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*crickle crackle*

[HeLLo EvEryOne]

*an awkward pause*

[mY naMe iS]


[mAr Ki PlaR]

[AnD We-We-WeLcOme BaCk to 3 ScArY gAmeS]

*quiet contemplation if he should finish this gag*

*very ominously*: THE ER

[hi i'd just like to say that i hope you're having a nice day and are enjoying these captions]

We recommend using headphones, this one is called I've already forgotten the name of it. What was it called? I forgotten... The ER! Oh whaat?


Wait a minute- What?

I don't have arms! ...Okay. Is this why I'm at the ER?


o h

Okay, I've got a weird h o b b l e to me too. My leg okay? I don't know.

oH this is bizarre...


Woman Voice: All the doors leading to emergency exits are now open. Have a nice day.

Thanks. What is the cocoon thing? Do I...


I guess I couldn't...o k a y.

a l r i g ht (you okay mark?)

All right, let's take a nap on this gurney here. Not that way

Not that way. Oh that gurney's real rusted...Someone spilled a lot of soup on that one....oohh..

Oh everyone's always eating their soups on their gurney's and what not and what have-


o h h h n o-

No. No, thank you. No, I'm okay. No, I'm good. I'm fine.

n o.

I heard some noises comin' from over here but I don't see nothin' no (uh mark-)

Guess there's nothing here...ohhh.

That- That's normal and the thing is out...right! g r e a t.

Great. Oh- *weird noises* Oh great. I'm in the cocoon-


Okay! Just in case I want a nice h u g.

*scared mark has been initiated*

Is this slightly eRoTiC for anyone else?

nO oNe bUt mE?

Alright. Just wanted to emphasize the eRoTiC nAtUrE of what's happening here

*s qu I s h s q u ISh sqOsh sQWuErsH*

Okay, I'm done. I swear I'm done. Okay, all right, well that was weird... Oh

This is open. Oh god, they got soup on the walls and floor. We got some messy eaters here

Oh, no, someone really messed up that gurn- Oh! Neverminddd

Nevermindd- Let's see what's- Ah! I'm going in! Here I go!

Hiiiii! How are you?

Ohhh nuuuu >~< *slurpy noises* O- Ohhhohoho... Okaayyy

Take your time man. Take your time

Take your time


Wait, no. Hey, I got- Oh shit. Well, I didn't realize my moment was then... Oh god, really?

Really? God- Okay good. We're here

The opportunity was about to pass me by- Alright, can you move?


It follows me. Oh

It wants to eat me

That's what it is. Oh

Here I was thinking that it was just moving for the sake of moving


Okay Wow. Alright. Goodbye

See you around

Take care. Have a good day. Oh Here I am

Okay, where is here? And why am I here? And what am I doing? And what's happening? Alright, cool. Oh

Great. There we go. I

don't want to

Looks like you had a bit too much soup. No, I don't trust this. I

Don't know what I can do to help you man

Did what I could get for overeating on soup it just stuff your face full of soup and what do you expect to happen?

Alright time to get out of here. Did someone draw a penis?

With soup. Hello. Hi. Hello. Can I help you? Alright. Well, let's go back. Oh


Pardon me don't mind me just the Scouten. Bye. Oh

They got soup on the floor - oh

This need to go on my comfort zone. Hang on a second. Ah, that's nice

Huh feels warm. Okay. Alright just need a little bit just need just need a little little juice. That's all I needed

Okay. All right

Oh, hey, are you that guy that I was supposed to help?

Hello, do you need help?


Sorry for everything I've ever done. Whoa. Whoa. Hey listen, buddy. Hi. Are you the soup?

Oh you use soup delivery. I don't need any think you have good. I just carry on without me. Okay?

See ya, huh. See see ya. I'll see ya

See ya. I'll see you I'll see you around the bend. I'll see you. I'll see you I

See you see you later. All right, that was


That was awesome. I

Loved that

Love- I can't overstate how cool that was

Because it built up the tension so good. Like of course like he was a linear experience

And of course, it was just like like the ending was just a monster chasing you out of a door

But the feel of it the feel of it-

The feel of that game-

(Realizes it isn't actually over)

oh, Wait what?

(queue confused Markimoo)

Whoa! okay! Wait a minute! Hey, you can't just do that twice to me! Hey, wait a minute! No! Hey wait!

No, I gotta go to my happy place. Hey, you would get distracted. Oh shit. Ah Fuck. uh oh

You cheeky bastard You cheeky bastard you cheeky bastard, oh you

You know

Come on now

That is just silly


All right, that's pretty good. I like that a false ending

Is there actually oh, yeah, whatever. Wake up. Yeah, whatever. Is there actually anything to do here?

