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- Betsy?

Is that you?

- My husband!

Home again

(upbeat music)

- What up everybody?

We just wanted to inform you before you watch

this crocheting video, that this was filmed

before the Coronavirus became such a big deal here.

So you'll see some things, that probably

are not the best behavior for right now,

but I hope you're doing the right thing.

Stay at home, not going to the shopping mall!

Not going to the shopping plazas!

Not crawling all over your friends and hugging!

Unless they're in your house already,

in which case, hug away.

All right, enjoy the video!

("Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" by Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky)

Today we're at The Little Knittery again.

Wow, it's been a year since we had our knitting journey

and today, we're changing it up by bringing in

our significant others.

- We're surrounded by yarn and afghans.

- You didn't actually know what an afghan was this morning.

- I did not, and I'm still not totally sure what it is.

- It's a blanket.

- Yes, but why don't we just call it a blanket then?

- Zach and Eugene are gone,

so the couples are here to learn to crochet.

- Crocheting is a lovely way to spend time

with the people you love, which is why today,

I will be knitting with Keith.

And Ariel will be knitting with Becky.

Crocheting, dang it!

(whimsical music)

- My name is Franke Santos.

I am a crochet expert, and today, we will be knitting at,

or not knitting, no, darn it.

(all laughing)

- We keep saying it, too.

It's so hard!

- I mean, crocheting is such an awkward word

compared to knitting.

- Today, we are crocheting at The Little Knittery.

- Maybe we need a nickname for it, like crocket.

- Oh, yeah, are there any other nicknames for crocheting?

- Hooking.

- [All] Hooking!

- I like that. - Ooh, I love that.

- There is a book called "The Happy Hooker,"

which is all about crocheting.

- So we could call this "The Try Guys Become Happy Hookers"?

- You could.

- That's a way more clickable title.

- [Franke] I love that title.

- I don't really know what crocheting is.

I don't know what's different about it than knitting.

- I think it has hooks instead of needles.

- I definitely went through a crocheting phase.

- Oh, wow.

- I could not pick it up right now, though.

It was 20 years ago?

- Mm-hmm.

So this was like in high school, middle school?

- Ouch.

I was probably 13?

- Okay. - Yeah.

So that is the appropriate math.

- So how are we gonna become hookers today?

- You can just master the very simple moves.

You just need probably about three moves--

- That's-- - To become

a really happy hooker. - I love that.

- How many dangly balls does the average

happy hooker make?

- Mm, probably a few, especially if she's making toys.

- Wow. - That was bad.

- Wow, this is fun.

I forgot how much fun these interviews were.

- Yeah.

- So, what you're gonna do, the way that you hold your hook

is just like you're holding a pencil.

Everybody's right handed?

- Mm-hmm. - Thank goodness.

- [Franke] Okay, great.

- What are the three hooking moves?

- So the three moves are an insert.

- Insert, oh, boy, oh, boy,

the hookers are inserting!

- [Ned] Wow, so the hookers.

- [Franke] Putting, let's just use the word putting,

putting the hook into the stitch, yarning over,

and pulling through.

- So we start with an insertion.

- Yeah, so you're gonna have your--

- It's through. - Gonna have your.

- I'm in. - I'm in.

- [Franke] All right, everybody in?

Okay. - I mean--

- So you're actually gonna insert into that first stitch.

- Okay, let's see-- - Underneath.

To make a single crochet, you insert first,

then yarn over, and pull through.

And then, you'll have two loops,

and then you'll go, yarn over,

and pull through both.

- And now, I'm a happy hooker?

- [Franke] Now you've made a single crochet.

- All right.

- What the V?

I don't even know the first--

- Around. - What?

I'm in the V.

- So this is the V right here.

See how it has it?

There's the V right there.

- Uh-huh, okay, now where do I go into the V?

- So you go into the V under here, like that.

Then you're gonna yarn over.

- [Ned] Oh, my holes are so tight.

