Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Be kind to yourself, you deserve it

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Sometimes, mornings are tough

We wake up worrying about many things,

Unable to focus on the tasks of the day.

Today, I woke up with a lot of pain

I could be hard on myself

I could pay attention to the bad things my illness brings me

But I decided to be kind to myself

recognizing I just need to take it easy

I want to have a homestead

Im doing research about it

Imagining my dream place soothes me

And now, I feel ready to start the day

We all have unhelpful thoughts

When you feel overwhelmed,

You should detach yourself from the situation

That way, you can gain control over your emotions

Im focusing on the way I prepare my breakfast

Thinking in the way I place my hands, the way I move

Im making hot chocolate

I love mocha coffee

When you feel in pain, emotional or physical,

Think of moments youre looking forward to in the future

Perhaps time with a friend or going to a movie

Im thinking about my next vacation

The idea brings me so much joy

that I dont mind washing the dishes

Today Im preparing pancakes!

Its a recipe you can try at home

Flour, baking powder, sugar, salt

An egg, butter, and milk

Time to make them!

Days dont have to be perfect,

Recognize the progress you make

Enjoy simple things

Be kind to yourself,

Youll get through this

Thank you for being with me today

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