Could I could I actually get away from this? I have no idea

I bet I couldn't get away cause it's just too close like there's no way that you could get away from that thing. Oh

Really? Oh now I can leave

Okay, I


Fuck that's so weird. That's so weird

That's so weird. I love that. I love this. This is so good

That's so good

That is really good. That's that's something special. That is something special. Hmm

Background again, here we go. Let me just pop a squat inside my warm

Embrace place. Ah, yes, please

Let me in. Ah, that feels good. Okay, I think I'm just gonna end it here because I don't think there's anything else to do

Cuz what would happen if I go here again? What would happen if I go again?

Right. It couldn't possibly do the same thing right Oh

I'm not gonna make it

It does it has infinite replay value

It's the greatest game ever. Wow

That is some Spanish

So cool

again again again again

We go round the bend again

This will be though oh, yeah, it's just the same dog. Okay. I'm not gonna do it again

I'm not gonna go again cuz I think that's got to be the end Oh

God oh ye gods. Okay. Alright, we're gonna call that one where it is. Alright, that was cool. That was cool

Alright welcome to shut down I don't know his shut downs about but it says it's supposed to be a very scary

first-person experience

Let's do it. Oh

I've got hands

Terrifying hands. Oh shit

I can't move. I mean why am I just standing here? Oh

No, oh my hands



Hi oh, oh

Okay, oh I grew taller it's my dream come true I'm taller no I can't still can't move

Okay, I think maybe this was supposed to be a VR experience, ah

Well, I can't be bothered to do that. Okay? Oh, I can zoom whoosh

Ah good the ring my favorite show. Great. Oh shit. Oh,

Okay, that seems important I didn't catch that

okay, that's

Man, I got an interesting life. Oh, hello. What are the UH?

Lamp I am I didn't catch that

Well, who's there who's there I heard breathing

By milk do not forget. I hate cars disorder. I don't know

Come on in put some tea on. Okay, okay

Okay, I

Don't know this weird. I think this is supposed to be like a VR experience

But at the same time it's creepy because I've never played a game where I'm not supposed to move

I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am Sam? I am Oh

What did I do that what happened was that my neck done bunch of my neck just brick

Did my neck brick did I- Oh doe

Guy, whoa shit. I hate it when my furniture does this

What Oh

Oh, oh

I am something oh

Okay, oh where am I oh good great oh oh

Great. Oh wait. No, hang on. I don't want this. Um, uh, well shit, okay. Um ZOOM

Oh shit. Oh, well, okay. All right. *Robot voice* Death is imminent. Oh

Here I go

Goodbye, oh

Dude oh

I'm fine, then I guess okay

Oh there I go zooming and uh, I am crazy do not forget


Great. I am crazy apparently

How could I forget it's so apparent. Uh-huh


Okay, well well I guess there we go then okay Jesus, that's it

What?! okay

Sure rip, riparoni, rip me. Give me some F's- whoa shit (RIP IN THE CHAT BOYS)

Hi, hello *laughs*

How are you? Hey, welcome.

The main menu is just as scary as the game.

Hey how ya Doing? Hey good to see ya. Alright, catch you later.

Alright guess that is all for shutdown. Guess I'll have to shut her down.

Did I say this one was called, mr. Twigs- activate three altars walk to start the game

I don't want to start cuz I don't know what's gonna happen when I start this

Alright here we go. Mr. Twigs. I think this one is very much like a Slenderman style one

You know, you got to go out you got to accomplish some things

You got to go to different locations and then you gotta I don't know escape or something like that

Which you know reminds me. I still need to someday beat the original Slender Man

I Never have which is a very weird thing when you really think about it

But I never have considering like I spent so much time beating all those Slenderman say shadows maps

That was such a time in my channel when those were coming out and it was like you have to play the next one

As soon as it comes out and as I got a beat it as fast as possible get the video up

it's like this is like this weird race that I had but I

Still remember those times that was six and a half years ago now six and a half years ago

Which is crazy to think about too because six and a half years. That's a long time

But it's not the longest time in the world

Separating me who I am now from them Oh an alter

Well, Oh, bye Oh, bye okay, Duh see ya

Okay, alright, oh oh

Oh, why? Oh, hi. Oh, wait, hang on. How do you do that? What are you doing?

No, I don't like that don't like that. Oh shit. Oh shit. Gotta keep an eye on mr. Twigs. Hang on

Mr. Twigs. Hey, whoa. Hey, whoa, whoa whoa, buddy

Whoa, buddy, whoa, buddy. Okay, you stay

Right, okay. Mr. Twigs Hey, oh

you're doing

The opposite of the Slendy man. I haven't had like a

Slenderman style game where people actually put some effort into it in a while.