- This is hard with the fingers and the, then like that?

Oh, Franke. - It's okay.

- Oh. - It's okay.

- This is okay?

- So let's go back. - Oh.

- You can do it, you can do it, Keith.

- I don't get it.

- You can do it. - It's all bad.

- Oh, no, no, it's fine.

- How did I already mess up?

- Let's move on to the next one, then.

- Oh, boy, the next one?

- Just skip the first one, just go to the next one.

- [Franke] So you wanna keep those two loops.

- [Keith] I don't understand.

What do you mean, keep the two loops?

- I finished my line.

- Good job.

- How's your line?

- Oh, I've gone around once. - You're on your second line.


- Oh! - You're doing it.

- Oh, I lost it! - You can do it!

You can do it, Keith, it's okay.

- What do I do now?

My family wasn't a craft family.

- Not the Millers, either.

We are not a crafty bunch.

- This is so frustrating.

- I wish I were paired with you.

(Ariel laughs) I think I'll be fine,

but I don't know if Keith's gonna be fine.

- Ah, (beeps).

- The other way. - Why the (beeps)?

- Sometimes people-- (beeps)

- Do you swear all the time as a knitter?

Because I am swearing like a pirate.

- Is there a gifted program for talented crocheters?

- Shut up, Ned, we all know you went to Yale!

Some of us went to Illinois State University.

Mentioned in "Parasite," the film.

It was, it's true. (laughs)

- Oh, no, I lost my loop.

Oh, I hope that's the right loop.

I'm just gonna try and knit a square.

Dang it, I'm just gonna try and crochet a square.

I know that crocheting has more holes in it than knitting,

so people do maybe some more complicated-looking things?

- Okay. - Okay, all right.

- You probably inserted your hook through something else.

I'm gonna teach you guys, now, how to do the double crochet,

which is actually the most important thing

to know how to do for the afghan.

- What? - Wait, the double crochet?

- There's more? - Yes, there's more.

- I thought we learned the double crochet?

- But we just learned-- - I'm gonna tell you

right now. - This is the single,

this is the single crochet.

- There probably shouldn't be much more.

- I feel like knitting was easier.

I'm gonna just go out and say it,

you can cut to the footage, I'm pretty sure

we all picked that up pretty quick.

- [Keith] What do you mean, the first loop?

- Right here, like that.

You're going in the back side.

- [Ned] Ooh, I might need to see that again.

- [Franke] Sure.

All right, same thing, but the opposite.

- Oh, (beeps).

- [Franke] To make a double crochet,

yarn over first, then, you insert,

then you yarn over, and pull through,

so then you have three loops on your hook,

and you yarn over, pull through two,

and you yarn over again, and pull through the next two.

- So what's the different between knitting and crocheting?

- [Franke] So knitting, you use two needles,

and in crocheting, you just use one hook.

In knitting, you have a lot of loops,

but in crocheting, you only have one loop.

- Chonker.

- Look, I did all that, and then we got a little chonky.

- [Ariel] That's all right.

- This is not looking good.

- I'm just not relaxed.

I don't know how you could do this and watch a movie.

You would never know what was going on.

- You'd have to get really good at it.

- Or hate movies. (Becky laughs)

It started out as a rectangle.

It's slowly becoming a circle.

- Mine, you can see that it's kinda narrowing.

You can see, in the beginning, when Franke did it.

- If I don't think about it for one second,

it gets really messed up.

It's so hard, it's so difficult.

- It looks so good! - Franke is so fast at it.

- I'm doing great.

It's turning into a little hat.

- That's cute.

- Yeah, it's like a bowl.

- Wow, look at Ariel's progress,

and then, look at everyone else's.

- Jesus, Ariel. - How'd yours get smaller?

- Mine got smaller too. - It's more tense.

- I don't wear glasses, but I feel like I need glasses

to see where the holes are.

- The glasses don't help.

