Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 FUN WAYS to Learn and Improve Your English! #SPON

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Learning any new language takes time patience a little bit of skill

but more importantly, more than anything it takes desire

which can be difficult because sometimes it's really boring!

So here are five really fun, and therefore the best ways to learn English

Or any language

Fall in love in that language

Someone once told me "There's no better classroom than the bedroom!"

This is totally true

whenever someone new would join my class

and they had a really natural sounding British accent

100% of the time they had a British boyfriend or a British girlfriend


Because if you fall in love with someone who speaks that language

you're more interested in them and how they speak

and you'll probably want to copy how they speak

Follow YouTubers in that language

Not just language teachers on YouTube although

language teachers can be amazing

but no I mean regular vloggers people who talk about their day

they're talking about their average daily routine

You'll learn new vocabulary about what they're talking about

about and depending on which subject you're interested in

These are my favourite UK youtubers

and I've put links to all of their channels in the description

and then you can use that new vocabulary in future conversations

Okay so you've just learnt a bunch of new words for these awesome UK YouTubers

the best way to practice that new vocabulary is with a native English teacher, right?

Well sometimes that's not always possible

but I found a very cool option for you

There's a website / app thing called "Cambly"

you can get on your phone get on your laptop

It's kind of like Uber but for learning English

So whenever you're like "I feel like learning English right now"


"I really want to know about this thing in English. If only I had an English teacher"

Well you just load up the Cambly app, press practice English, and BAM!

You're talking with a native English teacher

That's pretty cool!


Because you're a Papa Teach Me viewer,

use my link in the description

You'll get a free 20-minute English lesson with a native English teacher

That's a free English lesson!

I know! It's cool!

Learn a new skill in that language

you'll learn new words relating to that skill

more importantly

you'll learn a new skill

Now if you ain't got time for that, and you don't want to meet new people

don't worry

stay at home learn a new skill on YouTube

that way you can you can stay in bed you don't have to meet any new people for that

I'd recommend that you check out my friend John's videos

he teaches ukulele in English and it's super easy super fun

and he's just a cool guy

Try to start thinking in that new language

For example in high school I learned French

When I used to walk to school

I would take a sentence in English and try and translate it in my head to French

Key word: "Try"

but that method really helped me start to improve my French in school

which is what we need to be aiming for

and the last one: Audiobooks

It's better to use audiobooks while you're reading the actual book

Here you want to focus on the pronunciation of words

but more generally speaking you'll want to pay attention to the style

and the intonation of the speech

it's much more fun and much faster this way

than just reading a book yourself

What's that? You don't want to buy an audiobook?

Don't worry about it

Because BAM!

If you use this code you get a free trial to Audible and you can download free audiobooks

You're welcome. They're all FREE!



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