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Hi, I'm His Lordship, the leader of the Wilderness Guardians, and I'm here at Runefest 2016 to

interview some of the biggest names in Runescape's history! I'm looking at players and J-Mods

and I'm quizzing them on some very, very essential topics about the game and the community. These

answers are completely unscripted so what you're about to see is honest, it's truthful,

and it's a little bit quirky... so I hope you enjoy!

From Andrew Gower in a bar at college, and he kept talking about this "Runescape" thing...which

he was about to launch members... it meant nothing to me. No one had heard of it, so I

asked his friends what it was, and they told me it's this silly thing Andrew put on the

internet where people click on rocks all day and Andrew gets money, and I thought "I gotta

get me some of that action!"

I first heard about Runescape from the Cambridge Evening news when I was looking for an interesting

new job.

A friend of mine (I think), back in uni. That's a long while ago, yeah!

I first heard about Runescape from my older brother who heard about it from one of his

friends that we played on a game called "" back in like 2001.

From my older brother in 2006.

From my brothers who used to play it back in 2003.

One of my friends in school. [What year?]

Ooh... we're talkin' ...


When I was browsing an online games gallery. I was playing a lot of java games - a lot

of Flash games, and then [...] I just tried it out... played a lot during maths class,

believe it or not.

I first heard about Runescape from my friend back in 2004.

My classmates in 2005.

I first heard about Runescape from my wife!

One aspect of Runescape that would be cool to have in real life is magic. I've always

wanted to - you know - see a corridor full of people in the way and be able to cast a

fire strike right down the middle of them, especially with some of the fancier graphics

that came out in later years, and it sometimes sucks I can't do that.

A pet dragon...

Magic... I think magic powers would be awesome.

[What, killing people?!]

Not necessarily killing people, but yes, killing people with magic powers!

[OK... because you can't kill them normally?] I would set people on- I was saying magic,

not necessarily murder! Magic isn't always murder!

[Sorry, I'm a PKer, that's why!]

Oh I see... that's where it came from! Right, OK!

The one aspect of Runescape that would be cool to have in real life

is a respawn point, so when you die-

[How often do you die in real life?]

Well, you know, once I do, it'd be great if I could just respawn in Lumbridge...

Combat!!! I dunno, if we were strong enough to actually use weapons that would be so much fun!

Teleportation spells! [Yes!]

Probably food's weird ability to heal you from any injuries.

[The more you eat the healthier you get!] Yeah, exactly! I'd love that!

I'd probably be want to be able to summon a friend and companion at any time, and also

I hope it's really inconvenient for the familiar; maybe they're half way through doing something...

something like "Aww mate, I was having my dinner! What do you want?!"

The ability to teleport to other destinations quickly.

Respawn when you die! [Do you die often then?!]


PVP where you respawn.

[Who would you kill first?]

His Lordship [Ugh, I asked for it...]

If I knew I was getting perm banned tomorrow, I would spend my final hours drinking.

How could I get perm-banned?! I would spend my final hours UN-perm-banning myself!

[That was the answer!]

I would spend my final hours looking for a new job in my case, because if I were being

perm-banned I'm in trouble!

I would spend my final hours on Runescape dropping all my gold... probably going up

to every single noob on a free-to-play world... level 10-20, who's just starting the game...

give 'em a good time, give them everything that I have!

[Aww... nice guy...]


I'd probably just grab a crystal bow and go shoot people in the wilderness for a bit.

That's probably what I'd genuinely do.

PKing. YOLO! Like... why would you do anything else?

My instinct is to say disassembling all the valuable stuff in my bank, but when I think

about it I only have junk...

If I knew I was getting permabanned tomorrow, I would spend my final hours cleaning out

my bank and selling it...

To real world traders.

Just dropping all the money that I have. Just dropping (without telling) spirit shields

around... whatever... and people would be like "What the hell?! What the hell is happening?!"

If I knew I was getting perm-banned tomorrow, I would spend my final hours watching Emily stream.

Woox doing something utterly awesome involving taking down a boss with - like - a bunch of


I'm gonna go with the classic one, you know... the GUUTHIIIIX.

[Oh yeah... that one... um... Runescape Gods Exposed?]

Yeah that! I'll go with that one. I like that one.

I would have to say when Ice Poseidon decided to team up with RoT and betray the purple


One YouTube video every player should watch is every Iron Mammal progress video ever.

