

Since the sleeping monster is already asleep and is snoring.

Here we end our show for today.

We'll meet again after he gets totally sober. Bye.


Seems he is sleeping.



What is it?

Oh you are here. I thought you are upstairs.

Here are your books.

Very good. Let me see.

Also show the other one. - No.

That's for Meenakshi.

I agree with you.

Girls must also perform Yoga.

Listen to him, Meenakshi.

Specially read about Yoga on page number 32.

It's a new form of Yoga.

Letter Yoga. Bye.

Girls are never on time.

They are never punctual.

Meena, my darling.

Why are your hands so rough?

Seems like you are very hard working.

Hey, Meenu!

It's me.

Me? Oh no. Is her father here?

What are you doing here?

How will I talk to her in front of you?

The thing is my boss has called me urgently.


Therefore I am here to drop Murphy to you.


How will I be able to handle Murphy?

That's your problem. - What are you doing?

How will we talk in front of him?

You can talk anything, he won't understand.

Right. But

Boss. Boss has called me, I am helpless.

But... - It's boss.

Bloody boss.


Why are you laughing?

Ruined my plan.

Laughing at me.

Now keep quiet else I'll slap you. Not to cry.

Now your aunt will be coming to meet me.

Hey, look after him.

Murphy, don't worry, okay?

Forget all that. But we must now think about marrying.

We will think about it but what about your dad?

I have praised you so much in front of him, you know.

I said that you are practicing Yoga.

Is it? And what if he asks me to do Yoga in real?

We'll see to it.

By marrying you, rather than starting family..

..troubles are going to start with me.

Forget it.

Shall I tell you the truth? - Yes.

I have many expectations from my marriage.

Don't you have? - Certainly.

After marriage, my wife must take care of library books as if they are our kids.

She must take such good care as if I care for Murphy.

Murphy! Oh no! I have left him alone.

Come on, hurry up. - What's the matter? Tell me.

Murphy! - Are you sure you left him here?




Hey. What happened?

Where is Murphy?

Vilas, Murphy got stolen from garden.


And what were you doing?

I was busy with something.

Shameless fellow, aren't you ashamed?

You must be romancing with Meenakshi.

How can you forget him for that girl.

No. I placed him properly in the pram and then I went.

What nonsense are you talking?

Let's find him. Come on, hurry up.

Mister? Did you see any baby with someone?

Garden is full of kids. How will I notice?

Come on.

Sarang, look.

Hey! What are you doing?

Sorry. I was just seeing at your son.

Are you out of your mind?

She is a girl.

Gardner, we had kept our baby at the tree.

Somebody stole him. Have you seen someone stealing the baby?

How can you just park your baby as like a cycle at tree?

I don't know anything.

Hey, did you see any baby crying?

I concentrate on customers and nothing else.

The one who has stolen Murphy will get destroyed.

It's useless to regret now.

Why did he even leave the pram?

Let it be. It's his remembrance.

Hey Murphy! - God is great!

Murphy. - Give him.


Lady, we cannot thank you enough.

Be thankful to God.

Taking care of baby is not an easy task.

That's what you need to understand.

Never to leave any kid alone in garden.

But how do you know our address?

And where did you find Murphy?

I work nearby.

I had seen him many times with you.

I saw the pram sliding in the garden.

I ran and got him.

I couldn't find any one of you there.

Therefore I brought him here.

Lady, we are really obliged.

Please keep this money as reward.

No. I am not doing any favour to you.

I am just being grateful to you.

You won't understand what we went through by losing Murphy.

I very well understand how it feels losing a kid..

..with whom you are use to.

I don't need money.

My baby, where were you?

Look. Here is a rattle for you.

Hey, Murphy!

Where were you my dear?

Look he is laughing.

Why are you laughing?

He is enjoying our situation.

Let me tell you, Murphy.

This uncle of yours is totally an idiot.

Therefore this happened.

No, Murphy.

Had this uncle taken care of you in the evening, this would've never happened.

It's not my fault.

Calm down.

I tell you this uncle of yours went behind the aunt.

Ask him.

Why are you making him cry?

Calm down. Uncle is like this.

