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>> Hey guys, it's Karina! >> It's Ronald from

>> Sis versus Bro.

And today, we're doing the Fortnite Dance Battle Challenge!

[music playing]

But this time we're gonna be doing it with dad!

>> What?! Guys, I don't want to be in this.

>> Yes you do. >> Okay seriously,

you're gonna include me in the video?

>> Yes.

So, look in the camera. >> And smile.

>> Okay guys, are we gonna have a practice round?

You're gonna teach me first, right? >> No.

>> Okay, that's insane.

>> So guys, we're gonna take the papers

from this very box, right here.

And we're gonna have to do the dance.

We're going to do that for each of us.

And you guys are gonna comment down below

who did their dance the best.

You guys are gonna comment down below

who do you think are the winners of each round.

And today, we have a special guest,

our Dad. Who doesn't know how to move,

he just sits down on the couch and be like, ugh...

>> But today, I'm gonna have to dance so...

watch out. >> So you go stretch.

>> And be like, ugh I'm dancing ugh.

>> Okay. Let's just do it.

>> Okay, who's gonna go first? >> Alright, ladies first.

>> Okay, so. >> Okay, let's see what you got.

>> Disco Fever. >> Oh.

>> Oh, I smell Disco.

>> I smell victory.

All right, let's go see Disco Fever.

[music playing]

>> So, Karina's gonna dance the uiltimate Disco Fever.

Five, four, three, two, one.

[music playing]

>> So guys, comment down below if you think I...

had an awesome disco party, just now.

>> Hi-ya! >> Alright.

So now, it's Dad's turn.

>> All right, it's my turn.

Let's shake it. >> Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

>> And don't forget to smell it!

>> Ay!

Smell the winner.

>> It's me. >> It is...

Electro Shuffle.

>> You won't be able to do that one.

>> That's...

Okay, let's have a look first.

>> Okay.

>> Whoah! I have to do that?

>> Yeah. >> Yes.

>> Oh my goodness. Okay.

Okay, that's gonna be interesting.

>> So guys, are you ready for this

Dad doing Electro Shuffle?

This is gonna be interesting.

>> I'm not ready for this guys. This is crazy.

Three, two, one, go.

[music playing]

That's all I got.

>> So guys, comment down below

if you think Dad did a good job on the Electro Shuffle.

But now, it is Ronald's turn.

>> Hi-ya!

>> Alright, so what you gonna get...

in that garbage bin? >> Which am I gonna get?

>> Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

>> Electro Shuffle. >> Pick, smell, read.

>> Fresh! The fresh, fresh, fresh.

>> Fresh is easy peasy.

>> Smells like victory for me.

[music palying]

All righty, I am ready.

So, scoot, scoot, scoot.

And three, two, one.

[music playing]

>> Okay, yeah. I did it.

>> So guys, comment down below

who do you think should win this round?

Me, Dad or Ronald?

So comment down below. And, now it's my go.

>> Which one is it? Dun-dun-dun.

>> The robot. >> Oh, the robot.

[music playing]

>> So guys, I think I can do this

because I did this in the last video.

So let's see if I still got the skills.

Actually, I never had any skills.

Three, two, one.

[music playing]

All right, that's all I got.

Alright. Now, it's Dad's turn.

>> It's my turn. >> Get the worm, get the worm,

get the worm, get the worm. >> Oh yeah...

>> Shake it for good luck. >> Worm, worm, worm, worm.

>> Be the worm! >> Worm...

>> And... It is the Hootenanny.

>> Hootenany! >> I love that word, Hootenanny.

Oh, that's easy.

>> How is that easy?

Okay, I'm ready. Let's go.

Ready, steady.

[music playing]

Am I doing it, guys?

>> Kind of.

>> Does it look...

>> You're doing okay. >> Yeah?

>> Yeah, kind of. At least, you got 1% of it done.

>> Good, alright so... >> Alright guys, I feel good about this.

I think I got this round. >> So guys, comment down below

if Dad did a good job or nah.

So now, it's my turn.

Pick, sniff, and I win.

>> Other way around.

>> Only if it was that easy.

>> It's the re-animated... >> Reanimated.

>> Oh, you're never gonna do that, Ronald.

>> Oh wow. >> That's hard, Ronald.

>> That's like from horror movie,

Freak Show.

>> Freak Show. >> Okay, I got this.

Scocchy-scooch. Okay.

[music playing]

Am I doing good?

>> Yeah? >> Yeah...

You got 1% of it, I think.

>> So guys, comment down below

if I did a good job or nah.

>> Guys, comment down below who won round 2.

>> Now starting, round 3.

>> Would we? >> Oopsie daisies.

>> Alright. What do I have?

Best Mates.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

>> You got the lemon already squeezed even.

>> Oh yeah, that's easy.

Okay let's see you do it. I actually wanna see you do this.

>> Okay, I wish I had that.

[music playing]

>> Uh... 1% maybe.

>> Are you sure? I think I'm doing it.

I think I did pretty good on that.

Comment down below, that I won.

>> Dad's turn.

You gotta shine now. >> My turn.

>> Shine bright in the sky.

>> Shine bright like a diamond.

Pick the best winning dance and do it.