[Ugh! Self-plug! No, pick someone else!!!]

On a real note, oh there's so many to choose from!

I love Dovydas! Everything 'A Friend' makes

- I love him.

Maikel Pro PK video 2. If you haven't seen it, just watch it because it's SO GOOD!

Tell you what, one thing you should watch (that not many people saw)... there was a

skilling video for skateboarding, and that is fantastic.

[A skilling video for skateboarding...]

A guy did a BTS video for skateboarding as a skill. It's amazing... like, he's somehow

done - like - the animations and everything. It's amazing, check it out.

One YouTube video every Runescape player should watch is CLEARLY the Combat Talk from Runefest.

[Ugh! You didn't... OK what's another one?!] I'm probably sure this is another video that

everyone's said but Thor getting his Vitalis and going absolutely bananas for it. That was

funny to watch. I enjoyed that.

One YouTube video every player should watch is

Mr Mammal's Jad guide because it takes

a long time but you will defeat Jad eventually.

I love when people lure - I know it's very controversial, but when people lure, when

they kill, they get so much money. They get like Torva... Elysian if it's Runescape 3.

I love when people get loads of stuff.

Every player should watch the 6/6/6 Falador Massacre with that song by Nightwish in it.

Log into it and mooch around... find something to do, maybe a task system or achievement

diaries, and introduce them to bits of the game they would not otherwise encounter, and

hopefully they will find something they really enjoy.

Via Runescape Idle Adventures, which I've been working on very hard for a year, and

it is awesome, believe me!

Try quests, our quests are awesome!

Come to Oldschool Runescape, because that's the whole nostalgic feeling of the game. That's

why all of us now (indicates to videomakers) because that's what we grew up with.

[For someone like me who wants to get into Oldschool but I get a bit lost because everyone's

so far ahead...] OK so... start an Ironman account because

if anyone's gonna start now, even players that have been playing Oldschool since it

came out three-and-a-half years ago, they start an Ironman and they start from square

one again. It really teaches you the game, makes you appreciate everything.

Try to try new things. Some people stick to a niche and only boss or something. Try new

stuff: skill, PK, do new things.

Ironman mode is really good for Oldschool. It makes you play almost every aspect of the

game. You do things that you've never done before. I fished my first shark in 2014, and

I've played since 2003 to put that in perspective. And just do all of that stuff, it's just really nice.

Start an Ironman. I'm not joking... in any version of the game that you want, start an

Ironman. It's a completely different way of playing the game and you start from scratch

and you kinda get that magic back when you start doing all the old things that you used

to do from a noob.

I remember doing God Wars Dungeon, and kinda just doing it for the sake of "I'll get some

stuff, why not?" and now there's pets, and there's titles, and this cool stuff! And it

looks great now!

A good way for retired players to fall back in love with the game is...

to not play RS3 and play Oldschool.

A lot of people watch my videos and they say "I used to play back then, and I see it's

really fun now". They check out the new updates and I think that's really cool.

A good way for retired play- (I almost said retarded for a minute there)... A good way

for retired players to fall back in love with the game is to play Oldschool.

[What part of Oldschool?] All parts of Oldschool.

[Oh, what a plug...]

Yeah, my mum was a politician.

One nice thing about the version of Runescape I don't play (which would be RS3 in my case)

is that it looks awesome and has wonderful stories, including my "Love Story" quest which

I'm very proud of.

Um, nostalgia. It makes me all warm and joyous inside, thinking about the old days.

I think the player interaction, so the kind of building things with the players and [something

something ... ??? ...] [We're talking about Oldschool?]

We're talking about Oldschool. I play RS3 more than Oldschool.

RS3... the thing I love about it the most: the Heist minigame. It's just called "Heist".

I freakin' love it, it's like cops and robbers. If it came to Oldschool I'd be so psyched

about it!

So I don't play RS3. My favourite thing about it is... I think the combat is actually very

cool. I don't *prefer* the combat style, but I think it's cool. It's very unique.

RS3? The shark (?). That is really amazing. Other than that, I don't really know because

I don't play it so I'm not sure what's going on.

Yeah I play both but I work on RS3 so you want Oldschool... the activity in the PVP

community. You know I'm jelly.

It's really cool that the Oldschool team get to try out stuff and say [to the players]

"Look, here's some ideas. What do you want?" And then they have they have the ability because

they have a much lower turnaround time. [So the heightened player interaction?]