Really, Vilas.

That lady who brought Murphy back is really great.


We'll be luckier to find such honest and caring lady for Murphy.

Sir, baby pram.

Oh! It's you?

I am so happy.

Why are you late by half an hour?

The thing is in rush, I forgot to wear the clothes of my measurement.

Wow! It would've been fun, right?

Be careful.

Silly girl.

Wow! Seems like dad has bought new furniture.

Wow! New tape recorder.

Also the new TV!

Flower vase too looks new.


Has father newly bought this?

Let this be in middle.

Dad does not buy anything new.

All people gift them for free.

That day one of the person gave lots of money to dad.

Isn't it fun? Your dad is indeed lucky.

Where is your dad?

You always ask for dad. Why you need him?

Can't I help you? - Let it be.

Will you please return the read books?

First tell me which new books have you brought.

Sure. But first you stop bouncing. Feels weird inside stomach.

I am giving.

Here is the stock for entire month.

Which among these are the love stories?

Love story?

Whom are you talking to, Vandana?

Our book supplier Sarang.

Here are the books.

Here comes Goliath.

How dare you sit here?

Yes. Sitting beside your daughter is indeed a stunt.

Vandana, first you go inside. - Go.

Come on. - Go.

Look. We are government officer.

I can see that.

We don't allow laundry man. - I am not.

News paper boy. - I am not the one.

Service men. - I am not.

Library boy. - I am not. I am.

To sit here on our sofa.

Give me my books.

My hand is ruptured.

Why didn't you come yesterday?

I don't like being indiscipline.

Okay. Now sit down. - Thank you.

I told him not to sit.

Is it? Sorry.

Get up! - Okay.

Take care of your hands.

You sit down.

No. I am busy, I need to leave.

Come on, sit.

The thing is I am government officer.

Doesn't seem like one.

Be it office or home.

In the front of boss you need to be obedient.

Once he leaves, just relax.

Scratching head?

The thing is I never have served in government therefore I don't know much.

In government service you need to be very cautious.

Again the same story, my two hours are going to get wasted.

One of the collectors tortured me so much.

He means everyone must follow integrity as like him that's what he used to insist.

One day I taught him such a lesson... - Enough.

When are you going to pay our fees?

Fees will be paid but you know what that collector did one day?

I know everything. I have mugged it up.

Is it? - Indeed.

Will you pay the fees? - Will you have tea?

No. - Coffee?

No. Your boss will be angry.

Has the library guy left? - I am leaving.

My fee is still unpaid.

He is timid like our head clerk.

Just got intimidated with the voice.

Are you coming?

Yes. I am coming.

Oh, you.

Please come.

Oh it's you.

Is the baby doing well? - See for yourself.

I was passing from here so thought of meeting baby.


So, Mr. Murphy, yesterday you were saved by this lady.

Gift her sweet peck, come on.

Yesterday you scared the uncles.

What happened?

Never mind, my dear.

What have you done?

You were supposed to gift a peck and you peed on her.

Never mind.

It's a gift of affection.

You won't understand.

Lady, shall I ask you something?

Before that let me ask you something.

Will you please appoint me as this baby's governess?

Hey! We too were going to ask you the same.

We'll pay you whatever you expect.

Love does not need any payment.

This boy bonded me with love.

Where do you live? I mean where is your family?

I have no one.

I work at your neighbourhood Sonawane and lives in her veranda.

Instead why don't you stay here with us?

You will be able to manage house along with taking care of baby.

I'll be greatly obliged.

Instead Murphy will find a mother in you.

Oh, calm down. My baby's cloths got wet, is it?

Come on, let's change your nappy.

Come here.

Look. Dad is sitting there.

Today talk to him about our marriage.

But is he in good mood?

You just ask him, don't be afraid. - Else he'll smash me.

Come on. Go and talk to him properly. Go.

God help me.

Bapusaheb, here is the scarce collection of yoga books for you from me.

For me? - Yes.

When books and daughter falls in right hands..

..there is nothing to worry about, right?

You are very smart. - Smart, honest and also hardworking.

As you said.

I earn decent salary, my age is 27 and I am physically strong.

What else is required?

