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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DIAMOND PAINTING Kit Tips & Review

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Hi everyone!

I showed you the first diamond painting I did about 5 months ago.

InLoveArts shop sent me some stamps and two diamond paintings for a video, but I only

completed one of them in that first video, so here's the second one.

I tried to finish the first diamond painting pretty quickly to get the video out fast,

but I certainly took my time with this one.

I started it at the end of August and finished it in January.

Unfortunately I didn't keep track of how many hours it took and I did most of it off camera,

so the length of the video footage also doesn't tell much.

I also recorded some of the diamond painting audio towards the end so you can expect another

ASMR diamond painting video to come out on the ASMR channel at some point, too.

I'll talk about some things I've learned from these two diamond paintings I've done.

However, I won't repeat what I said in the previous video, so if you want to know about

things like the basics of how diamond painting works or ways to fill in solid color areas

fast or different ways to straighten the canvas or how to catch the beads easily when you

knock over the tray or spill one of the bead bags, which happened to me a lot, then go

watch that video.

I think I straightened this canvas just by stacking up some heavy books on top of it.

I mentioned in the last video that there were no instructions on the package and you had

to look them up on the website.

Well, with this one there are instructions in English on the cardboard box.

I used to think of diamond painting as a relaxing activity to do by yourself, but it can also

be a group activity.

I read or saw somewhere that some people do it as a mother and daughter hobby.

So, I decided to try out if my 8 year old niece was able to do it and if she would like

this and she was and she did.

We had a kids movie playing in the background and continued the diamond painting for a couple

of hours.

I just gave her a designated color and showed which code it corresponds to.

You just need a second tray and a dotting pen tool, which I had since I got the tools

in both kits, and then you can work on different parts of the painting at the same time.

I also got her a small diamond painting kit for Christmas after this, which she also liked.

It's the type where you only fill out the image in the middle, it was a cupcake, and

the background is left blank.

So, it's not as intimidating as these big ones.

Another observation that came out of this is that you need good lighting.

My living room didn't have much lighting when we were working on this and it can be pretty

hard and straining on the eyes.

I've done both of the diamond paintings mostly on my filming desk, which has better lighting,

so that was a lot easier.

Some people even use a light box under the diamond painting.

This one is a bit bigger than the one I did before and has a lot more colors of beads.

The butterly heart was 25 x 25 cm with a solid white background and this one is 30 x 30 cm

with really no large solid color areas.

So, I used any small plastic containers and lids I had to store the beads after opening

the packages and then continued with the re-sealable plastic bags they provided, but I ran out

of them pretty quickly, so I just kept the rest of the opened bags in a container together

and hoped they wouldn't spill too much.

If you're planning to do more diamond painting, you could get a bigger container or organizer

that has a lid and lots of compartments for the different colored beads, but I'm not planning

to do more of them at least for now, so this worked out for me.

You might run into an issue of missing beads sometimes, but there were enough beads in

this kit and in the last one I did.

I had leftovers of all colors.

I did combine the new beads with any leftovers from the last painting, if they had the same

colors, though.

The result is again quite pixelated looking, especially the eyes of the elephant, but it's

still recognizable and I think that's just what you get if the image is detailed, but

the canvas is quite small.

So this one would probably look better in a bit bigger size.

Since these kits come unstretched and without the stretcher bars, you need to do the framing


I haven't framed them yet, so I'll get back to you when I do.

If you're interested in checking out Inlovearts shop and their diamond painting kits and crafting

supplies, I'll link them below.

Thanks for watching and see you next week!


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