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DREW: Previously on "Brother vs. Brother,"

we each bought a home in the beautiful LA neighborhood

of Hancock Park in my hood.


Want to be my neighbor?

DREW: And we're going mano a mano

in our biggest flipping challenge ever.

Boom. Aha! [ Laughs ]

First, it was Jonathan's sophisticated Spanish vibes

versus my storybook chateau in the living rooms.

I won the challenge...

[ Hands thud ] The house next door.

Ohh. Whoo!


...while Drew got humiliated on "Entertainment Tonight."

Oh, my gosh.

And there I thought I deleted all copies of that.

Have you heard of the cloud?

JONATHAN: Then I lost again in the kitchen challenge.

-The house next door. -The house next door.


JONATHAN: So I got the magic Disneyland treatment.

This is a big deal.

While Drew had to do all my errands.

This took me a while.

DREW: I'm down 2-zip.



So the additional dwelling and bonus spaces challenge

is my chance to get back in the game.

HART: Boom.

DREW: This competition started at birth.

And I won, because I came out first.


We're always trying to one-up each other.

Come get your ice cream.

It's actually pretty good.

So we came up with a plan to settle things once and for all.

We'll each buy, renovate, and sell a property

in one of LA's most historic neighborhoods.

LA buyers are totally gonna want it.

The brother with the biggest net profit in the end wins.

And along the way, our favorite TV friends

will stop by to judge our spaces.

The winner is...

Let the competition begin.

I'm winning.

Not in my backyard.

Oh, I'll be celebrating in your backyard.


BOTH: This is "Brother vs. Brother."

Ohh! Mr. Healthy.

I'm not ready.

I'm not ready anyway.


I may have brought you all the treats

for your Disneyland experience,

but I kept one doughnut for myself.

Mm-hmm. It was a dream come true.

It was so much fun.

[ Chuckles ] Ohh.



Can I borrow some sugar?

[ Chuckles ]

Kudos to you.

You beat me fair and square,

but that just means that I need to pick it up for this week.

And, oh, I'm feeling pretty good,

because I know which area of the house

I want to work on next,

and I will definitely win this.

Why is that? What is it?

The additional dwelling in the bonus spaces,

let's package that together so I can win.

Most of the desirable houses in this neighborhood,

they have an additional dwelling unit,

which is great for in-laws

or guests or even as a rental suite.

Yeah, and they're really great for adding value.

So I think with the 80 used, along with the bonus spaces,

it's a really great idea.

I'll tell you my bonus spaces if you tell me yours.


[ Laughs ]

Even if you told me the spaces,

you're the most uncredible source

[ Laughs ]

of all time.

So you could be mind-gaming me, so.

All right. Well, why don't we do six weeks again

like we did for the kitchen?

Okay. Thought of the ultimate reward.

So I was talking to Jose Fernandez

from Ironhead Studios.

So they do, like, most of the Marvel

so they do Thanos, they do Black Panther.

He's a costume fabricator.

Oh, my.

They scan your whole body, and then they create the suit,

and they add the muscle and everything on top of it.

And we could come up with a name --

So that whatever brother wins,

they can create their own identity

so they can pick what kind of a look they want for the outfit.

Have you been planning a superhero costume in your head

for four years?

For years.

[ Chuckles ] For years.

I have a superhero judge.


Breegan Jane

from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

Oh, that's a good one.

She would be perfect.

She's like the superhero of home construction.

The renovations they do on her show,

I have no idea how they do it in that timeline.

We have quick timelines,

they have crazy timelines.

It drives me nuts.

I'm in my neighborhood, and I have lost two challenges

in a row to Jonathan.

It's lame.

Just so you know, you're going down this week.

Okay. So, recap. We're doing additional dwelling unit,

bonus spaces, six weeks,

Breegan Jane is judging, and then --

The winner gets a superhero costume.

And guess what? Every superhero needs their energy

so good luck.

Donut man.

JONATHAN: Despite the fact that the house Drew's working on

is only a couple of blocks away,

and Drew's actual house is right next door,

he'd have the perfect opportunity to spy on me,

but I still managed to beat him in the last challenge.

Trying to find a dark corner to celebrate our winning.

I am definitely still riding the high,

and so let's keep that going.

I bought my house for $2.4 million,

and I budgeted $2 million for the renovation.

In the first two challenges,

I spent $714,000 on the living room, entry,

kitchen, and dining.

Now I'm putting $205,000 into my office,

coat room, powder room, and additional dwelling unit.

I am feeling good. I'm feeling like a winner,

because I beat Drew at the last challenge,

and I'm still the undisputed king of kitchens.

I'm also feeling good,

because I'm finishing the rest of my main floor, the office,

the coat room, and the powder room.

