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so right here we've got a tech yes delivery that is on the back of another

two pcs that got hokked earlier today now you guys want some behind-the-scenes

stuff you want more content this is the only thing I can think of to bridge the

two together because I am flat out and I made a flaw with prices recently I

predict they will go down but again you've got to be accustomed to the

market and certain special times here in Australia it's currently a tax return

time because our financial year ticks over from July not the start of the year

in January like most other countries so that means people have cashed up that's

going to pretty much collide with another thing that's going on right now

and that is the government's gonna hand out another round of stimulus is so this

is all gearing up for a pretty good month in July at least until the 20th so

the next 10 days is going to be full-on but damn this stuff is going out super

quick I've gotta head to brisbane as well because there's some parts that I

have to collect before 4 p.m. for a competition that I'm doing upcoming

competition and I also just finished a tech s workout so I got to go freshen up

and then we're going to hit the road

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so we just got up to Brisbane in those heaps of traffic's so we missed out on

getting our stuff so we're gonna see if we can drop these keyboards off now to

someone that needs them up in this area so hopefully this trip wasn't all for

nothing but it's always a way when you're in kind of in a rush things just

go wrong we're now back at the tech yes studio with another bill that's complete

and this one you can change the LEDs on the fly from the front panel which the

front panel is also got RGB on it this is a Vegas 64 build I've got the Vegas

64 off a friend who was upgrading his PC and so now we've got a 3300 X 16

gigabytes of RAM into Vegas he's for now we're trading this for a PC for 500

bucks bought I mean sorry I'm getting $800 and they're giving me a PC with a

risin five thirty six hundred thirty two gigabytes of RAM and a GTX heaven TTI so

I would say overall I guess they just want a PC that's a ready G game that's

why they're trading what they've got even though it'd be fairly easy for them

to get some really good performance out of what they have already some people

just like to have a brand new build and it looks bling-bling

so yeah we'll see how this trade goes and we'll see what comes in this thing's

place so we can see this PC that got traded in does need some check yes

loving it's good just all these stickers that I want to remove and then the

inside is very dirty so we're gonna get to a little bit of work here and see

what we can do [Music]

so now we've pulled out the raisin five thirty six hundred thirty two gigabytes

of RAM x4 70 or a soldier I think this one is and AVS 450 power supply and

we've finished off the build so that's all done now and the windows I've got to

see what this is the screens flicking so I might have got hosed on the 1050 ti

who knows but this deal right here is really good so far because we're gonna

reef lip this box right here once we get it 100% working we'll flip that off and

hopefully recoup all the cost back so that we get a free rise by 3600 X 470 32

ounce RAM and we've changed over the power supply for something just a basic

power supply cuz the tempered ETI really doesn't need that much so you can pull

out those old FSP power supplies and they work really well on low 200 what

builds so that we can use for a mid-range build and we've got here I

guess a lot of hustle value out of that trade in so we've now replaced the

motherboard and this motherboard here ended up actually being faulty in a

really rare way in that once you install Windows and boot up to Windows the PCIe

port doesn't work properly and because it's only one 16x slot on this board we

need that slot for our graphics cards so what we're gonna do here is take the

cooler off take the CPU out and replace it to a different board and we should be

still good to go should be able to make another budget combo out of these parts

right here so unfortunate but that's the way things go I mean with with pcs and

stuff like that when you test through things and you get your build ready and

your stress tested if something's wrong you just quickly trial and error what's

wrong and then yeah throw the part out like this part I mean I really I haven't

seen this problem before I actually haven't seen this problem before where

PCIe port is cutting out when you're installing Windows of all things and not

when you're in the BIOS or anytime sooner because we tried a different

power supply that wasn't it tried different memory even that wasn't it

so could I mean there is a small chance it could be the CPU but I guess we'll

find that out - we won't Chuck the board out until we've changed it over to this

board right here and then we've only via a trial and error process of elimination

made it sure that the board was the last factor at faults so yeah weird problem

that's what happens I guess just another day in the life of tech yes and another

thing too it could also be the motherboard BIOS but I read the bass

notes for this board and there was nothing about PCIe compatibility so yeah

we'll try it out on this and if this is all working absolutely fine then we can

try BIOS update later but yeah I don't know let us know if you have seen or

heard of a similar problem with this motherboard or or maybe an A and three

plus motherboard for that matter and now after all that we have here an empty

table well kind of we've got to build it I can kind of piece together but I still