Yeah, exactly!

One nice thing about the version of Runescape I don't play (RS3) is

that I never have to play it.

[What's something about RS3 that you wish happened in Oldschool?]

Well, I would say EOC but..


I generally like it that there's faster experience rates. I know people are not gonna like that,

but actually when it takes only one day or two days to level up instead of a week, it

feels good. That's why I play Runescape 3 Ironman, because it's just way faster to level up.

One nice thing about the version of Runescape I don't play (which is RS3) is that they have



[Really?! You like the MTX?!]

I think the MTX is wonderful.


[OK I need to talk to you about that in a minute!]

Not in Oldschool of course, but MTX is a wonderful thing.

My favourite trick to play on noobs is to transmogrify into a door and stand in the

doorway of Aubury's rune shop in Varrock, and it looks like the door's shut but it's

not a door... it YOU, and they can walk right through you but they think there's a door

and they get really confused.

Using my [J-Mod] tools and walking on water.

In my case it would be using J-Mod tools and disguising myself as a party hat or something

and running away when they try and click on my. It's so much fun! They get really annoyed!

I like to go around to people sometimes. I don't do it when I stream. It's not really

a trick: I ask them for their trust and ask them to answer questions and follow me around

and if they'll do everything that I ask them for, I'll give them like 1M, 2M or something

like that, so I kinda tease them for a little bit but if they actually play along the whole

way I like to reward 'em. [OK, you never lured them into the Ice Giant cave?]

No! No!

Well... OK, one thing... I'm kind of embarrassed about this. I told a guy to run around the

money tree in level 44 wilderness and it spawns money on the ground. He had to run three circles,

and he PM'd me later saying he couldn't find any trees. That was a long time ago.

[That's awesome!]

When I was a little kid, if you remember in free-to-play they used to have polished buttons

and nobody knew what they were if you were free-to-play. But they were a useless members

item - you could sell them for a bunch of money. I didn't actually ever scam anyone

but I just thought it was funny.

Probably when you trade someone, and you take your items off the trade and accept it, and

accept it again. I always give the items back, I do it in deadman mode a lot, when trading

was still viable there. I always loved doing that.

So... I was actually one of those guys, when I was younger, that when I saw a Level 3 walk

past the dark mages outside Varrock, I'd trade them and then run into the dark mages so they'd

click on the trade and then they'd run in and die.

[Oh, you're evil. That is pure evil.]

... is put really hard bosses in the game that they can't possibly do.

[Yeah, well you're doing that aren't you?]

My favourite trick to play on noobs is to drop money in the wilderness, and then they

run for it and then I get their shit. That's what I like.

I made a few videos where I literally just dropped stuff around without telling,

and it's awesome to see people

be like "What the hell?! Did a divine spirit shield spawn on the floor... what just happened?!"

I like to confuse them.

... to turn myself into expensive items which they

think they can pick up and they can't.

[You're not the only

one who says that. Apparently it's an Oldschool J-Mod thing?]


The thing the PKing community needs most is a consensus on what it is we should be doing

and some way of helping us be really sure that they really are the voice of the community,

rather than... well you appreciate it's sometimes rather hard to tell whether ten people agreeing

on Twitter is just ten people or a representative body of ten thousand people, and if we do

the wrong thing for the PKing community that would be very, very bad for them.

Uh... a circle of life.


[Uh... sure... that's very cryptic...]

I'm gonna say... I think big group content. [What, the epic clan stuff?]

The bigger proper epic clan level raids is what I would go for.

The thing that the PKing community needs most is Ice Poseidon. Everyone needs an Ice Poseidon

in their life. [...] from here to there and it cheers everyone up.

I don't PK much so it's hard to have feedback on that, but-

[What would it take for you to start?] I think we need to have a centralised- because

it's so spread out between Bounty Hunter and PVP and all these different things. I think

if we could all agree on one centralised way to PVP, it would make it very alive and active.

[So kinda like something called the wilderness?] Yeah! If it was JUST that, then it'd be better I think.

In my honest opinion, to revive PKing you need to get rid of the clans so people go

PKing alone, because one guy will get swamped by 20 people and then die and then never go

back in the wilderness again. I think that's a big thing. Just saying'

[Whoa! That's not going in the final! Holy shit!]