They're all gonna add functionality

and a touch of elegance.

And for the additional dwelling unit,

we're transforming the dumpy, old garage

into a huge value add.

If this was somebody's man cave, man, I just...

They weren't much of a man. [ Laughs ]

This is just so bad.

This garage is gross.

It is so old.

All of this has to be redone, because I want it to be

the perfect additional dwelling unit.

First, we'll refurbish the whole structure.

A vaulted ceiling and large glass entry

will help make it feel bright and airy.

A laundry room will be a big perk,

and we'll build a luxurious three-piece bathroom

that any renter or guest would love.

We'll make the most of the space in the main living area

with a super-efficient Murphy bed setup

that converts from bedroom to living room in no time.

In the kitchen, a peninsula with rich, moody tones

will make this self-contained ADU

stand out in the crowd.

Back in the main house,

I've already built my kitchen, so I'll transform this one

into a stylish coat room with some much-needed functionality

and storage on the main floor.

This dumpy back room is the perfect spot

for a big powder room

that'll make a big impact on buyers.

In the front of the house, we'll close off this wall

to create an incredible office space

with a vibe all its own.

With custom built-ins, dark tones,

and classic features,

working from home has never been so sexy.

The garage looks pretty nasty on the outside,

but I'm hoping that the bones are good on the inside,

because I could refurbish it, save the existing structure,

and probably save a boatload of cash.

If I do that, that will help me win the overall competition,

and that's what's most important.

So I say we cross our fingers and bust into these walls.

Good news is we can kill some vampires if we need to.

[ Chuckles ] What does that mean?

[ Imitates stabbing sound ]


JONATHAN: I think my biggest hurdle is gonna be keeping up

with all of the things that Drew is doing,

because he has said floodgates are open,

he is winning this season.

Just obviously cannot let that happen.

And let that puppy drop.



Jonathan is my nemesis when it comes to kitchens,

but I'm gonna fight back,

because I am the additional dwelling king.

So for this challenge, he's in my kitchen,

and he's not gonna like it, how hot it gets in my kitchen.

I bought my house for $2.35 million,

and I have a $2 million budget for the renovation.

I spent $462,000 in the first two challenges

on the living room,

parlor, kitchen, and dining room.

This challenge includes building an addition

so I'm going big.

$375,000 is going into my media room,

home gym, and additional dwelling unit.

[ Clatters ]

HART: Ohh. [ Laughs ]

The door handle fell off.

Well, this feels like an abandoned cabin,

which is maybe where I'm sent to for losing last week.


It feels like a punishment,

but that's fine.

It's okay, we'll get him this week.

We're gonna get him this week,

because I have amazing ideas for the additional spaces.

I put my kitchen into another area of the home

in the last challenge.

A, because this one is old and unsalvageable,

and, B, I have big plans for this part of the home.

I was thinking ahead in the first challenge

when I reserve some space in my parlor.

Now I'm gonna give my property value a huge boost

by building an additional dwelling

with a separate entrance.

And my media room and home gym will be a part of an addition

that connects to the primary residence.

I don't think Jonathan's gonna come close

to what we're doing.

I'm using this entire side of the house

to build a spectacular ADU.

Near the front, a luxurious four-piece bathroom

with a dramatic tile choice

will be a dream for house guests.

I'll carry the tile through the separate entryway

which leads into the main living area.

Warm wood tones, bright whites, and a picture-perfect layout

will create a kitchen and living space

that anyone will be happy to come home to.

With a luxurious bedroom,

closet space, and stacked laundry,

buyers will see the value

and guests will see the benefits.

For my other additional spaces, I'll build a brand-new addition

that will connect to the primary residence.

The media room will be warm and inviting,

perfect for movie nights and binge watching,

or raise the blinds and use the pass-through bar

for some amazing indoor-outdoor entertaining.

Over here, a home gym with a calming eco vibe

and its own bathroom.

Buyers will find their Zen,

then grab a pen, and sign the winning bid.

Yes, let's just take out the cabinets.


Pull and pass.

I kind of -- wait.


I see something hidden.


Aw. Do you have a migraine?

I think it's from 1921.

That's the good stuff.

Prescriptions don't go bad, right?

[ Chuckles ]


All right.

JONATHAN: Team Jonathan is running on all cylinders

right now.

Outside, we're stripping down the garage.

Inside, Donnie and I were able to do some surface demo

in the old kitchen and in the office,

but because of all the lead and asbestos in the walls,

a remediation team had to do the rest.

So far, with the previous two challenges,

all the existing framing has been in pretty great shape.

But I knew that my luck would run out eventually,

and today it did.

The remediation crew came across some rotten structure

in the office,

so we've got some repairs to do.

There's a water problem in this corner.

For sure, and there is obviously a leak.

