Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Life at the Dropzone - Tandem Master

Difficulty: 0

Hi! I'm Pitty. I'm the tandem master on the dropzone.

I do that just for fun.

Jumping is fun to me and I want to make it possible for others to experience it.

If the weather is really bad, we don't jump.

That wouldn't be safe at all.

If there are too many cloud or heavy rainfalls...

...we would never get into the plane. We don't want to endanger our tandem students.

That's a no-go. No way!

Guys, where are you? The weather is fine! It's not going to be any better!

No one gives a crap about those few clouds. They are only tandem students anyways... They don't get a thing!

They only want to have fun!

We totally could gear up to jump!

You always have to motivate everybody... It won't get better.. Come on!

We prepare the students in detail.

This way they know exactly what is going to happen.

What he has to do and what I'm going to do. We also exercise that.

We talk to each other when we train for the jump.

Free fall body position and also the landing position.

So we can do a safe jump afterwards.

So, we jump together now?


Have you been instructed?


Don't worry. Put your hands here, push a litte, done!

Come on! Let's jump! - What??

It's a beautiful moment when you land..

...just to experience the joy that comes from the jump.

And I take care of the tandem student until he can happily go home again.

Yeah! Woo-Hoo!

We're back on earth! Are you alright?

Everything's fine!

OK - where's the next one?

I enjoy to introduce others to the fun of the sport.

Well... You get a little something for doing that...

...but I only accept it so the other tandem masters at the dropzone aren't in any disadvantage.

I don't care if I get something for doing this.

I jump out of passion!

We tandemmasters are only a couple of guys at the dropzone.

Not many actually have that license.

We have a really good relationship with each other.

We don't make a difference in who gets how many jumps.

Also when it comes to the tandem students. It doesn't matter if they're heavy or light, male or female.

Everybody gets his student when he's up next.

Hi Pia! So we're doing a tandem jump? - Hi, how are you?

Hi, I'm Pitty. We'll jump together in a few.


No no.. We jump together!


No no.. We jump together. It's correct that way.

I'll jump with you!

No, I will!

Nope, I will!

Again false, I will!

But I'll jump with you?

The Description of Life at the Dropzone - Tandem Master