Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Request a Parent PLUS Loan

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This tutorial will guide you through requesting a Parent PLUS Loan.

First, open up your web browser.

Then, go to

Click Sign In

Remember you are requesting a Parent PLUS Loan.

Thus, the students parent must sign in using his or her own

Federal Student Aid Pin to complete the request.

Now, put in your social security number,

first two letters of your last name,

date of birth,

and pin number.

Then, click Sign In

Click on Request a Direct PLUS Loan

Look under select the loan type.

Click on Parent PLUS Loan

You will first see where you can check school participation.

You can skip this step because UT Martin does participate.

Now fill out or review your Borrower Information.

Make sure you check the box below default certification,

if you are not in default on a loan or have made

satisfactory arrangements with the loan holder.

After filling out or reviewing your address

and employer information, click continue.

Select an Award Year.

Lets choose 2011-2012.

Fill out or review your students information.

Read and decide if you would like to request for deferment

while the student is in school.

Lets choose yes.

Read and decide if you would like to request for 6-month

Post-Enrollment Deferment.

Lets choose yes.

Now, decide if you would like to authorize the school to use your

Parent PLUS Loan to pay for other educationally related charges

that you incur at the school. For example,

library fines, parking tickets, lab fees, and etc.

You are not required to provide this authorization.

If you do authorize, you may revoke or modify

it at any time by contacting the school.

Lets authorize by checking the box.

Now, decide if you would like to have the credit balance paid directly

to you or to your student. A credit balance is any loan amount

that remains after charges have been paid.

For this tutorial, lets choose me.

So, that the credit balance is paid directly to the parent.

Now, lets identify the school at which you are requesting a Direct PLUS Loan.

Choose Tennessee

Then, choose University of Tennessee - Martin

The school code/branch number and school address will appear.

Now, decide what loan amount you want to request.

Either the maximum amount for which you are eligible,

specify the loan amount, or

if you do not know and will contact the school.

For this tutorial lets choose the first one,

the amount for which you are eligible.

Now, specify the loan period.

At this time you can either add another school or click continue.

Lets click continue.

Now, review or edit the information on the page.

Then, click continue to have your credit checked and to submit

your Parent PLUS Loan. And, that concludes this tutorial.

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