It was probably a small leak at some point

right in this corner.

And then all of a sudden, it caused the termites

to come in here, and it caused the mold

to come in here, and the rot to come in here.

We're pretty much gonna have to rebuild this corner.

Yeah, like, that's all eaten away.

This is the first time I've actually found something

inside the walls that's a problem.

I want this to be a beautiful, swanky office,

because I need somewhere with a desk to sign the winning offer

when this is all said and done.

[ Chuckles ]

So this is gonna be...

Now you're talking.

...the room that it happens in.

DREW: This house was littered with lead and asbestos,

so we had to have an abatement team in here

to do most of the demo work.

It took a while, but they have stripped

this section of the ground floor right down to the studs.

So we are ready to start the rebuild.

The additional dwelling unit is gonna be self-contained

and built mostly within the original structure of the home.

The media room and home gym

will be a part of the primary residence,

and for those, we're planning to keep the existing foundation

and build off of it to help create the addition.

But now that we can see the existing structure

at the back of the house, we've got a problem.

So, under here, literally there's no support.

There's basically the walls floating.

Yeah. The little stem walls that we're under there,

they're all gone.

There's literally nothing that's holding up the back wall

of the house here, it's just floating.


Most of the damage is the rim joists.

I can even see the concrete in here is just crumbled.


DREW: We ran into a similar foundation problem

in another part of the house

when we were building for the kitchen

in the last challenge.

I was hoping that this part of the foundation

would at least be partially usable,

but it's toast.

We have to completely rebuild

all that foundation, reframing, and structure.

It's a huge setback.

So literally the entire back half of the house,

we have to cut off and start fresh.

I'm gonna go back to the budget.

We have to find some savings

or else Johnson's gonna destroy me on this.


Oh, my gosh.

Literally, nothing is holding up the back wall

of the house here, it's just floating.

I can even see the concrete in here is just crumbled.

DREW: I was actually planning on using

the existing footprint of my house,

but now that we have everything open,

and I can see what I'm working with,

we can't use any of it.

That is definitely gonna hurt my budget.

I mean [Sighs] this is a hit.

We keep overspending like this,

we're never gonna get the money back when we sell.

Somehow I need to claw back some money.

I need to find a creative solution for this.

I do not want to lose this competition to Jonathan.

I don't want to lose the third challenge in a row

to Jonathan, and on top of that,

I don't want to see Jonathan

wearing the superhero outfit after judging.

[ Imitating crying ]

[ Chuckles ]

If a grown man cries, is it a bad thing?

DREW: My office, coat room, and powder room

are a part of the main house,

we need to replace some of the rotten framing

and do some structural changes, but overall, not too bad.

Outside, where the guest house is going,

completely different story.

It's like a child built this garage out of Popsicle sticks.

I was really hoping to use some of the existing structure

to cut down on costs,

but based on what I'm seeing inside the walls,

those hopes are fading fast.

You can feel the amount of weight

that is on this wall right here,

but then you get these ones that aren't even touching.

And I feel like these two and that one are the only thing

holding this whole wall, and you can see the --

I mean, even the block is moving.

Maybe we shouldn't stand back here. [ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ]

Team Drew just suffered its biggest setback so far.

We were hoping to use the back section of my house

to create the addition for my home --

the home gym, the media room --

but the foundation is no good,

the framing is all rotten,

so it all has to come down,

which means cutting that part of the upper floor, too,

since it's gonna come down with it anyway.

Once I pull this off and once you cut that,

this whole thing is going, right?

All right.


DREW: With an engineer's help,

we cut around the key structural components

and from safely inside the solid part of the house,

we just need to give a few more shoves to say adios

to the back of the house.

DREW: [ Strained ] Let's just give her a little push.

One, two, three.

[ Wood thuds ]

[ Strained ] And let's start rocking it. [ Grunts ]

[ Thudding ]

[ Grunting ]

Okay. It's going, it's going. Here we go.

[ Grunts ]

[ Wood creaking, crumbling ]

DREW: [ Laughs ]

Whoo! [ Chuckles ]


That's a little easier than taking it apart

piece by piece.

[ Chuckling ]

That's for sure.

Well done.

Who's doing the cleanup?

JONATHAN: To create my new coat room and powder room,

we've had to do some restructuring,

because they are right underneath the landing

of the stairwell going upstairs.

We needed to take apart what's there

and sister up the ceiling joists

to properly support the whole area.

JONATHAN: It's a tight squeeze.

Oh, you're gonna need to hammer on that end.

So much of this renovation

has been like taking a puzzle apart

and putting it back together with new pieces

that don't quite fit the old ones.

But it's well worth the effort,

because for buyers, I know that having a place

that's structurally safe and solid

gives you great peace of mind,

even though they'll never even lay eyes on it.

