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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Literary Theory 7 Post Colonialism, Hybrid, Orientalism, UGC NET/JRF, MA, BA, English Literature

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English Language Institute this is

Professor Akasha and these video series

are dedicated on the discussion of

literary theory today we are going to

take up post-colonial what is postulates

the literature written after the

colonizing countries lifts the columnist

the people the countries which were


the countries in Asia and Africa when

they left and they granted freedom to

those countries went away to the own

land and the people of the colonized

countries they started writing save

language English why did they learn

English and write in English our friends

why Lord metally in 1835 2nd of February

British Parliament had said once that

India is very rich in culture its

heritage is too strong the moral beliefs

of very staunch these people cannot be

won unless until we break this backbone

so he said that we should change the

education system of India we should make

them feel that their language their

culture is the word to a foreign culture

to a foreign language Indian English and

if they learn English they would rise

above their own people slowly introduce

these people British has changed

complete education system and when the

British left the country the people who

were educated in the same manner started

writing in English they are all called

us in the onion writers Indians were

writing it English then similarly in

Africa people started reading English is

Ephraim - or if fro Britishers whatever

so there was a change in fighting the

people who were primarily of one country

one culture one had a turn on language

they were introduced but different

language different culture so what

happened it was an utter shock

I was shopping baby and then they

expressed the children they were born in

an environment which was happy the

intermixing of what the culture is our

language and that's called hybrid

hybridization the mixing two cultures

place and a new self-rating immersed and

the critics the colleague post-colonial


mostly endures it emerged in India it

emerged in Africa and all of the

countries where the colonizing countries

had failed for more than a century or so

there have been many post-colonial

critics like Edward W said we can cut

them for me

pama countries we work geometry was

wanker bhujiya etc Salman Rushdie and

many others the first critic was Mikhail

party who brought this hybrid notion

through his work there's biological

imagination in 1981 he taught the

fruitless petrography means lots of

glossary making on language different

type of glossary not three words

combination of more than one language

you can see all the African countries

which were ruled by the French people a

very fluent in French and during Harlem


the people had come up they had

expressed their opposition against the

oppression they were falling they were

facing by the colonizing countries

the writers like to achieve and what a

semca they have faced trials and

tribulations because they thought they

expressed about their own paintings even

Gandhi she suffered the suppression of

color discrimination in South Africa

from there he came to his own country

had started freedom struggle another

post-colonial theorist encrypted

Titusville has worked on the studies of

feminism autism she even translated

there in us de la dramatic emoji 1976

and even wrote her face she worked on

the language of the expression and she

didn't discuss the deconstruction on

where is text famous critic and theorist

Edward Said revelation in the studies of

post-colonial literature by his work or

in dualism in 1978 and he don't about

the difference between the East and

Eastern countries and the Western

countries and he said that there is lot

of difference between two cultures at

all but the he's still got trees are

oriented towards the Western countries

they are trying to adopt the culture the

language the style and everything in

which said demonstrates minded focus

idea of ruling variants Salman Rushdie's

commercially homeland's is a dice next

what is dice for as for a means if a

person who's born in his native country

and brought up to a certain age and day

he emigrates to a foreign land

to a foreign country and there really

expresses fitting it in a in his home in

London near the window staring at the

blank streets and imagining the streets

of Mumbai we have to live with this

duality this oddity

this openness this hybrid thing the

dysphoric conflict nothing had be done

anything the languages have changed the

cultures have changed the traditions

have changed so the morals have changed

this is an every muscle reaction this

has done after all who knows the

stability may become identity one cut

okay let's finish our topic here in the

next we will be feminist also explore

the website taught you to eat okay dr.

Millican till then take care

thank you



The Description of Literary Theory 7 Post Colonialism, Hybrid, Orientalism, UGC NET/JRF, MA, BA, English Literature