Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THAILAND TRIP - AO NANG VLOG #3

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Good Morning

What about this sun in the morning?

And now we are going to make a tour for

phi phi islands

We have now arrived at the port

and this is full of people

we had to check in


and it is to pay

after paying for the tour

plus 200 bahts per person

200 no 400 right?

400 baht for person

it's for the insurance

now we are waiting

our boat is n15


we have this free snaks


and coffee

while we waiting for our boat


there are two ways to come here

or in these speed boats

that we are doing

we bought a tour

or through a longtail

apparently it is possible to rent

I don't know if there is a minimum of people

they also make a tour around here

what we were seeing is that

the long tails stops

and they can dive

we can not


to dive right now

because the tide will go down

i had to step away

because the tide will go down

and our boat can't be there

but in a while

we are making snorkling

and we are going to dive in another place

next we are stopping at Maya Bay

this is Maya Bay

and now is close

because meantime

it received thousands of people

every single year

because of leonardo dicaprio's movie

"The beach"

and eventually

changed all the natural fauna and flora

they had to close

and i think is a good idea

sometimes people are dirty

and end up ruining

this natural wonder

here we can see

they put these floats

to stop the boats

I've been reading

that after this happen

there were several animals

that came back

to this area

we can only see from here

but with the boats around here

it should also affect

even so it turns out to be better

than people go there

mess up the place

now let's have lunch

we have a great buffet waiting for us

and next we are going to

relax a bit

how boring isn't it?

phi phi

phi phi islands

phi phi islands

this is beautiful


(just bad English)

we have to stay silent

because there are people meditating

as if we made a lot of noise

we always speak low

we arrived at bamboo island

because it is surrounded by bamboos

every people here

are making a photo shoot

there's not one that doesn't have

its back to the sea

the back to the landscape

the back for the bamboo

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