want to go get my order from yesterday which I missed out on and I ordered a 20

70s super for this build plus a 240 gigabyte SSD so if we do all this right

we can turn this hustle into a big flip so that's what I'm kind of thinking here

depending on how good the memory is to sort of try and chew in the memory up

but it's looking pretty good so far let's see if we can finally make it to

this store without hitting traffic and getting missing out by the Buzzle but

also since I needed a 20 70 super and they've got it for a really good price I

guess it all works out in the end I'll uh I'll see you soon mate I just I'll be

about I'll be about probably yeah probably about now I'm guessing so gotta

stop into you man so yeah I'll see I'll see you soon less all right catch you

mate right bye mate so we actually made it on time - you might today and we've

got there 27 Suva 20 HCI for this competition and the i7 10700 so this

competitions going to be pretty cool now that I'm seeing all the parts here and I

think hopefully after doing the testing in the recent videos that we've done -

with grounded I think I can win me this competition against these other

youtubers but what we did right now is we called up Liz because we're in

Brisbane we Wisel see what he's got cracking and he's got three one terabyte

hard drives so we are going to hit the boot switch and we're

get on the road and get crack-a-lackin' this is the tech yes stinger - a few

guys are wondering there's a new slogan here and that is tech yes stinging


[Applause] [Music]

and so we just got back from Lazer's place now we just picked up two

cosmetically blemished i 5:45 90s they were 90 a pop and they came with a

gigabytes of RAM and I do like these for low powered GPUs like a 1650 Super goes

in here perfectly fine then we've got six hard drives three of those worth 500

gigabyte three of those with one terabyte and so that was a good deal I

mean I always need hard drives he also had two four gigabyte sticks of RAM this

time around he's like ddr3 has gone up in price so I had to pay 30 Ozzie dollar

story from 8 gigabytes of RAM that's how bad Ram prices are the mo but I mean if

you need it sometimes if you need that one component and everything else is

cheap you got to cuff up the piper for it unfortunately then les chucked in a

few of these adapters always find these come in handy especially if you run out

of ports or there's limited GPU ports or a port could be even rusted or something

like that and then we've got 2 24 inch monitors here which we got for 55 a pop

they're in really good condition so I was like you know what I kind of need

some monitors so all up we got here 440 total Ozzie dollar II dues for this

combo but we got over here this upcoming project for this Honey I Shrunk the Kids

build and so I'm really looking forward to this competition but of course we've

got the 2017 super that managed to get thrown in there and I did get a couple

of spares so that is going to be this L do three I've heard some really good

things about it apparently it's a really nice case to

work with which on mini ITX is always a hard thing to work with that but now

we've got the 2017 super we've got a power supply hard drive and an SSD for

this - because I ran out of - 40s so we now got that we can now build ourselves

up something quickly and see how it turns out why not

[Music] and now here's the build fully finished

and it took us about 10 or 15 minutes to build this up it's a really easy case to

build in and I gotta say I'm really shocked at gam dias at least in

Australia that value for money is through the roof I mean I do like this

RGB IO panel up the top and you've got the LED control and you don't have to

worry about any LED headers on the motherboard which I really do like that

you've got simple RGB control but thing is this thing cost 99 ozzie dollars and

the airflow is actually pretty good in it the noise is pretty low and you get

four fans so I think they've nailed it like this is my favorite case in terms

of value out there easily by far at the moment but with that out of the way this

build is ready to go let's sit down and talk about what has come out of this

weekend's random tech yes vlog so there we have it basically a hustle vlog over

the last two days where I'm basically cleaning out my whole studio of all this

stuff because I want to start fresh in my head about what prices I've paid for

stuff and sort of just clear out all this other stuff that I don't know where

I intend to use it and so part of that of course is just putting gaming PC's

together picking out the cream of the crop on that stuff putting it all

together and then making a value there but another thing is to is you sort with

that trade in right never turn down a trade in especially even if something

may be even slightly faulty in this case we've got that trade in in and it just

looked terrible at first there was all these stickers the case was very cheap

but inside we had like a hidden treasure trove an X 470 ultra and then this rise

about 3,600 30 gigabytes of RAM a decent power supply a 1050 Ti and so and one

terabyte hard drive and so that to me was was easily worth the $500 dollars

they want to trade in value for it plus that enabled me to sell my gaming PC for

asking price which was awesome so that is

I guess trade-ins can really work in your favor but another thing is sewers

we then get that build and we're like okay what can we quickly do with this

because it seems like an Australian this is what I said in my previous video when

