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Episode 4

Come out.


You dare run, you'll be damned,

You'd better come out, you poor inheritor.

Come out.

Why hide away?

Come out.


Where has she gone?

Why should you hide?

Come out.

What are you doing here?

Little girl

Did you see anyone come in?

Say it

You're not talking

Come out


Little girl, what's your name?

My name is Yunduo, meaning cloud in Chinese.

Where is your home?

I have no home. I live with my mom in the factory.

Factory? You mean this plant.

What about your dad?

He's in heaven.

- Aren't you frightened to be alone? - Lily


Caocao, I'm here


Lily, are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine


Show me to the workers

- Right now? - Yes.

I have to face it sooner or later

I can't always avoid it

Well. You sure?

Yep. Let's go.

Yunduo, thank you.

Not at all.


Please settle down

When we arrived, these people showed up.

Please calm down


- Calm down, everyone. - Our money!

What can we do?

Is anyone hurt?

Nobody is hurt.

Give back our salaries.


I'm sorry.

I'm Lily, the daughter of Mr Jiang.

Here I apologize in representative of our parents.

We don't need your apology. Just pay our salaries.

We worked day and night for over a month.

Mr Jiang promised to double the pay and bonus.

But now...

We don't even want the bonus.

Just give us the salary.

- Right? - Yes, give us the money.

- Our salaries! - Settle down.

Pay off the money!

Although my parents passed away, the company is still running.

My father's promises will be kept.

Stop the riot. Go back.

Why should we believe in you?

Yes, why should we trust you?

Please listen to me.

Think carefully.

Did Mr Jiang ever fail to pay the salary on time?

Bullshit. The storehouse is burnt down. How can you pay us?


Who are you?

Which section do you come from?

Who are you? Why did you come here?

I've never seen you. Who are you?

Are you in our factory? Why on earth are you here?


I'll go check with the CFO.

I'll let him pay your salaries.

We can receive our salaries.

Very good.

Okay, please sign here.

Good thing we'll have our salaries.

- Thank you. - You're welcomed.

Mr Chai, we still have 3 million in the account.

How much should be paid for the salaries?

About 1.8 million.

Fine, then pay up the salaries.

I don't agree.

The company owes a bank loan.

We have to pay back the loan first.

The top priority is the pay the salaries.

We'll find a way to pay back the loan.

Lily, do you know the operation of a company requires huge funds?

If we pay both the salaries and the loan,

the company is in dead end.

I'll find a way to pay the loan.

Lily, you should figure out which problem is to be dealt with first.

What's there to be figured out?

Ms Zhou, why are you so pressing?

I also want the salary, but think about the current situation.

The factory will be closed if the salaries are paid.

Which do you prefer, one monthly pay or the job?


I'll say I'd rather not have the pay this time.

Caocao, you know I have a family to feed.

And Yunduo is very young. I need money.


Do you know her?

You're her mother.

Lily, the factory suffered great losses

We don't wanna make trouble

And Mr Jiang indeed treated us well

But my child is young

We have no other choice

Okay, you can get your salaries in the finance department

Great, we can have our salaries


I believe if my parents were here, they'd do the same thing

Mr Chai, please stand beside me


Hello, what is it?

Ning Xia, get me 2 million from the company


You need 2 million

Yes, and don't let my parents know about it.

Directly go to the finance section

The receiver is Jiang Corp

To the Jiang Corp

But we have no trasactions with the Jiangs recently, do we?

Tell the accountant the money is what I borrow from the company

- Be quick - Okay

Minglang, my family's business should be shouldered by myself

Your business is my business

Why should you make a distinction?

Your doing so will only make me think I owe you a lot

I remember when I was a little boy, I looked at your family as my own home

Whatever foods and toys I saw in your home,

I'd take it as my own without any reservation.

Let me ask you

if my family were in trouble instead of yours,

wound you just stand by?

How can you take the words of a child seriously?