You know, I think that when I was doing the knitting,

I was pretty relaxed.

- Uh.

- You just made me (beeps) up!

(yelling incoherently)

The lady said it needed to be 15 inches long.

I need you to back off.

I'm supposed to be meditating.

- You need to calm down.

- Well, I only screamed because you messed me up.

- All right, gonna teach you something new.

- Oh, what?

No, come on. - No.

- You only need two things for your afghan, though.

- That's what you said like five things ago.

- A good attitude and-- - You just need

a double crochet and a chain.

- Chain.

- Here's how you do a chain.

- Okay. - Ready?

Are we ready? - Uh-huh.

- (laughs) You guys look so excited.

- I feel like you taught me how to do math

the hard way, and now you're gonna teach me

how to do it the right way, but I'm just so frustrated

with having to do it the hard way first.

- All right, so yarn over.

- Uh-huh. - And you pull through.

- Okay. - That's a chain.

- Can we just do chains?

- You could just do chains if you wanted.

- Oh, hell yeah.

- I mean, but you wouldn't make anything,

except for a really long string.

- I'm cool with that.

We could take that into a loom.

- What if I did tassels for the blanket?

- That's a different episode.

- Oh.

- So what are some common things

that you'd make with crochet?

- You can make potholders, you could make blankets,

toys, doilies, pillows, all kinds of things.

Pretty much anything that you make with knitting,

you can make with crochet.

- Here we now, I know this.

- Okay. - Boom.

- Yes. - Hold.

- Yes. - Scoop.

- Yes. - Push.

- Uh-huh. - Swoop.

- Uh-huh. - Pull through

- [Franke] Two.

- [Keith] Two-dee-lee-doo-dee-lee-doos.

- Yes, perfect!

- Boom, boom! - Yay!

- It is easier with the big ones,

'cause I can see what I'm doing,

and I can. - There.

- Use my hands to move things around.

- I do love this hot pink yarn.

I feel like I'm knitting an Instagram model's hair.

- I like to give up.

- It's all about perseverance.

- I like to give up.

Do you know how many instruments I've played?

Like seven.

Do you know how many sports I've played?

Just one, but I gave up.

I just think, you're gonna do it so fast

that you can actually do both of yours.

- I probably could. - I was kidding

about it, at first. - I know.

- But now, I'm like, I think we could win.

- I like winning, and if, what it takes to do that

is doing yours-- - Cheating?

- I think I can do that for you.

- It's not cheating.

She's helping. - There were no ground rules.

- There were no rules.

- All right, so Ned and I are gonna go one place,

Ariel and Becky are going another place,

we're going to continue it, and then,

we're gonna all come together and combine our afghans

into a super afghan.

- It's gonna be mostly purple.

- I was gonna say.

- It's gonna be--

- It's gonna be purple. - Predominantly purple.

- Just throw that out there.

- Joseph and the Amazing Mostly-Purple Dreamcoat.

(all laughing)

- Okay, so I'm back in the office.

I'm working on this, check this out.

We're getting there.

I'm doing it, I get it now, and I feel accomplished.

I'm less frustrated.

Starting to see the relaxing idea of it.

But it's also not super relaxing,

because it is a task.

It's like homework.

- I'm onto my second.

- I'm over here checking my texts.

- [Kaylin] Edward, you better get going.

- Well, I gotta respond to these texts.

I've been knitting this whole time.

(Kaylin laughing)

- Then I do this, now under.

Loopy-doopy, poo-bop.

There we go, doopey-doop.


Bam, now, we do the chain link.

Yes! (snapping fingers)

I get it.

- [Rachel] And in an hour and a half, we're combining

your quarter of the afghan-- - I'm sorry?

- [Rachel] With the other three-quarters.

- An hour an a half? - Yeah.

- 90 American minutes? - Yes.

- Good luck. - Where is your crocheting?

- Can I just have a moment?

(somber music)

I don't want to crochet today.

