Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Barnier says EU must weigh cost and benefit of any Brexit delay

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Last week the House of Commons voted against

the withdrawal agreement and against a no deal scenario.

But voting against no deal does not prevent it from happening.

Everyone should now finalise all preparations for a no deal scenario.

On the EU side, we are prepared.

If prime minister May requests such an extension

before the European Council on Thursday,

it will be for the 27 leaders to assess the reason

and the usefulness for an extension.

The key questions will be: does an extension increase

the chances for the ratification of the withdrawal agreement?

Will the UK request an extension because it wants a bit more time

to rework the political declaration?

Ladies and gentlemen, as I recall that this political declaration,

which sets out the framework for our future relations

could be made more ambitious in the coming days

if a majority in the House of Commons so wishes.

If not, what would be the purpose and the outcome of an extension?

And how can we ensure that at the end of a possible extension

we are not back in the same situation as today?

The European Council will need to assess what is in

the best interests of the EU.

Extending the uncertainty without a clear plan would add

to the economic cost for our businesses

but could also incur a political cost for the EU.

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