Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jonas Kaufmann ✮ Parsifal im Backstage-Interview mit Th.Gottschalk

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but that's the difference between footballers opera singers we always have something cultural to

contribute, especially when it's about jonas kaufmann i can already see him here he

would like a short break mario i'm sorry i know you would like a break that

's him jonas businessman is not so bad with the hair talking to a lady

is asked what questions would you like at that point she said with the han you

cut them off and she worries whether they can grow back up to the hotel we even

to this day lure the regrowth the question is of course whether one associates long hair with otello

so i would rather another amelie the young domingo direction slowly fruits yes yes exactly i

don't like the hair color anymore to say country keyword domingo i always send you

the opera from lg and since mans children nonsense at some point in jonas kaufmann to

los angeles the statements from the munich opera from here he is very self-confident in the jonas who

belongs to us who feels with us both and now you have opened this season, lost

for the rest of the world and you have become one of his debut chamber singers in munich i would

say both i feel very comfortable here and will do so long I am able to do a

lot of productions here, but one does not exclude the other now we have

a wonderful summer today so it may not be worth going to raleigh but in winter when

it is cold again then you would like to we hope to continue the production now

i just saw with horror that you as a former lohengrin experienced a swan is

that you will get problems with this genre at the next two lohn green productions yeah

probably i will probably then have no more means of transport there they are again the

same thing every now and then I have to walk batteries of the world makes clairvoyant immediately

it works because you have as you already got it or did you seem like you passed

out wow that is an interesting question know i come from the fourth yes of course no so the one to make the

world clairvoyant the kiss is of course madness that is a magic that one magic

can be different Do not explain it, you would experience it right away if the kiss took place

, that the gate that previously only babbled to itself suddenly utterly philosophical ready for printing

that is a change that normally takes place in decades of arduous upbringing,

so you would probably have it happy to press on one or the other

that a little bit of light happens overnight but it was interesting

how you can actually take realities for today from an opera from yesterday

, yes that is possible as a person so that you sometimes stand on the stage and

now you have these very difficult texts in your head and say it was so stupid it wasn't at all, some things are still valid today ig

most of it is still valid today, it will probably be phrased differently today but

the problems are all the same this is now a piece that is about unbelievable forgiveness and redemption

but still I would not even draw it as a religious piece it is something you can do

yes believe a completely different thing it doesn't have to be god but the

way wagner believes with this topic and deals with us longing for the proceeds is so

musically compelling that i believe everyone who has never thought about it

and has suddenly dealt with but knows what it means to believe in something I great when

you speak millionaire you can see he loves this job you can see he's in the matter I just

got into drugs I would not know or talked to other blowjobs as said

your upper munich is not sold out but if you and the merchant are there anyway

nothing works that is un for a man of art d and intellectuals are also a topic

this summer the blockbuster mentality well it is of course wonderful for the house and

for me for the audience it is very difficult they have to go through a process and tremble to

get the tickets i also wish it was easier there would be places to be found but

some houses would have to close here you could have a cultivation in the region you have

stuck such a pizza dough on it because you could have done it without a gym

but he actually has a better figure, i stand for it thank you very much

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