I said prices will go down you got to look for hiccups in the market and I

think in the next month in Australia's gonna be great because there's a thing

called tax return time here because I financially is different people are

getting all their tax returns and they're buying PCs but also there's the

very soon there's gonna be government money flowing through the economy so

July is gonna be a very healthy month for PC sales if you're gonna stray of it

after that you'll probably again see that those trends will come into effect

that's how I feel but in the meantime take advantage of it when it rains it

pours and that's you should have your buckets out in the in the outside and

just collecting all the rain you can it so that's what tech yes doing behind the

scenes and I recommend doing the same don't worry I preach what I do

so yeah that's I forgot the saying it's like do as I say and do sort of thing I

don't think that was important to me was that RT X 2070 super price in Australia

that is easily the best price on an RT X 2070 super I can find the gallic

smaadahl is quite big it's quite healthy another good thing about the gallic

smaadahl is that the power consumption is quite low compared to some of the

overclocked r-tx 2070 supers out there on the market so that means you even if

you use a cheaper case than we did today not that I recommend it you'll still not

have to worry too much about thermals though the Gambia's case that we used

here today is just that 99 Ossie dollar sweet spot case I still can't get over

how good that value for money that case is like Gambia's came from making these

mediocre keyboards and headsets now they're bringing out some quality cases

so if you do get the chance to try one I do recommend giving them a whirl because

anyway that's at least what I'm rocking here at the moment go back onto that RT

x 2070 super price we go that's the 75 Aussie dollars that's ready to go at the

brand new you might shop you got warranty on that there's no haggling

there's no hustling involved it's such a good price but at the same time you're

seeing RT x 27 TS non supers used for like $700 plus and it's kind of like the

use market is in ways it's just so up and down at the

moment you can of course get really good deals but then you see all these items

on there and it's just like people actually buying these and I scratch my

head because yeah what's the point when the new market is offering even better

value than the use market and that should not be happening so basically a

nutshell find the best prices whether it's new or used and piece it together

and create good value basically back in the day of eBay when I was doing that my

nickname from family and friends was buy low that's the first four letters of my

last name and people would call me up they say buy low not be my reply would

be sell high and basically that is the name of the game and the biggest

commodity you've got just like the guy who came around with that trade in he

just said I hate computers like in terms of building him I just want something

that's ready to go it's all new it's working fine and he

just couldn't be bothered upgrading his system and so that's the kind of

business that people pay for you have a talent and that is you can quickly whip

up pcs install Windows tune them up get them all ready and if there are any

problems or compatibility issues you can iron that out so people who get these

pcs don't have any problems because a lot of people who don't know how to

build a PC will get stuck on something they'll waste days and days trying to do

it or they could potentially bend pins or something like that you're taking all

that hassle of waste I mean basically at the end of the day

that is the service you're offering and I do see a lot of comments especially

locally where people sell PCs and people say aw you're charging more money than

it costs to build and it's late of course because you are offering a

service and in this world at least in Australia you get paid for a service

that is I mean go ask a builder if he's gonna build you a house for free or just

cost of the parts because at least from what I remember what building is there's

a contract called cost plus and the pluses with the builders fee anyway with

that aside keep on rockin and don't stop stalking just like this question of the

day here which comes from dexters 56 I don't know why I'm trying to tie that in

like a smooth transition it was a terrible segue that made no sense but we

got here we'll the x58 ud5 work with an ex 5650 or an x 56 75 xeon i

currently a i7 930 I need to know if it can handle the six core because of the

support list that only shows four cores in six core i7s basically just go look

on some forums and see or if there's some results out there with this ud5

working with the xeon then it'll definitely work but I do recommend

before taking that i7 out update to the latest bios and then put the xeon in and

it should be all good to go at least what i quickly checked when i did a

google search the ud5 does indeed work with the xeon x50 650 so you should be

good to go x 56 75 is gonna give you a bit more Headroom a bit more

overclocking it's a better bin and that's about it

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