Rock out. >> Rock out.

>> You've gotta cue your air guitar. >> Gonna Rock it out now.


Do I have-- Do I get a guitar?

>> No. >> No.

Actually, I can bring one, if you want me to.

>> Okay. Let's do it.

I think I got it.

Okay. So we got--

Hold on, hold on. One, two, three.

[music playing]

[chanting with the music]

>> Are you serious?

>> It's like from a horror movie.

>> This is my worst nightmare. >> Yes!

>> So guys, comment down below

if Dad did a good job.

>> You are like, exactly ##

>> And it's already my turn. It's already the end of round 3.

We are the quickest people on earth.

So now, the Flapper.

>> The Flapper. >> The Flapper.

>> The flap, flap, flappers. >> The Flapper is easy peasy.

Alright. You do that.

>> Oh, hello Chibi.

Do you want to join me in the Flapper.


[music playing]

So guys, comment down below if I did a good job.

I think I got at least 15%.

>> So guys, comment down below

who won Round 3. Now, it's my go.

>> Round 4, is getting started.

>> We got Take The L.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. >> Karina, Take The L.

>> Okay, I wish I had that.

>> Take The L, Karina.

>> Oh, that's so simple.

>> Okay guys, three, two, one.

>> Alrighty, Karina.

I think you should take the L.

>> No. You should take it.

>> I think it's my turn now guys.

>> Guys, comment down below if Karina got 1%, 2% or 3%.

>> Or a 100%.

>> It's Dad's awesome turn.

>> Yes. >> Ah, yes.

>> I'm gonna smell it for the win.

>> For my win. >> The worm.


>> The ultimate [inaudible]. >> Oh my gosh.

>> You're never gonna beat the master

at the worm. >> I think I'm gonna break my bones.

This is insane.

>> I am the worm master.

>> Okay I'm gonna need a lot of room for this.

Everybody, just scooch over.

I'm going for it. I'm gonna dive deep guys.

Let's go.




That hurt.

>> Okay guys, comment down below

if Dad did 1%, 2%, or 50, or a 100%.

>> Or 0%.

>> So...

>> I think it's your turn.

>> There's only few left.

Please get the easiest one in the world.

Life will be good either way.

I got the Jubilation.

>> Jubilation.

>> I'm so happy. >> Alright.

Let's see the Jubilation.

Aw, that's too easy. >> I wish I had that.

>> Scooch a booch a booch.



>> So guys, comment down below

who won that round.

>> So we are on round 5, I'm pretty sure.

>> What you got, what you got? >> What you got?

>> Floss. Yes!

I got the Floss.

>> You know how to do it. >> I wanna see the thing, thouhg.

>> Okay.

>> Okay guys, I'm gonna show you

how it's done.

All right. Three, two, one.

[music playing]

>> Floss your teeth everyday.


>> Okay. I think you got it.

That's enough.

That was perfect. >> Okay guys, comment down below

if Karina did 10%, 50%, or a 100%. >> Perfect example of the Floss.

And it is my turn now.

For the ultimate!

Let's what are we gonna get.

[cheerful shouting]

It is a Dab.


At least, it's easy. Okay.

>> Okay. Yeah!

>> I don't have to break my bones anymore.

Okay. I'm gonna do that, guys.

>> Ooh...

Hit that Dab!

>> Ready, steady.



That was fail. >> Okay guys,

comment down below if Dad did

10%,50%, 20% or the grand 100%.

>> It was terrible. You know why?

Because it was a Dab.

>> Okay, Ronald. It's your turn go for it.

>> It smells like a victory for me. >> Let me smell it,

definitely, a victory for me.

>> Ride the ultimate, nice Pony.

>> Ride the Pony.

>> Ride the awesome Pony.

Okay guys. Three, two, one.

[music playing]

>> I don't what was that. I didn't see any Pony.

But maybe he did a good job. Guys, comment down below.

>> The invisible Pony. >> 10%, 50%,

or 100% or 110%.

>> Okay we got only two more and there's three of us.

Okay guys, so since we only have two left

I think it's gonna be a dance-off between you two.

>> Okay. >> Okay.

>> Okay? So, you pick.

>> I got Dance Moves.

>> And Ronald has the last one which is...

>> Gonna be...

Wiggle. >> The Wiggle.

>> The Wiggle?

>> So we're gonna watch >> Oh, I want the Wiggle.

>> First, Dance Moves.

>> And then the Wiggle.

Oh, that look so weird.

>> I am gonna fail so hard.

>> That is cool, actually.

>> Okay guys, Ronald takes the grand finale.

We're gonna do it both at the same time,

and you're gonna comment Ronald 100%.

Karina 0.

Okay, three, two, one. Go!

[music playing]

>> So guys, comment down below who did a better job.

Was it Karina or Ronald.

>> And I have a job for you guys,

so what you're gonna do is comment down below.

I want you say is Ronald wins 100%.

Karina and Dad, wins 0%.

>> No, no, no. That's totally wrong.

>> And guys, also comment down

who won the entire challenge.

>> Ohh...

>> So guys, we hope you liked this video.

If you did, smash that like button

and we'll see you all next time.

Good bye.

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