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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Wait, That's NOT the Joker? | Um, Actually [Full Episode]

Difficulty: 0

- From Navi to Navi, nerds like a lot of things.

But there's something they love above all else

and that is correcting people.

This is Um, Actually.

(upbeat music)

Joining us today we have Brennan Lee Mulligan.

- Good morning.

- [Mike] Kirk Damato.

- Bling blong.

- [Mike] And Marisha Ray.

- Hello.

- Thank you so much, the three of you

for joining us today.

- The adrenaline's starting to kick in.


- This is your first time.

- It is.

- [Mike] And this is returning for the two of you.

- Be gentle. - Brennan, steel-y eyed.

One of these days, you're gonna lose.

- I would welcome that day because it would mean

a return to feeling anything.

- Well good, maybe today will be that day.


Well, thank you so much for joining us.

If it's your first time watching this,

you have no idea what the hell we're doing here.

This is a stack of statements.

These are incorrect statements

of the things you know and love.

It's up to you to correct me.

All your corrections must be preceded

with the phrase, "Um, Actually".

If you don't say that, I won't give you the point

and you can interrupt me at any point in the question

as soon as you see what's wrong.

Those are the only two rules, fairly simple.

- And we can interrupt you any time we want?

- That's right. - Hell yeah.

- I think you're gonna kill us.


- I'm coming for you, Brennan.

- Brennan's already playing mind games.

- That's what I want, that's the spirit I wanna see.

I just want someone to put me in my place.

- That's what we all want, Brennan.

We've all been begging for someone

to put you in your ------- place.

- This is like the classic archetype

of the person who's like,

I've traveled the land looking

for the person who can best me.

That's what I want, I wanna get creamed.

Let's see if it happens today.

- Well, all right, let's go into our first question then.

Water, earth, fire, air.

These are the four types of bending

featured in the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" universe.

However, there is a fifth type: Energybending,

which is older than all the other forms

and can be used to strip a bender

of their magical abilities.

Taught to Avatar Aang by an ancient lion turtle,

the only known Energybenders

are Aang, Amon, and Avatar Korra.

(bell chimes) - Um, actually,

to name the fifth type of bending that there is?

- That is not what the question is but you can if you want.

- Metalbending.

- No. (bell chimes)

- [Mike] Marisha.

- Um, actually,

there were other Energybenders

in the Legend of Korra, I think.


- No, that's not what we're doing

but I like the bush whacking that we're doing.

Like, maybe we can, we hack away

enough bushes, maybe we can - I'll find it.

- see something in here.

(bell chimes)

- Um, actually, it wasn't a lion turtle who taught this.

- Incorrect, incorrect.

(bell chimes)

- Um, actually, Avatar Roku could not bend energy,

he could just sort of astral project through reincarnation?

- Did you say Avatar Roku?

- Yeah.

- I did not list that as one of the things. (laughing)

- Wait. (bell chimes)

- Um, actually, Avatar Roku knows how to do it?


- Stop talking about Avatar Roku.

I never said Roku.

- Why are you so dismissive about Avatar Roku?

We are pulling the thread, we're gonna unravel this.


- Amon isn't an Energybender.

He uses bloodbending, which is a form of waterbending

- Oh.

- to essentially do the same thing,

to block peoples' chi so they can't actually bend.

So, in essence, it has a similar effect

but he's not Energybending, he's bloodbending.

- See, none of this is in the movie,

which is what I consider cannon.

- Oh, for shame.


Get out, get out, Kirk.


- I was talking about how funny it would be

to have a whole episode

with just a bunch of Avatar questions.

But never reference the show, only talk about the movie,

just to make people just like,

whole blood vessels bursting in people.

- Yes, it'd be 30 minutes of a nosebleed.

- Yeah, well no points for that one.

But our next question here is about D&D.

Combat strategy is an important part of fifth edition D&D.

For example: a group of adventures comes across a gathering

of goblins about to make a blood sacrifice

to the goblin deity of Maglubiyet.

The party's barbarian might choose to enter a rage

and rush right in to the fight.

But the party's rogue might prefer a stealthier approach

to earn a surprise round of actions

at the beginning of combat.

(bell chimes) - [Mike] Marisha.

- Um, actually, the rogue only gets sneak attack advantage

if he hasn't been alerted to the party of goblins?

- Incorrect.