But they will lay their eyes on the furniture.

So now that we have all that structural work behind us,

Jolene's here from my design team

to help us make some smart choices

for the additional dwelling unit and the office.

When you're thinking about working at home, I mean,

are you normally like a sofa crasher with a laptop?

I'm a dining table girl.

Oh, you work at the dining table?

I need a nice chair.

I have a feeling this room's gonna be

a little bit more masculine than many of the other spaces,

which I'm fine with.


And for the ADU out back,

it should be really fresh and inviting,

you know, plush furniture.

We're gonna have a peninsula over there,

some comfy breakfast bar stools, stuff like that.

I agree. I'll start pulling those options

on Wayfair right now.

Okay, sounds good.

DREW: With the old, rotten structure out of the way,

we are rebuilding a nice, new foundation

and framing up the addition that will house my home gym

and media room.

To tear down and rebuild was a hit to the budget,

but I have a plan to fight back.

Because we're starting from scratch,

I've decided to add 5 feet of extra width to the addition.

It will add valuable square footage

to this part of the home,

which will definitely boost my sale price

and hopefully help me be Jonathan.

Thing's come together fast.

JONATHAN: Today, we're supposed to be putting in temporary walls

to support my additional dwelling unit

so we can start building around it.


[ Thud ]

[ Pop, thud ]


The whole thing just shook.

But things are starting to get a little dicey back here.

Like, this whole... look at this.

If you were to shake on that side,

that makes me just a little bit nervous.

It is such a hazard.

I have a huge construction team coming and going,

Drew's yard is 3 feet away, this is dangerous.

It's all eaten up with termite damage.

You get one solid gust of wind,

I feel like this whole thing's just ready to go.

This is a little nuts.

It is such a hazard.

JONATHAN: I was hoping to use some of the existing structure

of this garage to cut down on costs

when I rebuild my additional dwelling unit,

but this structure is just crazy unsafe.

I don't even want to leave it here,

in case it did fall down, hurt somebody.

I got to pull this down, but I have to be so careful.

Demolishing and renovating the whole garage

is gonna be a hit to the budget,

but I got to get this out of here.

DONNIE: Do you want to direct it with a rope?

To make sure this thing falls in the direction

we want it to fall, which is away from Drew's yard,

I need to secure some rope

and weaken some of the structure.

[ Grunting ]

[ Wood creaking, snapping ]

Look out. There it is.

[ Creaking, snapping continue ]

Whoo! [ Laughs ]

I conquered you.

And we didn't touch [Chuckles] Drew's fence.

All right. This is a big step in the right direction.


DREW: Having to tear down the back of my house

started out as bad news,

but it ended up being good news, because I was able to add

valuable square footage to the addition.

Now, I might need to rethink the furniture layout,

so Breeze from my design team is here to help out.


Beautiful TV.

Yes, right there.

I mean, this is a pocket door

so there will be more space on the side,

nice and symmetrical.


On this side, I actually see more of,

like, a theater space media room.

I think this is like that family room

where everyone's gonna hang out.

I also see over on the back side here a little bar section,

which I want to overhang to the outside space

so it'll create an indoor-outdoor flow.

So with a little bar there,

a lounging area here to watch shows together as a family.

Consider this --

there's gonna be a bar over there,

that's still a walking path.

Where this drywall is is basically the sofa.

Get down here. Come on.

Super comfy.

Super comfy.

Does that feel -- if it's a big screen,

a movie theater seat --

does this feel like we're getting too close?

I mean, it's a great sight line.

This is exactly what you want it to be.

I'm pretty comfy down here.

I don't know, I might sit [Chuckling] for a while.

I think we need to keep this, then.

[ Groans ]

Let's keep facing this way,

TV on that wall,

and then we're gonna give ourselves the bar, too.

I think these are the kind of things

that are gonna beat Jonathan.


DREW: So, while Breeze searches my media room furniture,

I need to stay ahead of Jonathan in this challenge,

and what better way to do that than making sure

that all of his workers have an unscheduled break?

[ Ice cream truck music plays ]

[ Music stops ]

Come get your ice cream.

Cool, fresh ice cream, free ice cream.

Hey, guys.

What on earth is happening here?

[ Laughs ] What?

Excuse me one second.

Excuse me.

I'd like to see your permit

for operating on this street.

We literally have wet mortar that's sitting in there.

We've got --

DREW: Hey. Aah.

He's touching your cone.

That's against the rule. Are you enjoying my ice cream?

I'm not gonna lie, It's actually pretty good.

I am going to do something very disruptive

over at your space.

He is so dead.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow,

but eventually Drew is gonna get his comeuppance.