Now select a good girl and get married.

I have already selected a girl.

Then what's the problem?

Problem is that girl's father is little nutty.

What do you mean? - I mean he is short tempered.

I don't think he will grant permission.

A father denying his daughter to a boy like you must be an idiot.

Of course. But how can I say this?

Who is that girl's father?

That father is you.


I am here to ask your permission to marry your daughter.

If required don't pay the fees for this month.

Not possible. - My hand is ruptured.

I will marry my daughter to a guy who regularly practices Yoga.

I regularly practice yoga twice in a day.

Don't bluff.

First perform four yoga types and then talk to me.

Bapusaheb, I accept your challenge.

Within eight days I will give such demonstration of Yoga..

..that you'll be surprised.

And only then I will put my name as Sarang.

See you, Bapusaheb.

Hold this.


That's okay but I hope that uncouth bald man is not home.

Since he is not at home, I called you here at home.

Then it's alright.

Else he'll immediately say 'I don't like you meeting my daughter'.

'I register my protest.'

I don't understand whether your dad talks or spits the words.

Recently he has started behaving curtly and irritatingly.

Is it? Then no problem.

Especially since he has got suspended.

He was suspended?

His face will make anyone suspend him. - What?

When did he get suspended?

I mean to say when he was suspended.

I don't know much in details.


But he offered a road contract to wrong person.

And then he got suspended.

It means it's a case of bribery.


In fact he had refused to give contract to that person.

But one of the ministers ordered him to give the contract to that person.

But how is your dad in fault?

That's where the problem is. - What problem?

The paper on which that minister erased dad's opinion and gave orders in writing..

..that paper went missing from the official file.

And then dad had no evidence to present.

And he got suspended.

But that's the only reason your dad was suspended?

Dad was very upset.

We were scared that he might lose his mental balance.

I am damn sure someone must've stolen that paper from the file.

Yes. Even he suspects the same. - Isn't it?

Sometimes he mentions the names Pandhare, Karandikar, Luptuke.

Pandhare, Luptuke, Karandikar. Okay.

Forget it. We can't do anything.

What nonsense. We can do something.

Is it? - Yes.

What can we do? - For example...

Like this.

I have just called you here for chatting.

Indeed. But without using lips we cannot chat.

What's going on?

See. Someone is jealous of us.

It sounded like somebody cracked a pot by hitting a big rock.

This is sheer despicableness.

Your bald father is here.

Shut up!

Dad, you had gone out, right?

Yes. I was supposed to go but I didn't.

As I was destined to witness such despicable thing.

I won't allow this to happen.

I register my protest.

Just some hopeless mechanic

Dad, don't call him hopeless.

Though he is hopeless but he is honest.

Last time the marriage proposal that you suggested, what did they do?

They refused to marry me after learning that you are suspended.

Shut up!

Don't talk nonsense!

I am making it clear to you.

I am will marry Vilas only.


Think about my prestige.

This isn't the question of your prestige but the question of my life.

I will decide that.

You first go inside.

Very bad man.

It's clear.

I can clearly see the future of my love is darkness.

That ignoble ex-collector is not even going to stand me.

Meenakshi's father is going to thrash me badly.

Normally how long does sorrow of failure in love lasts for?

Nearly eight days.

Eight days.

Why do you worry?

Why don't you convince Shyamal's father?

You saw his face, right?

Do you think he'll be convinced?

In war of love, the castellan needs to be seized in mountain pass.

Then why don't you size Meenakshi's father in mountain pass?

Rather he has seized me in mountain pass.

You are seized and I too am seized.

Shyamal's father too is seized.

What if we get him out of seize?

Someone has stolen an important official document..

..from his file and therefore he is suspended.

Okay. I see.

That's what I am trying to explain.

He suspects few men.

The men who were his subordinates.

Karandikar, Pandhare, and third one is Luktuke or something.


That bald man?

Luktuke! He is the member of my library.

How can you be so sure that it's him only?

I know him. He is a corrupt officer, he takes bribe.

And he works in collector office.

Consider your work done!

But what about my task?

If my mission gets accomplished, consider your work done.

There are only two women but they seem rock-solid.