To stop f- I'm not gonna swear. To stop having a go at each other and actually pull up your

socks and become more of a community. Number one, stop arguing with each other - you're

already a small community. Stop it, and let the community grow.

[That's a good answer.]

[What does the PKing community- what would it take to make YOU PK?]

Ooh... that's a good question. To make *me* PK?

[Yup, what would do it for you?]

I need someone to hold my hand.

[Join a clan!] Yeah!

[Join my clan!] That's a good point actually.

The PKing community needs The Wilderness Guardians to take them under their wing... but that's

actually kind of the point... that the PKing community does need more people. We do need

to be encouraging people to not be so nervous, 'cos like, I get it! I still- I go into the

wilderness with not the intention of doing any PKing but I still run around like

"Oh God! Oh God, I hope no one looks at me..."

The thing that the PKing community needs most is...

PKing bots so it's a lot easier to kill

people. I don't know how to do it, it's very difficult... OK!

[What would it take to get you to start PKing?]

Well I like to kill weak people, so that means rune crafters or people who gather stuff.

[You're one of *those* people]

Yeah, so if you allow me to do that- [You'd kill skillers?]

But the minute someone big comes, I run away...

The thing the PKing community needs most is...

more passionate clans, to bring people into the community.


If I could revive one piece of dead content, it would be Trouble Brewing, because somebody

really should. I think that if we make the stuff worth using, and increase the value

of the stuff you can make from it, like [rewrite?] brewing for a start, then there'd be a reasonable

chance. It came up on the last live stream actually...

Fossil Island, because it never really came- well it's not really dead, is it?

If I could revive one piece of dead content, it would be the rat pits!

[Ooh! OK!]

I'm gonna be- I don't know how dead it is, but hey, I'm gonna go with a personal thing,

which would be I would get the sagas up and running again because they're one of my early

pieces of content, and I'd like to see them being used.

So deadman mode's not really dead content, but compared to how it was on release, it's

nothing like it was. The first deadman mode, when it came out, it was like the whole feeling

of Oldschool starting over again, 'cos everyone was playing it. If someone died they didn't

really get set back, you know... they got set back but they didn't get demoralised.

Now with the deadman mode seasons, they get completely demoralised. One death, the first

day, they quit completely. So if that kept going, like nothing throws the game forward

like that does. Nothing brings more attention to the game on Twitch like deadman mode does,

so if that could just stay as it, that'd be awesome.

I mean castle wars isn't as lively as it used to be and I used to love playing that when

I was younger so let's go with Castle Wars.

[That would be mine too.]

Castle Wars would be really nice, like, people would play it and actually enjoy it. Sometimes

I don't wanna play Castle Wars because I feel like I'm wasting my time. I'd prefer to do

something else I'd enjoy equally or maybe more than Castle Wars, but that's probably what.

Castle Wars in RS3... definitely. I love Castle Wars from the bottom of my heart. I ran a

Castle Wars clan for like three years. I just wanna kick all the comp capers out and bring

back all the people that actually play castle wars properly.

Rat pits - let's make rat pits great again! [You're not the first person to say that.

Mod Mark said rat pits!] Yeah?

[What is it about these rat pits that everyone-] I had my cat, trained my cat... it was a lethal

killing machine. I wanna be able to show off my own cat to everyone.

If I could revive one piece of dead content,

it would be botting. I think that botting

is a piece of dead content that unfortunately has been removed from the game. I wish it

could come back. Botting was great content. I really enjoyed it; I think... I did...

Most people like Stealing Creations, so... something that people would wanna play, so

I guess I would go with Stealing Creations, 'cos mining... I hate mining, and if I could

get the pickaxes... the sac- the clay pickaxes, I would love the- what is that called now?

I forgot - the sacred clay. [Yeah that thing... the sacred clay, that's it.]

Yeah, that. I would love that.

Trouble Brewing. [Trouble Brewing?!]

I like Trouble Brewing. [That was never big, even when it was released...]

I know! [Alright, well thank you very much Mat!]

[Ok, A Friend... Mr Patel, it was a pleasure!] [Thank you so much!]

I got there in the end... [You had some good answers!]

[Mod Pi... B0aty... thank you so much]

[Mr Mammal, it's been a pleasure!] [Paul, thank you so much.] Absolutely man!

No worries!

[They were good answers!] [Mark, that wasn't so hard, was it?]

No, it wasn't! Anyway, I hope that's been of

some use to you. [Mod Ash, thank you so much!]

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