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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 100 People Tell Us If They've Ever Had a Threesome | Keep it 100 | Cut

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- No.

- Oh hell, no.

- Oh please. I don't want somebody doing me

with somebody else's dick in my mouth, no!

- Have I ever had what?

- No.

- No.

- Cause I've never thought of that.

- What's that?


- I have never had a threesome.

- Never had a threesome.

- No.

- No.

- No, still working on that.

- No.

- No.

- I have not.

- I almost did once, though.

- I've had something like it.

- Somebody watched me have sex with someone.

- Just the opportunity has never arisen.

Actually wait, that's a lie.

- These two people came up and said like,

"Hey, we think you're really hot

"and my boyfriend and I want to have a threesome with you,"

but they weren't very attractive, so.

- Yes, a lot.

Gas stations, homeless people.

In restaurants when I was a waitress.

- No.

- No, I wish I have.

- No.

- No.

- No, I'm boring.

- No, I never had a threesome.

No, I really, I've never--


- With two women?

That would be great.

- Of course he wants another girl, but I want another guy.

- With whoever my boyfriend's gonna be and Cardi B.

- I think it would be cool to be with two dudes,

but it's either they're weird about it,

or they're a little too into it.

- I'm not gonna say no at this point in my life.

- No.

- No.

- I'm not opposed to it.

- Yes.

- Oh, so actually it was a foursome, is that okay?

- Yes, so I've had threesomes, foursomes and moresomes.

- It was everything I expected it to be.

- It was in high school.

- It was a good night.

- My wife was pregnant, her and her friend

decided to go down on each other,

me and my guy were just in the corner

figuring out what are we gonna do,

and then he went and made a move,

and then that's how it happened.

- Actually, the girlfriend of--

- My long-term boyfriend.

- Best friend.

- They were really awkward, weird guys.

- I didn't like either one of them.

- His name was Davey Crockett, it happened in a motor home.

- I don't think it was my proudest moment.

- It was very lackluster.

- No, some gal was coming onto me and my friend.

It was kind of like, "Is this really happening?"

- She started kissing on the guy

right in front of me, so I was like,

"Wait, is this going where I think it's going?"

- I remember one of them was like really attractive,

and one of them wasn't, and so I focused

my energy on the really attractive one.

- I feel like I was left out of the threesome.

- Almost, but no.

- No, but I've been asked.

- No.

- No.

- Yes. - No.

- Yes. - No.

- It just doesn't come together.

- Yes.

Which time? (laughs)

I did do one in the back of K-Mart parking lot though.

- Have I ever had a threesome?



- Yes.

- I probably wouldn't do it again.

- It was not fun.

- It was fun at first, and then it kind of was like--

- Not so great.

- I think that threesomes are kind of overrated.

- Threesomes aren't as fun as you think they are.

The chick we had a threesome with ended up like

starting her period in the middle of the threesome.

- One of the girls burst out in tears,

and I was like, "What!"

- He just couldn't get hard!

- I definitely thought I was straight at this point,

and then I tried to fool around with the girl

and I was like, "Nah, fam."

- It wasn't very fun.

- It wasn't awkward for me cause

you know I watch a lot of porn.

- Never.

- It's complicated.

- Seems like a lot of work.

- I just don't believe in it.

- Sex is between two people, not three.

- I've been involved in a lot of group sex.

- Make a plan, verify that people are not jealous.

- Don't do it with people you love.

- Making sure there's an established

friendship connection first.

- It was two dudes, so you could like

give one head while the other was like

giving it from the back, you could switch it up.

- No.

- Yes, oh god.

- Yes.

- No!

- (laughs) No!

- Who let the dogs out?

I'd say I probably let the dogs out, I don't know.

- No.

- I wouldn't want him touching another female.

- No, I wouldn't!

- No threesome.

- I think I would get really jealous.

- I'm too insecure.

- I'd be very intimated by that.

- I would love to have a threesome,

but I just discussed this with my husband

and he was not cool with it.

- God I wish, my boyfriend's too vanilla for that.

- Grant?

- Would you ever consider having a threesome with me?

- Really?!

(upbeat electronic music)

Okay, but with a guy or a girl, though?

- Really?

It's not like you guys are touching tips though.

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