The house looks packed out.

I'll be right back.

You want to save Shyamal's father, right?

Then hold the neck.

Not yours. Mine. - Okay.

Uncle! - Come on get in.

Why to do such cowardly act of sending letter through book?

Come on. Seek blessings of her mother.

You can fall in love with a girl but can't you seek her mother's blessings?

Come on.

Mother, you have legs, right.

Please put it forward.

Come on, seek blessings!

She isn't the mother.

She is her daughter. Mother is standing at the back.

Is it?

I thought some showpiece is placed on a coach.

Come on!

I'm noticing since long that you are insulting me by gripping my neck.

Shut up!

Who is this old man with you?

Shut up! - You shut up!

What's going on in my house?

Get this speed breaker aside. - Hey bulldozer, move.

Here she is.

I am sorry.

The thing is, in anger I forgot to introduce myself.

I am Sardar Vaalunjkar.



The uncle of this idiot.

My bungalow at Chandan Baug.. farms, bullock carts, cars, aeroplanes, this fatty.

I am going to give away to him.

I am going to get it.


Please come. Have a seat. - What seat?

Get up!

As if you were waiting to sit. - Please be seated.

Be seated.

What seated?

I am worrying about his future and you are making me sit?

Even after having so much of wealth this donkey wanders door to door...

Uncle, see this table cloth.

Look at the flowers.

Write letter to girl.


It happens.


He is a young boy.

It's fine in young age.

Haven't we done any fads in our youth?

Naughty uncle!

Your case is different, my case is different.


Come on!

Where? - Not now.

I came for a purpose. I wanted to meet the girl.

I met your daughter.

I liked her.

Is it? - She caught my eyes.

She is little skinny, isn't she?

Skinny as beans.

Be seated. I'll get some tea and sweets made in pure butter.

Don't. It's time for uncle's diabetes.

No need to ask.

It's my routine to have yummy dishes at this time.

Stop with yummy dishes and think about Shaymal's father.

Oh yes father. Is her father at home?

He has gone to office.

Is it?

I thought he eloped from house.

In which office he works?

He is a deputy collector at collector office.

He works in collector office.

Whoever he may be. Collector, deputy collector.. collector or ticket collector.

But we liked your daughter.

The bungalow is shaking.

From peon to officer, all trembles by dad.

Speech problem.




Is he the earthquake?

You are too funny.

She means to say such is his power.

Okay. I see.

Your husband seems to be very strict.

My ears are turning deaf.

Then government must be very happy with him.

Government is indeed happy.

He has got many rewards for his good work. - I see.

We have file of his certificates of his felicitations.

Talk softly. Your tongue might drop down.

Don't just say. Show them.

Tongue? File.

It's you!

He has suffered a lot in last two years.

Due to piles?

I am talking about troubles in office.

There was a stern collector named Taavdaane.

He used to harass him a lot.

My husband taught good lesson to him.

He got suspended.

Uncle! File is here with closet.

Your daughter is here.

Have a look.

Certificate. - Certificate.


Do something to make this fatty lady go from here.

I'll do something. Hold on.

Oh God!

What's the matter? - Nothing.

When uncle sees two fatty... I mean two damsels, he gets hiccups.

You do one thing.

Mix turmeric, asafetida, spices...

No spices.

Mix turmeric and asafetida in honey and bring it for him.

He'll soon get well.

Go. Go.

Uncle! What happened to you, uncle?

Uncle, get up.

Uncle, what's wrong?

Open your eyes, uncle.

Uncle, wake up!

Uncle woke up. - What's going on?

I am alive and what are you doing?

Quiet. You handle here, I'll handle them.

Okay. Go.

Let's meet later if alive.


No need to hurry.

Put some turmeric and also add little spices.

Got it! - Got it?

We got it.

Talk softly. - Why are you yelling?

Now plan to make an escape from here.

Hold on.

What does this mean?

Even I don't understand.

What do you think of yourself?

Indian government.

What's the matter? - What is this?

This is turmeric and honey. - You have that!

This is the mark sheet of your daughter.

Your daughter has failed to pass primary school.

Oh no!

Who put this certificate in this file?