(bell chimes)

- Kirk. - Um, actually--

- (laughing) This is just to spite Brennan.

- The goblin deity is not Maglubbity, blah, blah, blah.

That's the god of those fish creatures.

- That's incorrect, Brennan's very dismissive

of even that guess.

- Maglubiyet is 100 percent the god of the gobs

that can be found on the planet of Acheron,

which is located between Mechanis and Baytor.

- Hmm.

(bell chimes)

- Um, actually, the rules were changed

in fifth edition concerning surprise rounds.

Surprise is now a condition that affects creatures

in the normal first round of combat.

- That is correct.

- Wow. - Damn it.

I knew it in my heart too. (laughing)

- You both knew that's where the situation was.

But, yes, surprise rounds don't exist in five new rules.

Fun that barbarians can just choose to enter a rage.

- [Marisha] Yeah. - It's a very hulk-like thing.

Just like, I'm always angry.


They can just choose to do this.

- Do you think they have triggers

or they have bracelets that they're like, ------- Angela.


I remember her.

- Go ahead, get into it, get into the head space.

- Barbarians keep one voicemail on their phone at all times.

They can just be like, oh yeah, that -------,

oh, you think you're hot ----.


- Well, that's a point for Brennan.


- Until 2018, the single longest work

of literary fiction was a piece

of "Harry Potter" fan fiction,

known as "The Subspace Emissary's World Conquest,"

which followed the story of an original character

named Chris who befriended and adventured

with a variety of canonical characters.

It has since been surpassed by a piece of fan fiction set

in the universe of "Kantai Collection",

a digital card game featuring WWII ships

personified as anime girls.

- Um, actually, none of that ---- happened.


Is that right?

- The first question where literally everything's wrong.

A complete work of fiction.

Um, actually, incorrect.

(bell chimes)

- Kirk.

- Um, actually, that's not a digital card game.

I think that one with the girls being ships,

I've seen it in Japan where I used to live.


- I don't think it is that.

- Hey, I appreciate that this largely inscrutable.

I understand that but that is wrong.

(bell chimes) - [Mike] Marisha.

- Um, actually, it wasn't World War two.

It was the Cold War

with the Soviet Union because ships?


- Incorrect, incorrect, look, it's clear no one knows this

so I'm tempted to just call this.

- You don't want 10 minutes of us taking stabs

at all the nouns in there?

- We could do 10 minutes of taking stabs at all the nouns.

You know what, I'll give everyone

one more round of guesses, Brennan.

- Um, actually, the longest piece of fan fiction

prior to the "Kantai Collection"

was not the "Harry Potter" fan fiction that you mentioned.

It was a fan fiction I wrote about Avatar Roku.


and his mastery of airbending.

- Here's the thing Brennan, you're joking around

but you've actually stumbled

into the thing that is wrong here,


which is the piece about which

it was not "Harry Potter" fan fiction.

So, I will give you the point

unless someone can tell me what fan fiction it was.

(bell chimes) - Um, actually,

the longest piece of fan fiction was "Twilight" fan fiction.

(bell chimes) - [Mike] Incorrect, Kirk.

- Um, actually, and I thought because of the title,

I was like, subspace, "Harry Potter"?

Those don't go together.

- [Mike] Yeah.

- So, I would have to guess "Star Trek"?

- Good guess but no.

Brennan, do you want to venture a guess?

I'm gonna give you the point anyway.

- Um, actually, the longest piece of fan fiction

was about Babylon 5.

- (laughing) Incorrect, I will give you the point, Brennan,

for happening to stumble into what was wrong at least.

The Subspace Emissary's World Conquest

was a "Super Smash Brothers" fan fiction.


- No way.

- Oh my god, but it makes sense.

- Honestly, yeah, if you're gonna write fan fiction--

- There's so many stories to tell.

- Smash Brothers is kind of already fan fiction

in a weird way.

Like, we're gonna put all these things together.

- Wow, that's brilliant.

- Well, against all odds, Brennan gets that one.

- Doesn't feel good, but I'll take it.

- Very good, hey, you know what,

games are won by those points that don't feel good.


This next question is a fan-submitted question.

So, this is from one of the fans writing in to you.

- Thanks, fan.

- This question comes from JayDubs.

JayDubs says, The TV show 'Gotham' portrays

the titular city in its pre-Batman years.