There are other things that I need to be doing.

This is, the crocheting is not a relaxing thing for me.

You know what's relaxing for me?

Putting out fires.

(upbeat music)


- [Rachel] Do you want your square

to be the smallest, Ned?

- I'm fine with that. (Rachel laughing)

- So we're back at it.

- Beck and I are crushing.

- I, I mean definitions of crushing are different

between the two of us, I think.

So I think we should do something that's more relaxing,

like go shopping.

- [Rachel] You're doing a try.

You have to try it.

- Zach gave up, and I'm trying to be like Zach.

Zach gave up in the IKEA video.

- [Rachel] In one video out of hundreds.

- I feel like Ariel would just do a better job,

and it would be more, I mean, this is beautiful,

I mean, look at that, it is.

It could be a neck scarf, it could be a place you sleep.

It could be a little holder,

ooh, it could be a saucy little crop top.

Very Coachella.

So yeah, I think maybe we just need a change of pace,

'cause there's also a lot of people here,

and there's only one bathroom.

- That's true. - And I don't,

I don't mess with that.

It's gross.

Do you guys all just poop together?

And you all drink coffee?

- A company that poops together stays together.

Okay-- - Oh, you're not invited

here that often.

- We're talking about how to rid your smell in the bathroom.

Here's you do it, number one way.

I'm the king of this.

First of all, you crack the window

before you even begin.

You light a candle before you even begin,

and you take out that spray.

You can actually spray that into the toilet.

It makes a foam on top of the water,

just like Poo-Pourri, you don't have to buy Poo-Pourri.

You can use any spray, it all will float, it's oil.

But then, you do your business.

Obviously, you flush it down.

Next thing, you open that window all the way.

- All the way up.

I'm talking-- - All the way.

- All the way. - All the way up.

Now you blow out that candle, okay?

Then you pick up the candle, now that the ember is going,

and you walk around the bathroom.

- You waft. - Walk around.

- You wanna waft while it's an ember.

- You let that burn that smoky burn, then it dies, right?

It dies, it eventually dies.

Then you light it again.

Now it's a brand-new candle, you put it on the toilet,

you take the Febreze, you go in a circle.

- [Miles] You guys wanna go the mall?

- Yeah. (laughs)

- You wanna go to the mall, Miles?

- I wanna go to the mall.

- Miles, take us to the mall. - Let's go to the mall.

Girls Trip! (magical music)

- [Both] Girls Trip.

- [Becky] Ariel, you're doing so good.

- Thanks!

I'm trying to get this done, so I can move on to yours.

- [Becky] Yeah, I'd appreciate that.

- [Ariel] Trying to go as fast as I can, 'cause it actually

gets kinda fun when you go really fast.

- [Becky] I didn't make it to that part.

- It's time to knit. (buzzer reverberating)

I'm already bored.

It's time to stitch and bitch.

'Cause we're two crotchety bastards.

- Stitching and bitching. - We're about to hook it good.

- I'm almost done with my first ball.

I don't even really know what to do

when I get to the second ball.

You know, I started out really negative,

my face just buried in my hands.

I was very disheartened,

but it was just because I was working

with something too small.

I needed something my size.

- It makes it taste like-- - Oh, are you

getting tired, Nodden?

Wanna sit down?

Are you bored?

Is this boring?

- I'm just gonna knot it. - (gasps) There she goes.



- It is done. - Yay!

Good job.

Good job, whoa!

- Miles, Miles! - Whoo.

- Miles. - Sorry, girls.

- [Becky] One star.

- What kind of activity should we do while crocheting?

- You can watch TV, you can listen to podcasts.

- Say, Keith, you wanna fire up an episode of "The TryPod"?

So I don't know if you guys know,

but we do have a podcast.

It's called "The TryPod," it's where the four of us

talk about hilarious things.

- [Keith] People love it.

- Look at that, episode 42, the best number ever.

- Lovers out there, and welcome to "The TryPod."