Words of a child ain't to be taken seriously

Oh, you mean

you'd be indifferent if I should be in trouble, right?

Of course not.

How would I do so?

Now you see.

Ning Xia, you are going out again

Will you dine at home tonight?

I'm used to acting on my own free will

I'm not accustomed to your nagging

Let me remind you

Don't ask, say and listen to what you shouldn't ask, say and listen to

You're hired to be a maid, not an annoying supervisor

I see

Sir, Miss Ning is here

Hello, Mr Li

Ning, what can I do for you?

I have something important to report to you

Well, go ahead

Minglang asked me to remit 2 million to Jiang Corp secretly

I don't know what to do at this time

Ning, do as he asked


I agree to Minglang

The Lis and the Jiangs will be united sooner or later

Get it down quickly

Hold on


I heard that Minglang will remit 2 million to Lily

Minglang doesn't want me to tell you

So, you are not going to tell me

As his secretary, shouldn't you have asked what is the use of the money?

I asked, but he wouldn't let me know

And you are gonna do it

I'm here to seek Mr Li's approval

You've agreed to remit the money

Yes, why not?

This is a most good and wise thing to do

Damned fool

Remitting money to the Jiang Corp is like putting our treasure in the dustbin

Ning, have you no judgment of what should be done and what not?


Ning, get it done

I don't allow it

Chairman, you must give me a reason for the remission.

We're a corporation, and it should be operated in a regulated manner

We're not a charity group

We can't just give out 2 million for no good reason

Although it's not a big sum of money,

it shall not be exempted from the rules

Why are you leaving?

Listen, it's not gonna work this way. You can't make the decision by yourself

Dachuan, stop.

I don't get it. Minglang is out of his senses. So is you.

Ning has big breast, but no wits.

The remission is the stupidest thing in the world

And she actually brought it up with you

Mind your words

Why do you act so rashly?

I act rashly

because the money was earned by our hardwork

Why should we give it to others?

I agree to it not only for the Jiang Corp

It's also for the sake of our company

Now, we help the Jiang Corp to get over the crisis with utmost sincerety

This way we won't disappoint other friends

And we can win their support

Do remember

The Li and Jiang families are mutually dependent

We do trade without a discrete entity

How can we rival the big companies?

If Minglang can help Lily share the burden of the company,

we may solve the crisis with 2 million.

This is a win-win situation.

Why should we not do it?

I still don't get it

Jiang Corp is by no means the only company with a real entity

The losses at the warehouse amounted to tens of millions

Besides, it can't even afford 2 million. It's finished.

Don't jump to the conclusion so quickly

You don't know the power of the Jiang Corp

Don't meddle with it

I'm not meddling.

Let me tell you, whatever you say

I don't agree to your getting money from the family


Ning Xia

My old lady, hurry up.

The creditors are after us

I told you not to gamble

It's no use saying this now

I wanted to win some money

The yield is poor

We don't have must food

We have two girls. And the baby must be a boy

I can't feed a family of five

Why not give our daughters to others?

If you dare do so, I'll kill you

Let me tell you, the room upstairs is not mine

You're not allowed to go in


- Mom - Here you are

How is it with the Jiang Corp?

It's fine. Everything is settled

That's good. I was worried she'd implicate you

Mom, how can you say so?

I warned you before

You shouldn't be with Lily

She'll be your burden sooner or later

It doesn't concern Lily

This is approved by the chairman

About the 2 million, you should be careful

Mrs Li objected to it

Okay, I know

Ning Xia was sent to Anxin Orphanage.

She's adopted in Oct 1, 1991

The adoptive parent...

What are you doing?

I'm tidying the room

You're tidying the room.

If you're not a thief, why did you pick the lock upstairs?


- I was looking for... - Looking for money, huh?

Let me tell you, I have no money


I won't call the police as you're an elder

But you must leave now

I won't go

- Get out of here - Ning Xia, I can't go

You're my daughter

Who the hell is your daughter?