No! We cannot accept the girl who failed in 10th class.

But uncle...

If again you talk about her, I'll slap you.

She cries as if she is awarded with death penalty.

"Here come the bald..."

Mr. Mechanic?

I do not like you to enter my house.

I register my protest.

Great. You already are showing an attitude of being my son in law.

Forget my daughter else I'll get you arrested by police.

Mr. Taavdaane. - What?

Talk carefully. You are spiting while talking.

I haven't come here to meet your daughter.

Then why have you come here?

I have come to meet you for some very important work.

Very important work?

I am not ready to marry my daughter to a non-gazetted person like you.

Did you get it? Are you done?

Now get out!

But I should get ready to marry a daughter of a suspended person like you.

I know about your case.

How dare you talk to me like this?

Get out! - Oh, the suspended collector.

I heard that documents from your government offices get missing.

But when I'll show you a missing paper, you'll dance with joy.

Take this roll and read it.

Who is it?

It's him.

Mr. Mechanic? What's your name again?

My name is Vilas. - Mr. Vilas. Great!

You accomplished the most important thing for me.

The false allegations on my life will now get vanished.

Shyamal? Come here.

Mr. Vilas has brought back my fortune.

Wait. Stop.

I need to go.

No. You must not leave. First be seated.

I won't let you go without having any refreshments.


Shyamal, get sweets and delicacies for sir.

Okay, daddy.

You have accomplished such important thing for me.

First of all I would like to greet my source of inspiration Bapusaheb.

It's because of him today I am standing on four feet.

I mean two feet.

My legs!

It's tangled.

I show you once we meet outside.

Oh God! My legs are totally ruptured by twisting them.

People, you must've got a blink of enormous power of Sarang.

I have totally experienced it.

Now he is going to demonstrate a strange yoga exercise.

It's called 'Hawai Aasan'.

'Hawai Aasan?'

I haven't ever heard about it. - Not at all.

What nuisance is this?

What a pointless things you are doing?

What useless things you are doing to please her father?

Shaymal must be waiting for me, you know.

Don't do this. I helped you so much.

Alright. I'll help you.

Look. I'll tie a cable here. - Fine.

And then I'll pull you up slowly with the help of cable.

Pull it.

Then you'll start floating in the air.

What will you say before floating in the air? - What should I say?

Hail Guru.

Hell Guru.

What will you say? - Hail Guru.

Hail Guru!


Don't give up. Hold it tight.

Lord Hanuman, the son of wind God.

He is so heavy.

Oh No! Why are you clapping?

You broke my nose.

Let me see if all have left.

What are you doing?


Dad is so glad on seeing your Yoga.

He has granted permission for our marriage.

What are you saying?

When shall we marry?

Let's get married before your dad changes his mind.

Do it properly. - What happened?

Lifting you was such a task.

My bones got twisted.

It's because of your twist everything went well.

I'm not going to do this again, I tell you. - I am going to marry only once.

In your case nothing can predicted... - Sir, I am going to market.

It may take little long to return.

Will you take care of Murphy till then?

Of course. Why not?

Murphy will stay with us.

Aunt is going out.

Hey. Who tied this locket of Lord Maruti around his neck?

Who did it?

I am sorry, sir. Since he had no ornament on him, I tied a locket.

And also his pram that day in the garden was blocked by Maruti Van.

We completely forgot that.

If you would've told us, we would've got a locket for him, isn't it?

Sir, as like you, Murphy is part of my life as well.

Therefore I got this locket for him.

Shall I leave?

I am surprised. - Why?

She loves Murphy as like her own son.

He is indeed lovable.

Hey, Vilas! Sarang!

Is anyone home?

Hey, Vilas! Sarang! Where are you?

Hey, Dinesh!

How are you? Come. Be seated.

No news from you? When did you come?

I would've come long before. - Then?

But I was busy with the interior of my new bungalow.

And also I have work pressure.

But you also got a bungalow, right?

You got bungalow and also got a position of manager.

But have you found any wife to maintain the bungalow?

That's the reason why I am here.

It's my engagement on day after tomorrow.

And you two are surely going to attend.

And who is the girl?