Are you jealous, because you just got served,

soft served. [ Grunting ]


Between Drew's ice cream stunt and my garage fiasco,

I'm playing a bit of catch up with my office coat room

and powder room, but everything is starting to come together.

Insulation and drywall? Check.

And the additional dwelling? Big check.

Demolishing and removing the big old garage

ended up hitting my budget pretty hard.

So I'm gonna have to cut some costs elsewhere

in order to save on the reno.

On the bright side, the ADU rebuild is going well.

It's gonna be new, rock solid,

and I think buyers are gonna love it.

We had a rough start to this challenge,

but I feel like the worst is behind us.

Plumbing and electrical is happening in the media room,

and today we're starting to install windows in the home gym.

They match the rest of the house, and they look fantastic.

DREW: Oh, hi, neighbor.

Hi. Can I have a cup of sugar?

My addition is coming together fast.

It's new construction, it's big, it's open,

and it's airy.

My additional dwelling is in the old part of the house.

It's not so open and airy,

but I have to make it feel that way

to wow our judge, Breegan, and potential buyers.

There's only one bathroom in the unit,

and it has to feel luxurious.

So I need to fit a lot into a small space.

So literally, this is -- I know we have the tub and the shower

all incorporated into the one area.

From the edge of the tub

to the edge of the glass for the shower,

we have 2 feet width.

That is way too tight, especially for this challenge.

Our judge is gonna come in here and say, "That's ridiculous.

No one would ever want to use that shower."

And I agree.

And I don't want to add work

to the guys' plates, but we have to change this.

It's not gonna be a functional bathroom

for somebody.

I think we need to move all the plumbing.


[ Groans ]

I think we need to move all the plumbing.


We need to reduce the size of the vanity,

shift the toilet over,

and give ourselves a few more inches

for the shower.

This is gonna cost me more money to fix,

not to mention lost time from pulling the guys off of the work

they're scheduled to do.

At this stage of the game,

you don't want problems like this,

but unfortunately it has to get done.

I'll give them the bad news.

[ Groans ]

We're going backwards.

I feel like this challenge

is the tale of two renos.

Inside, it's like calm, blue ocean.

The tile's beautiful in the powder room.

We've got the trim in the office going in.

Out in my ADU, it's like a hurricane.

We started refurbishing and then we tore it down

and then we rebuilt it.

We fixed it all,

and it's finally starting to look like

we're through the storm.

But, knock on wood, I hope we are.

This is a very different type of ADU.

But at the end of the day, I actually kind of prefer

that it's its own standalone house here.

It's like a little mini house.

They'll have access to the yard.

They'll have their own privacy,

not sharing any walls.

If I was gonna live in an ADU,

this is what I would choose.

I'm also biased because we built it, so.

DREW: While my ADU bathroom debacle gets sorted out,

I can finally concentrate on making my home gym

the ultimate wellness area.

So Linda and I are off to do a little field research.

WOMAN: How does that feel?

Oh, it burns. [ Laughs ]

It's good? Do you want more?

No, I'm good. [ Laughs ]

DREW: I am feeling the burn, and Jonathan's gonna get burned,

because with all this high-end equipment in my home gym,

I've got this challenge locked up.

[ Grunting ] Jonathan, you're going down.

My guest house isn't huge, but to make it feel that way,

I went out and sourced the perfect folding glass doors

to max out on natural light.

I love it. I think we can say decision made.

Let's definitely do this.

I like it. Perfect.

JONATHAN: Donnie and I are installing the doors today,

and they are gonna make a huge difference in here.

This is going to be amazing.

My guest house has been a bit of a time taker

and definitely a budget taker,

but inside, we're catching up fast.

And in the office, I think I have a way

to claw back some money.

Instead of doing, like, full-depth, like, 4 inch-deep

coffered ceiling all throughout here,

we could probably

[Whistles] do something like a metallic wallpaper.

What is that material?

It's just like a thick wallpaper.



Essentially, what we could do is

before doing any trim of any kind,

basically wallpaper the entire ceiling,

have that done,

then come back and do the applied molding.

We could do something

that's even kind of a little more ornate.

JONATHAN: This is gonna save me some money.

It's gonna look great.

And when I win my third challenge in a row,

I am gonna rub it in Drew's face while wearing

a Hollywood-caliber superhero costume.

We're all about winning, you know?

And this is gonna do it.

After a bit of a delay in my additional dwelling unit,

we're back on track.

Drywall is up, and it's time for the fun stuff.

Overall, I'm going light and bright in here.

And the warmth is gonna come

from this beautiful dark hardwood flooring.

I don't need your help, Hart, I got this.

These twelve beams across the ceiling will be an homage

to the vintage of the home.

And one of the perks of living down the street,

I can pull decor ideas from the comfort of my own house.

