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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Practice Everyday Sleeping Beauty Listen English

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the people from a small town in France

are outside the Kings summer castle the

King goes out onto the balcony we are

very happy to tell you that we have a

baby daughter her name is Aurora

everyone is invited to a party here at

the castle tomorrow

he says the King goes back into the

castle the Queen is singing to the baby

the party tomorrow is going to be

wonderful says the king all the people

from the town are coming and of course

we must invite the flower fairies

everyone in the castle is very busy the

cooks are cooking delicious roast meats

with vegetables and they are making

delicious cakes to the cleaners are

sweeping and dusting the Queen's friends

are picking flowers in the garden and

putting flowers in all the rooms mmm the

food smells delicious

says the king and the castle is very

pretty with all these flowers little


Aurora is sleeping happily she doesn't

know there is going to be a party

tomorrow the next day the Sun shines and

all the men women and children from the

town come to the party the children like

the new baby and want to pick her up you

can pick her up later when she wait

up says the Queen yes says the king come

and sit down now the food is ready and

we're all hungry look look over there by

the trees says a little boy everyone

turns and looks at the trees Oh says a

little girl are they yes they are says

the Queen they're the flower fairies

hello say the flower fairies we've got

some very special presents for Princess

Aurora she's going to be beautiful says

fairy Daisy she's going to be happy

says fairy iris she's going to be

healthy says fairy sunflower and says

fairy poppy stop says another fairy

who's this asks the Queen it's fairy

we'd say the Flower Fairies she's a bad

fairy she must leave the party no I'm

not going to leave says fairy weed I've

got a present for Princess Aurora to

when she's 16 she's going to prick her

finger on a spinning wheel and die wait

I've got to give Princess Aurora my

present now says fairy poppy I can't

change fairy weeds

Princess Aurora is going to prick her

finger on a spinning wheel when she's 16

but she isn't going to die she's going

to sleep for a hundred years she isn't

going to prick her finger on a spinning

wheel or sleep for a hundred years says

the king we must destroy all the

spinning wheels in the town tomorrow

everyone must take their spinning wheels

to the town square we're going to

destroy them all the next day everyone

takes their spinning wheels to the town

square there are big spinning wheels and

small spinning wheels new spinning

wheels and old spinning wheels and the

King's Men destroy them all thank you


says the king thank you for your

spinning wheels I'm very sorry that you

can't make your clothes now but I want

to help you I'm going to pay the people

in Paris to make your clothes for you

hooray for the king shout the people of

the town hooray for our good kind King

Princess Aurora grows into a beautiful

young woman on her 16th birthday

everyone in the castle is preparing for

her birthday party

come on Molly she says to her dog let's

go to the old tower the door is always


but today everyone's busy perhaps it's

open the door isn't locked Princess

Aurora and Molly go up the stairs in a

room at the top there

an old lady and a spinning wheel what's

that asks Princess Aurora it's a

spinning wheel says the old lady you can

touch it if you want Princess Aurora

touches the spinning wheel and pricks

her finger The Flower Fairies flying to

the tower

oh no we're too late says fairy Daisy

she's asleep she can't sleep alone for a

hundred years

says fairy sunflower no says fairy iris

everyone in the castle must sleep for a

hundred years

Molly falls asleep near the bed the king

and queen fall asleep on their Thrones

the Queen's friends fall asleep picking

flowers the cleaners fall asleep

sweeping and dusting the Cook falls

asleep making a cake the birds fall

asleep in the trees the cat falls asleep

chasing a mouse the castle is silent

everyone is asleep everyone sleeps for a

hundred years one day a prince from

Spain comes to the town the people tell

him about the sleeping princess I'm

going to the castle I want to see the

sleeping princess he says to his friends

there are big trees around the castle

and beautiful flowers are growing over

the trees and the castle walls the

Prince goes to the old tower he sees the

sleeping princess

he kisses her hand and she wakes up

you're the Prince of my dreams

she says and you Sleeping Beauty are the

princess of my dreams he says everyone

in the castle wakes up the Queen's

friends start picking the flowers again

the cook starts making the cake the bird

starts singing the cat starts chasing

the mouse and the flower fairies fly

into the castle Prince Carlos of Spain

is here

they say Princess Aurora takes Prince

Carlos to the king and queen mummy and

daddy says Princess Aurora this is

Prince Carlos he's going to stay and

come to my birthday party

that's wonderful

says the Queen yes says the king we're

happy that you're here and thank you

very much for waking us up

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