Following detective Jim Gordon,

we encounter an array of familiar villains

including Catwoman, Penguin, Joker, and the Riddler.

(bell chimes)

- [Mike] Brennan.

- Um, actually, is it accurate to refer to Catwoman

as a villain in the context of this show?

- Interesting, we're going to though. (laughing)

- Okay. (bell chimes)

- Um, actually, I don't know if they ever got around

to having The Joker in the show.

- That's correct. - But.

- The Joker is not portrayed on the show.

There is a Joker-like character named Jerome Valeska

but it's been confirmed that he's a sort of precursor

to The Joker and not The Joker himself,

making The Joker a joke thief.


- But there's a guy on the show who does a crazy laugh

and has a big smile, that's not The Joker?

- It has been confirmed that is not The Joker.

- Is it confirmed like the way Lost confirmed

it wasn't purgatory and it -------- was purgatory

and they guessed it right away?

- Look, I mean, who knows what the future will hold but--

- Is there are a bunch of fucking writers being like,

sorry guys, it's not The Joker.

----, ----, ----, ----, ----, ----, ----.

- Somehow they figured this out.

Yep, that is a point for Marisha.

- Yes, num-num-num-num-num.

- Very tricky one but if you have an issue with that,

take it up with JayDubs.

All right, we're gonna move on

to our first shiny question of the game.

This is a game called Name That Flora.

(upbeat music)

On the other side of this,

there is a collection of sentient plants

from TV, movies, video games.

It'll be up to you to identify those plants.

Whoever can identify the most will get the point.

If you tie for the most, you'll both share that point.

Let's go ahead and flip these over.

- I'm so excited - Take a look at these plants.

Look at all these fun sentient plants.

There's so many from so many places.

(mystical music)

- ----, what was the name of this?

- Yeah, let's see what you've got here.

Brennan, we'll start with you.

Tell us who these flora are.

- [Brennan] Okay, starting top left

and going reading order, you got your boy Groot.

Gotta know his name, he says it a lot.

And I think this should be a two-pointer.

You have Fangorn also known as Treebeard.

- I'm not gonna give you two points for having--

- If I say his full name in Entish,

which does take a couple hours,

can I get a point for that?


Audrey II, Poison Ivy, going down to the next row,

that's Zhaan from "Farscape", ------- rules.

Swampthing, you got Cucey from "VeggieTales",

Boston Rob, you got Whitney, Old Man Rickers.

A real one which is Grandmother Willow

and then Dennis Kucinich.

And those are my answers.

- Well, you started strong

and then things kind of tailed off a little bit at the end.

But Kirk, let's see how you did.

- Very similar, knowing Groot, Treebeard,

Audrey II, Poision Ivy.

I didn't know Zhaan but I do not it's Larry the Cucumber.


Larry the Cucumber.

- Did you get Swampthing?

- I did get Swampthing, yes.

And then on the bottom row,

I could only get Grandmother Willow as well.

- Okay.

- So, one's a little embarrassing of a mess-up.

- [Mike] Oh, no. - So, I had Groot,

I had Treebeard and then I wrote Seymour

on Audrey II, which I should've known better.

Right IP, wrong name.

- [Kirk] Yeah.

- Poison Ivy, didn't get what that is, Swampthing.

I did write Cucumber of the Cloth from "VeggieTales".


- Close.

- It's a good description, yeah.

- And then the angry daisy is from "Undertale"

and it's driving me mad

that I can't remember it's actually name

and then Grandmother Willow.

- All right, let's see.

This is gonna be very close.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven for Brennan.

Seven for Kirk, five for Marisha.

Brennan and Kirk are both tied for the most there.

So you'll both get a point there, and we'll go down here.

We've got Groot, Treebeard, Audrey II, Poison Ivy, Zhaan,

Swampthing, Larry the Cucumber,

and then The Thorian from "Mass Effect",

this is Flowey the Flower from "Undertale".

- Oh, Flowey,

---- you guys.


Come on.

- There's a chance you might just guess this

if you just guess something very simple and obvious.

Then we have the Deku Tree from "Zelda",

Grandmother Willow from "Pocahontas"

and finally, Skytree from "He-Man".

Okay, well we'll go ahead and we'll collect those boards

as a point for Brennan and Kirk.

Well, we made a couple of mistakes and you caught them.