[ Cellphone notification rings ]


Hey, I recognize that backdrop.

Ohh, yes.

So, I know we're looking for inspiration for the guest suite

and so I have an idea.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, actually, I think with the lighter tones

that we have for the suite,

I actually think something like that will look nice

for one of our side tables.

But maybe that's just a bit of inspiration

for what we can pull.

Yeah, beautiful.

I can send you a photo, as well.

Yeah, take a shot of it,

and I'll do a search with the photo.

I will send it.

That looks great.

I feel kind of lazy sitting here

while you're shopping.

That's it.


JONATHAN: I'm excited, because I'm finishing the last

of the spaces on the first floor,

and they're all looking just as unique and memorable

as the rest of the house.

The powder room is big, beautiful, and moody.

This is going to be a game changer.

The coat room is gonna have tons of storage,

and it'll be a huge value add for buyers.

And in my office, Jolene from my design team

is helping select the furniture.

I saved a bundle of cash

by scrapping my coffered ceiling idea.

I'm gonna go with

a trim and wallpaper ceiling detail instead,

but the thing is, my plan B still has to look like a plan A

so I have to get this right.

Don't get any of that paint on that new wallpaper.

I will not get the paint on it.

Pass me the white one.

DONNIE: Yeah, yeah.

'Cause if we did leave it with white,

it pops more but in the wrong direction.


I think we've got to go dark.


You know the kind of mood I want to get into

in this moody office?

A winning mood.

[ Chuckles ]

That's the only mood I care about.

DREW: I'm so happy we redid the plumbing in the ADU bathroom.

Now that the shower is the right width,

it's gonna function perfectly,

and it's gonna look amazing.

In the home gym,

the bathroom is gonna be a huge perk.

And the media room is turning out to be

the ultimate entertaining space.

How you doing?

It's a big day.

Good. How are you?

I'm good.

You do not understand

how excited I am about the blackout blinds

and just to be able to shut all these

using technology and not having to get up

and close every single blind.

And they're smart.

On your phone is a free app and voice command.

So have you already programed it?

We have.

What do I have to say to bring these down?

Movie time.

[ Chuckles ] This is so good.

JONATHAN: We're doing everything we can

to make this additional dwelling unit

feel as big, bright, and beautiful as possible.

And since this is a dual-purpose living space,

we're installing a pretty awesome Murphy bed.

It's definitely different than the beds we used to install

when I was a kid.

My dad had one,

and they were not quite as nice as this.

So, this will be the sofa for the space.

We'll have the back on there.

And during the day, it's all tucked away,

bed comes down when you want to sleep here at night.

This is fantastic.

This is, like, the best solution of all time.

DREW: We are so close to judging,

and I couldn't be happier.

The main living space and the additional dwelling

is looking stunning,

and the media room is, too.

It's the hardest thing not to eat the decor.

Oh, movie night.


It's got plenty of seating, and we're tricking it out

with some awesome TV watching tech.

This media room is gonna add huge value to my house.

Go to HGTV.

DREW: I had to spend a lot more money

tearing down the back of the house

to rebuild a portion of the addition,

but it's bigger and better than the original plan.

So I'm okay with that.

I also spent extra in the ADU bathroom

to move the plumbing and improve functionality.

So I'm over budget,

but the value I've added will more than make up for it.

I think our Judge Breegan is gonna love

my additional dwelling unit.

And in the main house, the office and coat room

are shaping up to be a huge value add.

So, because we're doing the ADU, there's no garage storage.

Yeah, that's why I think this is brilliant.

You have so much storage,

and all of this is full-depth, as well,

and down below here.

This is kind of like your garage without parking a vehicle in it.

It's perfect.

Rebuilding my ADU was a bit of a hit to the budget,

but I clawed back some money

by simplifying my ceiling plan in the office.

So I'm over budget, but it could have been worse.

I know buyers will love these spaces.

I just hope Breegan does, too.

Now that is a powder room.

The winner of this challenge has a pretty amazing prize.

Ooh, look at this place.

I had to consider each and every heartfelt decision

you guys had made.

JONATHAN: Shall we reveal?



JONATHAN: You know what?

I can just step away from the competition

and just do this for the rest of the day.

This is perfect.

I could do without

your dirty outdoor boots on my cashmere throw.

[ Mockingly ] Don't put your boots on my cashmere throw.

[ Laughs ]

Get it off.

[ Normal voice ] Are you just nervous?

Maybe you're on edge 'cause you're nervous.

Well, I'm two down

so this is the time I need to pull ahead.

So [Hands clap] I want this more than anything,

but I'm being strategic.

I'm being unbiased in my mind.

I'm playing through all scenarios,

and I think I have this one.

So many bonuses, you have no idea.

