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Hey guys welcome to GJ Billiards

Today we're gonna talk about amorti

Amorti is a type of shot on the billiardtable

Which we all play to a certain level

Which you can train to perfection

To eventually make higher runs

And keep easier control of your positions

We're gonna talk about

What is Amorti exactly?, and..

We're gonna play some shots which will show

How important it is to play/know amorti

This is amorti:

Yellow is not participating now

And we lay something down

Amori is, the moment

I play my cueball into the red

The result of this contact

Level of amorti is the distribution between your cueball and (in this case) the red

For example when I play this:

Red has a lot of speed and distance

It goes more than 5 meters

But my cueball almost didn't move

This means I played a high amount of amorti

I can also play this shot even harder

Shoot it with a lot of speed

And try to 'kill' the cueball

This is what we call a 100% amorti shot

These kinds of shots..

Not specifically this shot

But in general we all play shots like this in matches

But why is all this important?

To aquire this skill

There are different kinds of positions, a very known one..

(I also teach all my students during personal lessons)

is this position:

Yellow is my cueball

We want to play the gathershot,

using 3 cushions

So we want this:

This is what we're playing

To gather all 3 balls in the corner

Pretty well done, but there is more to this shot then just the solution

If we wouldn't play an amorti-shot right here..

Then this will happen:

And despite the cueball having a stragiht line to the corner,

We witness a explosion

I have some sort of luck right here

That I have a good position

But not al 3 balls in the corner

This is because the lack of amorti in our shot

To make it even more obvious,

This could happen:

Now we don't have a gathering

And we messed up the shot

Which is a shame because it was a good gather opportunity

so in this case,

Amorti is of the essence

by playing thicker,

into the yellow in this case

to hit it more full, with a bit of left english

So you can even hit the ball fuller

Because when the cueball hits the cushion

It will create speed

so I can play very full into the yellow

little left english and calmly,

goes to red, and put all my speed into the yellow

This way I keep these balls in the corner,

And will the yellow-ball join the party

Which results in a nice gathering

Another example of a shot,

You must play with lot of amorti,

Is for example this:

Yellow is our cureball

We want to play this gathershot:

approximately gather the balls in this area

Pretty good shot

but also here, the amorti is very important!

If I wouldn't play amorti, and I will not hit the red almost full,

I could in theory gather the balls but,

this space becomes large, and the red will be hard to control

And you have to hope for a good continuation

And now the balls are behind each other..

Which in most of the cases is not ideal

By playing these shots,

I will place them a little bit different now...

It is very important,

To hit the white pretty full,

So the cueball loses speed,

But all speed will transfer to the white

Which in this case will gather over 4 cushions

Played it a little soft..

But to demonstrate..

I played a little soft, but did i play more speed,

I would have a nice gather

Another example right here..

A fun gather-shot which requires a lot of speed

This one

I will first demonstrate:

This shot, I played it a little messy

Played with little focus so the gathering is not perfect...

But not a terrible shot non the less

Also in this shot it is important,

To control your amorti

But how does that work?

By not playing to high in the cueball!

The point will be easier to play high in the cueball...

But then you get too much action, and you'll see,

In the corner right there

It will explode and the white is harder to control

Now there is no gather what so ever

So this shot,

We aim a bit lower

Just a little bit above the center of the cueball

So it moves slowly to the yellow

This way we have a better chance of gathering the shot

So playing amorti is very important,

But how will you learn?

The best way to teach yourself,

Is what I did in the beginning of the video

One ball does not participate, and you try..

to kill the cueball

And give the red ball all the speed

Play it hard, play it soft, but try to kill the cueball at all time

You can also try to play the shot,

to screw the cueball back a little bit

But I will play a decent amount of speed

Well I screwed it back a few centimeters

So that worked out pretty well

So know you'll know where to aim,

When for example during your matches,

You'll get this position:

You only have to screw back a little

And have to transfer speed to the red,

And because you practised this, you'll know where to shoot it

In this case just below the center of the cueball

Again I played it a bit soft..

But my cueball-control is fine

Finally, I can show you a extreme amorti-shot

From the red to the white, red will go 6 cushions..

Everything in the corner

Because I play so hard into the red,

I don't have to shoot that low...

It will naturally screw back a little

Even though the red ball travelled around 10 meters to go to the corner,

My cueball only travelled around 10 to 15 centimeters

So this was my video about amorti,

If you have questions, please let me know in the comments,

Perhaps I can continue this subject in the future

If you liked the video please give a thumbs up

That helps out my channel by a lot

Thanks for watching

Veel biljartplezier, see you next time, laterrrrrr

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