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- [Both] Hey guys!

- I love that we do it together now.

- I just want to be you.

- It's a true sign that we've done

too many collab's together.

- Yes, are you breaking up with me?

- I don't think anyone has asked for us

to keep doing these,

but we just keep doing it because it's so fun!

- I mean, you guys want it right?

- I hope so, even if you don't, you're gonna get it!

- You're gettin' it.

- So, I am back with Lisa Schwartz.

And we are gonna be doing another size two

v.s size 14 try on!

I love these videos because when I try stuff on

at home I'm like, oh this doesn't fit me,

but maybe it'll fit someone else.

And now we get to find out!

Is it gonna fit someone else?

- Chances are, probably not.

I'm excited about H&M, do you shop there normally?

- I don't, I haven't shopped at H&M

in a long, long time like just for me.

I've gotten a few very specific things there

for videos, but I never really just go there for myself.

- Is it because it's so overwhelming in the store?

- It's that, and it's the sizing.

I find that the sizing is like impossible

to figure out, so since we ordered all

this stuff online I just got everything

in a size 14 or XL for me.

Or a size 2 and XS for you.

And we'll see if the sizing

is like really all over the place,

or if it's pretty standard.

You know, we'll figure it out.

But, before we get into the video,

I have to plug your book because I am so excited for you!

- Thanks mom. - I know you wouldn't do it,

but I'm gonna do it.

I'm your publicist now.

- Oh, thank you!

- Just in case you didn't get the memo.

- Send me the bill.

- Lisa Schwartz has a new book.

It's called Thirty-Life Crisis, it is out now.

You can get with the link in the description.

It is amazing and you are amazing,

and I'm so, so excited for you.

- Thank you, I'm gonna cry.

This is so cute!

- Should we put on some clothes to make us cry?

- Yeah. - Let's do it.

Okay, so I didn't actually didn't pick these items.

Skylar did.

So, I'm going in just as blind as you.

- Next time I'm gonna have like my mom

pick out our outfits.

- Oh, we should do a video where our moms

pick out our outfits, together.

- Let us know!

- Let us know in the comments,

even if you don't want it!

We're probably gonna do it anyways!

So, our first item looks like this

is a mock neck sweater.

- Yes, yes, I love these!

- Does it have a price on it?

Mine doesn't have a price.

Let me pull up the email.

So , this was $9.99.

This is cute, I thought it was a sweater,

but it's a short sleeve.

- It's like a little...

- Little mock neck.

- This looks like it's for a child however.

- That is tiny!

- Like, I fancy myself with a smaller person

but this is insane.

- I mean, I feel like this looks like an extra large

but why does yours look so small?

- It looks like we shrunk it on accident.

- It really does.

- Holy.

- And then, oh my gosh.

With those, are these, oh it's a skirt!

- Cute!

- I thought it was jeans!

- Oh okay so we have this cheetah printed denim skirt.

- I love, the print is a little like,

are you guys getting dizzy from watching it?

Like it's a little, do you know what I mean?

- Yeah, it's a little, like it's an optical illusion.

- Yeah, it's a little magic eye for me.

- But, it's also me living my Cheetah Girl's fantasy.

- Cheetah print is like in!

- This one was $24.99, so let's try these on.

I kind of love this.

- I feel like it's gonna be downhill.

We shouldn't have started out in these outfits

- I know!

- Because we both were kind of like, oh we cute!

- It's cute, and the fit is like perfect.

I did not know how I was gonna feel about the sizing.

But the top for me is nice

because it's kind of fitted but it's loose enough here.

- So cute on you.

- And then the skirt I have a little bit of room

in the waist so it's comfortable,

but it's still like a little fitted on the hips.

It's a great length, I mean I really like this.

How do you feel?

- My top is definitely a little bit too small.

It works but I'm not super comfortable,

so I would go up one size.

The skirt fits perfectly.

- So cute!

- Which is weird, usually we like stretchy stuff

and this is not stretchy.

- No, it's structured.

This is gonna go out of style pretty quick.

- Yeah.

- Like, I feel like cheetah print comes in

and out of style like every 10 years or so

for like 6 months and then that's it.

So, I mean if you're gonna get it,

you might as well not spend a ton

of money on it 'cause it's not like a timeless piece.

- Totally, like would have something like this

at Made Well that would cost, what do you think?

- A hundred bucks?

- Yeah, and it's like, well,

you're only really probably gonna wear this a couple times.

- I thought I wasn't gonna like

the cheetah print because it's kind of a lot,

but because it's just that tan with black,

the black top neutralizes it, tones it down.

- We're like all about it, we should just stop here!

- I know, I'm like actually gonna keep

both of these pieces and like probably wear them.

And probably wear them together!

- Like, together!

- Together! - We're gonna go out.

- Together and together.

- [Both] Yeah!

- There's nothing wrong with the skirt,

I'm gonna give it a five.

- Wow!

- Do you think there's anything wrong with it?

- That's, the only thing is the quality

isn't like amazing, but I don't really mind it.

Like it's not uncomfortable in any way.

- It doesn't look cheap.