Uh pretty impressive

Oh hey how ya doin? heyyy

I don't know where these alters are and I don't seem to have any kind of a clue to indicate it

But guess I'll just keep wandering

Woah. Hey, buddy, you're getting kind of close. I don't like it. No, good, *Twank!*

Oh, oh oh! Uhh,


Didn't know there were bear traps in the woods- do I- do I- do I something about that? *stammering* or am I just-. Oh okay there we go *laughs relieved*

All right, cool, Great. Good good to know that's the thing. All right. Okay. All right

Well, hey, is that an alter or is that the one I activated? That's the one I activated?

No, it's not- it is? did I go in a big circle? I did I went in a big circle. I am an idiot

All right.

Well time to go I guess. All right. Well, this is manageable

This ain't too bad

All it is, is finding where he is and looking at him. That's not that's not too bad

Yeah, the hard part's just gonna be- that's pretty. Hard part's it's gonna be finding these things

Cuz everything looks so similar. All right, where's when is something gonna happen?

God where is this thing?

this is what I don't like about the Slenderman games is like

The part of the game is just learning where things are and that's boring like it's not exciting gameplay. There's another one

This is something so give me something give me something to fight for here

Here we go. All right activated.

I don't know if he can actually get me

Oh shit did you- are you accelerating or something mister? Whoa, okay. All right

Whoa, okay

A little faster a little faster, but manageable. Oh shit easy enough

The only problem is I can't see where I'm going. So it's bit of an issue

Hello. Oh the bear trap, but I bet that's the bear trap. I hit

Okay, let me go this way

Or maybe it's not. I don't know. I don't know man

Never seen this before sure would be great. Oh, there we go. Third alter I guess yeah

Hello, kay

Do I win? *spooky sounds* whoa whoa, whoa well, wait what what Oh,

Great I did it. All right

Well what happens if you die that- I guess that's the only other thing in this game is if you die

Well, that was not that wasn't satisfying there was no payoff to that was just death. That's all that was

What a bunch of baloney. What a bunch of malarkey.

Oh shit. oh well I guess I'm dead


Alright guess i'm dead

"You can run, but not forever"

All right Well, alright, that's it's it's interesting because this game actually does have polish and it looks good But it's such a simple concept. The gameplay is not there. It's ok. It's ok. I don't wanna shit on it

I- I definitely don't want to shit on it because it's not bad. It's well put together

It's it's well, it's well executed. It's done. Well, the mechanic works

It's just not very fun like that at the end of the day. That's all the criticism that you can make about this game

Just not very fun. So that's it. So that's all I'm gonna say. Otherwise, just well made. Yeah

Alright, so this one it's called mom

I don't think it's so much a game as it is more just an experience because

it's supposed to give you the feeling of

If you were kid again, and you lost your mom in a shopping center or a grocery store. All right.

(Short Markimoo is processing)

(Still processing)

I don't expect this one to be very long. I've only played two or three other horror games that took place in grocery stores

So I can't exactly say *laughs*

Wow, what?

Is that bad? Is that bad? That's bad, isn't it?

OH yeah, is that bad? Oh shit. I'm just a kid. Hey, whoa. Hey, whoa. Hey, what do you do? We gonna do you big- Oh,

I guess



Okay, I like the music. Catchy tunes

*EXTREME SLURRPP* *trys to ignore mistake*

*laughs* *jibberish*

Lets try that again let's let's not let's not be caught by the

Whatever that was so is the objective to find our mother our

Collective mother or is it just to keep away from the red glowing orb that sends you into eternal damnation

and pain and

Screaming, don't forget the screaming. Okay. So let's at least map out the circumference of this place. We're gonna run a lap

Around this and we're gonna find out it's real pretty I'll give it that it's real pretty like really pretty in fact

It's so pretty-


What is that? Is that my mom?! mom? You're not- you're you're not- that's a red glowy. Mom?! Mom! You're mom! Mom!

That's so reassuring

*disorienting voice* Daddy's here, Daddy's here, shush, shush, Daddy's here, it's okay

shush, shush, Daddy's here

Don't worry Daddy's here, shush, shush, it's okay. Shush. Daddy is here

Don't worry Daddy's here

okay? Daddy's here

Shush shush shush

Daddy's here shush

Daddy's here

Daddy's here. Don't worry. Don't cry daddy's here


Come on now hush your tears that he's here come on out for food. It's okay, Daddy's here

Daddy's here Shush sweetie it's okay


Mommy's here. All right. Well

Wow- that was- wow

Now I feel like I wasn't supposed to win that quick. But yeah, there you go. There you go

That was three scary games, thank you so much for watching

*Robot voice*And as always, I will see you in the next video. Bye. Bye

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