Priya. My boss's daughter.

Oh! You directly attacked your boss.

When God showers his blessings, it's in abundance.

Milk time. - Go and look after him.

What is this baby doing in the house of bachelors?

Consider he is ours. - What do you mean?


One night someone left this baby at our door step and we got him in.

And we fell in love with him.

Oh little baby.

Oh little baby.

How unfortunate is the father who wanted to get rid of such sweet boy.

What's his name? - Murphy.

Oh my little Murphy.

Oh my little cutie.

Oh my little cutie.

Do come to my engagement, okay?

Instead why don't you adopt Murphy?

At least his future will get secured.

I would have adopted him but Priya doesn't like kids.

And she has also refused to have babies after marriage.


We became his father even after being bachelors..

..and you are not going to be a father even after getting married?

What can I say?

Forget it.

You must come to my engagement.

I have no one other than you two.

Come on.

Is it possible that we won't attend your engagement?

Our Murphy baby will also attend.

Isn't it?

"One blood relation can't be trusted."

"There is no other relation like the bond between two hearts."

"In the world of three."

"In the castle of four directions."

"In the world of three."

"In the castle of four directions."

"Four. Three. Two. One."

"One blood relation can't be trusted."

"There is no other relation like the bond between two hearts."

"In the world of three."

"In the castle of four directions."

"Four. Three. Two. One."

"One blood relation can't be trusted."

"There is no other relation like the bond between two hearts."

"The bond of friendship is strong."

"It has no troubles in it."

"The bond of friendship is strong."

"It has no troubles in it."

"Where friendship bonds, new joy is found."

"Where friendship bonds, new joy is found."

"Four. Three. Two. One."

"One blood relation can't be trusted."

"There is no other relation like the bond between two hearts."

"Friendship is ageless."

"It has no fear of caste and race."

"Friendship is ageless."

"It has no fear of caste and race."

"Friendship is innocent like a baby, pure like river."

"Friendship is innocent like a baby, pure like river."

"Four. Three. Two. One."

"One blood relation can't be trusted."

"There is no other relation like the bond between two hearts."

"In friendship when heart pains, lips whistle."

"In friendship when heart pains, lips whistle."

"When friends meet, troubles get vanished."

"When friends meet, troubles get vanished."

"Four. Three. Two. One."

"One blood relation can't be trusted."

"There is no other relation like the bond between two hearts."

"In the world of three."

"In the castle of four directions."

"In the world of three."

"In the castle of four directions."

"Four. Three. Two. One."

Oh. My baby needs water.

Hold on, my baby.

Let's see if we get water here.

Let's see if we find water here.

Hey. Where have we come?

You are stealing my things!




Priya? What happened?

The maid of Dinesh's friends was stealing my photo frame.

I caught her but she pushed me and ran away.

Are you sure? - Yes, dad.

Need to ask an explanation from them.

What's the matter, Babasaheb?

You know, Priya caught your maid, she was stealing a photo frame.


Stealing a photo frame?

No. She is a good lady.

We trust her.

What trust?

I myself caught her while stealing.

I even grabbed her hand but she pushed me and ran away with the kid.

No. You must be misunderstanding her.

When our Murphy was went missing from garden, she brought him back.

Isn't it? - Yes.

Look, Babasaheb.

Don't spoil the function by making clamor.

I and Sarang will sternly ask her for an explanation.


He was talking nonsense. - Indeed.

She must be asleep. - Yes.

Door is open. - Door is open?

She must be inside.

She is not here.

Vilas, she is nowhere. - Where has she gone?

Do one thing. You check if she is at Sonawne's house.

I'll check upstairs. - Okay.

Have you seen our maid and Murphy anywhere?

No. - I see.

Had Kamal came here? - No.

Priya was indeed right.

She shouldn't have taken Murphy with her.

"Don't know what attachment we have."

"Which bonds you and me."

"Don't know anything about you but even then we are fond of you."

"Oh, my baby, enough of your playing."

"Don't test my patience anymore."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

"Hey you crazy little one, don't stay awake."

Keep this money, lady.

I do not need money.

I want milk for my baby.

Okay. I'll get it.

