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we have here

I know you


day one destruction complete well look at this this is literally even the

biggest transformation we've done in the same day if you remember this was on

walkable untouchable it was like this took all this dirt made it into a

parking lot you can actually park stuff here now so I got most of my equipment

here trailer buckets this is now a usable backyard let's go down all right

look at this dude that's a big drop that's like a six foot drop look at this

so we're gonna follow regulation it's gonna be a three foot wall this is about

a seven foot wall we're gonna build it back till the three foot wall fill it in

put some geotextile fabric drain rock all that jazz look at this dude this is

an actual usable yard

and of day two end of day two we're gonna do this from

the stairs we're gonna be a little elevated retaining wall started

geotextile fabric lead this is for you know just to make sure nothing happens

because a lot of stuff moves in the heels and we don't want that to move

that's where the kitchen is gonna be the layout all that jazz it's gonna be

pretty nice


and of day five my friends Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday all

spent here in this oasis look at that the gas line in the water in the drain

for the sink in electrical the condo is right there that will be laid in right

here and ready to go for Monday when the electrician comes bass rock in here a

lot of bass rock in there yeah let me take you over here so this is where the

fire pole is gonna be it's gonna be a very $7000 fireball very beautiful fire

I know you


all right a long time no update these big projects can't really do an update

every day but I'll show you what we got so far

so all the pavers are done they are completed and now we got the steps lined

up all the lights are in this is the fire bit right there it's gotta go right

here and then the barbecue aftermath definitely got the pergola done pretty

good until tomorrow

this is the game plan eight feet deep all the way down okay so when water

starts rushing down the hill because it does that rushes down the hill it'll

come here and it'll go straight down it'll get caught in this pipe with holes

in it it'll exit out daylight up there and then all the water will go down

there that's the plan it's gonna work too it's

a great plan

honest to do

like it is view man that is crazy so here we got the

walk way to get to the deck into the house and you come here this is gonna be

the Hangout area this is the fire pit right here mmm nice little tabletop to

put your drinks on cool stairs to the deck and now for the main event baby I'm

gonna show you what a psycho nighttime but for now look at this

we got shade we got ice maker rolling the fridges cooking

doors boom baby this is an outdoor kitchen and we got some beer

maybe this deal if you think this is a million-dollar view you are wrong this

is a million-dollar view the homeowner got ripped off this is a

multimillion-dollar view and then if you remember there's a trench going all the

way from there to there and then it goes from there to the street Wow Wow

unreal on real and this is what it looks like from the top baby


Wow Wow this is incredible we got the moon shining we got the music playing

from the winery we got a bunch of other people over there we got some fruit

trees we got fruit trees right there we got a fire you wanna you want to warm up

some marshmallows we got it you want to heat up we got it you want to light up

we got it look it through do this is incredible daytime Wow

nighttime whoa whoa

okay the official the official view of the kitchen

not much in it but that's okay we got an ice maker

with a lot of ice okay

the best ice ever

we got a few doors you want to wash your hands

good water pressure you want to saute some mushrooms

we got it


the grill this is the nicest grill if you notice this little has a window I've

never seen a grill with the window have you probably not boom

who's doing it who is doing it this is nuts

spongebob spongebob grab me a beer aye aye captain I can't hear you

aye aye captain Oh

beer man seriously

whoa I would have never thought 1 year ago that we can actually build something

like this a little bit a little commitment actually with a lot of

commitment with a lot of commitment and a lot of dedication this is the good

life dude this job turned out so good I'm so I'm so glad these string lights

made it we got checked over there see right

there we got camera we got speakers right there the job is

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promise you that this job is one for the books but I'm telling you nice job I got

your jaw is gonna drop six zeros let's go baby six zeroes we're doing it six

zeroes behind a single digit that's what's up until next time bro


we got show music you got a good beer we got a nice fire pit this is the life man

this is cool this is this is cool

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