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Coming up on this episode of "Designed to the Nines"... this episode was shot under

hurricane durress but I still got three decorative pumpkin projects for you if

that sounds good to you stay tuned

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now I've got three

great decorative pumpkin projects for you today but before we get started I

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that I'm aware of anyways Sophia hey Sophia thank you so much for watching

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so let's get started

we are going to be making some pumpkin topiaries so I picked up these

foam pumpkins and they are honestly one of the cheapest looking pumpkins I have

ever seen but the goal is to kind of give them a

faux stone faux cement with moss on them effect when I first had this idea I

really wanted to do real Cement pumpkins then I decided that I just wanted to do

something a little bit simpler that has that same kind of look and feel so the

first thing that we're going to need to do for our pumpkins is get rid of all of

these rough ridges so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to sand them down a

little bit and then there's like this little seam where they put the two

pumpkin halves together I'm sure they use some sort of mold and then put them

together and there's a seam and I'm going to just take a little bit of this

dry dex spackling and try to kind of fill in that seam a little bit and then

we'll let it dry and then come back and sand it a little bit and then they will

be prepared for our cement spray paint it's Rustoleum's cement and there is a

technique of spraying styrofoam because you can melt the styrofoam if you don't

do it right set the pumpkins aside and now we've got

to do the kinda like the base for the topiary and what I decided to use was

some terracotta pots now orange does go with Halloween but I feel that if we are

doing like an aged mossy cement pumpkin that we can't just leave these alone we

kind of need to give them an aged patina as well and we're gonna age them with a

little white chalk paint and I have got to put on my gloves did you notice in

the last segment I did treat myself it will probably be totally ruined by

the end of this episode okay so I'm gonna just be taking some white chalk

paint this one's by folk art just kind of brush it on in like random spots then

I've got just a little bit of water here and a paper towel just get it wet and

then kind of do a whitewash take your wet paper towel and do the same thing on

the inside so now it's time to paint our pumpkins in this rustoleum cement paint

the secret here is lots of little light coats and you don't want to get too

close you want to stay about 12 inches away then we will flip them over and do

the tops I picked up this dowel at Michael's it was about $...1 I didn't

even use a coupon but now we're gonna measure it in half it's about 36 inches

so half is 18 normally I would use my saw but I know not everybody has a saw

and so I wanted to show you another option especially something like a dowel

I picked up this little hacksaw at Dollar Tree we're simply just going to

use it to cut it right in half now we're gonna pull out our trusty gel stain it's

like the bottomless stain I've used this for a million projecst and I simply just

got one of my husband's garage paper towels you could use whatever you have

on hand and I'm just gonna run a quick stain

on this dowel so our pumpkins are completely dry we did the best we could

and it still did eat a little bit of the foam

this is not going to matter so much because we are going to be adding some

paint we are going to be adding some moss so that's okay as far as the cement

spray paint I think on the styrofoam you'd have been fine just using gray

paint honestly you could probably try grey chalk paint and you probably would

have had a better result that's my honest feedback and we're going to pull

out our white chalk paint and we are going to add a little bit of dimension a

little bit of a chalky finish kind of to - whoa!

I left some chalk paint on my brush

and put it in a ziploc bag I thought it would be okay.

it was not.

live and learn

a ziploc bag isn't fool proof

we want this to go on actually pretty dry I put

some paint on and then I'm going to dab a lot of it off dab it into the ribs and

then a little bit on top here

so I'm just going to do this to the rest of the

pumpkins then I'll meet you in the kitchen

I really just wanted to find an

excuse to come in my newly backsplashed kitchen if you haven't seen that video

I'll put the link above we're gonna take some of this Moss that I picked up from

the Dollar Tree and we're gonna blend it

and I know that seems kind of odd but I

didn't want chunky Moss I don't think we're gonna need that much so just a

little bit I want to assemble our topiaries first we've already added our

foam and then we're gonna add our dowel right to the center so that's in there

sturdy I don't want to push this through so what I'm going to do is I've got my drill

it's pretty easy to do we're gonna put on our first one facing at that

direction we want

if you want to reinforce you can use a little East 6000 our hot glue or a kind

of a combination of both we're going to take some of our matte Mod

Podge and just kind of brush a little on the top as well as going down the rib of

the pumpkin a little bit we're going to take our moss smoothie and grab a little

pinch of it and just sprinkle it and kind of tap it down

if you want to see another Pottery Barn dupe, you're gonna want to stick with me to

the very end that's my last project so our second project is as I found these

kind of paper mache pumpkins at Joanne's and I thought that they were so cute and