- [Ned] Zach had a booger blowout.

- [Zach] It's not a booger, it's blood.

- Oh gosh, blood. - And I just bleed

every morning, and it's--

- I just finished mine.

I finished the second roll of yarn.

So we're gonna go get a glass of wine.

- Yeah.

- And I'm gonna start on Becky's!

(upbeat music)

- [Miles] So do you feel like it's cheating

that Ariel's doing your crocheting?

- I wouldn't say that it's cheating.

But I think women need to work together.

- I think, stand up for one another.

- Stand up for each other.

And I support you.

- Yeah. - I support

this journey for you.

I know I was a little frustrated.

I also don't think you have to be good at everything.

- [Ned] Ooh, do I look like Gimli?

- [Keith] You kinda do look like, it's a little beard.

- [Ned] My ax!

- Gandalf the Pink! - Gandalf the Pink.

- Gandalf the Pink!

- [Ned] Yes, I'm no longer Gandalf the Grey.

I am now Gandalf the Pink, bitch!

- Why does it, is Gandalf,

does he have any romance

in his life in any of the books, ever?

- Oh, no, no, I have,

I've left my heart open for love,

but it hasn't come to me yet.

So what else should we talk about, Keith?

- I don't know.

I was thinking about taking a walk around the office break,

you know, and see how everybody else is doing, you know?

What's your least favorite part of working here?

- I don't have my-- - One bathroom

is the answer. - One bathroom.

- One bathroom. - One bathroom

is definitely the answer.

- Keith. - How's it going, team?

- Oh, cheers. - Cheers.

How are things going, Will?

- Well, listen. - Not great.

- Not great.

There was a hard drive that failed,

and so, we're gonna have to go pay for data recovery,

which is, tends to be expensive.

- I heard a hard drive failed, and I came running.

(Will laughing) - My God.

- Nice train. - My God.

- My string is,

I just had to bring the work with me.

- Hate to have the drives fail.

Oof. - And these do.

- YB, keep it up, always crushing it.

- Everything going good? - Yep.

- You good? - Yep.

- [Ned] All right.

Anything fun we can watch?

- Zach's penis video.

- Oh, no, no, no.

Do not wanna watch that. (all laughing)

All right, well. - You just gotta crochet--

- I gotta crochet my way out of this.

Oh, brother.

(upbeat music)

- [Becky] Do you want me to cheers them out?

- Yes. - Just BG your wine.

- Yes, that'd be great, actually.

- So we go, cheers.

Oh my gosh.

Everyone laughs. (upbeat music)

(Miles laughing)

- I feel like this is also a crime,

any time the audience can see us drink.

- It negates any, like, you're bloated.

Are you pregnant? - I know.

Oh my gosh. - No.

- Not pregnant. - Nah, don't even ask.

- Don't even ask, 'cause look, it's real.

- Oh, it got really messed up over here.

Oh, that's real bad.

I've turned it into a pentagon.

- [Keith] How did you do that?

- I don't know.

I'm trying to figure it out now.

But I definitely have one corner here,

and then, also, one corner here.

Instead of a bunch of three things,

I have four things over there.

That means my next hole is this one.


Sorry. (laughs)

- I'll just keep working 'til my husband

comes home from the war.

Boy, he always loved my projects.

I'll keep on crocheting him something

Until he's back in my arms

And when he comes to me

I'll throw this on top of his shoulders

He is my husband

My only husband

- [Ned] Ma'am, dispatch from the front.

(Keith gasping)


He's never coming back to me


He's never coming back to me


They've taken him away from me


I'll never see my husband again

(paper rustling)


How, how, why

How, how

How could I spend all my time crocheting

I should have gone with him

I could have been a field nurse

Here I lie

In a foxhole covered in this shroud

They think I be dead

But no, it is merely my crochet

From my dear, sweet, tender wife

Dear, sweet, tender wife

Oh, how I long to see her again

But how will I get word

How will I get seen

How will ever I know that I'm still alive today

Alive today


In all of this death

(Ned knocking)

Betsy? (Keith gasping)

Is that you?