Here's some of our favorite corrections

from you, the viewers.

@Austinch01 says, "Um, actually, the first world

"in "Kingdom Hearts" is technically the station of awakening

"as it was said to be a separate world in #KH3".

Making this yet another thing I don't understand

about "Kingdom Hearts".

@ColeBonin1 said, "Um, actually you mispronounced

"the name of sigil, it is actually pronounced sigil."

And then he goes on to insult me.

I may have also mispronounced your name.

I don't know if it's Bonin or Bonin.

And I'm gonna keep doing that.

And from our exclusive Dropout Discord Tsion Benjudah

is an EMT and CPR instructor who has frankly

too much information about the proper methods

of administering Asprin in case of a heart attack.

Suffice it say, don't listen to me.

I am not a medical professional.

I'm just the host of a nerdy game show.

I don't want your blood on my hands.

- We'll move straight on to our next question.

Back to our normal, everyday regular old

Um, Actually questions.

This is about "Game of Thrones".


The Iron Throne was forged at the order

of Aegon the Conqueror, the first of the Targaryen Kings,

who conquered all seven independent kingdoms of Westeros

(bell chimes) and unified them

under his rule, yes, Brennan.

- Um, actually, he did not conquer Dorne.

- That is correct, he did not conquer Dorne.

Dorne joined through

a union of marriage. - Unbound, unbent,

unbroken baby. (laughing)

They did you wrong in the show,

they did you wrong in the show.

I'm not sure how or why Dorne wasn't conquered

or how that's explained militarily or economically.

- Well, there was the hero of Dorne,

of course, Michael Dorne.

He played Worf and the dragons were like,

we're not gonna ---- with him, that guy's cool.

- We love TNG, why would we fight Michael Dorne?


- We have some questions for him.


- [Mike The Fact Checker] The general answer seems

to be they used nontraditional guerrilla warfare tactics.

- That's always the answer.

- Well, sounds like a messy occupation.

- Well, they had to get all the way down there.

I get it, I see it.

- All right, well, point for Brennan.

Dorne remained unconquered, and we move on.

Here's a questions about "The Simpsons".

Homer Simpson was once in a Grammy Award winning

barbershop quartet called The Be Sharps.

The group had four members: Apu, Seymour Skinner, Homer,

and Barney as lead singer.

When the group broke up, its members went back

to their jobs, at which point Homer learned

he had been temporarily replaced at the nuclear power plant

by a chicken named Queenie.

(bell chimes)

- Um, actually, they didn't go back to their jobs

because Barney's unemployed?

- Incor- I mean. (bell chimes)

(sighs) No, I'm not going to allow it.


- You know what I'm gonna say, get in the fucking comments.


Because I think I'm right.

- Um, actually, I would say, I can't,

first, I'm gonna attack you, yeah.

- Yeah. (laughing)

- They've turned against each other.

- For we to go against each other.

I think at that point Barney might've been working

at the Bowlarama.

- Oh. - He might've still had his,

he might've still been working there maybe

because that's the early eighties.

But the um, actually, is it wasn't a chicken named Queenie.

It was a duck named Stewart.

Get back to work, Stewart. (imitates duck quacking)

That's a scene in The Simpsons.

I don't know if that's the right one, it is?

Oh, thank, good, good.

- No, it is not.

- Ah, damn it.

- No, very funny that there have been multiple birds

who have taken over for jobs but no,

this was a chicken named Queenie who took over for Homer.

(bell chimes) - [Mike] Marisha.

- Um, actually, what's his name that you said

was the lead singer, he's not the lead singer.

- Incorrect, Barney.

- Barney. - Barney was the lead.

(bell chimes)

- Um, actually, the never won a Grammy.

- They did, but they didn't care that much about it

(bell chimes) because a Grammy, come on.


- [Mike] Marisha.

- Um, actually, he wasn't temporarily replaced.

It was permanent?

- (laughing) Incorrect.

- That is much funny.

- [Mike] Yeah.

From that point onward in "The Simpsons",

he never goes back to the power plant.

- No.

- I don't know the answer but I could sing the song.

- I won't give you a point for that.

- Well, then I'm not gonna sing the song.


- All right, well, I will reveal the answer and Kirk,

you're gonna throw your hands up as soon as I say this.

- I will.

- There was a fifth member at one point.