How long are you going to sit like this?

Let's go out and have dinner.

I had told Ganu from my shop to get the keys.

I told him to come soon but he has still not come.

Sir, keys.

Why did it take so long to bring the keys?

Sir, I had gone to Ganesha temple since its Tuesday.

There I found a lady sitting with a baby.

And since the baby needed milk, I got late in getting the same for him.

Can you tell us what approximate age of the baby was?

Approximately he was of four to five months.


Don't scream.

So you turned out to be wicked.

For so many days you cared for Murphy. Why?

To steal him, right?

Sir, please don't say like this.

We trusted you, considered you as a family member.

This is the way you repaid us?

Sir, please listen to me.

What explanation do you have?

Thank God we found you before you could leave the town.

Sir, please don't do this injustice to me.


If you hadn't had saved Murphy, I would've got you arrested by police.

It's pointless talking to her, come on, let's go.

Sir, please listen to me.

How can a mother steal her own child?

He is my son.

I have given birth to him.

What are you saying?

Yes, sir.

I worked as maid fro you so that I can stay close to him.

But why didn't you tell this before?

How could I have, sir?

When I came to take away my baby..

..your earlier maid mistook me for being a thief and made clamor.

Since I was in trouble and Murphy was in danger..

Therefore I left baby at your door steps and escaped.

And what about your husband?

My brother was unable to give any dowry to him during wedding.

Therefore he left me.

But now he is a rich man.

He is ashamed of taking me as his wife.

Because I do not befit him.

Where does he live?

What's his name?


Our friend Dinesh?

Yes, sir.

That day I saw his picture with Priya and I was stumbled.

I wasn't stealing the frame.

I was staring at my broken frame of life.

When I was accused of being thief..

..I was frightened, perplexed and escaped from there.

Now you are not our maid anymore.

You are our sister in law.

Henceforth you must not call us sir.

We won't let you and Murphy to be alone.

You need not fear anyone when brothers in law like us are with you.

Come on.

Who is it?


Why have you come here?

I don't know you.

Look. I have made clear to your brother that we are no more related to each other.

Get lost from here!

If just by words the relations could easily be broken..

..then no one in this world could've able to lead a life.

I am your legally wedded wife.

How can I keep mum..

..when my and my son's life is about to get ruined?

What will you do? Tell me.

You will create a scene? Complain in police?

Why will I go to police?

I am not at all concern of my happiness.

I am just worried for the future of my son.

His future is not here.

Look. Now I am progressing in my life.

And if anyone tries to hinder my progress, I won't tolerate at all.

But why are you punishing my son for my paucity.

Don't talk nonsense.

I have already erased my past.

Not your past but you are about to ruin our future.

Shut up!

Look. Enough is enough.

I do not want any more argument.

Bhairav, get this lady out of the house right now.

Come on. - You are doing wrong.

The curse of me and my son will make you suffer.

It's a curse of agitated mother.

Let me see how you get married.

Sir, this lady is too dangerous.

Her mouth needs to be shut.

That's right. But how shall we do it?

I'll tell you.

I have been to prison for four times, my knowledge is useful.

Here is the sweet.

Sweet! For what? For getting your marriage fixed..

..or for passing the test of love?

For remarrying.


Her father has remarried his old job.

Okay. Father's marriage.

With job.

Of course with job.

Therefore dad sent me here and told me to give sweets to Mr. Vilas.

Mr. Vilas!

From hopeless mechanic to Mr. Vilas?

Let's first feed little sweet to our Murphy.

Have it.

Murphy, do you know? Finally your uncle is through.

You can get through later.

But first think what we should do about Kamal.


Babasaheb should be informed about the reality.

You know, what I think, Vilas?

As friends let's try to make Dinesh understand.

Correct. Let's meet him immediately.

Okay. Kamal will be back from market now.

We'll hand over Murphy to her and then we'll go to meet him.


Kaalyaa. Call that lady here.

Hey, lady, the lady sitting in that car is calling you.


Are you done?

Get the bottle filled with milk.

Mr. Vilas, somebody has abducted your maid.

What! - In Ambassador car.

Who must have done it?

