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We've been searching for the perfect backpack

Where the urban hustle crosses the road less traveled.

Where fashionable form for

Meets meticulous craftsmanship

Where accessibility joins security

And where gravity can be defied.

Then we stopped searching and started designing

Introducing KP Zero-G

This is Moovy bag an incredible backpack that's also the world's first essential

all-in-one mobile workstation this high-tech bag not only comes in a chic

and fashionable design but also charges electronic devices such as smartphones

tablets and laptops all at once when you're a digital nomad your office goes

with you wherever you go the classic looking urban keyring has been designed

to be very functional

all your devices charged through a smart cable system and power bank through

Moovy's bags integrated universal adapter you can plug in almost any tablet

MagSafe is back we've designed a cable that brings back

the convenience you love to charge all your USBC gadgets in a snap you'll never

worry again about your devices getting damaged with the Moovy go board you can

store and easily access your essentials Moovy bag is resistant to shock and

damage when the battery is safely surrounded by shock absorbing foam and

the water-resistant coating keeps the rain out recharging Moovy bag is super

easy just plug a micro USB or USBC cable into any power source movie bag also

comes with an internal solar panel fitted on the flat

the Moovy go hub is the perfect accessory for all USBC laptop users who

need to connect their USB accessories there is also a storage device with it

you can share and back a file anywhere you go

we're commuters travelers and urban adventurers just like you

that's why we've designed a clean modern high-tech backpack for today's active

lifestyle meet gathered a talented team of engineers and designers who've been

working on the project for more than two years

we've spent months visiting factories selecting the best materials to maximize

durability and functionality

we have the vision the team and the plan to make Moovy Bag happen all we need

now is your help support us to bring Moovy back to life whether you travel

for business pleasure or as a lifestyle Moovy bag gives you the freedom to live

out your dreams join us and be part of the journey

we are boundary our team emerged from outlandish ideas dreaming big and

disregarding boundaries setting our sights on developing our own products we

source low impact Mills and innovative

factories for over 15 months we prototyped ideas to relieve the pain of

using separate bags for work travel and photography our designs evolved into

adaptable pockets and dynamic modular components that eliminate life's


using blue sign materials and blue sign factories we produced the Prima system

to make life more comfortable the Prima is water resistant stain proof and

exceptionally durable

constructed with loft foam and Evi a mesh the harness is breathable and


magnetic buckles and YKK storm guard zippers provide quick and fluid access

throughout the pack

a water-resistant compartment holds a 15-inch laptop and our innovative field

space elastic pockets and hypalon dividers store any tool or charger

helping you stay effortlessly organized while on the move

integrated into the main compartment and accessible through the side zip is the

verge case the Prima's waist belt attaches and converts into the Burgess

shoulder strap padded sidewalls flexible dividers and a base zip triples the

Verge's capacity to simultaneously store travel gear and camera equipment the

verge is the perfect shoulder bag for a hike or city detour boundaries prima

system dynamic timeless and sustainable the prima comes with a lifetime warranty

and a promise that you will acquire a sustainable product please support and

share our campaign to build products that help you push life's boundaries

we're on a mission to make on vendor the last bag you'll ever need in your hectic

life you need a lot of specialized bags to carry it all from your computer to

your gym clothes to your lunch and when life gets busier than usual these things

can wind up all in the same bag creating a less than desirable situation on

vendor is here to give you the cleanliness durability versatility and

utility you need all in one bag let us show you why on vendor is the ultimate

all-in-one bag the purpose of our company and our company motto is for

everyday use we put so much effort into these creations that I think people will

appreciate the attention to detail once they finally get their hands on it

while you're working out microbes are hard at work too invading your fresh

clothes on vendors bag is lined with anti bacterial silver which is 99.9%

effective in preventing bacterial growth on the surface the silver is woven

directly into the fabric not a head with toxic chemicals we want our products to

be used every day for many years and years and years to come

crafted from full-grain italian leather or a vegan leather option and secured

with top-quality YKK zippers on vendor bags are built to last a lifetime

for most bags the hooks and straps are the first to wear out on vendor uses

durable high-quality zinc iron hooks and materials to stand up to even the most

rugged use on vendors versatility truly makes it to the last bag you'll ever

need by repositioning the straps it can quickly transform from backpack to sling

bag to tote bag shoulder bag or messenger bag and still be stylish in

any configuration in so many things regarding design less is more the

ultimate urban bag incorporates three essence

sleek simple sexy you need a bag that can hold anything and everything you

need for your busy day on vendor has a spacious interior compartment large

enough for a 15-inch laptop a retractable stainless-steel hearing a

reflective waterproof cover for added bike safety an easy access out of pocket

for handy items a secret compartment for hiding valuables an extra front strap

for your airplane pillow or yoga mats starting with how clean hygienic it is -

its durability versatility and utility on vendor is the last bag you'll ever

need to own the ultimate all-in-one bag for everyday use we are well on our way

to manufacturing our first large run of bags and by contributing to our

Kickstarter campaign you'll be among the first to get your hands on this

high-quality bag that can last you a lifetime we appreciate your support and

were always here to answer any questions about our incredible on vendor bags

please support our Kickstarter

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