- Oh, well, come on, yeah, sure, sure.

But they kicked him out.

Chief Wiggum and then he tried

to re-audition singing Dr. Doolittle.

That's not Dr. Doolittle at all.

Time for this bird to fly, psh!

If I could walk with the animals

talk with the animals

Grunts and squeaks and squawks with the animals

But a barbershop quartet by its very nature is four members.

But, fine, I don't need the point.


But I'll take some moral points.

- Of course, they wouldn't add the fifth member

but in the same way that people will say,

oh, there was a fifth Beatle.

And obviously they're mirroring that.

- [Kirk] Pete Best.

- You could say that he was, at one point, a Be Sharp.

I am tempted to give it to you a little bit

just because I didn't say who it was

once I sort of fed you that fifth member.

(inhales) Will I do this?


- (mumbles) -------- just groveling out here.

- [Mike] Sing for your supper.

- -------- top of the ivory tower.

Oh, do I feel like giving a point?

- Am I entertained?

- Envision a world where we seize our destiny

for ourselves and get in the comments.

- Look, I just wanna sing, all I wanna to do is sing.

I'm that henchman.

(sighs) Cuts to you just leaning out a window,

your big I Want song.

You know what, Kirk?

I'll give you the point.

I fed you the opening a little bit

but you beat me to the specifics

and it was perhaps a little deceptively worded.

(bell chimes) So, I'll give that to you.

I'm in a generous mood this morning.


- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- You seem pissed. (laughing)

- (exhales) I'm gonna remember this.

I'm gonna remember for a long time.

- Gotta sing a song, that's it.


- All right, so next question.

It's about "The Good Place".

Janet, the robotic assistant in "The Good Place",

is arguably one of the most powerful beings on the show.

She can be instantly summoned

(bell chimes) by saying--

- Um, actually, your use of the pronoun she indicates

that she is a girl but she is not.

- Damn it.

- That is one of two things wrong with that opening.

(bell chimes) Marisha, do you know

the other one? - Um, actually,

she's not a robot.

- That is correct, she is both not a girl, not a robot.

- She's not a robot.

- She repeatedly says both those things,

I am not a girl, I am not a robot.

- How generous do we feel

now Mr. Trap? - How generous do we

feel now indeed?

I am tempted not to give it to Brennan.


but although it is technically true.

I do think they use the pronoun she on Janet

even though she does frequently say,

"I am not a girl."

However, you did know that bit

so I'll read the rest of the question

while I mull over how generous I feel today.

(laughing) - This is an indignity.


- I will give you both the point.

- Aw, yeah.


I was gonna say, um, actually,

Derek's genitals are made of wind chimes.

It has nothing to do,

I just felt like throwing in

(bell chimes) a little fact to it.

- As a little extra.

Dual point, a shared point there

and we will go on to our next shiny question.

(upbeat music)

Here's a shiny called, "What's wrong with this picture?"

You have a picture in front of you with something wrong.

First person to identify it will get the point.

All right, go ahead and flip those over.

Tell me what's wrong, what's wrong with this picture?

(dramatic music)

(bell chimes) - Oh my goodness.

- [Mike] Brennan, yes.

- Um, actually, this is the British cover

and the steering wheel's on the wrong side.

- That's correct.


- Yes, this is the British cover

and that is an American car.

The wheel is on the wrong side for this to be a British car.

Well, that is a point for Brennan

for recognizing the crazy wizard car.

The wheel on the wrong side.

Hey, look, I know I'm not perfect.

I've probably said something pretty wrong and you caught it.

If you have something that you wanna correct,

you can tweet @UmActuallyShow

or go to the exclusive Dropout Discord and correct us there.

If we like it, we might give you a point.

What is our point spread right now, six, two, two?

- Wow.

Wow, all right.

- I'm just happy I'm not going home empty-handed.


- There's some lovely parting gifts.

- There's not a nerd lawyer that's gonna be like,

we need to talk.

- What happened out there? - What happened about that?

- All right, here's a "Lord of the Rings" question.

The gigantic, sentient tree people known as Ents

are capable of reproduction, but dying off

because the only remaining Ents are all male.

The Entwives were destroyed by Sauron,

his forces massacring them in

(bell chimes) front of the male, yes.

- Um, actually, they were not destroyed by Sauron,

they just -------- left.

- Yeah, that's correct.