- No, there's no like strings coming off it.

- Come on, Sierra give it a five!

- Should I give it a five?

I'll give it a five!


- And then the top, what about the top?

- Well, mines not, it's hard to say

'cause of this and also it's like kind of see through.

So, I give it a three.

- Yeah, and mines not see through

because it's not pulling on my chest,

I'm gonna give the top a five!

This is a five out of, what the heck!

- Wow!

- It's gonna be downhill from here,

it can only get worse.

Okay, next outfit we have this striped T-Shirt.

This was only $4.99.

- This isn't as small as the other one, so that's good.

- Yeah, that looks like a normal size extra small.

And, then with that we have these jeans

that were $24.99.

- Whoa, what are these?

- Oh are these flare?

(gasps) Oh!

- Dude, these are like JNCO Jeans,

were you around when JNCO, are you too young for that?

- I think I'm too young for, what is that?

- JNCO Jeans were like guys and girls

would wear big pants!

Like, big legs like--

- Hammer Pants?

- Yeah, kinda!

It would be like this but all the way through.


- All right well let's see if these are JNCO pants.


- Okay, I am like, you guys are telling me

that this is the style,

the pants style? - They're in!

- I'm trying to wrap my head around that,

but I'm not mad about it.

- Yeah, it looks so cute on you!

You look, okay okay, 'cause here's the thing.

We kind of look like an H&M ad.

Like this outfit is very H&M.

But, I can also see this with you

wearing a little neck scarf,

and going on a cute picnic date!

I like it. - Yeah.

- You know, okay so the jeans,

the reason they're so comfy is because these are stretchy.

These are kind of like a jegging material.

- Yeah! - But it's a looser fit.

- Yeah! - So, I feel

like I could wear these all day

and be totally comfortable,

but I do think that causes them

to be a little more like ride up sensitive.

Which gives the.

- [Both] The toe.

- I think maybe if I wore these,

I would just be kind of doing this dance all day.

Which might be annoying or I just embrace the toe.

- What do you think about the shirt?

- I like it, I can't believe this is a $4 shirt.

- You're right!

- Yeah, it's soft!

It's comfortable, I think the sizing is right.

The fit is good.

I'm gonna keep both of these pieces

and wear both of them.

- I agree, this is like a little bit form fitting

but I like it.

It doesn't feel like the last one that was super tight.

I kind of like the way this looks,

but I could always have a size up as well.

- You know it almost feels like,

because I'm pretty much always an extra large,

but these items have been almost

on the bigger side of the scale.

- I was gonna say, you could definitely go down a size.

- But it's not like I've gotten smaller.

It's just I think that maybe their sizing range

is like, the extra smalls are a little bit smaller

and the extra larges are a little bit bigger.

So, the jeans I'm gonna give a four and a half out of five!

- Whoa!

- I can't believe this, I'm really really surprised.

- You're gonna give that extra point five

for the toe, right?

- It's the toe, other than the toe,

I really, really do like them.

And I actually think I'll get a lot of wear out of these.

- And they don't look cheap!

- Yeah, they don't, and again with the trend thing.

Like these are very on trend right now

but who knows how long it'll be

until no one likes flare jeans anymore?

So, why not get them at H&M?

- Wow, I'm gonna give them a four

'cause I have an extra large camel.

The shirt.

- Yeah, what do you think of the shirt?

- It's not like the best of the best, but it's not terrible.

I'm giving it a four.

- I will also give it a four.

- Wow!

- I'm really surprised.

- Wow!

- What do you know?

Next up we have this dress,

which I get nervous buying dresses from places like H&M

because I just feel like they're always gonna be thin

and see through.

- This is so cheap looking.

It's already like.

And this was the most expensive so far, right?

- Yeah this was $29.99.

So it was 30 bucks.

Well, let's see it!

- Here's the H&M we knew!

- Oh man, okay, it doesn't look awful.

But, it feels awful and I don't feel confident at all.

- I just feel like we look like we're going

to a sixth grade dance.

- This reminds me of something my mom

would tell me to put on for Easter Sunday at church.

And I'd be like, but I always wear jeans to church,

why do I have to wear this?

And it's itchy!

- It's not good, and also for the price point.

- Yeah, like how is this more expensive

than those jeans that were like really, really good?

- Yeah, it makes no sense.

- It feels like kindergartner, first day of school dress.

- Yeah, the kindergartner that would get picked on

because this dress sucks!

- Yeah, not the kindergartner who like everyone

would wanna like borrow your crayons.

Like the kindergartner with the eight pack

of crayons instead of the 64.

- Aw, God bless you.

- So, what would you give it though?

'Cause, the reality is, it's not that bad.

- Like, I could wear this out.

- Yeah, I wouldn't feel self conscious wearing this.

I just wouldn't feel extra confident.

Like, I like choosing clothes

that when I put them on I feel more confident

than I did before I got dressed.

This is just like kind of the same.

It doesn't do anything for my confidence,

but I don't feel self conscious about my body in it.

- So, for that we would give it

a three. - Two and a half?

It's just meh, wouldn't recommend it.

