Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Translate Your Voice Instantly As You Speak

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This video covers ways that TYWI-Live,

Translate Your Worlds real-time voice translation, can be used.

The first use of TYWI-Live is for

automated translation of a speakers own voice.

For webinars, business meetings or presentations...

plug your headset microphone into the USB

port of your laptop, desktop or mobile

device that is connected to the Internet.

Then launch the speech feature - most computers have one.

Open a special TYWI webpage, click in a web field, and talk.

What you say will be automatically translated

in up to 78 languages as subtitles,

and 35 languages as synthesized computer voice,

like Apples Siri, in other languages.

Computerized Voice

Simultaneous Interpretation for the Web

Simultaneous interpretation is the real-time translation

that we associate with the United Nations.

A simultaneous interpreter talks at almost the same speed

as the original speaker with only a few words delay.

One of the exciting aspects of TYWI-Live is that

the interpreter can be located almost anywhere in the world.

The audio quality of the interpreter is good and

you can offer as many languages as you desire.

Again, plug the audio from the speakers microphone into the USB

port of a laptop ordesktop computer and connect to the Internet.

The online interpreter will listen to the event the same way your attendees do -

with WebEx or other web conferencing or on telephone or Skype.

The interpreter speaks into a headset and the interpreters voice

is carried to the attendees via the Internet.

Your online attendees can see and hear

both your event and the interpretation online.

They open a second webpage,

go to a TYWI link,

resize the page to a smaller size,

and drag it to a discrete corner of the screen.

On-site large audiences receive their interpretation on their own devices,

or it can be played over loudspeaker,

or sent to earphones with language channel selector to the audience.

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