The Entwives moved away to the Brown Lands

even though it's implied that those lands were destroyed.

Maybe something happened to them too, maybe they're dead.

It's not totally confirmed that they're all dead

and before any of that destruction ever happened,

they just up and left.


They peace out of here, we're done with men for good.

- Yeah, I was gonna say,

I'd be lying if every woman hasn't had that fantasy


on the face of the planet.

Just like, what if we did just take Australia.

Just all of us go on a mass migration.

(bell chimes)

- I also love the idea of a species

of literally bearded tree men that never -------- shut up

and talk forever and they're like,

"They all left and we don't know why."


"I don't think it could have been us,


- Toxic mascul-entity, right?


I'm sorry, I was going for it.

It was in my, I don't know.

- So, I wanna cut to a Thelma and Louise

with two tree women just -------- taking a car over the--

- Over the Grand Canyon.

- Driving into the cracks of doom.


Just limbs wrapped around.

- To any of you watching, can you please make fan art

and tag all of us of two lady trees

in a fucking Corvette just, into Mount Doom.

- Okay, in "Raiders of the Lost Ark,"

Indiana goes to Marion Ravenwood to ask for an artifact

she collected a long time ago:

the headpiece of the staff of Ra.

Marion hits Indiana, confronting him for sleeping

with her she was younger, a reference to the fact

that Indiana seduced her when she was only 15

and he was in his 20's.

(bell chimes)

- [Mike] Brennan.

- Um, actually, the headpiece of the staff of Ra

was not collected by her but by her father Abner Ravenwood.

- That is correct.

- Damn.

- Which means that the other fact

in this piece is totally true.

- Indi, come on, ------ up.

- Yeah, it's kinda glossed over a little bit in the movie,

later confirmed in the novelization

that she was 15 when--

- That's insane, I did not know that.

- Yeah, totally recolors Indiana Jones.

- All of our heroes are monsters.

- Wow. - Welcome to Um, Actually.

- My hero is a monster and his name is Frankenstein.


- Not the monster but the man who built the monster,

who was a monster for doing that.


And also for being kind of a ------ husband but whatever.

- First the Tree Ents, Indiana Jones, Frankenstein.

- Even Frankenstein failed, ugh.

- Also, the movie does start with Indiana Jones

attempting to steal a piece of indigenous art

and steal it to a first world country

to be hidden in a museum where the people

that produced the culture, that produced that art

can never interact with it or see it again.

- It belongs in a museum, it's like, no,

it doesn't, it belongs here.

- You -------- colonialist piece of shit.

- Oh no, it belongs in a museum.

- Let's get a reverse Indiana Jones

that breaks into -------- museums,

brings artifacts back to there home culture

and ----- really old women.

And that's the character that you deserve.

- Well, this brings us to our last

shiny question of the game.

(upbeat music)

This is a game called Sp'el Ling Bi

- Oh no, I know this one.

- Ah, yes, spelling in English is hard.

Spelling in Sci-Fi and Fantasy is damn near impossible.

And we've chosen a particularly tough one today.

We're gonna give you a name of a character

or thing from Sci-Fi or Fantasy.

First person who can spell it right will get the point.

Your word is Fflewddur Fflam.

- Oh. (bell chimes)

- (laughing) That is the best response

you could've possibly had at this.

You're familiar with Fflewddur Fflam?

- No, no, of course.

Yes, I'm familiar with the books.

The Lloyd Alexander books, I have never.

I didn't realize it was "The Black Cauldron".

- [Mike] Yes.

- So, I remember reading this.

When you're a kid and you read words

and you don't know what they say.

I couldn't watch "Star Wars" so I was like,

ah, yes, Chewbacca.

- Yeah. (laughing)

- Good old reading the novelizations, so, Fflewddur Fflam.

- [Mike] Yes, please.

- Capital F, F-L-E-W-D-E-R,

Space, capital F, F-L-A-M?

- Oh, you were so close.

- Balls. - That's incorrect.

(buzzer rings) (bell chimes)

- Loved "The Black Cauldron".



space, double F, double L, A, double M.

- Incorrect.

(buzzer rings) (bell chimes)

- I don't know what we're talking about.

- Great. (laughing)

- Double F, L, U with umlauts,


space, double F, L-A-M?

- Incorrect. (buzzer rings)

Kirk, you were probably the closest.