- My husband.

Home again

Home again

Home again

Home again

(both panting)

- Your blanket kept me warm.

- [Keith] I thought you were dead.

- I would have died without this blanket.

- [Keith] I married another man.

- What? - What?

(both laughing)

- [Both] And scene!

- Thank you. - Thank you.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

- Thank you, and this has been Crochet Theater.

- [Ned] Please donate proceeds to Actors' Equity.

- Okay, Ariel, so we're gonna leave you here.

- Okay. - But we'll be back.

- I'm good, I'll be here.

- Bye, have fun! - Bye!


(upbeat music)

- She's so good.

She's so good.

- I read it. - Keep going.

That looks so good.

Ariel, you're so good.

- The ladies are on their way home.

We are, you know, as done as we're gonna get

in our time limit, and then,

we're gonna combine our blankets,

and it's not gonna be perfect, but you know what?

Life's not perfect.

- And who needs a perfect blanket made in a factory

when you can get the loving care of a hand-made item?

Now we have all reassembled.

We're putting the finishing touches on our blankies.

Ariel's finished, actually, and is doing Becky's.

And Becky is assisting, AKA, massage and wine therapy.

- Okay, I'm doing great.

- You are doing, yours is really good.

- Thank you. - You're all doing

a really good job. - It was tough,

but then we kinda hit a groove.

- [Becky] So to you, Ariel, we say cheers.

- Cheers! - Cheers to me.

- Number two, I think Keith is most improved.

So Keith gets number two glass of wine.

- Thank you. - Yay!

- To Keith. - Keith!

- We say, cheers!

And then, number three, Ned, who never gave up.

Cheers! - Cheers.

- Yay! - Cheers.

- And to Becky Habersberger, for being a good friend.

- Cheers.

Ariel, do you think you'll keep crocheting?

- I might.

I think I'm just riding on this high

of being better than you guys.

- Uh-huh. - Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Being better at crocheting than us?

- Yes, being better. (laughs)

Being better than everyone.

No, being better at crocheting than you guys,

and so, I feel like I just need to crush.

So maybe, I don't know, maybe I'll,

maybe I'll knit stuff for people.

Sorry, crochet stuff for people.

- [Becky] Crochet something for Wes?

- Yeah.

I'm nearly done! - I'm done.

I'm done, I'm done! (all cheering)

- [Ned] Yeah!

- [Ariel] Done.

(upbeat music)

- Wow, congrats! - Yay!

Wow, so pretty!

- The only color that we have left is Ned's.

- Well, let's just not look at, nope.

- That's so-- - No.

We need the color-- - Wait, we need it.

- To bind them together.

- To combine them all together.

- Oh, I can be the binding. - Yeah.

- Just like eggs.

- What I'm thinking that we should do here

is just take small pieces, and just do--

- Knots?

Oh, yeah, that's pretty easy.

- Yeah. (upbeat music)

Is that all the tassels?

- Did we finish the tassels?

- I think we're done with the tassels!

(all cheering)

- Yeah!

- [Ariel] Beautiful, it look so good!

- Yay!


It's our blanket, that's the whole thing.

- Guys, this is so nice.

- Aw, ooh, hoo, hoo.

- Yay! - Oh wow.

- It is nice. - Oh.

- Oh, so cozy.

- We started today at 8:00 in the morning,

feeling like we'd never figure it out,

and now, here we are, with a completed blanket.

Wow. - Wow.

- We really are the Try Guys.

(all laughing)

- Peace from Eugene.

- Peace from Zach.

- And peace from two old crotchety bastards.

(upbeat music)

I heard what you said about bathroom etiquette,

and let me tell you, I did not follow it.

- Really? - Mm, no.

- Let me go over-- - No, no, no, no, no.

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