Definitely it's Dinesh behind this. - He has gone to such lower level.

Shyamal and Meenakshi. Both of you wait here with Murphy.

I and Sarang will go and meet Babasaheb. - Okay.

And expose Dinesh's truth.

Come on. - Come on.

Need to strike at root cause.

What are you saying! It's a shock for me.

This is sheer fraudulence, it's a betrayal.

He has deceived me.

Dad, fire him from job right now.

I won't even see his face.

Not to get so desperate.

I had admiration for Dinesh who with his hard work..

..had uplifted himself from poverty.

I too have gone through poverty.

And therefore I tried to help him and he betrayed me?

I pity Kamal.

I unnecessarily accused Kamal for robbery.

I really feel sorry for her.

Vilas, Sarang.

Find out where Dinesh has kept Kamal hidden.

I am going to teach him a lesson in public.

Babasaheb, if you are ready to co-operate, shall I suggest you something?

Look. I am warning you for the last time.

Take this twenty five thousand and get out of my life forever.

It's good for you and your son.

My life's golden era is about to start.

I do not want your darken shadow to fall on it.

Tell me. I do not want your son to suffer..

..therefore I am paying you this amount with sympathy.

Think about it.

I can reach any level for my happiness.

I won't care about other's lives.

Got it?


Give a thought and let me know.

Hey. Door is open.

Yes? - Hi!

What can I do for you?

Are you Mr. Dinesh? - Yes.

Mr. Kirtikar has sent us. - Oh.

Congratulation. Soon you are going to get married, right? - Thank you.

Hearty congrats! - Thank you so much.

Please be seated.

Oh yes. - Thank you.

Sorry but I didn't recognise you.

I am an interior decorator. Isn't it?


Babasaheb told us to turn your house into dream home..

..before you get married.

And when Babasaheb commands, we cannot deny.

Yes. You are most welcome.

This is the hall.

Oh. This is the hall.

Now look at this hall.

The position is very bad, it has no cross ventilation.

Look at this wall unit.

Very bad.

Isn't it? - It's dirty.

Very bad.

Mr. Dinesh, let's do one thing. We'll lay down this wall.

What? - Yes.

Now look at this wall. - Keep all that aside.

The man who is about to get married..

..his bedroom needs to be renovated at priority.

Isn't it? - Oh yes.

So you do one thing, Shyamal.

Take him to bedroom. - What!

I mean to take the measure of walls and bed.

Tell him about our plans, ask him for his suggestions.


Please follow me. - Okay.

You were supposed to handle kitchen, right?

Oh sorry.

I do one thing. I'll make four closets for you.

So that you can arrange the things

Hey lady, it's a storage room. There is nothing inside.

I thought it's another bedroom.

I was going to bathroom for measurements.



Don't worry.

I'll renovate your bedroom in such manner that you'll never wish to come out of it.

Kamal, we are friends of Sarang and Vilas.

You don't worry.

They'll soon come here and free you.

Kamal, are you listening?

Shyamal, I am done with measurements.

I too have finished taking measurements.

Mr. Dinesh, Just watch.

After renovation your bedroom will be so beautiful.

Just like a dream land.

Thank you.

Mr. Dinesh, my plans too are very beautiful, okay?

And what about the main plan?

Main plan is absolutely done.

Main plan? - I mean...

Okay, Mr. Dinesh. We'll take a leave now.

Because we need to make plans.

Of course. - Need to meet carpenter, need to buy material.

And you know we are running out of time.

What's this sound about?


The mentally ill wife of my cook is locked up inside.

She gets violent sometimes.

Bhairav! - Yes, sir?

It's time to feed your mentally ill wife, isn't it?

Then why aren't you feeding her?

But sir, I need key.

Here is the key.

And take care of the key. - Sure.

And the cook tied the key to his holy thread.

But how can you be sure that Kamal was inside that room?

When I called her name she answered me by making noise.

And Dinesh said that cook's mentally ill wife is inside the room.

Cook's mentally ill wife, is it?

The key is tied to the holy thread, is it?

The key of holy thread is mentally ill?

Wife's holy thread is a cook, is it?

Forget it. - Let's check the truth.

Get down.