- I think I did it, was it an M and E at the end?

- No, the correct spelling here is F-F-L-E-W-D

and this is where you screwed up,

D-U-R, so double D, U-R and then F-F-L-A-M.

Fflewddur Fflam.

Shockingly close, though,

for a thing with a lot of double consonants

and a lot of things in there.

But just a little bit off.

I won't award the point.

But yeah, very very close.

- He's no longer feeling generous.

- [Brennan] Generosity is out.

- Yeah, I don't deserve it.

- Is Fflewddur Fflam only in the book "The Black Cauldron"?

He's not in the weird--

- He's in the movie, he's the old bard.

- Oh. - He's the old man,

I don't know if he's old in the books

because I read them out of order and I'm like,

what's going on?

- You read them out of order?

I read them and "Narnia"

and John Bellairs' books all interchangeably.

So to me, they're all one universe.

- That's so funny. (laughing)

- Wow, interesting.

- I interpret him as a bard but with Welsh origin

but it's in another world

but I would pronounced it F-flewddur F-flam.

- Oh, just like giving each consonant its own due.


It's own time in the sun.

- Yeah. - Course it was a Welsh

pronunciation, you'd probably write Fflewddur Fflam

and it would be like, his name is Thef.

- Yeah, his name is Jonathan.

- That's how you pronounce that?

- Well, no points for that.

And that brings us to our last question of the game.

Which, as always, concerns real life skills.

- Yeah. - And what is our

score right now, six, two, two still?

Eight, two, two.

- Damn it, Brennan.

- Brennan.

- Sorry, sorry.

- You don't seem that sorry.

I think Brennan's got this locked up

but one of you can take second place here

if you get this right.

(video game music)

In the United States, eggs are refrigerated

in grocery stores because the USDA requires

that eggs not be left unrefrigerated

for more than two hours.

However, this practice is over-safe and unnecessary,

as evidenced by the many countries

where eggs aren't refrigerated

(bell chimes)

like England, Ireland, and France.

Yes, Brennan?

- This is the first real life skill.

I've played this game a lot

and I've never gotten a real life skill

because I don't have any.


Um, actually, the reason eggs are not refrigerated

in other countries versus being refrigerated here

in the United States is because in the United States,

we actually remove, there's a waxy outer covering of eggs.

It is removed here which means they do go bad faster

in the United States than they do in other countries.

- That is correct.

- Whoa.

- (yelling) I'm an adult.

I don't just know nerd ----.

- (laughing) I know to refrigerate my eggs.

- Woo!

- Yes, so you do, in fact,

have to refrigerate eggs in the US.

You don't have to refrigerate eggs in many parts of Europe

and other countries in general because yeah,

as part of the egg processing system here in the US,

we remove a protective coating on the eggs,

which lets bacteria get in there faster.

And yeah, can make them go bad.

- So, wait, they're waxy?

- There's a waxy outer covering of these eggs

in European countries and other countries of the world

they leave on there which is why they can store eggs

at room temperature.

Which, if you think about it, makes sense because--

- Yeah, chickens aren't refrigerating their eggs.

- Yeah.

- Rolling them into cold areas.

But it also feels weirdly hyper-American to be like,

wax on my eggs, gross.

Get that ---- off there.

I want them to be more susceptible to disease.

- Yeah.

- I was gonna eat the shell but now I guess I won't now.

Covered in wax.

- "Dear Congressmen, I am sick of eating

"these disgusting shells.

"Please clean the wax off the shells

"so I can have a clean, delicious shell.

"Thank you very much."

Well, that is our game.

Our final score here nine, two, two,

meaning Brennan is once again our winner.


Get in the comments.


- What a soft, defeated, get in the comments.

- Look, one of these days, we'll show you humility.


- You know what, I feel humbled

to be in such wonderful company and play such a fun game.

- How dare you.

- Oh, you don't like that?

Hey, ---- everybody, I'm the bad guy.

- Well, that is it for our game.

Join us next time for even more pedantic corrections

here on Um, Actually.

Thank you for coming on to play everyone.

- Thanks, that was so great.

- Yeah, it was awesome.

- Very fun.

- Tiesies.

- Tiesies.

- Woo. - Tied for second.

- Good job. - Thank you.

- You were -- - Good game.

- Good game, I'll come for you next time.

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