I decided that I wanted to decoupage them and cover them with some fun fabric

now I selected these two fun fabrics the first one is kind of a black and white

polka dot and the second one is kind of like a smaller Buffalo check and I did

this because I'm actually gonna put these on my front porch I know that

sounds crazy because they're paper mache but I think that once we cover them in

fabric and then I also have this waterproofing spray that I'm gonna put

on them and they're not going to be in direct water it's a covered porch and

I'm going to kind of put them in the back area you don't just have to use

fabric there's lots of options when decoupaging obviously you could use tissue

paper you can use napkins you could use this Buffalo check orange scarf both of

these I found out like the Dollar Tree so those are some options as well but I

really liked these fabrics and I kind of had a vision in my mind for what that

would look like so you'll find that my style's a little bit country a little bit

rock and roll there's a little Osmond plug for you so we have kind of like the

gingham and the polka dot which is a little bit more country but we're gonna

make it a little bit rock and roll because I'm going to paint the stem and

the leaves in kind of bold colors the stems are actually going to be black and

then we are going to paint the leaves in like a kelly green we're gonna start by

doing the leaves first so we can get paint all over if we get some on the

pumpkin itself it won't matter because if we're going to be decoupaging the

best way to do glitter is mixing it in with the Mod Podge and I went with a gloss

because then it will have like a shine I didn't want to matte down the glitter

because that would kind of defeat the purpose we're just gonna very carefully

put some of this glitter Mod Podge on the pumpkin.

now our glittery leaves have dried I'm so excited because they turned out

fantastic mixing it in with a Mod Podge makes it so it doesn't flake off and

make a huge mess so anytime I now glitter anything this is going to be my

new technique because otherwise it makes a huge mess and this way it really

contains the glitter you still get the sparkle it's time to start mod podge-ing

and what we need to do is cut strips of fabric so the first thing

we're gonna do is find our wider ribs of the pumpkin and you want to measure at

your widest spot and then we're going to measure from the base of the stem you

always want to take your measurements at the widest point of the pumpkin we're

gonna touch the stem and we're going to measure we've got our pieces cut out and

now we're ready to decoupage them on I'm gonna be using matte Mod Podge I want

the gloss versus the matte so I am gonna use the matte decoupage on the pumpkins

you want to brush a decent amount of decoupage on the back of the fabric

making sure it's pretty saturated we are going to take our fabric we want the

fabric to just meet the stem as you go you want to just try to work out any

wrinkles it's going to take some decoupage and put this on the top

use the decoupage and your brush to kind of work it into those crevices working out

some of those wrinkles I'm just going to take some blue painters tape I don't

know I didn't do this to begin with and just kind of tape these two leaves up

and out of the way

so you know I love to do Pottery Barn dupes... all designer dupes I've done a few

others as well if you're interested in those I'll put the playlist above but

I've got another good one for you today and it is a Pottery Barn kind of Twiggy

pumpkin cloche and it has like fairy lights on it and I just thought it was

so cute and it came with a price tag of about $60 so we're gonna try to recreate

the same look for Less I got this grapevine off of Amazon and I believe it

was about $7 for 15 feet and I had been trying to go into my local craft store

and I couldn't find one so I went to Amazon and actually it ended up being

cheaper we are gonna try to build the pumpkin out of this grapevine wreath and

hopefully we'll get a pretty close match to create the base I create something

similar to a nest leaving a space big enough for my candle

to fit in and securing it all together with strategically placed wires okay so

now we have the base for our Twiggy pumpkin and you can see that the candle

fits down in there just fine and now we need to build the top part of the

pumpkin and we are going to cut it off in sections to form the pumpkin ribs I

cut nine inch sections and make sure each end is secured with a wire either

then why are each rib tightly to the base working in cross sections to finish

it off I start out by hot gluing the top of each rib to the stem just to add a

little support while I then weave the wire in and out creating kind of a web

effect and finish it out by wrapping it around the base of the stem we need to

add the finishing touch and onforu sent me it was actually pretty

fortuitous because I actually needed the fairy lights for this project and they

sent me a pack of these fairy lights and they're really cute I'll put the link

below and all we need to do is just twist them into place

well my pumpkin projects are done and overall I am happy with the results

I was a little rushed and so they're not as perfect as I would like them to be

but I am facing threat of hurricane... a couple of things that I did learn if I

were to do these faux cement ones again I would probably go ahead and splurge

and spend more money on a nicer pumpkin because I think that we would get a much

better result but for less than five dollars for each one it's a good result

but not a great one and I also think if we were to use these same pumpkins if we

went ahead and used chalk paint we would also get a more smooth better result but

they're cute and I do like them and then we have our decoupage fabric pumpkins

that are just they are so cute they are they might be my favorite

I don't know you'll have to let me know which one is your favorite you will

probably be seeing those make an appearance on my fall front porch coming

up here soon and then what do you think of my pottery barn dupe? I think that

that's a pretty decent look I felt a little rushed so I think if I had had a

little bit more time I could have gotten it a little bit better but overall I am

happy and you know what I'm gonna let myself off the hook there is a hurricane

headed towards my house I do want to let you know how much we appreciate your

support we do feel safe and secure where we're at or taking adequate preparations

and I'm gonna do the best I can to update my community page so if you want

to keep up to date with that you're gonna want to subscribe to my channel

below if you liked this episode go ahead and give me a thumbs up thank you so

much for watching now I've got to go busy getting my house ready for a

hurricane see ya

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