Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 욕망의 돈까쓰 먹방 (with 오구라유우카) Dontkatsu of desire Mukbang ASMR

Difficulty: 0

A Japanese professional model and an actress

Yuka is here

is pleasure to meet you

she wanted to see the Desire Mukbang in person

And possibly learn from me she said she said

Please teach me sensei

Todays offering


please put on the glove

Donkatsu of desire

feel free to eat it




let me show you

with your hand..

feel the food

feel the food


Something funny?

no no

You laughin?

feel it with your hand

and feel it with your tongue

just pretend like no one is here

the flesh of the pig..

(she is falling deep in her desire)

be more serious

On the top of the food chain

its us the human

humans are very cruel

you need to

accept the fact that we are cruel

this is the sirloin donkatsu

this is the sirloin donkatsu

please pour it

ah stop please

put it up higher

like a water fall

( didnt know it was gonna sound like someone taking a piss)



(She is supposed to be looking innocent and pure like this)

she has 420k followers on instagram

if the sauce is on your mouth

dont clean it

alright stop

this is the spicy sauce

go ahead and try it

All you need to think about is the food and your appetite

I was thinking hard whether its a good idea or not to corrupt a person like this

thank you(?)


whole fried squid

please describe your feeling about this food

this reminds me of a summer festival

what a metaphorical comparison. Very good

thank you

you call ugly people squids in korea

what do they

Compare ugly people to in Japan?


ok then am I a squid or a gorilla

you are neither

last one

thank you so much for coming

and hope you make a lot of great videos

She have a plan for a fan meeting in Seoul.

Shout out to Yuka who came all the way to korea

Thank you for loving Korea so much and even if you tell me to delete this video I will never

we are done

She uploaded a video of her drinking korean soju and fried chicken

According to her.. her limit is 3 bottles

I think she lyin.

The Description of 욕망의 돈까쓰 먹방 (with 오구라유우카) Dontkatsu of desire Mukbang ASMR