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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Will Kobe Bryant and Lakers fans accept LeBron James as the new face of the franchise? | ESPN Voices

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Rachel Lindsay: How do you think Kobe feels about LeBron being in a Lakers uniform?

Paul Pierce: He's been looking for someone to pass the torch to.

Will Cain: I think he HAAAAATES it. I think this is his franchise.

Will Cain: 20 years with the Lakers. His name is next to Magic's.

Will Cain: He doesn't need LeBron coming in and showing up at reunions.

Rachel Lindsay: Kobe congratulated him on Twitter.

Kobe Bryant: I talked to him yesterday and just told him, "Welcome, man."

Kobe: He's part of the family, whatever he needs, I got him

Zubin Mehenti: LeBron is a Laker

Rachel Lindsay: LeBron has found a new home and it is with the Lakers.

Scott Van Pelt: Here we are, LeBron James is a Los Angeles Laker...

SVP: ...for what ought to occupy the final act of his NBA story

Zubin Mehenti: From high school, to the Cavs, to the Heat, to the Cavs, and now the Lakers.

Max Kellerman: If you look at the various kind of destinations for LeBron.

Max: The one that made the most sense, by far, was LA.

Woj: The Lakers are the sleeping giant of the league and when it's right there, when it's being run right...

Woj: Everyone should want to go there and play. There's no better place to play.

Ryan Hollins: Obviously the business was a big part of it, in moving to LA, but the basketball still comes at hand

Hollins: What LeBron showed us this last playoffs, he's more than capable.

Brian Windhorst: I think this was a mix of a business and family decision.

Windhorst: I think from a business standpoint, he comes to Los Angeles, where he gets great opportunities to expand his media empire.

Max Kellerman: And Magic heading the Lakers I think was a tremendous lure for LeBron.

Max: many have written and discussed since this happened.

Zubin Mehenti: This is the Lakers. This is the 16-time champions.

Zubin: The glitz, the glamor, the Hollywood, Showtime, Nicholson, all that stuff.

Zubin: What do you make of that now, the NBA's most glamorous piece is together with its most glamorous organization.

Will Cain: Is there any pressure on LeBron James in LA? Yeah, how about this much, a TON.

Will Cain: And that's ok. That's flattering to LeBron James.

Will Cain: There should be pressure on him.

Stephen A.: Understand something very very important here, if you go to LA...

Stephen A.: ..the expectation is TITLE.

Stephen A.: You would be the lone superstar outside of Elgin Baylor that failed to bring a chip to Laker nation.

Zubin: In every single place LeBron has played, a title has followed.

Zubin: It came after a while in Cleveland. It came a couple different times in Miami.

Domonique Foxworth: If he doesn't win a championship in four years...

Domonique: are we going to say that LeBron James was a bust? He was a failure? A disappointment?

Will Cain: He is now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Will Cain: If LeBron James spends three to four years there..

Will Cain: ... and doesn't do the same [as he did in Cleveland].

Will Cain: If you don't think that's going to have a negative effect on him, you are insulting him.

Domonique Foxworth: If he wins four titles in a row, ok then, we'll have a conversation.

Domonique: But LeBron's been under pressure his entire career..

Domonique: Going to LA does not intensify that pressure. Maybe in that small area of Los Angeles..

Domonique: ... their expectations that are high, but in the entire NBA and in the world,

Domonique: LeBron's legacy is set, right?

Will Cain: It is the Los Angeles Lakers. It is a franchise that comes, appropriately, with expectation.

Will Cain: This is not some place you go to retire.

Will Cain: This is some place that you go to win championships. The fans expect it.

Will Cain: Magic Johnson expects it. The colors and the jersey expect it. LeBron James has pressure on him.

Zubin: What's a reasonable expectation, very early, ballpark?

Michael Wilbon: Contention. Serious contention. I don't buy that they're not gonna contend...

Wilbon: ..that he doesn't have enough around him to contend.

Wilbon: He's got more around him now that he had in Cleveland

Stephen A. : The Los Angeles Lakers organization is synonymous with championships...

Stephen A: There is no superstar, outside of Elgin Baylor,

Stephen A: in the history of the sport, in the history of their franchise...

Stephen A: ...who has worn the purple and gold, and has not delivered a title!

Scott Van Pelt: The Lakers have got sixteen of them and they've got so many legends...

SVP: Wilt and West and Magic and Kareem and Shaq and Kobe.

SVP: And I'm being real stingy here because there are so many more.

Will Cain: Name a superstar that's gone to LA and has not won a championship.

Will Cain: Look at the stars that have played for the Lakers throughout their franchise history...

Will Cain: We've got Magic with Five.

Will Cain: We've got Kobe with five.

Will Cain: We've got Wilt with one, Shaq with three.

Paul Pierce: When you go through a new generation of the great Lakers superstars, it's always who's next?

Paul PIerce: It started with Magic, Wilt, all those guys...

Then Kareem, then Kobe and Shaq and then it's like, who's gonna be next?

Pierce: Even though LeBron wasn't brought up in the Laker nation, [or through their] draft and system..

Pierce: LA needs a superstar. This is what LA is all about. Something to get excited about.

Pierce: And that's what Kobe is saying. He's excited, now, he's like, "I might even show up to some games!"

Rachel Nichols: Right, exactly [laughing].

Pierce: Because there's expectations. When you play for franchises like the Lakers, there's expectations.

Pierce: There's expectations of who's going to carry the torch and be the next great superstar.

Pierce: And about winning championships.

Pierce: And when you bring LeBron on board, that's the expectation.

Scott Van Pelt: LeBron James, I think, occupies a rare, if not completely unique place, in ALL of sports.

SVP: He is THAT good and he wields THAT much power.

SVP: With a chance to restore the luster to a legendary franchise...

..and pick the brain of an NBA legend, who has become a titan of industry, in Magic Johnson.

Ryan Hollins: All I've heard is "we don't want LeBron".

Ryan Hollins: All those people put on LeBron James jerseys last night

[Fans chanting "L-B-J"]

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