And for thirty bucks.

- We're returning it.

- Like you could get a dress from Target

for thirty bucks that would be way better

than this, or American Eagle.

- Yeah, or on sale at a higher end place.

- Yeah, that's true.

This is not it.

- Going back!

Oh no, Sierra, no!


- Oh man, I like the idea of this.

Okay so we have this yellow body suit.

But, it looks. (sighs)

$35.98, are you kidding me?

This was more expensive than the dress?

This looks like it's $5!

- Wait, why, 'cause it has snap crotch?

- Maybe, they up charge for the snap crotch!

- Yeah, I mean, fair enough.

- So, first of all, it said, ribbed body suit.

Which technically this is ribbed,

but when I think ribbed I think like a thicker material

that is kind of form fitting.

- Yeah.

- This, I mean I guess we'll find out when we try it on.

- This is also so like sheer.

- See through.

- Yeah, this is, I'm sorry everyone

who has to see this happen.

- Okay hopefully, the shorts are better.

Let's see, these are the shorts with ties,

I love that they actually give their clothes regular names.

I feel like when we tried Fashion Nova,

they were like, The Netflix and Chill home alone

up town scales skirt.

- By the way, everyone was so upset

because we were referring to Netflix and Chill

as like actually.

- Okay, we know what Netflix and Chill means.

But, do you think we're just gonna be like,

yep, this is my sex outfit!

These were $17.99 but we had a $9 discount it says

so that means these were, math, $9.

- What a deal!

- $9, how is it that these shorts are $9 and this is 35?

- It makes no sense, also look how small these look.

- Yeah, these actually do look a little small, too.

I like that the waist is elastic.

But, we'll see if the legs actually fit my big thighs.

- This is gonna be bad.

I feel bad about this.

- Well if we're gonna end on something,

I guess might as well end on this.

(both groaning)

So, here's the thing,

when I was putting this on,

I buttoned the little thing, it was fine.

But, my bra's showing here, right.

So, I'm like let me just hike it up.

And the snaps just popped off.

I mean like I put them back together.

It didn't break, but I just.

- Just popped, it's so tight!

- Yeah, it's like meant for a--

- (groans) I hate this so much,

and I'm ready for this video to be over.

- See, I actually don't hate it that much.

The fit is bad, it doesn't make me feel self conscious.

Like I feel okay.

- Those look cute on you.

- Thank you, I'm so surprised at the sizing at H&M.

These shorts are an extra large

and I thought they were gonna be super tight

on my legs but the waist is elastic so it fits nicely.

The legs are nice and loose.

The fitting, the sizing has been really good for me.

- I would have sized up on everything,

one size to a small 'cause these are just like so short.

Don't you feel like these feel cheap?

- They do, they feel really cheap.

They're very light weight.

They're already kind of riding up in my crotch.

- Oh, and if you got some butt sweat

on that, forget about it.

- Oh, it's gonna be, it's gonna show so quickly

because these are so thin.

- Well, what would you rate this?

- Okay, so the shorts I'm actually gonna

give a three and a half out of five.

I like the fit, I like the look.

It's just like the quality isn't there.

And, they would show so much butt sweat.

- Yeah, I would give them a two.

I'm just not about them.

- They look cute on you, though.

- Well, I'd wear them around the house.

- That's what I was gonna say.

Little pajama shorts.

- Yeah, okay!

- I'll probably keep these.

- Okay.

- 'Cause they're light weight, good for summer.

- I like that, and they're comfortable.

- Yeah, they are.

And then the body suit,

I feel like is definitely the worst part

about this, what would you give this?

- I would not wear this out in public,

unless I was wearing like overalls over it.

- Yeah, but then, what's like the point?

- Ugh, I give it a one.

- Yeah, I'll give it a two and a half.

- You know what, I'm being harsh.

I'll give it a two and a half, too.

- I feel like H&M was so much better

at least for me.

- Overall, so great!

- I would actually consider shopping there.

Skylar was saying when she was ordering everything online,

she was really surprised

at how inclusive the size range was.

Like almost everything they had went

from a double zero to like an 18.

- We support that!

- And then they also have, in addition to that

a plus size section which is really, really cool!

- And they have a kids section.

- Yeah, they just have something for everyone.

So, I don't think it's gonna

be my favorite store anytime soon.

Don't expect to see any H&M hauls coming out.

But, if I'm at the mall, I might consider stopping in.

- Wow, we learned something new today!

- Yes, we did!

I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

Make sure to go over to Lisa's channel

and watch the video

that we did where we try on ASOS clothes

in our respective sizes.

And I will put a link in the description to,

yeah, I'm gonna start a playlist

of all the videos we've done together.

- Oh my God!

- 'Cause there's like 10 now.

This is our 5th collab and we do one video each.

So, link to the playlist in the description

if you like this style of video.

Make sure to subscribe to my channel

and subscribe to Lisa's channel.

And I will see you guys very soon

with another new video!

Be confident.

Love your body!

And have a nice day.

- [Both] Bye!

- Bye!

- Bye!

(Lisa groans)

(upbeat techno music)

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