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Reporter: A vacation for hair? That might be something I need.

We'll send you to one Florida "spa" that specializes in restoring what's not there.

Your watching CNN live today.

Well women arent the only folks who spend a whole lot on their hair.

Straight ahead we'll take you to one florida doctor for men who love their hair.

Straight ahead, one Florida doctor


JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): In a canary yellow Ferrari, Reinhardt Fischer

pulls up to the posh Boca Raton resort. Fischer, an investment banker from London, has done

well enough to pamper himself: a fruit salad lunch at the cabana overlooking the ocean,

an afternoon immersion at the spa.

But Fischer's idea of a relaxation is a bit hair-raising. You see, Reinhardt's good time

is a hair restoration vacation.

REINHARDT FISCHER, HAIR TRANSPLANT PATIENT: You come out of these things, you feel like

brand new, you had like a car inspection: new oil, new gas. Here you are. It's great.

ZARRELLA: The idea is the brainchild of Boca doc Alan Bauman.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's the area of most concern right there, in the crown, that we

need to finish off.

ZARRELLA: Bauman, a hair transplant specialist, found his patients, mostly well-heeled if

not well-headed, wanted a total feel- good experience. For the starting price of about

$4,000, one can be treated and transplanted at the same time.

DR. ALAN BAUMAN, BAUMAN MEDICAL GROUP: Now that I'm looking at it, I think I may be doing

about 500 or so into the crown here.

ZARRELLA: Reinhardt is on his third transplant. This is what he looked like before the first

two. In micrografting, Dr. Bauman removes a section of scalp and healthy hair from the

back of Reinhardt's head.

FISCHER: As long as I can keep something natural and put a kind of spike of youth in it, and

still grow old with dignity. That's what I intend. ZARRELLA: Surgical technicians separate

out the hairs into what is called folicular units, while Bauman marks the sites where

they will be transplanted into bald spots.

(on camera): Reinhardt, how you holding up?

FISCHER: I'm doing fine.

ZARRELLA: In this part of the procedure, Dr. Bauman and the surgical technicians will transplant

the grafts. It'll take them about an hour and a half to two hours, to transplant 1,

000 grafts.

(voice-over): Forming a hairline and shaping a crown, Bauman says, is more artistry than


BAUMAN: I would say this procedure is 90 percent art. You need to have the "paint brushes," you

need to have the right tools, but you also have to have an aesthetic eye.

ZARRELLA: The surgery takes about four hours. What it comes down to for Reinhardt, if you

really want to split hairs, is about $7 a graft to really feel good.

John Zarrella, CNN, Boca Raton, Florida.

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