Are your bonuses [Mockingly] cashmere throws?

Who knows. Hey. How's it going?

Hi. I am so excited to be here.

We're excited.

DREW: Jon and I are used to working with tight timelines,

however, Breegan Jane, she is all about tight timelines,

because she's on

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

They do entire houses in a fraction of the time that we do.

I think she can probably appreciate everything

that's going into these designs more than anybody else.

So it'll be interesting to see which way she goes.

You're, like, entering the lion's den.

This is, like, mano a mano.

This is gonna be very fun.

I feel prepared.

I am a parent of two boys,

so I'm gonna be as fair as I can be.

But a little friendly competition is always fun.

This is our additional dwelling and bonus spaces,

which is kind of exciting because it gives you a mix

of the designs for the houses.

I'm so excited.

And I'm more excited, 'cause this is my hometown.

I used to live near this area, so I know it really well.

And I started design and flipping, so.



So, this is really exciting,

because the winner of this challenge

has a pretty amazing prize.

So if you've ever watched any superhero movies,

you see the costumes

that all the superheroes have.


The company that fabricates those costumes.


Is gonna do one

for the winning brother.

But only one?

Only one.

Only the winning brother,

but not only that,

also we've got an LA photographer

who's gonna come in and do a whole photoshoot

while the losing brother has to be the assistant

and, you know, work the fan...

More wind.

...and the cape.

My boys are gonna freak out when they know

this was the prize.

They're gonna want to play.

It's gonna be fun. J.D.'s already given you

all the before pictures and videos to look at.

We'll head over there now.

You want to do it?


All right. Good luck.

I'm excited.

Have fun.

Take your time.

Go on in. I'll wait here for you.

All right. I'm reporting back.

Ooh. Look at this place.

Okay. Ooh, let's talk about details.

Look at this ceiling.

Now that is leaning into LA style.

This is the right amount of classic but modern.

Oh, my gosh. I love a good built-in.

This adds so much storage space, which is what everybody needs.

Even with these warm, deep tones in here,

everything feels so open still.

Good job, bros.

What am I walking into here?

Look at this workspace.

This tone, to me, reads as very feminine and friendly

and then to have these masculine elements of the wood grain

with the tools.

And in LA, you can never have enough storage.

Storage is important to buyers.

And as everything is hidden away here,

I love the juxtaposition of the open cubbies

for easy, quick access.

Wallpaper plus tile.

This tile is gorgeous.

[ Gasps, singsong voice ] And this stone.

[ Normal voice ] This is beautiful.

LA buyers are totally gonna understand

that this is a unique, unusual space,

and they're gonna want it.

[ Gasps ]

It's a full main kitchen in there.

They have fit everything into this tiny space.

The kitchen feels giant.

And, yes, it's totally a Murphy bed.

These are perfect, because it becomes

that multifunctional space.

Very LA. I'm loving this.

[ Gasps ] This is so fun, and the grout color,

it's awesome.

Good job.

So what did you think about the house next door?

I loved all the details, like, nothing was forgotten anywhere.

And now you're heading into the corner chateau.


So, I walk into the corner chateau,

and I walked into a whole other world,

and that's what an additional space should feel like.

It's completely separated out.

It totally feels like its own separate space.

And this is how it's supposed to feel.

Relaxing and Zen.

Look at the unusual metals in this kitchen

and a white oven.

That is, like, truly the little details that matter.

I haven't seen a wing on the side of a house

that actually functions and works

as a whole different space.

Nothing in there is cramped.

It's like the perfect hotel room.

Everything's in this muted, beautiful white

that feels relaxing,

but it doesn't sacrifice style at all.

This perfectly curated wall, gold frames,

but it's just a hint of gold.

I want to jump in that bed right now.

All right. Where this -- [ Gasps ]

This little...okay.

[ Smacks lips ] Okay, stop.

This is hitting all the marks for me.

Gorgeous, unusual,

the hint of black makes it masculine,

but everything in here reads spa and feminine.

Hello, media room.

This is how you are supposed to do it.

We have every tone in here.

It's white, it's airy,

but it doesn't lack function and livability.

Every LA house needs a workout room.

And now I'm thinking,

"Okay, Jonathan, this might not be you."

Drew has been in LA.

This is Drew's neighborhood.

And it takes knowing your LA customer to truly understand

that we can't live without our yoga,

our spin bikes, and our reformers.

If I had this house, I would never have to leave.

And they put a wave on the wall, my beach girl heart.

On top of -- that's for the winner.

[ Scoffs ]

On top of my two bonus spaces,

I also have an extra bathroom,

which you don't have.

I have the powder room.

I have that massive powder that's off of the mudroom.

Yeah, I have a powder room, a mudroom, and another bathroom.

