Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hidden Beds by Lift & Stor Beds

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Jennifer Abbey: We also offer a full line of wall beds and storage beds.

This is our Hiddenbed.

The nice thing about this bed is you don't have to take any items off the surface of your desk.

So as long as it's not taller than 18-inches the items just pivot to the floor,

and now you have your bed.

Richard Abbey: The Hiddenbed is an extremely strong bed.

It's made of solid wood construction and can hold up to 17,000 pounds.

Jennifer Abbey: The Hiddenbed itself is very easy to operate.

It comes in a variety of finishes.

Your only restriction is you can't do a mattress over 11 inches.

It comes in a queen and a double.

The nice thing about the Hidden bed is you get two pieces of furniture in one.

You have your desk during the day, and if you have company or if you're using it for yourself,

you just bring it down and you have your bed at night.

Joshua Jacoby: So where did these beds first come from?

Jennifer Abbey: They're a European-designed bed.

The mechanism itself was originally designed in Europe,

so they're very popular over there.

Joshua Jacoby: Really? Like, how heavy is this bed?

Would I be able to move it from one office to another?

Jennifer Abbey: You can.

Usually when we assemble the beds, we bring them in in pieces and assemble them in the room,

but it is something that you could learn to do.

Joshua Jacoby: How long does it take you guys to assemble one of these beds?

Jennifer Abbey: Locally, when we do the delivery and install it, it runs about an hour.

Joshua Jacoby: If I order one today how long will it take me to get it?

Jennifer Abbey: We're roughly about five to six weeks out right now.

All of our beds are built to-order,

so we don't keep a stock inventory because the finish that you use on your bed may not be what somebody else would want on theirs.

Joshua Jacoby: Can you guys do a custom finish,

like if I have a particular varnish I want you to use?

Jennifer Abbey: Yes, we also are able to offer a stain-to-match.

Joshua Jacoby: Oh, awesome. How about decorative headboards and things like that?

Do you do custom work to go with your beds?

Jennifer Abbey: We do custom cabinetry.

Since we are the manufacturer, we're able to build whatever size cabinets that you would like,

whether it's a hutch above or a cabinet to the side,

and we could do headboards and any other type of custom furniture.

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