Are you insane?

You're really my daugher

Look, it's written here

Anxi Orphanage

- You're daughter - Leave now

- Leave - Ning Xia, you're my daughter

- Get out - Ning Xia, you're my daughter

Look at it

It says 1987, Anxi Orphanage

Are you crazy?

You're my mom?

It's impossible.

It can't be wrong

You're really my daughter

Your husband went on a tractor with the kids heading to the town

Your daughters were crying to faint

Their shoulder was in blood

Laidi, Zhaodi


Back then, I...

Enough. Do these have anything to do with me?


You have a cross-shaped scar

How do you know?

Your dad made the mark for me to find you

That's why you tried to make me strip and peeped at me while I was showing

You wanted to see if had the cross

Your daughter was lost

Why did you wait for so long before you tried to find her?

It was my fault

I know you've suffered.

But I missed you every single day

Where are our daughters?

You stabbed them with this pair of scissors, right?

I don't wanna live on without my children

Oh, no

Give them to me


You're a murderer

It was negligent. I was prisoned for 20 years

Fine, I know

Settle down

20 years

After I came out, I hurried to find my daughter.

I went to the Anxin Orphanage in town.

But it was demolished.

I had no choice but to work in the hospital where there're many people.

I wanna ask around about you

I really wanna find you.

Even if you find your daughters,

you cannot gain back their heart.

I will not pity you, or forgive you.

I'm not the person you wanna find.

You're my daughter

It can't be wrong

There're so many people with scars. Are all of them your daughters?

I have nothing to do with you. Please leave.

You're indeed my daughter

Are you insane?

I won't harbor a murderer

You're really my daughter

I'm your mom

What are you doing?

Don't deny the fact that I'm your mom


Are you not well?

I might have had a sprain, jostling with the workers

Let me massage it


How does it feel?


When did you come? Why didn't you knock on the door?

Why should I knock on the door in my home?

Unless you wanna do something you shouldn't do

What are you talking about?

My neck was sore, so he gave me a massage


Lily, your parents have passed away

As an elder, there're things I have to tell you

A girl should cherish her own reputation

You haven't married with Minglang

You should know what's appropriate and what's not

Mom, how can I help you?

Shall we talk outside?

Lily, have a rest

- Let's go out - Minglang

Why are you dragging me?

Let me ask you, did you give the Jiangs 2 million on the sly?

Who told you this?

That doesn't matter. Is it true or not?

I wanna know who's so unreliable and betrayed me

That means it's true

It's absurd! How can you give out 2 million so easily?

Do you think we got the money by luck?

Let me tell you, if you give out money so extravagantly, all of our money will be wasted.

Mom, Lily is our family member. Why should you be so mean?

Family member? Have you married?

- I haven't finished. - Aunt

Maoqiu is washed. Would you carry it?

Go to hell

I'll wash it again


- Minglang has gone to work - Yeah


I'm glad you live here, or I'd be bored

Shall we talk?


Lily, do you still bear any grudges against me?

Women used to uphold obedience

But now it's all changed

Young women now are never gentle, considerate or reasonable

And they won't even be scolded or criticized


I know you still have certain concerns

You're worried Minglang won't be loyal to me

But I grew up with Minglang

I believe in him, as I do myself

You're also worried that I can't be a good wife in this family

Actually, I'm prepared to sacrifice for marriage for the sake of Minglang

You had just gone through some small tests

You're very considerate, so I wanna care for you

Lily, I heard Minglang is raising money for you

Yes. We have problems with funding in the company.

But I'll pay back the money soon

I'm not worried about this

But I haven't mentioned one thing to you

When your parents were alive,

I knew some rumors about your birth

Rumors about my birth?

It said you're not the biological daughter of your parents

Since your parents died a sudden death...

Look, no offense, it's just I care about you

I wonder if your parents left you a legacy

You might have been mistaken

How is it possible that I'm not their biological daughter?