Oh, okay.

Grab a seat.

I'm just gonna point out this has been painful,

because Drew would not let me snack on anything

until he finds out who wins, who loses.

DREW: Well, I mean, you're all smiles,

which makes both of us probably more nervous.

Which house did you go see first?

I went to the house next door first.

All right.

I love that office space,

but walking into that additional space

on the house next door was so surprising.

The kitchen was almost a full-sized kitchen.

There was nothing spared in that room.

I also personally love a Murphy bed.

I have one in my own guest room.

What did you find contrasted your first impression

when it came to the corner chateau?

I love the additional dwelling unit,

but walking into that theater space

where I started to change my mind

on which brother I thought did which house.

And then when I walked into, like, your own Pilates room,

how much more LA could you get?

We want you to tell us which house do you think

was designed by which brother.

In the corner chateau, Drew,

that Pilates room kind of made me think

that was your design.

That's so LA.

'Cause you notice I'm very svelte.

This is a Pilates bod, if you've ever seen one.

When it comes down to all the fun ways

that I get to judge this,

I had to consider each and every heartfelt decision

you guys had made.

So the winner of the additional dwelling

and bonus room challenge is...

So the winner of the additional dwelling

and bonus room challenge is...

...the coroner chateau.



I want my trophy.


I was right.

You were right.

You got it.

Jonathan, it's all right,

we can't all be winners.

You didn't know this,

but Jonathan won the last two challenges,

and he's been rubbing it in my face.

So thank you so much.

A mom always evens things out.

Thanks, Mom. [ Chuckles ]

Everyone grab a drink. Let's cheers.

Am I still allowed to have something?

You can have something, so.

To the winning brother.

To the winning brother.

Cheers. [ Grunting ]

Now, it's been a long time since I've won a challenge,

so I'm gonna enjoy this one.

Well, that makes one of us.

This is so good.

You guys excited?

I'm very excited.

I'm just jealous.

[ Laughs ]

Jose has fabricated Marvel costumes

for Thanos, for Black Panther,

but I think that my costume is gonna be his masterpiece.

JONATHAN: Shall we reveal?

Wait a minute. I need to do this.




A cape. I didn't know we're gonna have a cape.

J.D.: Amazing.

Okay. Let's see the rest of this.

[ Laughs ]

Wait. That's, like, my shirt.

Yeah, really plaid? That is like salt in the wound.

So that is it for you.

You are not winning another challenge.

Just be ready.

I wanted to take a little bit of your identity just to show you

every time I put this on that I won.

In your world, you guys are super heroes, right?

So I just wanted to make sure

I helped you guys feel the power.

So from top to bottom, we have, like, the slide under suit,

muscle suit you guys will kind of build up.

And all these things when they go on,

I want you to feel that you are The Renovator.

Well, thank you so much.

I mean, I could definitely use that extra muscle,

fill out that shirt and those pants.

DREW: But I love that you have the cape here.

I honestly wasn't expecting that.

That's awesome and the logo.

Jonathan, you're going to be

the photographer's assistant, so get in there.

DREW: Yeah. Make me look good.

So, do I get ready?

All right. This is so awesome.


This is gonna hurt.

All right.

JONATHAN: Oh, goodness.

J.D.: [ Laughs ]

Wow. Amazing.

So, the problem with this is I know

that you're only gonna wear this to work now.

I'm only gonna wear this,

and I'm only going to talk like this.

Wait. How much does that hammer actually weigh?

300 pounds, but I can wield it like it's a toothpick.

Kind of like you, little man.

Shall we do this?

Take a step forward. You are our specimen.

I know.

You are a winner.

Testing a turn back, looking at me.

Dude, what are you wearing, by the way?

It's a summer-y shirt.

I think you should get a new assistant,

because the current one is terrible.

Get the fan, we need some hero --

Did you just snap at me?

Fear not, my brother, pulling cables and holding fans

are duties of great honor.

Please stop talking.

This is heavy.

I'm not a superhero, I can't lift it.

I will cherish this suit for the rest of my life

and put it on every week to make fun of Jonathan.

We don't want to hear this anymore.

DREW: Once we're done this photo shoot,

I'm gonna create a movie poster,

and I'm gonna frame it and hang out front and center

in my living room.

I'm never coming over again.

Mission accomplished.

DREW: Next time on "Brother vs. Brother"...


What are you doing?

DREW: ...Jonathan tries to knock me off my perch

in the main bedroom and bathroom challenge,

but runs into huge problems along the way.

You are going to lose it.

But it's all up to "Help! I Wrecked My House" star

Jasmine Roth to decide which of our bedroom suites

is the most worthy.

Ohh. [ Laughs ] This is a hard decision.

The Description of Super Bonus Spaces