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So much of my experience, ever since I first got period cramps, was one of the great pain.

I used to pass out, have to take 1,000 milligrams of Motrin every three hours, really really

painful. So when I experienced reflexology and then on a more regular basis with certain

reflexes in mind, with this protocol in mind, it shifted a lot and my whole approach to

my body and my PMS changed. So we are going to be looking at the reflex points certainly,

you have the ovaries on this outer area of the foot; this heel the calcaneus, this outside

the lateral aspect and you'll also have it in the inside which is where the uterus reflex

is, so you're gonna want to do thumb walking on both of those areas, so I'm gonna thumb

walk this area for you, gonna thumb walk here, be really detailed. This will be the time

of the month when you wanna be very detailed in this area. In addiction, you can also pay

attention to the whole of the endocrine system reflexes. Your pituitary gland reflex, the

master gland right in the center of that toe. It might feel sometimes like a button or like

a pea, so you wanna press on that always supporting with your other hand so you go a little deep

in there and then out back again. Your pineal gland reflex is right beside it, here you

have your thyroid and para-thyroid reflexes and those are right through here. So again

if you're in doubt and you think you don't know where you're going, just get this whole

area going over with your thumb walking and then your thymus, that'll be right through

here; you could only just do one press with the thumb walking or you could do the whole

area if you're not sure if you're getting it just right. And have a map beside you that

you can reference and then you wanna come in through here, this is your adrenal gland

reflex. You will, once you''ll do it a little bit you will almost feel it right through

there. Again you can thumb walk a little more if you're concerned that you're not getting

right on the point. Come right through here for your pancreas reflex. And then you come

right back down to your reproductive points again, which is also part of your endocrine

system. For good measure I will do finger walking across this top area which is the

fallopian tube reflex and I'll give attention to the lower back because that often is an

area that might be painful during that time of the month, I'm gonna detail all around

in there, and then I'll end with some heel holding and maybe a little bit of ankle traction.

And then I like to end with the solar plexus reflex, which is right there, you're just

pressing in, and then you can lean your weight a little forward, just slightly; this is kind

of telling the body to relax.

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