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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Shrimp Boil | Seafood Boil | Foil Packets

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all right so look we're gonna get right into it as you can see right here it's

not a whole lot of ingredients it's really all down to your seasoning boom

we got that J.O #2 you know what this was my go-to still is my go to j.o

number two I can't say enough about it but I've gotten so many great seasoning

you know I mean and then listen I flew in home you know I'm at home right now

using my kitchen so I don't have everything with me I'm gonna have to fix

that and make sure that they send some stuff out here and I have it at the

house okay so look you gotta had a start here we go you got the shrimp these are

like the extra-large look at the size of these right here and got some small ones

also nothing wrong with that got a mixture got a couple of pounds of that minced

garlic look at that boom potatoes red potatoes

we don't cut these up check this out these is heels here sire farms look hot

smoked sausage man you could you can see it right here look at some of the grease

right there you can see this gonna have a little kick to it you gotta have that

right here you got to corn I'm probably gonna split these just kind of a nice

little pack you don't I mean it's got 12 in here 1 2 3 4 3 ways I think i'ma cut

them in half though anyway a couple of lemons then listen I don't do nothing no

matter where I'm at you can always tell you got to have green onions with you

you know I mean something nice and crisp not only for the taste but it makes it

excellent garnish we got butter right here and then listen we got to have this

pop and see you guys to see the death don't know the size I read it in a

minute but that's it right there and then here since we doing a boil we

don't have to make these packs so there you go we got a rentals you want to get

heavy-duty you don't want nothing to leak out it's not like that but this is

it we finna turn this into something magic so let's get it in

okay the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna cut our corner it's up to

you if you guys have the same kind of corn and I bought right here you can cut

them in half and even in thirds but just go ahead and cut those you know once you

have those done then we know go ahead if we were to get potatoes now when you

cutting your potatoes make sure you cut them all the same size cuz if you have

something smaller and some you know bigger pieces when you boil them the

smaller pieces will become mushy and you don't want it to be no ha no mashed

potatoes then after that you just want to go ahead put it all in a pot and add

some water and you want to boil you want to boil you know for like ten minutes

okay look you guys just saw how I prepped everything I got the pot going

it's got the potatoes and the corn in it look I come outside I just started up a

little chimney getting my coals right I'm using lump coal and I check this off

BBQ dragon sent this out right here I haven't even opened it up yet actually

he sent out two hey let me just tell you this he sent out a little bit of

everything he has to offer I'm gonna be doing reviews on it I'm gonna take you

guys listen if it's about that you gotta get it so listen this right here is the

side tray my first saw this on a Christy's uh cooking cooking channel I

listen when I saw it I told her hey you just dropped your mic on that one right

there I gotta have one just about everybody and they mama has one of these

Weber Kettle grills or something similar this is a 22 inch you know weber kettle

grill this is a ran you know the limited edition I got another one over here

there's gold but I got a surprise for you guys who's that gold one but we

getting ready to put this on and we from the find out I'm gonna load this up and

just you know take it how much weight in a hole and all of that this right here

I'm been waiting on hey BBQ dragon you man

oh and check this out look you can hang your utensils off the side

hey this is like a D little bonus it's getting better and better

BBQ dragon I'm with you right now

boom once your grill has come up to temperature about 350 degrees go ahead

come inside what I did was I removed the potatoes and corn away from the fire

after 10 minutes now I was another bullet in there and then I went ahead

and cut up my sausage so listen what we're trying to do is like multitask

this is like super simple you know super easy to to me so after you take all of

your corn and your potatoes out make sure you strain the hot water add them

to a bowl put your sauces in there also and then you know what set that to the

side and now it's time to go ahead and season our shrimp that's right you see

it right there that's smoked paprika okay in addition I like to season and

then I come back with to jail I like to season this separately to ensure that

all of my shrimp has you know a right amount of our seasoning on it so that

way every piece individual piece will be just like you know like super

scrumptious so after that I just stir it all up and then heat it again this is

totally up to you I just know about how much it is and

should look just about like that right there so now go ahead and bring your

bowl back it's gonna be time to go ahead and put your shrimp in the bowl we're

gonna stir that up then we're gonna add our minced garlic we're gonna stir that

up and then we're gonna hit it with the butter and we only gonna use half of the

butter now that's two sticks melted we just use you know one half stick or

anything that's about you know this is kind of like you're just using your

heart and then after I'm done stirring that up and mixing up you know really

well and then I come back with a little bit more of my seasoning now listen you

see that I'm using our Jo seasoning you can use your favorite Creole seasoning

or shrimp boil season or whatever but that right there was my arm hey that was

mine I'm gonna say my whole go to once you're done mixing that now it's the fun

part go ahead and break out your foil listen we're gonna make packs now these

packs is totally up to you or about the UH as far as the size goes I'm doing

three you know so I'll just divide it into thirds and I did you know

this is real important look at how I closed that bag at the top the foil pack

you just want to seal it so none of your steam and get out and we're gonna cook

it with that steam and make some great you know flavor inside so you just do it

as many times if you're gonna do individuals that's fine again I did

three now it's trying to take it outside and there it is that BBQ dragon on a

shelf right there you can't beat it look had to have it now when you put it on if

you're using a grill and you put it on you want to put it away from the heat

meaning that's indirect heat you'll hear that in a few of my videos indirect

means no flame direct means right on top of the flame now after about 45 minutes

go ahead you know take them off we're gonna take them in the inside then we're

gonna take a look at them and then you know what we open them up take a look at

them and then we gonna dressing with that green onion hit it with a little

bit of more than our butter and that right there will show you that will be

you know what a shrimp boil for your pack

super easy took the mystery out simplify this as much as possible and I can just

tell you this giving you guys just follow this with your own favorite

seasoning you cannot go wrong there it is y'all now you remember those green

onions that's what I'll you use the green part the upper part of the green

onion you know for garnish and it tastes good also and then you can use parsley

or whatever that's totally up to you you know it's real garnishing the way you

want it to look you can do your thing from here on out but I will say this

this right here is how you make shrimp boil foil packs it's super easy to make

so what do you think about that they're super easy to make huh and if you look

right now my voice probably won't be matching our lips why because I forgot

to turn on the mic so as you can see and listen I was going or doing my thing I

was saying a lot you guys know what I say at the end don't forget to tell some

everybody there's a there is a channel out here to simplifying these recipes

I'm taking the mystery out of cooking and I said a lot of other stuff too but

you know what the show must go on can't hold you back

couldn't reshoot it so here it is okay so let me just take this time to say you

know where welcome to my channel you know what thank you for watching if you

knew forget to hit the like button you know

what share this video and most of all subscribe and tell everybody there's a

channel out here simplifying these recipes you know what and taking the

mystery out of cooking so with that being said you guys I'm out

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