It's just the hearsay

Don't take it seriously

I'm just curious

Did your parents leave you a legacy?


Madam, your brothers are here

What are they doing here?

Okay, I'll be right here

Yes, Madam

How come there is no legacy?

No legacy

How come?

There shouldn't be no legacy

It's weird

What? You'll withdraw from the united listing?

It's obvious

The Jiangs are in a big mess

If we don't stay away,

we'll only be dragged into trouble, not to mention the listing.


We joined you, when the Jiang and Li corps will be listed.

We thought we could make money.

I didn't imagine the Jiangs will be in such a big trouble

I heard that creditors called on them everyday

I don't know what's wrong with Mr Li

He is purposely giving money to them in vain

No wonder Lily would hide in our home

Brothers, our family business used to rely on the Li Corp

You can't betray your partner because of such a small matter

Sister, our withdrawal will allow you leeway

What the hell do you mean?

It seems as if our company will be closed without your support


What Uncle said isn't unreasonable

Our corp invested heavily to help the Jiang Corp

That isn't a small amount

There's no guarantee what'll happen later

It seems Lily will cause us great trouble here

I must settle it once for all


Are you calling for me?

Lily, I'm awfully sorry.

I lost my pearl bracelet

That's a bracelet I like very much

A total of 39 pearls

Can you help me to find it?


Be careful. Don't miss out even a single pearl


I have a headache. I'll go back to have a rest


Mrs Li, open the door. I found the pearls

Ding, open the door

Ding. Ms Li


Mrs Li, I've found all of your pearls

I'll leave them at the door


Lily, your family is better than ours

You're not accustomed to living here

So, I won't stop you from leaving

Just because Minglang likes you doesn't mean you can complain to him

It's no like that. The marriage of Minglang and I...

Marriage? What marriage?

Lily, I pitied you

So I took you here and served you nicely

Are you gonna stay here forever?

- Mrs Li, I... - Enough

Your parents passed away

If Minglang should marry you, he won't even have parents-in-law

Why should you involve Minglang in your bad luck?

Please hear me out

I know you don't like me

I have nothing now

I know I'm not as good as Minglang

My father's company is in danger

I don't wanna involve Minglang

So, I wanted to say just now

The marriage of Minglang and I will come to an end.

I'm sorry


You're indeed unkind to say this to us

But I'm a most generous person

Let's end it in peace

You should go immediately

If Minglang comes back, it'll be troublesome


I'm telling you

If you should complain to Minglang, you're destroying our family relationship

You asked to leave yourself. No one forced you.

You may leave now. I can't stop you.

Lily, what happened?

Lily, go back to rest

You're wet all over. What happened?

Mr Li, I...

Lily, say no more. Go back.

Come on. Go back.

Quick. Go in.

Go in. Go.

Go in.

What is it that you can't say to my face?

How can you be so cruel to the daughter of an old friend?

Mr Li, if it's about the marriage that you wanna talk about

then you don't need to be embarrassed

I wanted to dissolve the marriage

Lily, the marriage was arranged between your parents and us

How can you dissolve it so easily?

I was very sad on learning it

Mr Li, I'm also sad

But I don't want to involve Minglang in my family affairs

So I want to dissolve the marriage

I know you wanna help me

I've spent some time under your care

I'm very grateful

But I have many things to deal with in my family and the company

I should go home


Mr Li, rest assured, I can take care of myself

Actually, your living here is a favor for me

A favor?

Yeah. I have to tell you

You stay here for me, for Minglang

and for the Li family.

Before long, I was nearly killed by cerebral hemorrhage.

I'm very upset since there isn't a good successor to the company

Minglang is smart and generous

But he hasn't put him mind on work

- Minglang, this is the financial statement - Thanks

You look really good. You have a good recovery

Without your help, I didn't know what to do the other day

Oh, what about the remission of 2 million to the Jiang Corp?

I've informed the fiance department. It needs approval of the chairman.

Who reported it to the chairman?

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